Indian Scientists Who Were Denied Nobel Prize: A Shame for Nobel Award Committee !

Nobel Prize in Physics are not ordinary achievements; they require extreme exertion of mind for years together. But the Committee of Swadish Academy awarding these prizes to scientists who make path-breaking discoveries in  physics does not require any such exertion; but it requires honesty and nutrality in selecting such scientists for awarding its prizes. If such honesty and nutrality are lacking on the part of this committee, it lowers the prestige and value of this award itself. Has there been this lack of honesty and nutrality on the part of the Nobel Award Committe in some cases? Facts tell, yes, it has been so in the cases of not one – but many – Indian scientists in the category of Physics.

Why this has happened in the case of India? Perhaps, because India was an enslaved country – enslaved by the White people, the British. Asia – and particularly India, a slave nation – does not deserve the bestowing of such an achievement, which might need a supposedly superior brain!

What else could be the reason for the denial of their dues to the Indian scientists, whose discoveries are some of the foundation stones of modern science? See this video and find the truth yourself!

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