Tempering Truth is Blasphemy of Nature

By: Shreepal Singh

Out of all that we humans possess, there is nothing more precious to us than truth. Truth stands out against falsehood and wins. Truth wins against falsehood because we are constantly at the lookout for this truth, else truth is where it always has been.

We have the sense to judge what is truth and what is not truth. The story of transformation of animals into humans and progress of her civilization is the story of search of truth.

Truth is the most precious; it is sacred. Tampering the truth is blasphemy of Nature, which produced us and put at the pesdtal where we are today.

The problem is not with the truth, whatever it is; the truth of a thing is whatever it is, whether we know it or not. It may be said a thing is “as it is”. In fact, the real essence of a “thing” is the deepest mystery of Nature. Science is belaboring since the dawn of humanity to know this essence of a “thing” and we have come to know – so far – its “essence” is atoms, electrons, multitude of fundamental forces of Nature, manifestation of space and time ….. (an unending search). There is yet to know much about a “thing” – in fact, much more to know than we have known so far.

The problem arises when we make a claim of the truth of a thing. Such claims of truth become much more problematic when the claimant insists that what he claims to be true is the only “truth”. This disease is most rampant in those fields of human knowledge where the claimants of alleged truth not only claim that “their truth” is the only truth, that other rival claims of truth are false and that one who bear faith in those false truths is liable to be cursed (in eternal hellfire) and / or killed for such blasphemy; this branch of human knowledge is called “religion”.

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