Corona Virus Pandemic

By: Dr Kishore Dere

The widespread confusion and mayhem caused by the outbreak of  COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes of the massive unpreparedness of the so-called modern human civilization in 21st century. Human beings often claim and proclaim to be superior to all other species and therefore privilege themselves over others.

This tiny virus, however, has thoroughly exposed hollowness of all such bombastic claims of homo sapiens. There are so many conspiracy theories in circulation in the global news market. Social media users have their own way of looking at everything. Are they really free from subjectivity? Or is it only an illusion or mirage they nurture? Mutual mistrust and distrust abounds everywhere.

International conferences are being cancelled, air travel has become uncertain and everybody is suspected to be an agent of Corona virus. This minuscule virus has made giant nations of the world run helter-skelter. People are running from pillar to post in search of safety and shelter. It shows how deeply human race is divided although it claims to be united. It is at a time sophisticated and primitive, prepared and unprepared, trustworthy and untrustworthy, cunning and honest, happy and unhappy.

News media as usual is hyper-active. Although mask-sellers, doctors and pharmacists seem to be making fortune, others like airlines and hotels do not seem to be so lucky at this point of time. Their turn, however, may also come soon and they could celebrate some other event. All sorts of paradoxes, contradictions, fear psychosis and hysteria have been revived and resurrected by COVID-19.

Although an overwhelming majority of humanity does not know what exactly is COVID-19,  almost everybody, however, is keen to offer solution to the problem, even an unsolicited one.

Long live such duplicity and hypocrisy of human beings.

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