Indian Scientists: Being Murdered – Protect Them

By: Shreepal Singh

The world is fiercely competitive. Each one of the world’s established – and attempting to establish – powers is ambitious to outdo its rival(s) and jealous of its competitors to the core. The only telltale sign of the power of a country is its scientific assets – that is, its scientists and scientific facilities. Even out of these two, scientists – the human beings with scientific talent – are of the prime value, since they can put scientific facilities in place again and again if these facilities are somehow destroyed by their enemy; but if scientists are destroyed they cannot be replaced by any means. Such is the value of scientists today for those who wish to lord over the world. Science is the means of powerfuls to lord over the world. But it is not the only use of science. Science is also the means in the hands of the weak countries to defend themselves against the powerful ones’ evil designs.

Therefore, those who want to lord over the world find their first enemy in the person of scientist(s) of their rival countries. They do what they can do to destroy scientists; and, it is so with the scientists who are working in the fields of frontiers of fundamental sciences and cutting edge technologies – like nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, rocketry (space technology), genetic engineering etc.

India has achieved jealousy evoking success in sending its Mangalyan (Mars Orbitor Module) and launching its rover- carrying space ship to Moon. This success has many dimensions, in addition to economic advantages for India. And there are reasons for foreign powers to destroy this edge of India in science and for India to be cautious about the security of its scientific human assets.

India has suffered almost a body blow in this respect over the last 20 or so years; India has actually been devastated by the deaths – assassinations and murders – of its top notch scientists during the UPA rule from 2009 to 2014. The government then did nothing to protect their life – and after their death, nothing to investigate and to find the criminal hands – Indian / foreign – behind their un-natural deaths.

But now it cannot be allowed to go on like this. The Modi government should – and it is hoped, would – sit-up and take the issue of the personal security of our scientists as its TO MOST PRIORITY.

Here are two articles that show what had been happening in India – how our scientists were being killed – without any clue whatsoever. Have a look at these two articles, get the due information in this regard and let our Prime Minister put in place a foolproof security to our scientists:




684 ISRO scientists have lost their life in suspicious ways! Who is hunting them?! A story where truth is stranger than fiction!

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