Let 130 Crores Indians Resolve to Fight & Defeat Corona – Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls upon 130 Crores Indians to Resolve to fight and defeat Corona disease and exercise Restraint on ourselves. Summary of his address at 8 PM on 19 March 2020:

  1. Do not be complacent about Covid-19. Do not get swayed by numbers. Unless we are really careful it will go up.
  2. I need the next few weeks of your time, cooperation, and discipline.

  3. Do not treat social distancing lightly. Please do not step out. Stepping out not only risks you, you are also putting pressure on the system. There are people who need to be out, so don’t make it worse for them also.

  4. People over 65 at no cost to step out.

  5. On March 22, Sunday, please follow a self imposed “Janta curfew”. Please do not step out of your house (even to the common area of your society) from 7am to 9 pm.

  6. At 5 pm on that day please clap from your door/window/balcony and thank, appreciate and express your gratitude to the people who have been working relentlessly during tough times (like medical care professionals, services, delivery etc).

  7. Do not hoard, we will ensure necessities are in place.

  8. Do not cut salaries of people missing work, especially those belonging to middle / low-income groups.

  9. Covid eco (economic) response task force has been set up under the Finance Minister.

  10. Don’t stress the medical service system, avoid non essential visits to the hospital. Postpone avoidable visits to hospitals and doctors. Get postponed surgeries to one month later.

  11. Priority is now to fight Corona. We have to win. Humanity has to win. Nothing else.

  12. Share this message widely.

What a beautiful appeal!

Let us act on this appeal and make a “sankalp” (resolve) to fight and defeat this Corona.

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