Asia is Dead. West is Kicking. And, Corona too.

Shreepal Singh

West discovered and invented electricity, electric motors, cars, aeroplanes, antibiotics, atoms, atom bombs, x-rays, telescopes, microscopes, zooming rockets and the things like that. And, they gave these things to the rest of the world, on which our civilization is founded today. It is the second-hand thing for this rest of the world. The real power of West lies in science. They are busy in original thinking and discovering. They do not glamorize this business of original thinking and discovering – they work on it in the background. They do not glamorize this business because it is their real power. Instead of glamorize this business of thinking and discovering, they collect to their side from around the world all those who have grey matter – mind and reason, that is, who can think and make discoveries. It is their serious business. It is their real power; they don’t want this power to let slip from their hands. It is natural tendency of human beings.

Asia is dead. The power of Asia lies in mastering the super-natural worlds and their secrets. Those secrets are more powerful than zooming rockets and their ilk. But Asia has lost that mastery and that power. This science of super-natural is more powerful than the science of the West. But Asia is dead today. There are no Buddhas, Mahaviras, Christs, Meera Bais, Kabeers, Sankaracharyas, Baba Fareeds, Guru Nanaks, Nizamuddins, Chaitany Mahaprabhus, Ramakrishnas, Shirdi Babas and host of others like them today.  The day Asia is able to produce these great super human beings it will snatch away the initiative from the hands of West and lead humanity as an integral global community. But that day is far off today. Asia is busy in fighting for the mental image of  those great super human beings and determined to fighting till this world is destroyed by the weapons invented by the West.

Super-natural wisdom tells us that Divine is not in a hurry to execute His intentions. He waits for His steps to move because an eternity is available at His disposal. He makes His pots and breaks them to reshape again, and again and again till the perfection is according to His intention.

Today the ignorant world is oppressed of the Corona virus – without knowing that like all viruses Corona too is a living being and that all life is drawn from its central source, which drawing never takes place without a purpose and His design. If this earthly world is to die of Corona or of the hit on April 29, 2020 of an interstellar mountain rushing at the speed of 20,000 miles per hour towards Earth (and passing 4 million miles away from Earth!), let it die. These are not great events in the universe and its history. Till this ignorant world is able to know the secrets of the purpose and design of such things, let it seek the help of and remain at the mercy of the Western science.

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