Peoples, Creed and Indian Sub-continent

Humans are feeble. Those of them who are wise – scientists and philosophers – know that there is much that they do not know. They know they are helpless in many ways – they are feeble. And those of them who know they know nothing – illetrate and ignorants – are also feeble and helpless. They all – all of them – feel vulnerable.

Humans seek help, hope and solace in some supreme power, almighty, God, Allah, Parmeshwar. They may all differ from one another in their mental image – conception – of that supreme power but they all have one thing in common: they have faith in that power of their personal mental conception.

Humans – almost all of them, with an exception of a very few persons – need God. If   humans seek help for the unknown in God, there is no harm. If persons have different mental conceptions of that God, there is no harm. If persons differ on the very existence of that God, there is no harm. If there is a difference of opinion about the very existance of that supreme power or its / His power, image, quality or kind among different groups of such people, there is no harm.

But if anyone out of all such disputing groups indulges in violence or kills those who do not agree with the mental conception of his God, or do not agree with what his God says, or do not act as his God bids to act, it harms all humans. That one person harms the humanity. If that one person – and the group to which he belongs – kills his fellow human beings only because he thinks he is obeying his God, that person has no right to live in the human society; he deserves to be isolated from the rest of humanity, simply to secure this humanity’s safety. His foolproof isolation from the rest of humanity, by whatever means possible, is the only way left to our race to guarantee its safety and security. We all – perhaps to the last person of our race – do not know much about the supreme power that may be there; or that may not be there; but we all – without a single exception – know everything about humans, humans who live here on earth. We know each other; we interact with each other. We need our collective peace and security, for securing of which no cost is too dear. It is an imperative necessity on our part in this atomic age to take our collective safety and security seriously and invent ways to guarantee it against such insane and reckless acts of some of the members of our race.

Humans today can no longer afford the luxury of fighting and killing the disagreeing humans in the name of God. Persons who serve their God by killing those who do not agree with their God; and a God that inspires persons to kill those who disagree with what that God says; are not welcome today by humanity. Humanity in this atomic age cannot afford to allow such persons the freedom to do what they want to do – to kill humans in the name of their God. Humanity cannot permit them by their such insane acts to destroy our race, the human race.

A religion that teaches its followers to kill those who disagree with what it preaches, has no right to exist today in this atomic age – to exist in any part of the world. No amount of logic justifies their stand for killing of those humans who disagree with them; no amount of logic justifies their violent acts in furtherance of that stand. It poses a threat to the very survival of humanity. It needs to be discredited and discarded by humanity. The sooner it is done is better. It is better for all of us without any exception, that is, including even those who adhere to such creed.

In the Indian sub-continent, there lives a huge number of humanity that follow such a dangerous religious creed. The ancestors of this large part of humanity – ancestors of these peoples – had to embrace this creed under unfortunate historical circumstances and had to embrace mostly against their will. These people even today bear with pride peculiar surnames and tribal identities (known as Gotra) with their personal names. These peculiar surnames and identities have their origin in remote antiquities and were once bore by their ancestors with their names and with pride. Such surnames and identities are still dear to these peoples, notwithstanding the creed that they adhere today.

One would find almost all citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. still bearing such surnames and identities with their personal names testifying to their linkage with their Hindu ancestors of the bygone age. It is not a matter of shame for them; it is a matter of pride. Let us all respect their such link and pride. It is the continuity of history. It was well said long ago, “Blood is thicker than the thought”. The blood is their linkage with their ancestors and the thought is their creed. Blood and DNA of humans do not change over time but their thoughts and creeds may go on changing with the passage of time. It is the duty of Hindus of today to remind them, with all the brotherly love and sympathy that they deserve, of their Hindu ancestral roots and of those past unfortunate circumstances of their ancestors. This responsibility has become all the more urgent today in view of the current international isolation and disdain of their dangerous creed by the rest of peace loving humanity.

One can read the writing on the wall that, in view of the rapid advances being made today in the technology of weapons of mass destruction, the vast majority of peace loving humanity is going to impose very soon many humiliating restrictions on the adherents of that dangerous creed. These unfortunate humans need the sympathy and the kind attention. They may feel the necessity of searching their ancestral roots and embracing back the creed of their forefathers – and if they feel so, they should be welcome. It is for them to decide what is better for them. Hindus have no right to say that to them. It is the time that will make them decide what is batter for them. But Hindus have a duty on another count.

This duty is to open their doors to peoples whose ancestors were once Hindus and who were subjected to unfortunate circumstances. Hindus need to embrace them and welcome them back home of their ancestors. They have the responsibility to open their doors, welcome them and welcome them with all the love and mutual rights and obligations. Hindus need to embrace them without any reservations, that is, by giving and taking the children in marriages of these new entrants of ex-Hindus. It is the work of Hindus – and Hindus alone – to create among them the awareness of this necessity. It call for a Hindu social movement.  It is opening up of the Hinduism to the outside world; it is reforming Hinduism. It is the need of the hour. It is a step forward by an ancient India towards the modernity of 21st century world.

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