India is a land where bullock-carts crawl and space-ships zoom side by side. It is a land where Sanskrit – an ancient language suitable for Artificial Intelligence – and English – a modern world language – both are spoken with equal fervor by ordinary folks.

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It is a land where an ancient science of discovering one’s own Psychic Being* (which science is known as Yoga, Dhyan or Meditation) and the knowledge of the pinnacles of modern science both are routine parts of life of its people.

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In this land ordinary people, being spiritually aware, live a life even in this 21st century as high in their wakefulness and simple in their food and habits as they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land.

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It is a land of the discovery of harmony and unity even in an apparent stark diversity.

It is the land of Indian civilization.

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Indian civilization is not a religion, though it has given birth to world’s many great religions like Hinduism (also called Santan Dharma), Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism. Even Jesus Christ is claimed by some to have lived in India for about 20 years and got trained by Buddhist teachers in the spiritual discipline, which he later taught to his disciples.

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Indian civilization is an unbroken continuity of its past. It has amazingly preserved its wisdom over the ages to face challenges of the future.

It is an incredible civilization!


In pursuit of an unquenchable quest, mankind longs to explore and know this complex world of dead-matter near and far in the universe.

But it is not this vast expanse of material universe alone that mankind longs to explore and know. She is also curious to explore and know the equally complex – if not more complex – vast expanse of varied planes of consciousness that exists within humans and beyond humans in the universe.

Mankind has been groping for ages to know the truth – the truth of everything. Truth is the most cherished ideal of humanity. It is because of this ideal that the truth alone shall prevail and the voice of this incredible India will be heard by a thankful humanity in this age of science once again.

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Welcome again!

A Mantra in Upnishad# invokes God thus: “O Divine Supreme Being! I desire that all living beings may be happy; that all may be without any disease. I desire that I see all around me noble things; I desire that I may not be made to witness any kind of sorrow-causing calamity. O Divine! I beseech thee, please ensure there may be peace, peace, peace!” (Original in Sanskrit: “ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।  शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥” उपनिशद)

#Upnishad(s) are ancient Sanskrit books of spiritual knowledge.

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We are rational beings. Let us apply our mind to know more and more about everything. Let us know what this world is all about where we find ourselves per force present in the current of cosmic evolution and where we stand in this whole jumble. Read this paragraph & click  the embedded links!

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We humans live on earth but our earth is insignificant in universe. This universe is too big and also too small for us to properly comprehend. We live in time but how did this ‘our time’ start? And how many times did the ‘original time’ itself start? It is bewildering, to say the least. Even dimensions we live in are not limited to space and time. We live and think because we are life but this life itself may have multiple varieties. It is good that we are curious to know the reality of this universe but surprisingly we have come to realize that our judgments about the reality of this universe, which we proudly label as truths, are not absolute but only  relative in nature and that this universe in its essence is nothing but only pure energy. In making our search for this reality of universe, we depend on science in coming to our conclusions but science has limitations and there still remain many unexplained para-normal events which are not amenable to science for their explanation and verification. As prudent persons we should be cognizant of these inherent limitations of science and open ourselves to startling para-normal realities, which exist in Nature despite not being explained and verified by science. Many spiritually evolved persons have been since ages attaining such para-normal or occult capabilities but still such capabilities have been beyond the reach of ordinary humans. However, as a result of the universal unfoldimg process, akin to biological evolutionary process, these para-normal or occult capabilities sooner or later, are going to become part of the daily lives of ordinary humans also, provided we humans are not fools to destroy ourselves before that happens. As rational persons we must realize that Nature itself is nothing but an evolving divinity. Let us realize that life and humans are immortal. Let us realize that life in all its forms is undergoing a cyclic evolution. and that life has a great secret of its immortality. Let us realize that today we are living in critical times. The source of all kinds of our individual and social problems, when seen from the perspective of the occult realities, is found deep-rooted in our internal or psychological make-up. When seen from such perspective, all these problems assume an altogether a different color for finding their solution. We since our debut as humans out of a roaming animal herd have devised and tried many social ideas to solve our serious social problems but have always failed without any semblances of perfection. Such social ideas have been like role of machines, economic exploitation, technology and employment, ecological imbalance, capitalism, communism, democracy etc. However, when we put ourselves on the path of knowing what we really are all our problems – whether confronting us at the individual or societal level – are shifted to a different environment and open new possibilities for us for their solution.


*What is Psychic Being? Click HERE.

       An appeal:

To spread new ideas, one needs money. Propaganda, advertisements, campaigns etc. all cost money. Money is a power, which if improperly used, brings an avalanche of immorality. To defeat this power of money, we exclusively rely on the power of technology (here, information technology). It is an experiment to bring a change in global society without the power of money. To help us, we appeal that you share a word about this website with your near and dear ones.

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    Of course, POLITICS is the most important tool (for change) in the society but no political party, either in India or abroad, has gravity similar to IPC. However, I am interested to learn at first about IPC. [13-02-2014,Thursday/at 16.21 hours] Swapankumar Mazumder

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