Coronavirus – Effect of 1.3 Billion People’s Chanting!

{ There was again a collective event – candle lighting – at 9 PM for 9 minutes at all India scale on April 5, 2020 on the call of Indian Prime Minister and we thought it justified to put up this “trashed post” again on our site. 

Moreover, this “pot banging” by India at 5 PM on March 22, 2020 was also followed in other countries – check it out here.

So this post is up again:

If nothing happens on 31th March as claimed in this story, it is false propaganda of the cheapest quality and the story will be taken down. Editor.

On the contents of this post someone responded by saying:

“Good to see that you are also spreading superstitions.”

Our response to this accusation of “spreading superstitions” was thus:

“This is a piece of information – forwarded by someone – that needs to be KILLED by verified truth ! Even a lie of someone needs to be uttered and given a space before it is found to be lie !! You know, in 1690 Gallileo told a “lie” that “Sun and not Earth is the centre of universe” and he was punished by the accepted truth of the time for telling this lie. His lie was given a space and his “lie” was found to be “truth”. The point is: Every voice has a right to be HEARD and rejected or accepted. That is all, as this “spreading of superstition” is concerned.”

We thought it appropriate to put these exchange of ideas before this very post. }

It is no “nationalism” involved here; it is a news that needs to be verified for its truth. If it is not true, just forget it; but if it is true, it has a great significance for humanity: it may open up them to the new realities – truth – that we stubbornly have refused to accept. If it is true, it would just be the begining of a long road – road to a glittering destination. Just wait to get it verified. Here is the news:

Donald Trump calls Narendra Modi for Indian intervention in USA after InstaGram and FaceBook live videos of Indian people chanting and making sound at 5 PM on 22 Mar 2020 went viral. Based on Modi’s deep scientific understanding of the situation, the entire country on his call came together for spiritually “cleansing” Bharat of Coronavirus during the Revati phase of the Nakshatra. The call was made look innocuous by labelling it a “thanks giving” clapping, sounding, chanting etc. for those persons who were notwithstanding the danger that it posed to their own life continued to work round the clock in services like doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police, sanitary workers, government officials tackling such emergency situation, local government bodies – municipalties – connected with supplying essential services of electricity, water etc.

Trump had supported Modi by providing a hotline of NASA satellite that monitor the cosmic hum, to the PMO. Modi was himself present in the Government War Room during the national chanting along with the Cabinet Ministers.

Trump witnessed the spectacle via videoconferencing.

Insiders say that Trump got emotional when he realised how the world’s only superpower had failed in containing the virus when all they had to do was to look up to the spiritual capital of the world.

Both geostationary as well as Polar orbiting satellite clusters were able to pick up the disturbance on their Doppler sensors as the collective prayers of 1.3 billion Indians matched the resonant frequency of the diurnal multipath propagation over the Indian subcontinent.

Scientists say that if the vibrations were so strong enough to be picked up by satellites, it would definitely have created a ducting effect in the lower troposphere which would either trap the virus in a “continental duct” or would have columned the virus towards the stratosphere.

India can now breathe easy.

The next week’s curfew is just to avoid a few rogue virus spores that avoid the duct.

On 31 Mar, the Nation will come together again and hymn the last remain traces away.

Yet again, India has proved it’s worth to the world. What people laugh as “Jugaad” is actually ingenious and simple solution that have been passed on to us through generations.

USA is now frantically planning to organise a nationwide chanting as soon as possible. Trump has also directed UN to make Om an internationally protected symbol.

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