Amartya Sen – Why so much Venom Against P.M.?

Arun Mishra, Advocate

Why is Amartya Sen always spewing venom against Narendra Modi sitting in US? Here is the answer.

When UPA government inaugurated Nalanda University in Bihar in 2007, Amartya Sen was made the first Chancellor of the university. A very important feature of his appointment was that he had all powers in the name of “autonomy”, so much so that he did not even have to provide the account of money spent on anything to the government.

Imagine a public servant spending any amount of taxpayers’ money and yet exempt from any kind of accountability ! Not only that, he was withdrawing a salary of ₹ 5 lakh per month – a university chancellor of a government university drawing a salary more than any other public servant. Apart from that, he had unlimited foreign trips allowances on taxpayers money by the virtue of being Nalanda University Chancellor.

The story doesn’t end here. During the 7 years (2007-2014), Amartya Sen spent ₹ 2730 CRORE on a university which still was not fully functional. Yes, a whopping ₹ 2730 CRORE !

Since it was by law (made by UPA) exempt from any kind of accountability, we can never know what happened to that money and yet it will remain legal.

Now, coming to appointments. Even appointments made by Amartya Sen were exempt from any kind of accountability.

So who did he appoint ?

The first 4 faculties were :
1. Dr. Upinder Singh
2. Anjana Sharma
3. Nayanjot Lahiri
4. Gopa Sabharwal.
Who were they ?

Dr. Upinder Singh is the Daughter of former PM Manmohan Singh. The other 3 are close associates/friends of Dr. Upinder Singh.

Amartya Sen then appointed 2 more “GUEST” faculties:
1. Daman Singh
2. Amrit Singh

Who are they ?

Middle and youngest DAUGHTER of ex-PM Manmohan Singh.

What’s unique about the appointment of Daman Singh and Amrit Singh is that they REMAINED in the USA all along 7 years. But they were drawing a huge salary as a guest faculty. What salary they were withdrawing, only God knows. The reason, again, is that Nalanda University had been made exempt from any kind of accountability to government.

So, the summary….
1. The University had hardly one building.
2. It had just 7 faculty members & a few guest faculties (who NEVER came) – all relatives/friends of Manmohan Singh/ Amartya Sen.
3. There were hardly a hundred students.
4. There was no expenses on costly reagents or equipments as no scientific research was going on.
5. Still, the expenses was ₹ 2730 CRORE.

In short, Amartya Sen had access to unlimited government fund without any accountability.

When Modi came to know about what all was going on in the name of university, he kicked this leech out of the university in 2015 and cancelled all the appointments he had made. Amartya Sen had splurged more than ₹ 2700 CRORE on himself and his associates. He lived in USA and was drawing 5 Lakh per month and enjoying all allowances from India’s taxpayers’ money without doing anything.

Just because someone is a Nobel laureate doesn’t mean that he is totally clean or doesn’t have any ulterior intention. Nobel prize or a big degree is no indication of one’s nature.

Even Manmohan had a PhD degree. That didn’t mean he was the best in governance. His government turned out to be the worst in independent India’s history.

We can never take action against Amartya Sen or technically call him corrupt because he was merely following the “rules” and the rules had been made in such a way by the UPA Government that he had the powers to spend as much he wanted without being accountable. That’s why he will remain protected and can never be dragged to court.

This was a LEGALISED PLUNDER of ₹ 2730 Crore by Amartya Sen.


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