BBC and CNN – Fake News Factories Churning Out Anti-India Propaganda

CNN & BBC are producing pieces of anti-India fake news – with total falsehood – on daily basis about Kashmir. They are churning out this anti-India propaganda about Kashmir since the last week. For this purpose they are heavily using “Gunga Deen leftist Indian-sounding” journalists.

It is now crystal clear that they are committed anti-India and can go to any length in peddling falsehood, and can produce any nonsense material about Kashmir.

They are cleverly manufecturing subliminal stuff where pro-Pakistan (protani) fascists are masked as “victims”, real victims are never mentioned, imaginary fear mongering is being resorted to. It is one sided mind game full of total lies. The worst part of it is that a regular American or European reader, who doesn’t understand how fake news is peddled, might feel that it’s true simply because the reporter is an Indian.

They make subtle use of defamed words like “majoritarianism” and “genocide” but never mention of the Hindu sufferings of Ladakh or Jammu or Kashmir. There is no mention of the fact that there is no such special status given by Pakistan to its occupied part of Kashmir (POK). There is no mention of the fact that nothing disturbing has happened in last week in Kashmir.

Never once they write any article on the Pakistani genocide going on in Balochistan; nothing they write about Pakistan’s active genocide of minorities in Sindh. Nor they mention how demography of POK has been changed by Pakistan by replacing Kashmiris with west Punjabis.

There is no surprise that dubbing of them as “fake news medis” has resonated with many people within India and outside India. Look at the examples of completely sham articles written by them as mentioned below. These media houses basically provide cover fire to Islamic fascist and other totalitarians. See these examples:

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