Kashmir – 72 Years Old Nehru’s Mistake Corrected in 2019

Shri Ayush Narayan

Today it is 31th October, 2019 and the three parts of Kashmir – Jammu, Laddakh and Valley – have become under the Indian law an integral part of India. This act has become the part of history now. But this accomplishment was not an easy thing. Today we can have a hindsight to judge how this work was done. Let us have a look at it.

Modi – Shah had carefully planned the historic August 5/6, 2019 removal of Art 370. The duo moved smartly step by step towards the extremely difficult goal. This goal was extremely difficult only because of a uniquely complicated constitutional provisions, democratic system of rule of law and powerful courts of law. For a country like China, in a like situation, it was not a difficult thing at all to bring an aspiring separatist piece of mainland raring to break away from its motherland. But in India things – particularly the political animals wedded to their selfish interests over and above the welfare of their country – are different.

They – the duo – had moved stealthly and probingly in a step by step manner from the day they joined hands with PDP almost 4 years back to form a coalition Govt in J&K. These steps then were not apparant about their intended purpose but today anyone can decipher them.

At that time this step of forming a coalition state government in J & K with Mahbooba’s PDP was severely criticised not only by the opposition and but also by many Modi Bhakts too! Political pundits were short sighted about these moves and oblivious of the determination of the two strongmen of India – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah – to turn India in reality into a country with one people and one constitution. It is a sheer good luck of India that such persons full of determination and committed to the wellbeing of their country have been able to come to the power. In fact, in a country like India that has been deep upto neck in corrution for decades and has seen an army of politicians who never think twice to commit treachary against the interest of their own country, the coming to power of these two strongmen itself is a miracle.

Today when this difficult task has been accomplished, it is hindsight that we can very well now understand the meaning of those calculative moves. Let us know how brilliant the Modi Govt strategy was!


Form the Govt with PDP on the pretext of obeying the mandate of people of J&K to investigate and understand in minute details, and all the inner secrets of the governance of J&K Govt since 1954.

Once they had all the details, BJP withdrew the support from PDP’s Mehbooba Mufti Government.

This was the most Important decision so that the power of the state government to give consent to any bill could be transferred to the the Governor!

Step 2.

Presidential order to transfer the power of J&K assembly to Indian Parliament was passed in 2018 itself. It was done by using the power of President of India under Article 356 of the Constitution.

Step 3.

In order to further validate this power and to remove – and kill – any objection from opposition parties through the Supreme court, a new SC/ST amendment providing reservations was brought in and passed using this power. It was thought – and rightly expected – that HC or SC courts would not and could not say anything against it but agree! It did happen that way.

Step 4.

Now that the legal validation of the SC/ST bill was done, the power of Governor became unquestionable in any court. It became a lawful reality. Using the precedent of 1952, the power of Constituent Assembly was transferred to the State Assembly and – remember – the power of State Assembly had already been granted to the Governor of J&K since 2018!

So the trap was already laid for the underground Jihadi terrorists and their overground supporters wearing the face of separatist political parties way back in June 2018 itself when BJP quit coalition government and the J & K government collapsed paving the way for the J & K Governor to take over.

When Ajit Doval and his intelligence boys made the Governor aware of the serious efforts being made by opposition parties to form the coalition in J&K, Governor dissolved the assembly!

So the prompt desolution of the Assembly was part of an overall gameplan to thwart an attempt by the old dynasties to take back the J & K rule once again and repeat the old cyclic history since 1949.

Thus the govt formation with PDP was the starting point and it was held on until the right time. We can summarize the sequence of these steps thus:

1.Form govt in J&K to dissolve it at the appropriate time.

2.Withdraw support to empower the Governor.

  1. Bring in dissolution of Assembly and bring in President rule in J&K.

4.Use Art 356 to empower the J&K Governor to take on the rights of the dismissed J&K Parliament!

5.Validate the power of Governor from SC by having ratified the new SC/ST bill amendment!

  1. Use the 1952 precedent to tranfer power to the J&K Assembly, which in turn got transferred to J&K Governor.
  2. President declares his right to abrogate 370 and simultaneous bills to make 370 / 35A toothless and powerless on our constitution is passed in RS on August 5, 2019 and LS on Aug 6, 2019 both by 2/3rd majority!

IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE AFTER 72 YEARS by MODI-SHAH-DOVAL giving a stinging slap on all anti nationals who dared this MSD trio to remove Art 370!

As to why bifurcation of J&K and Ladakh was done INSTEAD of Trifurcation as conjectured by various experts, here is the possible explanation!

In the instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Hari singh in 1947/48 with Union of India, it mentions ‘Jammu and Kashmir’. Ladakh was probably not even mentioned! (Some one ratify this!)

The entity, ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ must exist as one State because POK was part and parcel of J&K in 1947/48 when instrument of accession was signed! This must be kept separate to later integrate POK into our J&K which was rightfully ours!

In future as and when India claims or demands PoK, then this signed instrument of accession would be needed to show that accession was for entire J&K that included the POK that was allowed to be taken by Pakistan later by the devious collusion of Nehru and Sheikh Abdulla!

The crucial timing was withdrawal of BJP from coalition government in J&K!

BJP withdrew just a year before General elections! Now they just had to wait till election commission announced date of General elections.

But J&K regional parties began the formation of a coalition to fight in State Election!

But before this could happen, alert BJP and the Governor of J&K stopped them in their tracks!

However, the early dissolution of assembly created another problem.
Now the Elections could be forced by opposition to hold J&K elections concurrent wth General Elections!

Election commision however did not relent. And the Home ministry rightly raised the security issues and elections to J&K State were postponed. The power remained still with the Governor.

Mehbooba understood this game so did Omar Abdulla and the Congress Dynasty think tanks!

They all cried and still are crying albeit this time with Pakistanis!

Now, there was no threat to the power of governor till J&K elections for legislature would be announced!

Time was then ripe to pass the SC/ST amendment bill and 10% Reservation for EWS for J&K too!

This established power of the governor even further!

In this bill consent of the Governor was construed as consent of the State assembly.

Now SC can not but reject any petition against 370 because they have already accepted the powers of the Governor being same as dismissed assembly!

Now, the paid PIL lawyers, the Congress Party lawyers can not convince Supreme courts judges to backtrack from their earlier decision!

If they backtrack, SC and even Congress and their supporters would be deemed anti-Dalit!

SC has no option but to throw all the PIL challenges to Govt’s Art 370 decision into trash cans!

Finally all the anti national Judicial activists of India will have found that they can no more fight the the Chanakya NITI of Modi-Shah and Doval including their point men in J&K like Ram Madhav an legal eagles like Subramaniam Swamy!

All along for past almost 13 months, BJP cleverly managed the media, the opposition, the Judiciary and even the naysayers within their own rank with elan and of course total silence!

Indian Nationalists like all of us are really amazed at the brilliant minds of BJP behind this strategy!

While everyone was speculating the future of J&K, BJP was quietly acting as a rock solid wall between NC , PDP and Congress forming an alliance! Their sole aim to delay the coalition as much as possible till August 5, 2019 was successfully executed!

Even if Mehbooba wanted coalition with Omar, BJP made sure that they fall short of numbers. Sajjad Lone was another division within the parties against 370 along with separatists, who delayed the formation of coalition seeking bigger role in Govt if coalition was win!

And finally the master trump card was that the Article 370 has NOT been removed totally at all!!!!

Rather, it has been made toothless and powerless like a castrated dog or a poison gland extracted Snake! Therefore, no constitutional amendment was required to remove it!!!. Mystery of missing fax is yet to be solved!

If question were to be asked regarding legal or constitutional fault in this process, Constitution expert Shri Subhash Kashyap ji on Article370 said:

Quote: I can only say, constitutionally it is sound, no legal & constitution fault can be found in it. Govt has carefully studied the matter.”

काश्मीर – नेहरू की नालायकी को 2019 में कैसे सुधारा गया ?

लेखक: अज्ञात

आज 31 अक्टूबर 2019 है और आज काश्मीर के तीनो हिस्सों – जम्मू, लद्दाख और घाटी – का भारत मे कानूनी रूप मे विलय हो गया है। आज वह गलती जो जवाहरलाल नेहरू ने 1947 मे की थी उसको भारत ने 72 साल बाद सुधार लिया है। यह कोई आसान काम नही था। अब काश्मीर का भारत मे विलय एक इतिहास बन चुका है।  अब इसके एक भाग बालिटस्तान गिलगित आदि के विलय का काम बाकि बचा है। हम पीछे मुड कर इस ऐतिहासिक घटना को भूतकाल के परिपेक्ष मे समझें।

मेरे विचार से मोदी सरकार ने सबसे बड़ा जुआ खेला था पीडीपी से समर्थन वापस लेकर मुफ्ती सरकार गिराने का।

अगर काँग्रेस, नेशनल कॉन्फ्रेंस और पीडीपी को जरा भी भनक होती या अंदेशा होता कि मोदी सरकार को अगले आम चुनावों में इतना प्रचण्ड जनादेश मिलेगा और 370 हटा दी जाएगी, वे एक साथ आकर सरकार बनाने का दावा पेश कर देते और राज्य में राज्यपाल शासन नहीं लग पाता।

370 हटाने की जो शर्त थी कि राष्ट्रपतिजी से 370 हटाने की अनुशंसा राज्य की विधानसभा को करनी होगी वो शर्त पूरी नहीं होती। क्योंकि पीडीपी नेशनल कॉन्फ्रेंस कभी भी यह अनुशंसा नहीं करते। यही वह शर्त थी जिसके भरोसे कश्मीरी लीडर फुदकते थे कि केंद्र में कितनी भी मजबूत सरकार हो 370 हटा नहीं सकती। उन्हें विश्वास था कि कश्मीर में किसी की भी सरकार बने, विधानसभा से 370 हटाने की अनुशंसा कभी होगी ही नहीं।

भाजपा का पीडीपी के साथ गठबंधन बहुतो को रास नहीं आया था। लेकिन इस गठबंधन का फायदा भाजपा को यह हुआ कि उन्हें मुफ़्ती के क्षीण जनाधार की जानकारी मिल गयी और साथ ही भाजपा के साथ जाने की वजह से पीडीपी अब्दुल्ला और काँग्रेस के लिए अछूत हो गयी। अब्दुल्ला और कांग्रेस दोनों को लगा कि भाजपा की साथी रही पार्टी को अगर अभी सपोर्ट किया तो उनका मुस्लिम वोट बैंक नाराज हो जाएगा। इसी वजह से भाजपा की समर्थन वापसी के बाद दोनों ही दलों ने पीडीपी से किसी भी तरह के गठबंधन की संभावना को नकार दिया। यही 370 खत्म होनेकी नींव पड़ गयी थी।

भाजपा की इस स्ट्रेटेजी को न मूर्ख काँग्रेस, न घमंडी महबूबा और न लालची अब्दुल्ला समझ पाया। और उनकी इन्ही मूर्खता का लाभ भारत को मिला।

हम जहाँ सोचना बन्द करते है, मोदी सरकार उसके 5 किलोमीटर आगे से सोचना शुरू करती है। मोदी को समझना मुश्किल ही नही नामुमकिन है ।

धारा 370 वैसे तो जम्मू-कश्मीर सरकार की अनुमति के बगैर हट नही सकती। पर मोदी फवरी में SC ST AMENDMENT BILL से कश्मीर में कानून बना चुके थे कि अगर कश्मीर में चुनी हुई सरकार न हो तो गवर्नर सारे निर्णय ले सकते है ।

ये बिल जब पास हो रहा था तब मूर्ख विपक्ष को ये पता ही नही चला कि मोदी ये क्यों कर रहे हैं ! आरक्षण की बात थी इस लिये विपक्ष ने बड़े जोश से इस बिल का समर्थन किया, पर आरक्षण के बहाने मोदी ने गवर्नर को सारे हक्क दे दिए ।

जब 370 धारा हट रही थी तब पता चला कि मोदीजी ये गेम कब से सेट कर रहे थे ! और धारा 370 हटाने से दो दिन पहले UAPA बिल पास किया, मतलब अगर कोई अड़ंगा डालेगा तो सीधा जेल जाएगा ।

यह था Check and Mate !

धारा 370 हटानेकी नींव 2014 से रखी गयी थी, पूरे घटनाक्रम में महबूबा मुफ्ती की सबसे बड़ी गलती यह थी कि उसने मोदी से हाथ मिला कर कश्मीर में अपनी सरकार बनाई ।

मोदी को बहाना चाहिए था राष्ट्रपति शासन लगानेके लिए, जो महबूबा की गलतियों की वजह से लगा दिया गया । जो अब लाइफ टाइम रहेगा । अगर महबूबा कोंग्रेस से हाथ मिलाती तो शायद ये संभव न होता।

मोदी के बिछाए शतरंज के इस खेल में सारे प्यादे एक एक करके गिरते गए, आखिरमें बची रानी के लिए वजीर ही काफी था । यह खेल जरूरी था क्योकि –

द्वंद कहाँ तक पाला जाए,
युद्ध कहाँ तक टाला जाए,
तू भी है राणा का वंशज,
फेंक जहाँ तक भाला जाए ,
दोनों तरफ़ लिखा हो भारत,
सिक्का वही उछाला जाए.!

Europian MPs Visit to Shrinagar and Fake Indian Intellectuals

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Look at the audacity and the abominable duplicity of some journalists, intellectuals and politicians of our own country, who are opposing the visit of the MPs of the European Union to the Jammu and Kashmir. They are putting forward the most obnoxious, stupid and shameless logic saying that why the foreigners have been allowed by the government to go to the Valley when our own MPs were denied entry in Srinagar? Some of the Indian political leaders like Rahul Gandhi, D Raja ,Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sitaram Yechury and Majid Memon have been spewing venoms, day in and day out against the Indian government after the scrapping of the Articles 370 and 35A, and they were returned from the airport on 24th of August. The reason to deny them the right to visit J & K on that day is not difficult to fathom.

They were going to Srinagar only 20 days after the historic integration of J&K when there was blockade in the valley. It was undoubtedly a right decision on the part of the government to deny them the entry to the valley because their intention of going to Srinagar was known to entire India. They wanted to give grist to the propaganda mill of Pakistan. But here is a question, which they will have to answer and that is: can any Indian politician be so blind with hatred against Modi that he or she will have no hesitation in being treacherous to the country? When the views of these politicians, who are ready to play into the hands of Pakistan is known to everyone, how can they be allowed to go to J&K?

The visit of the EU MPs, therefore, to the J&K must be hailed by all Indians because what they say would have weight in the world and that would be a tight slap on the face of Pakistan and Pakistan-loving journalists and mercenary intellectuals of India. Government of India and our security forces deserve fulsome praise for most effectively handling the law and order situation in J&K in the wake of the abrogation of two articles, which were blots on the Indian constitution and instrument of the denial of fundamental rights to the citizens of India who happened to live J & K.

Shockingly, these politicians, sold-out journalists and foreign-funded greedy intellectuals have even failed to condemn the killings of five Bengali Muslim labourers in Kashmir today. Yes, they were Muslim labourers because they mistakenly thought that terrorists would not touch them as they belonged to their religion. This is the time all Muslims of India must show their solidarity with Modi by taking a vow that they will fight against the Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

The day is not far away when Pakistan itself will be eithet forced by the circumstances to completely transform itself from a religious terrorist state into a modern normal peace- loving state or wiped out from the map of the earth because of its own internal bickering. And the day this rogue state is either transformed or finished, the problem of terrorism in the entire world would be largely defeated. But before that our internal enemies must be exposed, named and shamed and punished.

मातृ-भूमि और मातृ-भाषा: ‘अप्रतिम-भारत’ की जीवन रेखा

लेखक: अज्ञात

इतिहास के प्रकांड पंडित डॉ. रघुबीर प्राय: फ्रांस जाया करते थे। वे सदा फ्रांस के राजवंश के एक परिवार के यहाँ ठहरा करते थे। उस परिवार में एक ग्यारह साल की सुंदर लड़की भी थी। वह भी डॉ. रघुबीर की खूब सेवा करती थी। अंकल-अंकल बोला करती थी।

एक बार डॉ. रघुबीर को भारत से एक लिफाफा प्राप्त हुआ। बच्ची को उत्सुकता हुई। देखें तो भारत की भाषा की लिपि कैसी है। उसने कहा अंकल लिफाफा खोलकर पत्र दिखाएँ। डॉ. रघुबीर ने टालना चाहा। पर बच्ची जिद पर अड़ गई। डॉ. रघुबीर को पत्र दिखाना पड़ा।

पत्र देखते ही बच्ची का मुँह लटक गया अरे यह तो अँगरेजी में लिखा हुआ है। क्या आपके देश की कोई भाषा नहीं है? डॉ. रघुबीर से कुछ कहते नहीं बना। बच्ची उदास होकर चली गई। माँ को सारी बात बताई। दोपहर में हमेशा की तरह सबने साथ साथ खाना तो खाया, पर पहले दिनों की तरह उत्साह चहक महक नहीं थी।

गृहस्वामिनी बोली डॉ. रघुबीर, आगे से आप किसी और जगह रहा करें। जिसकी कोई अपनी भाषा नहीं होती उसे हम, फ्रेंच लोग, बर्बर कहते हैं। ऐसे लोगों से कोई संबंध नहीं रखते।

गृहस्वामिनी ने उन्हें आगे बताया “मेरी माता लोरेन प्रदेश के ड्यूक की कन्या थी। प्रथम विश्व युद्ध के पूर्व वह फ्रेंच भाषी प्रदेश जर्मनी के अधीन था। जर्मन सम्राट ने वहाँ फ्रेंच के माध्यम से शिक्षण बंद करके जर्मन भाषा थोप दी थी।
फलत: प्रदेश का सारा कामकाज एकमात्र जर्मन भाषा में होता था, फ्रेंच के लिए वहाँ कोई स्थान न था। स्वभावत: विद्यालय में भी शिक्षा का माध्यम जर्मन भाषा ही थी। मेरी माँ उस समय ग्यारह वर्ष की थी और सर्वश्रेष्ठ कान्वेंट विद्यालय में पढ़ती थी।

एक बार जर्मन साम्राज्ञी कैथराइन लोरेन का दौरा करती हुई उस विद्यालय का निरीक्षण करने आ पहुँची। मेरी माता अपूर्व सुंदरी होने के साथ साथ अत्यंत कुशाग्र बुद्धि भी थीं। सब ‍बच्चियाँ नए कपड़ों में सजधज कर आई थीं। उन्हें पंक्तिबद्ध खड़ा किया गया था।

बच्चियों के व्यायाम, खेल आदि प्रदर्शन के बाद साम्राज्ञी ने पूछा कि क्या कोई बच्ची जर्मन राष्ट्रगान सुना सकती है?
मेरी माँ को छोड़ वह किसी को याद न था। मेरी माँ ने उसे ऐसे शुद्ध जर्मन उच्चारण के साथ इतने सुंदर ढंग से सुना पाते। साम्राज्ञी ने बच्ची से कुछ इनाम माँगने को कहा। बच्ची चुप रही।

बार बार आग्रह करने पर वह बोली ‘महारानी जी, क्या जो कुछ में माँगू वह आप देंगी?’ साम्राज्ञी ने उत्तेजित होकर कहा ‘बच्ची! मैं साम्राज्ञी हूँ। मेरा वचन कभी झूठा नहीं होता। तुम जो चाहो माँगो।

इस पर मेरी माता ने कहा ‘महारानी जी, यदि आप सचमुच वचन पर दृढ़ हैं तो मेरी केवल एक ही प्रार्थना है कि अब आगे से इस प्रदेश में सारा काम एकमात्र फ्रेंच में हो, जर्मन में नहीं।’

इस सर्वथा अप्रत्याशित माँग को सुनकर साम्राज्ञी पहले तो आश्चर्यकित रह गई, किंतु फिर क्रोध से लाल हो उठीं। वे बोलीं ‘लड़की’ नेपोलियन की सेनाओं ने भी जर्मनी पर कभी ऐसा कठोर प्रहार नहीं किया था, जैसा आज तूने शक्तिशाली जर्मनी साम्राज्य पर किया है।

साम्राज्ञी होने के कारण मेरा वचन झूठा नहीं हो सकता, पर तुम जैसी छोटी सी लड़की ने इतनी बड़ी महारानी को आज पराजय दी है, वह मैं कभी नहीं भूल सकती। जर्मनी ने जो अपने बाहुबल से जीता था, उसे तूने अपनी वाणी मात्र से लौटा लिया। मैं भलीभाँति जानती हूँ कि अब आगे लारेन प्रदेश अधिक दिनों तक जर्मनों के अधीन न रह सकेगा। यह कहकर महारानी अतीव उदास होकर वहाँ से चली गई।

गृहस्वामिनी ने कहा ‘डॉ. रघुबीर, इस घटना से आप समझ सकते हैं कि मैं किस माँ की बेटी हूँ। हम फ्रेंच लोग संसार में सबसे अधिक गौरव अपनी भाषा को देते हैं। क्योंकि हमारे लिए राष्ट्र प्रेम और भाषा प्रेम में कोई अंतर नहीं…।’
हमें अपनी भाषा मिल गई। तो आगे चलकर हमें जर्मनों से स्वतंत्रता भी प्राप्त हो गई। आप समझ रहे हैं ना !

“निज भाषा उन्नति अहै, सब उन्नति को मूल
बिन निज भाषा ज्ञान के,मिटे न हिय की शूल”

ISIS Terrorists or Liberals: Who is Right on Islam’s Meaning?

By: Maria Wirth

(This article is borrowed with thanks from HERE)

Politicians worldwide steadfastly maintain that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and most liberal non-Muslims share this opinion. Several Muslims, too, express the same view. They label the terrorists ‘misguided youths’ but don’t seem to be interested who or what misguides them.

On the other hand, those who joined ISIS are clear: “We follow the true Islam”, they declare with full conviction and ridicule those who think otherwise.

Who is right?

Is it difficult to discover? Killing people who go peacefully about their daily lives clearly goes against human nature. So why do they do it? Apart from some pathological cases, the reason is that they are convinced that they do the right thing. Of course, these youths are misguided, but by whom or what?

To be fair – the Islamists are not the first to be misguided. Communists and Nazis were misguided by divisive ideologies, which made them believe that, if certain people are dead, a glorious future awaits them.

Christians were misguided by their baseless belief that heathen and heretics are an eyesore to their god and are better done away with if they refuse to join the “true faith.” Thanks to the pressure of a more enlightened civil society, they had to give up torturing and killing in the name of god a couple of centuries ago. Yet many Christians still wrongly believe that they have to convert the whole world to Christianity – if not by force, then by allurement and deceit.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently described the ISIS as “one of the biggest threats our world has faced”. So surely it is of utmost importance to understand what drives them. The German ‘SZ- Magazin’ (link below) carried an eye-opening interview with a would-be ISIS-Jihadi that gives insight into their mindset.

It is about Erhan, a handsome, almost shy youth of 22 years, of Turkish origin. Some of his friends are in Syria. He tried to join them but didn’t succeed on his first attempt. A few years ago, he became dissatisfied with the lukewarm “Euro-fake” Islam that his parents practice. His father doesn’t even pray, he rued, and his mother distorts the Quran so that it fits her interpretation. He wanted to follow the ‘real’ Islam and started to read the Quran. He grew a beard, prayed 5 times a day, went to the mosque and even wore a turban to school. His classmates asked him what happened, and he told them about the Quran. They never asked him again. “I had expected more criticism from them,” Erhan said.

He and his friends were banned from the local mosques in their Bavarian town because they kept lecturing the Muslims there that they don’t follow the Quran correctly and need to oppose democracy. However, the ban convinced them that they were on the right path, because “in the Quran is written that there will be opposition”.

Erhan is convinced that Islam is the only true religion, and he wants ISIS to create a state where “the Quran is lived as Allah wants it”. In his view, the present Islamic countries, like Turkey, are not really following what Allah wants. When the interviewer reminded him of ISIS’s brutality, he replied, “If one kills for a good cause, it is legitimate”.

One of Erhan’s friends, David, recently died fighting in Aleppo and another one, Philipp, became a suicide bomber after he was injured. “Were you sad?” he is asked. “At first a little, but I also envied them, because I know where they are”, he replied, but he strongly rebuked the notion that it is because of the virgins. “Honestly, if only women were to be gained, I would not do it. I do it for Allah.”

He comes across as a naïve young man who wanted to make his life meaningful and found guidance in the Quran. He connected with like-minded youngsters. They checked out several groups and became convinced that ISIS is the best to join because its goal is clearly in tune with the Quran: the goal to spread the Islamic State further and further till the whole world is for Allah.

“Oh believers, fight them until there is no more mischief and the Deen of Allah (way of life prescribed by Allah) is established completely” (Quran 8.39)

“Oh believers, fighting has been made obligatory for you much to your dislike. It is quite possible that what you dislike is good for you… Allah knows and you do not.” (Quran 2.216)

“Those believers who stay at home – having no physical disabilities – are not equal to those who make Jihad in the cause of Allah with their wealth and person. Allah has granted a higher rank to those who make Jihad… They have special higher ranks, forgiveness and mercy. Allah is forgiving, merciful” Quran 4.95/6

Could Erhan and his friends have any doubt what these and similar passages mean? Does it need an Islam expert to interpret them? If the experts had come to the conclusion that those passages were meant exclusively for the contemporaries of Mohammed and not for all time thereafter, they should have said this loud and clear long ago – too much blood has been shed over the last 14 centuries, much of it in India. But those experts kept quiet. Does it follow that the Quran exhorts Muslims to fight till the “Deen of Allah is established’?

The command to fight the enemy appeals to young men. Islam is far more successful than Christianity to make men stand by their religion. Christianity is seen as a religion for women and children. At least that was the impression I got in my youth. Men generally went to Sunday mass in small town Bavaria, but they made sure not to look pious. They considered it a social affair to meet friends. Only the clergy can afford to look pious. It is different in Islam.

A German police study which questioned 45,000 students between 14 and 16 years of age about their level of religiosity and their readiness to be violent, confirmed this:

Girls were more religious than boys in all religions except in Islam, where boys were more religious than girls. Further the study found that that those who considered themselves more religious were less inclined to be violent in all religions, except – again – in Islam. There the boys who considered themselves more religious were more inclined to be violent.

Even small boys like toy guns. Bigger boys want a good reason to fight. A divine command to fight those, who are evil, is the perfect reason for many youngsters. Further, there is the ‘divine promise’ that it will be a win-win situation: if one dies, one is guaranteed to enjoy paradise and if one lives, one may benefit from the wealth and the women of those killed.

There are many passages in the Quran where the unbelievers are portrayed as most despicable, for whom perdition and eternal hellfire are certain. Even the torture in hell is described in horrific detail:

“There are the two adversaries (the believers and disbelievers) who dispute with each other about their Rabb: as for the disbelievers, garments of Fire will be cut out for them, boiling water will be poured over their heads, which will not only melt their skins but also the inner parts of their bellies, and there will be maces of iron to lash them. Whenever, in their anguish, they cry to escape therefrom, they will be forced back therein, and will be told: “Taste the punishment of conflagration!” (Quran 22.19-22)

Do such passages explain the savagery of ISIS? Have the vivid images of hell over the centuries instigated the brutalities of the Christian Inquisition and of the Muslim invaders in India and elsewhere? Was there such brutality against civilians before the arrival of religions which claimed ‘eternal hellfire for unbelievers’?

If Erhan succeeds in going to Syria, he is ready to behead unbelievers and also Muslims who are not following what Allah really wants, he said. He does it for Allah, not for the virgins. Secondary incentives may exist. His friends in Syria share photos via Facebook. “They live in luxury, have computers, guns, snacks”, Erhan said.

This may sound attractive not only for young men, bored with the monotonous life in the west. For girls, too, it may be appealing to get ‘brave’ husbands and become part of a community of young people who have a genuine cause that is ordained by God himself as it were. Some German girls from a Christian background are also drawn to those intense, handsome men who are not shy to talk about Allah. “Only yesterday we converted a girl”, Erhan said.

It is difficult to see in him the ruthless terrorist. But he may turn out to become just that – a ruthless killer. He said that he would kill even his parents if they oppose the Islamic State. “In 20, 30 years the Islamic State will be in Germany and gradually will cover the whole planet”, he is sure.

Are we not responsible to stop these youngsters from destroying themselves and others? Yet is it possible as long as those passages are considered the word of Allah? Even if ISIS gets defeated in near future, new terror groups will continue to draw legitimacy from those passages, and powerbrokers can motivate youngsters for their own interests, making them believe that Allah will be pleased. Those passages have tremendous potential to mobilize youngsters for a cause that is worthwhile and just in their eyes. They don’t realize that they are used – like the US used the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Erhan’s parents in Germany, his uncle in Turkey, imams of the local mosques – all tried to prevent him from turning radical. But what can they tell him? That he should not take the Quran seriously? That Allah didn’t mean what he said? Erhan considers those imams who are against ISIS as old, confused men. And logically he has a point, but it could also make him wonder why older Muslims, including imams, do not opt to become suicide bombers even if they have a serious illness. Are they not convinced that paradise is guaranteed by killing others?

“What can stop you”, the journalist asked him.

His answer: “Nobody can stop me.”

He is right. No outsider can stop him. If a Muslim tries to influence him, he will see in him a hypocrite who tests his faith in the ‘true’ Islam. And if an unbeliever tries to influence him, he is sure that he only wants him to leave the right path.

But there is one thing that can stop him: it is doubt. Once doubt springs up on its own, it is not possible to regain the former blind belief. I know this from own experience, as I also once believed in eternal hell and that God wants everyone to be Christian. If Erhan starts wondering whether the compassionate Allah really wants all this killing, he can easily come out of the grip that blind belief has on his mind.

Curiously, this option of doubting the doctrine is not considered even by western ‘unbelievers’ who are portrayed so badly in it. Why? I can only guess that there is too much at stake for the powers that be. If Islam comes under a cloud as not being the only true religion, Christianity will also come under a cloud, because both religions have a lot in common. The Abrahamic God will need to be questioned whether he can possibly be true. This will be a major earthquake.

For centuries both religions have violently enforced their version of “the only truth” and demanded unquestionable respect. How can they allow their dogmas to be questioned? They managed to hold on to them for so long. They managed to get altogether over 3 billion people into their fold. How can they admit that dogmatic religions generally do not make human beings better, but on many occasions worse? They managed to successfully demean those traditions that are closer to the truth, especially India’s tradition. How can they let all this go waste?

So what is their solution? Put the head into the sand and declare: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Terror has no religion” and continue to hit out at those who are in a position to question your truth, so that they become defensive and won’t dare to challenge you for a debate.

The viciousness with which Christianity and Islam attack ‘Hindu fundamentalists’ almost seems to indicate that both consider Hindus a greater enemy than ISIS and other equally violent groups. To some extent they are right. India’s wisdom can expose the weak basis of their belief systems. This seems to be a great fear for them. The religions who claim to be the only true religions fear a genuine debate on what the truth is. They don’t want to hear that truth cannot possibly be linked to only one name and only one concept, and that truth cannot possibly be dependent on some ‘correct’ thoughts in human heads. It is the eternal, indivisible, one consciousness in all.

By Maria Wirth

Link to the interview in the magazine http://sz-magazin.sueddeutsche.de/texte/anzeigen/42259/Ich-glaub-das-steht-irgendwo-im-Koran

भारत मे सती-प्रथा का इतिहास

तेजस अशोक भारती

भारत में सती प्रथा कभी थी ही नहीं। रामायण / महाभारत जैसे ग्रन्थ कौशल्या, कैकेई, सुमित्रा, मंदोदरी, तारा, सत्यवती, अम्बिका, अम्बालिका, कुंती, उत्तरा, दुर्गावती, अहिल्याबाई, लक्ष्मीबाई, आदि जैसी विधवाओं की गाथाओं से भरे हुए हैं लेकिन किसी भी प्राचीन ग्रन्थ में  उनके द्वारा सति हो जाने का कोई उल्लेख नहीं है।

यह प्रथा भारत में इस्लामी आतंकवाद के बाद शुरू हुई थी। ये बात अलग है कि बाद में कुछ लालचियों ने अपने भाइयों की सम्पत्ति को हथियाने के लिए अपनी भाभियों की हत्या इसको प्रथा बनाकर की थी।

इस्लामी अत्याचारियों द्वारा पुरुषों को मारने के बाद उनकी स्त्रियों से दुराचार किया जाता था, इसीलिये स्वाभिमानी हिन्दू स्त्रियों ने अपने पति के हत्यारों के हाथो इज्जत गंवाने के बजाय अपनी जान देना बेहतर समझा था।

भारत में जो लोग इस्लाम का झंडा बुलंद किये घूमते हैं, वो ज्यादातर उन बेबस महिलाओं के ही वंशज हैं जिनके पति की हत्या कर महिला को जबरन हरम में डाल दिया गया था। इनको तो खुद अपने पूर्वजों पर हुए अत्याचार का प्रतिकार करना चाहिए था, लेकिन आज वही वंशज अपने पूर्वजो के हत्यारो की प्रशंसा करने मे लगे हैं। कई तो अपने पूर्वजो को पूर्वज ही नही मानते – चाहे वह माता की ओर से हो या कि पिता की ओर से हो। भारत के हिन्दूऔ पर  मुस्लिमो का आक्रमण और हिन्दूऔ की स्त्रियो को आपस मे बांट कर अपने हरम मे डालना कोई झूठी बात नही, बल्कि इतिहास का एक हिस्सा है। इस बात को झुठलाने से इतिहास बदल नही जाता।

सेकुलर बुद्धिजीवी “सतीप्रथा” को हिन्दू समाज की कुरीति बताते हैं जबकि यह प्राचीन प्रथा थी ही नहीं। रामायण में केवल मेघनाथ की पत्नी सुलोचना का और महाभारत में पांडू की दूसरी पत्नी माद्री के आत्मदाह का प्रसंग है। इन दोनो को भी किसी ने किसी प्रथा के तहत बाध्य नहीं किया था बल्कि पति के वियोंग में उन्होने आत्मदाह किया था। अगर इसे प्रथा भी माना जाए तो यह आर्य संस्कृति का हिस्सा नहीं थी।

चित्तौड़गढ़ के राजा राणा रतन सेन की रानी “महारानी पद्मावती” का जौहर विश्व में भारतीय नारी के स्वाभिमान की सबसे प्रसिद्ध घटना है। ऐय्यास और जालिम राजा अलाउद्दीन खिलजी ने रानी पद्मावती को पाने के लिए चित्तौड़ पर चढ़ाई कर दी थी। राजपूतों ने उसका बहादुरी से सामना किया। हार हो जाने पर रानी पद्मावती एवं सभी स्त्रीयों ने अत्याचारियों के हाथो इज्ज़त गंवाने के बजाय सामूहिक आत्मदाह कर लिया था। जौहर /सती को सर्वाधिक सम्मान इसी घटना के कारण दिया जाता है।

चित्तौड़गढ़ जोकि जौहर (सति) के लिए सर्वाधिक विख्यात है उसकी महारानी कर्णावती ने भी अपने पति राणा सांगा की मृत्यु के समय (1528) में जौहर नहीं किया था, बल्कि राज्य को संभाला था। महारानी कर्णावती ने 7 साल बाद 1535 में बहादुर शाह के हाथो चित्तौड़ की हार होने पर, उससे अपनी इज्ज़त बचाने की खातिर आत्मदाह किया था।

औरंगजेब से जाटों की लड़ाई के समय तो जाट स्त्रियों ने युद्ध में जाने से पहले खुद अपने पति से कहा था कि उनकी गर्दन काटकर जाएँ।

गोंडवाना की रानी दुर्गावती ने भी अपने पति की मृत्यु के बाद 15 बर्षों तक शासन किया था। दुर्गावती को अपने हरम में डालने की खातिर जालिम मुग़ल शासक अकबर ने गोंडवाना पर चढ़ाई कर दी थी। रानी दुर्गावती ने उसका बहादुरी से सामना किया और एक बार मुग़ल सेना को भागने पर मजबूर कर दिया था। दूसरी लड़ाई में जब दुर्गावती की हार हुई तो उसने भी अकबर के हाथ पकडे जाने के बजाय खुद अपने सीने में खंजर मारकर आत्महत्या कर ली थी।

जो स्त्रियाँ अपनी जान देने का साहस नहीं कर सकी उनको मुगलों के हरम में रहना पडा। मुग़ल राजाओं से विधिवत निकाह करने वाली औरतों के बच्चो को शहजादा और हरम की स्त्रियों से पैदा हुए बच्चो को हरामी कहा जाता था और उन सभी को इस्लाम को ही मानना पड़ता था। यह है भारत मे इस्लाम का इतिहास ! जिनके घर की औरते रोज ही इधर-उधर मुंह मारती फिरती हों, उन्हें कभी समझ नहीं आ सकता कि अपने पति के हत्यारों से अपनी इज्ज़त बचाने के लिए कोई स्वाभिमानी महिला आत्मदाह क्यों कर लेती थी।

जिन माता “सती” के नाम पर, पति की खातिर आत्मदाह करने वाली स्त्री को सती कहा जाता है उन माता सती ने भी अपने पति के जीते जी ही आत्मदाह किया था। सती शिव पत्नी “सती” द्वारा अपने पति का अपमान बर्दास्त नहीं करना और इसके लिए अपने पिता के यज्ञ को विध्वंस करने के लिए आत्मदाह करना, पति के प्रति “सती” के समर्पण की पराकाष्ठ माना गया था।

इसीलिये पतिव्रता स्त्री को सती कहा जाता है। जीवित स्त्रियाँ भी सती कहलाई जाती रही है। “सती” का मतलब होता है: अपने पति को पूर्ण समर्पित पतिव्रता स्त्री। सती अनुसूइया, सती सीता, सती सावित्री, इत्यादि दुनिया की सबसे “सुविख्यात सती” हैं और इनमें से किसी ने भी आत्मदाह नही किया था।

हमें गर्व है भारत की उन महान सती स्त्रियों पर जो हर तरह से असहाय हो जाने के बाद, अपने पति के हत्यारों से, अपनी इज्ज़त बचाने की खातिर अपनी जान दे दिया करती थीं।

1947 में भारत विभाजन के समय आज के पाकिस्तान में उस समय बड़े पैमाने पर हिन्दुओं पर भयंकर अत्याचार, हत्याएं, बलात्कार हुए, उस समय भी बहुत से क्षत्रिय परिवारों की महिलाओं और कन्याओं ने मुस्लिम आतंकियों के हाथ में पड़ने के स्थान पर अपने आपको कुओं में कूद कर मरना अधिक श्रेष्ठ माना।

मेरे दादाजी ने दो घटनाओं का वर्णन किया है। इसमें उन्होंने लिखा है कि जब पूरा कुआँ महिलाओं से भर गया तब बाकी बची महिलाएं अपने भाइयों और पति देवर आदि से विनती करती है कि उनकी गर्दन काट कर ही आप जिहादी भीड़ का सामना करें। इन दर्दनाक घटनाऔ का आंखो – देखा वर्णन लाहोर के एक प्रोफेसर ने अपनी 1950 मे छपी इस पुस्तक मे किया है (यह पुस्तक अंग्रेजी मे है):

पुस्तक के लिये यहां क्लिक करें:

Oaths and Promises “Meant” to be Broken: Lessons of History

What is the utility of repeating now the 70 years old accounts – eye witness accounts – that had happened when India was partitioned into Islamic Pakistan and Secular India? What is its use? It is desirable that in India there should be maintained communal harmony among its diverse people. It is better to let the bygone be bygone. It is better to let the old hatch remain buried. It is better that the old painful events are not repeated. It is always better that peace and goodwill among different communities are established, and once established are allowed to continue. It is better this way. There should not be any doubt about it.

But it is still better than the above desirable things that one should not be cheated; that one should know the truth and be watchful; that one should learn from the history and not repeat the mistakes that were once committed in the past; that one should be found well-prepared to meet the bad eventuality and not found off the guard if – and when – that bad eventuality comes once again face to face. It is still better. And, there should not any doubt about it that one should not be found wanting in this respect once again. To commit the mistake for the first time is quite normal – though the wise minimize its occurrence; but to commit mistake again is stupidity; and, to commit mistake again and again is to commit suicide. It applies equally to individuals and nations both.

It is but natural in this world that people and communities may quarrel and fight, and may make compromises and reconciliation to make peace. It is but natural that these warring communities and their leaders to establish peace and understanding among the antagonists may offer proposals, may make promises, may bound themselves under solemn oaths. It is natural and good thing to be sincere and man of conscience.

Oaths and promises are sacred things. But they are sacred things under a commonsense only. What would you do when for some people binding themselves with solemn oaths and promises becomes a well-calculated strategy meant to be broken at the opportune time and to extricate them out of the difficult situation? What would you do to tackle this strategy? What would you do to foil the plan of the antagonist to cheat and lull its rival?

This is where the utility of history lies. This is where it become desirable to narrate old painful events. It is where it is still better to be on the guard and not to be caught off the guard. It is where the mistakes of the past must not be allowed to happen.

recent example of this strategy of cheating by knowingly telling lies practiced by a nation through its leader is found in the case of General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. After the attack on United States’ World Trade Center by terrorists having link to Pakistan, the U. S. President Bush threatened Pakistan: “In our war against terrorism, either you are with us or you are against us!” The choice before Pakistan was very difficult: To be honest they should have been either with the U.S. with their heart in its war against terrorism or, alternatively, they should have openly sided with the terrorism with all the justifications that they might have had. But they chose neither of these honest alternatives. They resorted to the third way, the way of cheating! While addressing the Pakistani public, the classical statement of intentional lies and plain cheating was made by Pervez Musharraf that we should pretend to be with America, because a similar strategy was adopted even in ancient times in the war of Badr in Medina. This behaviour fairly represents the mindset of all those persons – whether they live in Pakistan or in India – who think that their religion is above any law – whether that law be the national law binding all its citizens or that law be the national constitution (of India) superceding their and others religion or that law be an international obligation to observe peaceful, orderly and humane behaviour. Such a mindset should have no place in India, where rule of law prevails over all religions.

The immediate utility of reading the history and learning from it lies in the current issue of Ram Janambhumi dispute pending for a decision in the Supreme Court of India. It is stated on solemn oath by both the rival parties – Hindus and Muslims both – that they will honor the judgment of the apex court of India and abide by it. It is solemn promise.

Will this promise be kept? Will this promise be broken? Will this oath be honored? Let us hope that the promise will be kept and the judgment will be honored.

But history teaches us that the State should be well prepared for an otherwise eventuality also. It is better to learn; it is better to be on the guard; it is better not to be caught off the guard. And, it is better to be overwhelmingly prepared, to be prepared beyond reasonable proportions, to deal with the bad eventuality – if and when it happens. An example should be made by the Indian State of why one should not dare to challenge the state – whosoever he might be.

What is Indian State? It is one institution – not many, as some people living in a faciful world of make-belive rights propagate. Indian State is one – an organic one – institution, and it has to survive as one against challenges posed to it or it has to fail and collapse as one. In reality, the distinction into police, military, judiciary, parliament or any other ones is an artificial one when a challange to its power is thrown against it. All these organs are not distict entities but organs making one cohesive body of the Indian State.

Before a judgment on the sensitive Ram Janambhumi issue is delivered by the apex court, all organs of the Indian State must connect with each other as one body and get prepared to deal with any eventuality as one body to guarantee the rule of law. The rule of law survives only when the survival of the State as an unchallanged sovereign force is guaranteed. In any case of the challange to State, the police – even the army – has to take action, judiciary has to decide cases and all other organs have to work in tendam. The only thing that is required at the moment is to sit together, think together and act together – in whatever way possible in a democracy founded on the principle of ‘checks and balances’. In an emerging grave eventuality like the present one no organ of the State should be caught unaware. This is the minimum requirement of prudence.

What is that element of force in modern times that protects the sovereignty of any State against a unified mob challange thrown against it? It is not the exclusive brute force of its police or army – not at all. It is the power of technology that protects it, that saves it. Never forget it; never disregard technology’s this power. Use the best available technology to identify, monitor and neutralize the criminal before he commits the crime; modernize the antiquated policing. Drastically overhaul the Indian policing – train its personnel not to wait till the crime is committed but to infiltrate the gangs of criminals when they are busy in preparing and strike them when they least expect it. The governing principle of Indian policing should be: Deploy the best available technology to prevent the crime; deploy the best available technology to neutralize the criminal; remain one step ahead of the enemy of the nation. This is the way of modern policing. Modern challenge of terrorism demands modern solutions, which brooks no delay or neglect.

Here is a piece of history. It reveals the working of the mind of criminal – whether that criminal is an individual or a mob of the multitude of those indviduals or a nation constituted of such people. It is taken from a book authored by Sardar Gurbachan Singh Talib titled ,”Muslim League attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947”. He was a professor at Lahore in 1947 and he has chronicled in his book eye witness accounts of how promises were made and broken; how oaths were sworn by putting hands on the sacred book and were pleasurably broken, when human conscience demanded that they be kept and honored against the victims. However, there were a few honorable exceptions also to this general phenomenon. This book was first published in 1950. The links to Appendix 1 to 50 of this book chronicling the eye witness accounts are given below:

  1. Appendix I – X: Licensed guns and rifles, and knives kept for the self-protection were taken away by the escorting (Pak) police and military from Hindus and Sikhs on the solemn promise that they will be protected by the escorting force and their weapons will be returned later on. When the marauding mob of fanatics attacked them, this solemn promise was broken by the escorting party and by cheating those weapon-less people were massacred by the mob and. the escorting party.
  2. Appendix XI – XX:
  3. Appendix XXI – XXX:
  4. Appendix XXXI – XXXX
  5. Appendix XXXXI – XXXXX:
  6. Link to the complete book

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