Social Distancing and Sophistry of Arguments

Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Sophistry, i.e. fallacious argument, has been prevalent from time immemorial. In our ‘Nyaya Shastra’ it has been discussed in great details as ‘Hetwabhas’, which can be roughly translated as an inference based on a fallacy. These days we find that some educated Muslims and their secular supporters instead of condemning the behaviour of jahils of Tablighi Jamat try to put blame on the police as to why it failed to prevent their congregation. This is the same class, which would have fallen with hammer and tong if police had taken strong action against them. These were the same dudes who were shamelessly supporting Shaheen Bagh tamasha and asking those illiterate women to sit on dharna till their silly demands were not met.

There are some who ask as to why Yogi Adityanath went to Ayodhya with some people to perform Ram Navami Pooja during a lockdown? They fail to understand that the place was fully sanitized in view of the visit of the Chief Minister and he was there only for a few minutes for symbolic pooja. Moreover, as a Chief Minister, he has been emphasizing for the social distancing, again unlike those Tablighis who were exhorting the insane Jamatees to defy the lockdown.

These people also make specious comparison with some pilgrims, who got stuck up in some temples or Gurudwaras when the lockdown was declared. This is a very rogue and despicable parallel because their intention has never been to defy the lockdown. They always volunteered to cooperate with authorities unlike these Jamatees, who openly refused to listen to the administration until they were forcibly removed. Even today their leader is hiding somewhere in the burrow and refusing to come to the surface.

It is indeed very sad to see that the so-called educated Muslims and other dishonest intellectuals are devoting more of their time in inventing the points for sophistry rather than asking the gullible to see the reason.

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