Coronavirus, Humans and Sri Aurobindo

Nothing happens without a “cause” in this universe – and that includeas our Earth also. Science studies “cause and effect”; all science is based on this technique only. But the universe is so complex that we humans do not know its complete working. To make the matter still more difficult for us, some part of this universe is visible to us and some part is not even visible. Many things and processes work from behind – toatally unknown to us.

Sri Aurobindo was a great Yogi and he has taught us many things, which work from behind and remain invisible to us. He taught the working of life, which has something to do with the current Corona pandemic.

All life – of humans and animals of all varities but excluding the life of all plants and trees – is built on three mainframes – the constituents, the principles: 1. Physical body; 2. Vital body (प्राणिक सत्ता); and 3. Developing (in animals) or developed (in humans) mind element. (Plants and trees have physical and vital elements of life – minus mental element – in them). One can sense and see all these elements working in their life: they all have an anatomical physical body; they all wish to live and make efforts with this physical body to protect their life against present dangers and guard against an unforeseen future; and, they all use some – rudimentary or developed – kind of intelligent strategem to accomplish that wish and go about their life. This is all visible to us; one can sense it.

But something more is there, which is invisible to us: there is “subtle” frame, power or force supporting from behind these visible elements of their life. On death of all animals, including humans, these “subtle” bodies or frames are released – to be recycled, re-absorbed or re-born again in new forms by Nature. We have no means  to know about it but Yogis can see these “pores” of vital bodies present in the “vital world” – the world of the “Dead” – and also can interact with them. These “subtle” bodies when released for re-cycling may become “more or less intense or wishful”, depending on the circumstances how their death came about. Violent or untimely death makes them more intense, wishful or revengeful. It is a simplified version of an extremely complex process, which has been kept secret by Divine from human mind.

All life of animals, including humans but excluding plants and trees, on their coming into being (at the time of taking their birth) absorbs parts and splinters of these released subtle bodies. Viruses are no exception to this process. One need not elaborate further.

Lessons of Sri Aurobindo:
1. Be kind and loving to all life. Do not harm them – unless it is necessary to defend and protect yourself.
2. If possible, be vegetarian.
3. If need to kill to eat, be humane to the victim and least in pain.
4. Obey science and take precaution – like social distancing etc.
5. Take refuge at the feet of Divine, who had the power to create all life – and you the audecity to take away that life from them.
6. Pray and call Divine to help you in your hour of disress.
7. There is ONE DIVINE. Have firm faith in your OWN DIVINE and call Him to help.
8. With the faith in Divine and relying on his compassionate help to all beings, including humans, reject the entry of Corona into humans and refuse the entry in your mind of its fear.

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