Indian Scientists: Being Murdered – Protect Them

By: Shreepal Singh

The world is fiercely competitive. Each one of the world’s established – and attempting to establish – powers is ambitious to outdo its rival(s) and jealous of its competitors to the core. The only telltale sign of the power of a country is its scientific assets – that is, its scientists and scientific facilities. Even out of these two, scientists – the human beings with scientific talent – are of the prime value, since they can put scientific facilities in place again and again if these facilities are somehow destroyed by their enemy; but if scientists are destroyed they cannot be replaced by any means. Such is the value of scientists today for those who wish to lord over the world. Science is the means of powerfuls to lord over the world. But it is not the only use of science. Science is also the means in the hands of the weak countries to defend themselves against the powerful ones’ evil designs.

Therefore, those who want to lord over the world find their first enemy in the person of scientist(s) of their rival countries. They do what they can do to destroy scientists; and, it is so with the scientists who are working in the fields of frontiers of fundamental sciences and cutting edge technologies – like nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, rocketry (space technology), genetic engineering etc.

India has achieved jealousy evoking success in sending its Mangalyan (Mars Orbitor Module) and launching its rover- carrying space ship to Moon. This success has many dimensions, in addition to economic advantages for India. And there are reasons for foreign powers to destroy this edge of India in science and for India to be cautious about the security of its scientific human assets.

India has suffered almost a body blow in this respect over the last 20 or so years; India has actually been devastated by the deaths – assassinations and murders – of its top notch scientists during the UPA rule from 2009 to 2014. The government then did nothing to protect their life – and after their death, nothing to investigate and to find the criminal hands – Indian / foreign – behind their un-natural deaths.

But now it cannot be allowed to go on like this. The Modi government should – and it is hoped, would – sit-up and take the issue of the personal security of our scientists as its TO MOST PRIORITY.

Here are two articles that show what had been happening in India – how our scientists were being killed – without any clue whatsoever. Have a look at these two articles, get the due information in this regard and let our Prime Minister put in place a foolproof security to our scientists:




684 ISRO scientists have lost their life in suspicious ways! Who is hunting them?! A story where truth is stranger than fiction!

Amartya Sen – Why so much Venom Against P.M.?

Arun Mishra, Advocate

Why is Amartya Sen always spewing venom against Narendra Modi sitting in US? Here is the answer.

When UPA government inaugurated Nalanda University in Bihar in 2007, Amartya Sen was made the first Chancellor of the university. A very important feature of his appointment was that he had all powers in the name of “autonomy”, so much so that he did not even have to provide the account of money spent on anything to the government.

Imagine a public servant spending any amount of taxpayers’ money and yet exempt from any kind of accountability ! Not only that, he was withdrawing a salary of ₹ 5 lakh per month – a university chancellor of a government university drawing a salary more than any other public servant. Apart from that, he had unlimited foreign trips allowances on taxpayers money by the virtue of being Nalanda University Chancellor.

The story doesn’t end here. During the 7 years (2007-2014), Amartya Sen spent ₹ 2730 CRORE on a university which still was not fully functional. Yes, a whopping ₹ 2730 CRORE !

Since it was by law (made by UPA) exempt from any kind of accountability, we can never know what happened to that money and yet it will remain legal.

Now, coming to appointments. Even appointments made by Amartya Sen were exempt from any kind of accountability.

So who did he appoint ?

The first 4 faculties were :
1. Dr. Upinder Singh
2. Anjana Sharma
3. Nayanjot Lahiri
4. Gopa Sabharwal.
Who were they ?

Dr. Upinder Singh is the Daughter of former PM Manmohan Singh. The other 3 are close associates/friends of Dr. Upinder Singh.

Amartya Sen then appointed 2 more “GUEST” faculties:
1. Daman Singh
2. Amrit Singh

Who are they ?

Middle and youngest DAUGHTER of ex-PM Manmohan Singh.

What’s unique about the appointment of Daman Singh and Amrit Singh is that they REMAINED in the USA all along 7 years. But they were drawing a huge salary as a guest faculty. What salary they were withdrawing, only God knows. The reason, again, is that Nalanda University had been made exempt from any kind of accountability to government.

So, the summary….
1. The University had hardly one building.
2. It had just 7 faculty members & a few guest faculties (who NEVER came) – all relatives/friends of Manmohan Singh/ Amartya Sen.
3. There were hardly a hundred students.
4. There was no expenses on costly reagents or equipments as no scientific research was going on.
5. Still, the expenses was ₹ 2730 CRORE.

In short, Amartya Sen had access to unlimited government fund without any accountability.

When Modi came to know about what all was going on in the name of university, he kicked this leech out of the university in 2015 and cancelled all the appointments he had made. Amartya Sen had splurged more than ₹ 2700 CRORE on himself and his associates. He lived in USA and was drawing 5 Lakh per month and enjoying all allowances from India’s taxpayers’ money without doing anything.

Just because someone is a Nobel laureate doesn’t mean that he is totally clean or doesn’t have any ulterior intention. Nobel prize or a big degree is no indication of one’s nature.

Even Manmohan had a PhD degree. That didn’t mean he was the best in governance. His government turned out to be the worst in independent India’s history.

We can never take action against Amartya Sen or technically call him corrupt because he was merely following the “rules” and the rules had been made in such a way by the UPA Government that he had the powers to spend as much he wanted without being accountable. That’s why he will remain protected and can never be dragged to court.

This was a LEGALISED PLUNDER of ₹ 2730 Crore by Amartya Sen.


Rahul Gandhi Quits as Congress President and Remains Big Boss

R. Veera Raghavan, Advocate, Chennai

Rahul Gandhi has resigned as president of the Congress after his party performed poorly in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Does he appear a principled leader? A screaming no.

Assume you and your doting mother hold a huge majority shareholding in a company which hires a few officers and a large number of employees, and you are its chief executive officer on the mere strength of your family shareholding, not on leadership qualities. If you resign as CEO when your company flounders in business and you ask your officers to choose a new CEO, mostly one of them, you can’t expect any of them to take your place readily, can you? You know, and they know, and the world knows, that you will be the back-seat driver for any new CEO who should carry out your wishes or implement your orders. If he fails, he will humbly accept responsibility and you won’t take blame again, but if the company sees some success under his leadership, he and the whole company will credit you for all your advice and support to the new CEO and you’ll be projected the real winner. So when you announce you are resigning, all officers will feel secure in first appealing to you to take back your resignation to ensure you don’t spite them for any impertinence of independence – some clever officer could even tell you, to signal his loyalty, that unless you stick on as CEO a few employees of his department might commit suicide, though it will never happen. When they keep pleading with you for weeks, one of the company officers could be installed the new CEO whom you will have approved in the backroom.

The picture is no different in the Congress, with Rahul and his indulgent mother Sonia Gandhi enjoying a tight grip over the party, and the son announcing he is quitting as president after failing in a national election campaign. The party’s second-rung leaders and managers will disfavour Rahul’s resignation and want Sonia family leadership to continue, since they benefit personally from the present dynastic arrangement. That’s another story.

For public consumption, Rahul said he won’t be president anymore since he led the party in the last Lok Sabha polls and he must show ‘accountability’ for the result. If he is honest about this reason, he should wish that if the party fares much better in the next Lok Sabha elections under a new president that leader will be the party’s candidate for prime minister too – which is the other side of accountability. But you know that Rahul cannot stretch accountability to such logic or sense. Even if Rahul offers the prime minister’s post to another Congress leader, be sure that Rahul will merrily carry on with back-seat driving – like his mother did for ten years without losing primacy in the party.

For a recent view of true accountability among political leaders, look at David Cameron of UK’s Conservative Party. In 2016, one year into the second term of his British prime ministership, he campaigned throughout the country in the Brexit referendum, urging voters to say yes for UK remaining within the European Union. When a majority of the voting people rejected his appeal and opted to leave, he resigned as prime minister, aware that his chances of leading the party or the government later were quite remote, and in any case that could not be taken for granted. But India’s Rahul Gandhi knows that his sense of accountability is phoney, and he will wield the same power within the Congress after resigning as president.  Here is proof, as you compare some thoughts of the two leaders.

      Listen to these words David Cameron uttered in June 2016 outside 10 Downing Street when he announced he was stepping down as prime minister after the Brexit referendum.

“The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected…… Across the world people have been watching the choice that Britain has made……. I fought this campaign in the only way I know how, which is to say directly and passionately what I think and feel – head, heart and soul…. But the British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path ….. The British people have made a choice, that not only needs to be respected but those on the losing side of the argument – myself included – should help to make it work.”

That was David Cameron.  Now read parts of Rahul Gandhi’s statement of 3rdJuly 2019 about the defeat his party suffered in the recent Lok Sabha polls, when he had spearheaded the Congress campaign. Did he say he respected the will of the people and that he looked upon the newly elected BJP government as people’s choice? No, nothing of that kind. Did he acknowledge any shortcoming in his party’s policies or in his leadership as the cause for people’s rejection? Not at all. What did he say? He shamelessly hinted and said enough to mean that the press, the election commission and even the judiciary and also “the entire machinery of the Indian state” and every institution in the country were ranged against him or the Congress party – and that is why the party lost in the polls. Here, some excerpts from Rahul Gandhi’s statement:

“A free and fair election requires the neutrality of a country’s institutions; an election cannot be fair without arbiters – a free press, an independent judiciary, and a transparent election commission that is objective and neutral. Nor can an election be free if one party has a complete monopoly on financial resources. ….. We didn’t fight a political party in the 2019 election. Rather, we fought the entire machinery of the Indian state, every institution of which was marshalled against the opposition. It is now crystal clear that our once cherished institutional neutrality no longer exists in India.”

      While campaigning, if David Cameron spoke ‘head, heart and soul’,  Rahul Gandhi spoke tongue, cheek and foul. Post results, unlike the  Englishman, Rahul cares   nothing for  people’s  mandate in favour of his political opponents and he faults the “entire machinery of the Indian state” – whatever he meant by the high-sounding phrase – for losing an election. Is this the path to accountability? Is it not plain arrogance?  If the entire machinery of the Indian state is working against the Congress party, how will a new president of that party change such horrible ground realities, even if this joke is reality? Or, if what Rahul meant was that he as an individual, rather than the Congress party, was the victim of the entire machinery of the Indian state, should he not quit the party and remove the sole obstacle to its victory in elections?  Rahul is either arrogant or comical, and sometimes both. What a tragedy for a party that had a glorious past.

      Three days ago, The Hindu carried an interview with senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid who described an essential attribute of the successor for Rahul Gandhi as party president. He said the new leader would not be a ‘replacement’ for Rahul Gandhi – like anyone might think about a successor to a post. Describing Rahul Gandhi as a “larger-than-life leader”, Salman said something more which anybody would guess as Rahul’s wish. That is, the next party president in the Congress “should be someone who can work in tandem” with Rahul.  Mind you, Rahul and other leaders in the party will not work in tandem with the new president. The new head of the party should work in tandem with Rahul. Well, that’s what happened with every other Congressman when Rahul was president, and it’s going to be the same after a new president comes in. Ask any child who will answer you right: who is always the big boss in the Congress now?

(This article is borrowed with thanks from HERE.

Copyright © R. Veera Raghavan 2019)

“भागी हुई लडकियां”, उनका पिता और मीडिया

भूपेन्द्र सिहं, एडवोकेट

भागी हुई लड़कियों का बाप इस दुनिया का सबसे अधिक टूटा हुआ व्यक्ति होता है। पहले तो वह महीनों तक घर से निकलता नहीं है, और फिर जब निकलता है तो हमेशा सर झुका कर चलता है। अपने आस-पास मुस्कुराते हर चेहरों को देख कर उसे लगता है जैसे लोग उसी को देख कर हँस रहे हैं। वह जीवन भर किसी से तेज स्वर में बात नहीं करता, वह डरता है कि कहीं कोई उसकी भागी हुई बेटी का नाम न ले ले।

वह जीवन भर डरा रहता है। वह रोज मरता है। तबतक मरता है जबतक कि मर नहीं जाता। पुराने दिनों में एक शब्द होता था ‘मोछ-भदरा’। जिस पिता की बेटी घर से भाग जाती थी, उसे उसी दिन हजाम के यहाँ जा कर अपनी मूछें मुड़वा लेनी पड़ती थी। यह ग्रामीण सभ्यता का अलिखित संविधान था। तब मनई दो बार ही मूँछ मुड़ाता था, एक पिता की मृत्यु पर और दूसरा बेटी के भागने पर। बेटी का भागना तब पिता की मृत्यु से अधिक पीड़ादायक समझा जाता था।

तब और अब में बस इतना इतना ही अंतर है कि अब पिता मूँछ नहीं मुड़ाता, पर मोछ-भदरा तब भी बन जाता है। बिना मूँछ मुड़ाये। किसी के “फेर” में फँस कर घर से भागते बच्चे (लड़के और लड़कियाँ दोनों) यह नहीं जानते कि दरअसल वे अपने पिता की प्रतिष्ठा के मुंह में लात मार कर जा रहे हैं। निरीह पिता का मुख जीवन भर उस ‘लात’ के कड़वे स्वाद से गजबजाया रहता है।

वैसे एक कड़वी सच्चाई यह भी है कि बेटे के भागने पर पिता कम दुखी होता है, बेटियों के भागने पर अधिक। सुनने में गलत लगता है न? भेदभाव जैसा है न यह? पर इस भेदभाव का एक बड़ा कारण है। जानते हैं भारतीय समाज अपनी बेटियों को ले कर इतना संवेदनशील क्यों रहा है ?

भारत का इतिहास पढ़िए। हर्षवर्धन के बाद तक, अर्थात सातवीं-आठवीं शताब्दी तक वसन्तोत्सव मनाए जाने के प्रमाण हैं। वसन्तोत्सव ! वसन्त के दिनों में एक महीने का उत्सव, जिसमें विवाह योग्य युवक-युवतियाँ अपनी इच्छा से अपना जीवनसाथी चुनती थीं और समाज उसे पूरी प्रतिष्ठा के साथ मान्यता देता था। कितना आश्चर्यजनक है न, कि आज उसी देश में खाप पंचायतें हैं जो प्रेम करने पर मृत्युदण्ड तक देती हैं।

क्यों ?

इस क्यों का उत्तर भी उसी इतिहास में है। भारत पर आक्रमण करने वाला पहला अरबी ‘मोहम्मद बिन कासिम’ भारत से धन के साथ और क्या लूट कर ले गया, जानते हैं? “चाच नामा” पढिये, सिंधु नरेश दाहिर की दो बेटियां, “सीया” और छोटी बहन ! उसके बाद से आज तक हर आक्रमणकारी यही करता रहा है। गोरी, गजनवी, तैमूर… सबने एक साथ हजारों लाखों बेटियों का अपहरण किया।

क्यों ? प्रेम के लिए ? नहीं !

बलात्कार करने के लिए, यौन दासी बनाने के लिए.. भारत ने किसी देश की बेटियों को नहीं लूटा, पर भारत की बेटियाँ सबसे अधिक लूटी गई हैं।

कासिम से ले कर गोरी तक, खिलजी से ले कर मुगलों तक, अंग्रेजों से ले कर राँची के उस रकीबुल हसन ‘जिसने राष्ट्रीय निशानेबाज तारा सहदेव को लूटा’ तक। सबने भारत की बेटियों को लूटा। इतना लूटा कि भारत अपनी बेटियों को सात पर्दे में छुपाने लगा। उसे अपने प्राणों से अधिक बेटियों की चिन्ता सताने लगी। वह अपनी बेटियों की ओर देखने वाली हर अच्छी/बुरी आँख से डरने लगा, और बेटियों को लोगों की दृष्टि से बचाना पिता का प्रथम और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण कर्तव्य बन गया। जो पिता अपना यह कर्तव्य नहीं निभा पाता, समाज ने उसके लिए तिरस्कार तय किया। यह तिरस्कार आज तक चल रहा है।

भारत का एक सामान्य पिता अपनी बेटी के प्रेम से नहीं डरता, वह अपनी बेटी के लूटे जाने से डरता है।

भागी हुई लड़कियों के समर्थन में खड़े होने वालों का गैंग अपने हजार विमर्शों में एक बार भी इस मुद्दे पर बोलना नहीं चाहता कि भागने के साल भर बाद ही लड़की के प्रति उस हवस के भाव ‘जिसे लड़की प्रेम समझ बैठी थी’ के शिथिल होने पर उसका कथित प्रेमी अपने दोस्तों से उसका बलात्कार क्यों करवाता है, उसे कोठे पर क्यों बेंच देता है, या उसे अरब देशों में लड़की सप्लाई करने वालों के हाथ क्यों बेंच देता है।

आश्चर्यजनक लग रहा है न ?

पर यह सच्चाई है कि देश के हर रेडलाइट एरिया में मर रही लड़कियाँ प्रेम के नाम ही फँसाई जाती हैं। उन लड़कियों पर, उस “धूर्त प्रेम” पर कभी कोई चर्चा नहीं होती। उनके लिए कोई मानवाधिकारवादी, कोई स्त्रीवादी, विमर्श नहीं छेड़ता।

यही भागी हुई लड़कियों का सच है। प्रेम के नाम पर “पट” जाने वाली मासूम लड़कियाँ नहीं जानतीं कि वे अपने लिए और अपने पिता के लिए कैसा अथाह दुःख खरीद रही हैं। समझता है उनका निरीह पिता। भागी हुई लड़कियों का पिता इस सृष्टि का सबसे निरीह पुरुष होता है।

इंदिरा जयसिंग, विदेशी धन, NGOs का “भारत-तोड” मकडजाल और उन पर कडा प्रहार

“Open Defecation” in Rural India: Needs to be Re-discovered by World

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

By campaigning and providing the toilet facility to every household across the country, particularly in remote rural areas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the admiration and laurels throughout the world. By all means, it was a Himalayan task, which he has got successfully achieved and got his name indelibly imprinted in history as a social reformer and remarkable achiever.  No doubt, by solving this gigantic problem he has shown that honest perseverance can work wonders. India is a country of nearly 135 crore people. There are nearly 40 crore families. Out of it, nearly 25 crore families did not have the toilet facilities until recently. The number of such families has been very high in the rural areas because there has not been any concept of having a toilet in the house.

Here is a factual anecdote. The late Dr S Gopal, the son of Dr S. Radhakrishnan, who was the former President of India has written in his biography that on becoming the President, he invited some 31 Brahmins from Tamil Nadu to perform a Pooja in the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Those Brahmins were put up in the Ashoka Hotel, which was considered to be the best hotel in Delhi in those days. The Brahmins were very happy to find clean and well done up rooms but when they saw, to their horror, that there was a toilet in every room, they immediately came out from their rooms in protest and sat in the lobby of the hotel. The officials and the manager of the hotel got panicked and they wanted to know whether they faced any problems in their rooms. If there were any problems they would be solved immediately but Brahmins told them that they did not have any problems as such with the rooms but they had problems with the attached toilets as it was unthinkable for them to have toilets in their rooms.

More or less, the same concept has also been prevailing in the rural areas of India for thousands of years. People there have been going for open defecation and there was no shame or hesitation involved in it. Women have also been going in herds in open fields and they have been chatting, interacting among themselves to know the problems, difficulties, joys and sorrows of one another. This way they have been keeping themselves updated by sharing their own feelings and needs of others and, if necessary, extending their hands of help in solving the problems of others.

Be that as it may, the other day a senior Advocate Shri Shreepal Singh made an enlightened observation in the Library 1 of the Supreme Court, which although we all know, yet never thought over it from that angle. He said that the toilet facility to every household is certainly a good initiative and achievement of the Prime Minister, but it should be used only in emergencies. He told that there is another angle also at looking at the practice of open defecation in rural India. He pointed out that there are many advantages of going for the open defecation. Of course, it would need a bit new insightful innovation and adaption suitable to 21st century. The first and foremost is, that solid waste (stool) and human urine is good organic manure, very necessary for the health and fertility of the soil. These days organic manures like composts and animal dungs have become very costly. Therefore, we should not allow this rich natural manure to go down the drains. The agricultural land in India is being pumped in of artificial fertilizers – like Urea, Sulphate, Nitrogen et al – consistantly for many decades and as the result of overexploitation of soil nutrients has become almost barran. To regain its former health, this land needs replenishment of organic manure. The human waste (stool) is the best – perhaps, the ultimate one – manure for this purpose.

The second advantage of re-discovering and adopting this practice of open defecation, at least in rural areas and at places where green areas with trees and plants are available, is most revealing. We all are aware that the human waste (stool) going down the drains needs to find an outlet, most often rivers or such other water bodies. Rivers are now a days polluted almost beyond redemption, because untreated sewage is released into these rivers. Now with the scientific knowledge and hygenic awareness, we are making efforts to put in place intercepting affuent treatment plants before the human generated waste is flown in the running rivers. Indian courts too are trying to enforce this requirement as a mendatory condition to allow release of sewage into rivers. All these technological solutions need an investment in machines, electricity and manpower. This human generated waste (sewage) management problem can be solved – at least to some extent (remember India has 1.3 billion human beings living here) – without an investment into that new technology of interceting affluent treatment plants.

The third is, that men and women, particularly women, get the opportunity to move out of their houses which is good for their health because, under the pretext of going to the fields, they walk to their fields and come to know about the state of the crops to be produced.

The fourth is, that it provides a good opportunity for men and women both but particularly to women to interact with other women and know whereabouts of others. This is not their virtual contact but face to face contact, which gives satisfaction and feelings of higher levels.

The last but the most important advantage is, a family of four or five persons will have to spend not less than 100 to 150 litres of water every day in the toilets in flushing and cleaning but if they go in the open fields they can easily save at least 100 litres of water. Water is one of the most valuable things in the present circumstances. The country is facing acute water scarcity and if the water is allowed to be so wasted, the scarcity will further grow, and it will be very difficult to meet with requirements.

Apart from it, there are many more expenses which are involved in maintaining the toilets in the houses. Therefore, open defecation should not be discouraged in the rural areas and the people must be asked to use the water judicially and as minimum as possible. This will help save water, increase the fertility of the soil and above all will afford the opportunity of exchanging pleasantries and difficulties of the fellow villagers.

It is difficult to disagree with the senior Advocate Shreepal Singh in the light of the advantages he has very succinctly enumerated and explained. Although in this age and time this practice may be considered to be the sign of backwardness. However, even at the risk of sailing against the wind, his views are worth consideration and application without compromising, in any way, the dignity and honour of the people, especially the women.

Uighur Muslims and Duplicity of Islamic Countries / NYT, WaPo

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

‘Democracy dies in darkness’ is the motto of the Washington Post. But it believes more in misinformation than disseminating objective information.  That is why it is considered to be one of the most notorious newspapers in the world. It is more of an opinion paper with lengthy reports than a newspaper. The main intent of this newspaper and the New York Times, which is still available in print has the logo of ‘All the News that is Fit to Print’, is to create an atmosphere of destabilisation across the world by inserting the cock and bull stories. NYT is nicknamed as the ‘Gray Lady’ like our Times of India, which is nicknamed as the ‘Old Lady of Boribunder’.

What is, however, very intriguing is that Washington, i.e. the US government, gives more importance and reliance to NYT and WaPo (this is how the Washington Post is generally known) than to its own sources and governmental paraphernalia. It is now no secret that the US government is doing what it can do to fight the world-wide menace of Muslim religious terrorism, notwithstanding the fact that the US newspapers like NYT and WoPo show their duplicity over this issue in the name of highlighting the human rights of Chinese Uigar Muslims. There are many kinds of duplicity in this world: one is of such newspapers towards the problem of Uighur Muslims and terrorism thriving there; another is of the attitude of Islamic countries towards these Uighur Muslims and their treatment by the Chinese government.

These newspapers take exception to the Chinese efforts to educate adult radical Uigar Muslims and to provide a safe upbringing of their young children solely aimed at curbing and curing this disease of religious terrorism – albeit in its peculiar Chinese fashion (of a dictatorial regime). The Uighar Muslims with a radical bent of mind are not killed by the Chinese government for their wayward criminal mentality but are only subjected to a secular program of re-education. There are only two ways to get rid this world of the religious terrorism menace: either to punish them by confining them in prison for life or re-educating them. China is following the better course of re-education.

On the issue of Uighur Muslims, the reports of these newspapers and the BBC have been dismissed with contempt by the Chinese government. Hardly a month back the WaPo created an atmosphere of hatred and calumny against India’s democratic setup by publishing many fake stories like asserting that minorities are not safe in India. The fact, on the other hand, is that nowhere in the world minorities are safer as they are in India. Even in highly liberal societies like those of the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Germany and France etc, minorities find themselves highly vulnerable. In these countries, there is only one civil law which has to be followed by all regardless of his or her belonging to any community. Contrast it with India and one finds that there are separate laws meant for minorities in the country which often create a big hurdle in the assimilation of minorities with the majority community.

 There is one country China which is impervious to the criticism of highly biased NYT, WaPo or grotesque reports of the BBC. These days these newspapers appear to take up the cudgel on behalf of the Uighur Muslims of China. They live in Xinjiang province, which is close to Turkmenistan. Lakhs of Muslim young boys and girls have been removed and separated from their families to be trained to the modern education of science, technology, dance and music so that they can earn their livelihood with self-respect and become an integral part of China. They have so far been denied of being educated in modern subjects of civilized life; they simply have been educated in the most obscurantist manner in radical Madarsas. Now the Chinese government is snatching Koran from their hands so that they are saved from a poisonous teaching of waging Jihadi violence, live a peaceful civilized life and learn about computer and other gadgets. What conceivable objections could these NYT and WaPo etc. have against these Chinese efforts to cure the ill of religious violence and terrorism? None. Do such so-called newspapers (in reality, opinion makers) have any better way or plan to cure this terrorist menace? None.

It may not be out of place to mention here that China does not allow the Uighur Muslims to offer Namaz for five times a day. These Muslims cannot construct the Mosques in the form and style and architecture of the Mosques of the other countries of the world. This highhandedness, of the Chinese Government against the Uighur Muslims may not be liked by the people of the world but it is certainly in the interests of the Uighur Muslims that they are trained in factories and other establishments, which can make them stand -up on their own feet.

Why no Muslim Country of the world including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan has made even a murmur of protest, against the steps taken by the Chinese Government for assimilation of Uighur Muslims with the mainstream of China? This is the height of duplicity of Islamic countries. Imagine if it had happened in India, what would have been the consequences? The liberal lobby in India, which unabashedly behaves like ‘fifth columnists’ would have created hell of the problems for the Indian government. There are at least a few lady journalists of India, who write regularly for the Washington Post, but have also not spoken a word against the human rights violations in China. Again, even if a fragment of it had happened in India, there would have been candle marches in different places of the country. But shockingly, today their mouths are shut because they can shout only against India and not against China. Pakistan is heavily dependent on China for military weapons, trade and commerce and for the generous monetary aid and assistance.

 Pakistan has, although, been claiming to be the champion of the Islamic cause but when it comes to China, it puts its tails between its proverbial legs to run away from reality. The Talibani Afghans and Syrians of Muslim Brotherhood brand, who are the breeders of terrorism with the funds received from Saudi Arabia shiver in their pants while speaking anything against China. All Muslim countries are cool as a cucumber because Islam is not in danger for them if they are beaten mercilessly by China. On the other hand, more than seven to eight crore Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingyas have crossed over to India and they have been settling down in places as far as Kerala and Kashmir with the active patronage of the administration. If anybody talks about the extradition of these illegal migrants to the countries of their citizenship he or she is immediately branded as insensitive and inhuman.

If Bhartiya Janata Party’s government headed by Narendra Modi does not take effective measures to push the illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingyas to their own countries, then it should have no objection in being called a timid and coward. This government has come to power on the assurance to the people that in the interest of the nation it will not bat even an eyelid in throwing the illegal foreigners from its own land. Here on this issue, the Indian government can take a cue from China, which has set an example in dealing with the problems of national interests.

     India can also learn from her (China) for the rapid industrialisation, population control and assimilation of the population with the mainstream. Our government should not be touchy and sensitive to the prejudiced, devious and obnoxious viewpoints of the newspapers like New York Times, Washington Post and the BBC, which vie with each other in creating public opinion across the world for fomenting instability in India.

The most shocking and surprising is that Washington Post and New York Times and the BBC do not make hullabaloo in favour of Dalai Lama and his government in exile, which Tibetans have been fighting against their oppression for more than sixty years. Lakhs of Tibetans are living in different parts of the world, most of them are in India. but they have been condemned to live as the most neglected human beings by the so-called savours of democracy. This is the height of the duplicity of the western countries.

Campaign for Corruption-free Media

Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

‘Unity-in-corruption’ among journalists is not a new phenomenon but now it is witnessed on an unprecedented scale. It is seen that the journalists in India are vulnerable, weak and conceptually dull and bleak. They do not join journalism because they are fired with any zeal, but they come to the profession because either somebody has facilitated their entry or they do not have any scope anywhere in any other area and then somehow sneak into it. This is the reason that sycophancy of the worst form is found in the profession. Some journalists fawn on their political masters, proprietors or those who are in a position to oblige them in different forms and ways. Most of the journalists become self-seekers in over a period of time.

This is an open secret that most of the politicians, bureaucrats and media house owners use these journalists as their agents to get their works done and in return, they award them with petty gains. Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg of New Delhi is known as the Fleet Street of London because of the concentration of newspaper offices here. However, of late, it has changed. The office space for the newspapers was given at a ridiculously low and throwaway price but all newspaper proprietors have been making money with the gross misuse of the so-called freedom of the press. No government takes action against them because they make hullabaloo of the freedom of speech and expression.

The late Ramnath Goenka of the Indian Express was a classical blackmailer and he used to employ wily and crooked journalists to beat his drums. He used to openly blackmail ministers and the judges of the higher judiciary and the so-called big journalists used to dance at his tunes without any qualms and compunctions of their conscience. I have seen a journalist who, now no more, was the editor of the Hindi newspaper of the Indian Express group and he used to get excited at the call of that fraud Ramnath Goenka. Once it so happened that he himself prepared news on the basis of a report of a meeting between Vishwanath Pratap Singh, a conspirator against Rajiv Gandhi and Chaudhari Devi Lal, a Jat leader of Haryana. He wanted that news to be taken as a lead story but I as the Chief-Sub-Editor put that news item on page five in a double column space. Next day he came and started shouting in the newsroom and shamelessly disclosed that the item was prepared at the instance of RNG (Ram Nath Goenka). I found that all nincompoop journalists were nodding in his support. I silenced him by shouting more loudly, which was witnessed by many journalists; some of them are still around us.

Thereafter, there was a strike in the Indian Express and I was the leader of the strike. Meetings were held at the Sundar Nagar Guest House of the Indian Express. RNG put a condition that the President of the Union, who was an outsider, would not participate in the negotiations and then I told his General Manager that ‘no editor from the Indian Express Group’ would come near the negotiating table. RNG wanted a polemicist editor, who later manipulated to become a cabinet minister in the Vajpayee government, to join the negotiation but due to a firm ‘no’ from the Union, he was kept out.

Now when I find that a large number of journalists lining up in support of Pranoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy, the owners of the NDTV, whose stories of corruption, blackmailing, spying and money laundering are stinking to the high heaven, I am not shocked. But what certainly shocks me is that they do it in the name of the freedom of the press. Luckily, the people of India have also become very conscious about such gimmicks of these dishonest media persons and they do not allow themselves to be trapped by the ingenuity of such journalists, who unabashedly support their proprietors to remain in employment.

The governments of the states as well as at the centre will be doing a great service to the country by ensuring that all the corrupt deeds of media house owners would be brought forth and stern actions would be taken against them.

An honest and corruption free media is the strength of democracy; it is a prerequisite of sound and vibrant democracy. Dishonest and corrupt media is like termites, which make the pillars of democracy hollow. The servants / journalists would do well by keeping themselves away from such proprietors like; Pranoy Rao and Radhika Roy, who have indulged into the daylight crime of corruption, loot, plundering and stashing away of money of poor Indians in foreign countries for their own enrichment.

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