Hindus and India: Symphony of Hindu India

By Shreepal Singh

India is quite a big country in terms of its geographical area but in terms of the persons living here it is one of the biggest countries of the world – every sixth person in this world is an Indian. In this country people belonging to almost all religions of the world – Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Parsees, Jews and many tribal faiths of Andaman and Nicobar islands – live here.

It is an asset of India. It is an amazing resource of composite culture of unique diversity. India in terms of the number of cultures thriving here is the mini-world. It is its beauty.

Out of all these persons belonging to different religions, Hindus account the most. Their population is somewhere near 80% in this country. India is a Hindu country.

But what is this Hinduism? In fact, Hinduism is like a big banyan tree with one root having many branches going to the ground; this Hinduism includes all Indic-faiths – Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shaivism and, even remotely connecting to Zoroastrianism in antiquity.

If we look around us in this world, the stark reality is that it is only in this Hindu India alone in the entire world that despite this great religious diversity all religions are thriving and their adherents are multiplying in India without any hindrance. The credit for this religious freedom goes to Hindus and their religion.

This reality becomes obvious when one compares this happy situation of all religions here with the sordid situation of other religions in those countries where majority belongs to other religions; particularly it is so in the case of Muslim countries. The truth cannot be hidden any longer that Hinduism is the most tolerant religion of the world.

In a world full of religious diversity it is in the best interest of this world that Hinduism not only should survive but also thrive. Hindu India is not a threat to any country of a different religion.

Hinduism is the well wisher of all, the entire humanity – and without any religious discrimination. This Hinduism has its guide in its Sanskrit sacred scriptural Sutras like “Vasudhiva kutumbkam…” and “Sarve pashyanti sukhine …”, which express its goodwill to all – not only humans but even other living beings.

This Hindu India has a message of peace and love for all. The rise of Hindu India is the rise of humanity. The rise of Hindu India is a good omen for this world.

The world should welcome this rising Hindu India – and should condemn all those who are ringing an alarm bell at this rise.

Hindu India is a boon for our world, which is afflicted with warring groups – mostly rooted in warring religious identities – armed to the teeth, and even some armed with the atomic weapons. How can this world help the Hindu India – the Hindu medicine for a major part of humanity’s fatricidal tendency – to rise? What are the obstacles in the way of this India?

The foremost obstacle is that Hindus – mostly intellectual Hindus – are themselves ignorant of the depth of its well meaning vision. These intellectuals – teachers, historians, politicians, bureaucrats, artists et al – do not understand this depth; and their negative views are echoed by the mainstream media. They lampoon Hinduism for its negative side, without realizing that everything degenerates with the passage of time and needs periodic cleansing. The first need is to educate Hindus of what Hinduism is.

Hinduism is all about humanism and a balanced way of life. It is not about cow and temple. It is about the profound human inquisitiveness and inquiry about the secrets of human life and this universe, where cow and temple – and many other assisting devices like them – serve a purpose. Let educated Indians – particularly educated Hindus – not trivilize Hinduism. Hinduism is profound answer to humans’ inquisitiveness and inquiry. It is presented to humanity in the form of a scientific vision called Yoga. It is about love and goodwill towards all living beings based on this vision and, much more, in the form of new openings for belief-diversified humanity to the mystic secrets of this universe.

An educated Hindu is the best citizen of the world and an asset for its prosperity and happiness. Education in this Hinduism is the perfect antidote to our mental restlessness reflected in our unreasonable conduct and our world afflicted with its dangerous state, and this Hinduism should be so taught here in India and elsewhere.

Democracy is an imperfect political tool – though still a better alternative – not because it is inherently deficient but because the people who work with this are ignorant – an uneducated lot. It is particularly so in India, where the large number of people because of historical reasons are not only ignorant but poor too.

It is the work of new generation to learn and learn fast. After all, how can a single political leader like Narendra Modi – a person with an understanding of this Hinduism – educate our ignorant Indian mass to successfully utilize this political tool called democracy, unless the young generation gets educated quickly?

We know in string musical instrument , like Sitar, we have many strings or wires. We know if one wire is struck to make a musical sound, then other wires – if they are rightly tightened or stretched – automatically make a synchronic musical sound without even touching them.

It is called resonance.

Resonance is used to amplifying the music to create symphony. In the democratic politics too resonance is needed to create a symphony of Hindu India. Modi has touched – struck – one wire and made a musical sound. Now it is for this Hindu India to resonate with that sound to create a symphony – a symphony of Hindu India.

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