Atomic War, World Politics, Diplomacy and Security of India

Pakistan is mischieviously oblivious of its Hindu roots and is obsessed in a sinister manner to destroy the “Hindu” India. Pakistan has fought war upon war against this Hindu India since the day one – the day it was created in 1947 out of this Hindu India. It invaded India’s one part in 1948, which part was acceded to India by its Hindu ruler Hari Singh when the British left India and made Hari Singh free to chose to either merge with Pakistan or India or remain independent country. This Pakistan again fought war with India in 1965, 1972 (when Bangladesh was carved by India out of it), in Kargil and ceaseless efforts to send religious terrorists to infiltrate India.

Pakistan is a country that has no historical roots, lives in the past gone by times and day dreams to bring that past in future. It is an artificial creation, intentionally created by crafty British colonists and founded on religious hatred against its parent country, that is, Hindu India.

It is a truth that Pakistan – as it is politically and culturally constituted today – is an eternal enemy of India. It is devoted to this enmity with its heart and mind.

War of Pakistan with India is not a possibility but a constant reality. And, it will continue so till Pakistan is what it is today.

A new element has entered into this eternal enmity of Pakistan with India – Pakistan has acquired atomic weapons.

So does India possess these atomic weapons.

Atomic war is an unthinkable catastrophe for those who attack with these weapons and for those who are so atted acked. It is unthinkable. It is only a matter who is troydestroyed first and who is destroyed second. It does not matter who is destroyed first, because both are destroyed in the process. And they take down others also – in millions – with them.

But for a religiously bigotted country like Pakistan an unthinkable proposition is also a thinkable thing. What makes an unthinkable proposition a viable solution for Pakistani leadership is that they have religious considerations like being rewarded in the after-world with beautiful demsels in multitude (72 in number) when they die fighting non-believers (in Islam), like Hindus of India. They are so religiously begotted that they have firm belief in such things. For this gain – the rewards in the after-world after their death – they are willing to fight even with atomic weapons.

Let the humanity be put on notice of this danger coming out of this religiously bigotted country. Faced with this reality, any country including India will do whatever it is necessary to do to decimate such danger. This much about the danger to humanity emanating from religious fundamentalism of this country.

If it happens, how the world politics and dilomacy will play its role? Who will do what? Watch this sensible video:

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