Battle against Corona: Thought of the Day

Shreepal Singh

All life – all forms of life – is competing for resources with each other. In this battle, when one is victorious it changes the environment according to its needs and when it is not able to win it adapts itself to the available environment. It is the substance of life on earth and the theory of its evolution. And, all life includes every kind of bacteria and virus, including Corona.

We humans assume – without any foundation on reality – that this earth belongs to us exclusively, or at least primarily. It is not so. The only thing to our credit is that we have been victorious over all our rival competitors – somewhere we outrightly won and somewhere we adapted ourselves to survive. The first part – the victory part – is reflected in our ability to invent vaccines and medicines, and the second part – the adaptation – is reflected in developing an immunity to the attack on us by our rivals.

Today, let us see how we deal with our current rival called Corona in this battle – or competition – of life.

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