Pakistani Flags Waving on the College Campus of Communist Ruled Kerala

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Waving of Pakistani flags on the campus of Silver College Perembra in Kozhikode District of Kerala on the last Thursday (as reported in the Dawn newspaper of Pakistan on 2nd September 2019) during the election campaigning of the students’ union is not only deplorable but highly disturbing. The students are reported to be the members of the Muslim Student Front (MSF), who cocked the snook to the authorities by fluttering the Pakistani flags. It demonstrates the audacity of anti-nationals, who have got no fear for the law of the land. This also bespeaks of their infidelity towards the country they live in and loyalty towards the enemy country.

This is like a déjà vu as it is a familiar scene in Kerala and some Muslim dominated parts of Bihar. During the campaigning of Rahul Gandhi, the Pakistani flags were flashed at many places in his Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency. Perhaps this was the reason that when Rahul Gandhi along with some other rootless opposition leaders tried to go to Kashmir to, allegedly, assess the situation in the valley after the revocation of Article 370, the Union Minister Prakash Javadekar termed his visit as the ‘Wayanad effect’. Wayanad has now come to be symbolised as the ‘anti-India and pro- Pakistan’ place.

The appeasement policy of the Congress and Communist Party (Marxist) towards the Muslim minorities has mainly been responsible for encouraging the anti-nationals to raise their heads. Successive governments in Kerala have failed to crush and defang such elements. Rahul Gandhi’s love for media freedom is totally phoney. The Kashmir valley is plagued with the so-called civil curfew imposed by the terrorists for the last more than thirty-five years and the media freedom used to be sent to gallows by them even at the drop of the hat. And then in those days, nobody from the Congress or other parties were seen anywhere in the valley to protest such curb on media by the terrorists, a la civil curfew.

This is for the first time that after three weeks of the communication lockdown of the valley, not even a single person has been killed by the security forces. Therefore, the security forces deserve all kudos from people of the country. The gheraos and beatings of the security personnel by the stone pelters and the anti-social elements on the streets of Srinagar remind us of a very pathetic sight, which was a routine thing before the de-fanging of Article 370. The hands of the Indian security forces were kept tight and all sorts of humiliations and indignities were being heaped on them, but they were ordered not to retaliate even in their self-defence. It was a miserable situation for the security forces, which were armed to the teeth but were ordered not to take the required action against the sympathizers of terrorists even if they were mobbed and assaulted by these criminals.

It was nothing but a joke with the security forces. It reached the peak and the crescendo at a time when the anti-nationals made an uproar over the tying of a stone pelter by an army Major Gogoi to the bonnet of his Jeep and thus saving the lives of many innocent persons.

Hopefully, Pinarayi Vijayan’s government will take stringent action against such persons – who are Pakistanis in heart and Indians only in name – and who masquerade as the students in different Universities and Colleges in Kerala.

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