In this vast universe, Earth is our only home – at least till now. Our Earth’s tiny existence in this unfathomed vastness – like a dot on an infinite canvass – instills in us an awe: an awe of our fragility. This feeling of our fragility must be enough to evoke in us a sense of unity: the unity for a common cause of safeguarding our survival against any possible and unknown cataclysmic events of this universe; and a sense of urgency: the urgency to put an end to our own fatal discordant moves against each other, which add an extra dimension to our already vulnerable position.

We have come to know today that such unknown catacysmic events are not limited to our Earth receiving a hit by an astroid only but may also include confrontation with some possible and unknown form of alien life, which may be thriving around us; and, our discordant moves are not limited to an atomic war but may also include uncalculated risks of harnessing the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering and newly emerging technologies of unparalleled possibilities.

We all are humans – anatomically similar. We all cherish a common ideal: Truth, truth of everything. We know we are humans; we have life; we have the faculty to think and use reason; and, we have the capacity to put questions to ourselves, apply our reason and find answers to those questions. Thanks to this faculty of reasoning, we have walked a long way on the path of civilization and come to know many secrets of Nature.

In the backdrop of all that we know, we put a generic question to ourselves: Do we have some purpose to be here – any reason to exist at all? Are we – and this creation – an accident wherein we find ourselves posited in this riddle of an unresolved complexity? We want to know the truth, the truth of everything.

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(Our Earth – Our Home)

In addition to our common fate, we share a common goal: Well-being of all. Still, we feel almost inimical to one another impelled by the sentiments of our individual nations, religions, languages, ethnicity, ideologies and economic interests. Oblivious to the commonality of our interests, we – most of humanity – doggedly pursue our mutually inimical trajectories and wage wars among ourselves as enemies.

So far this has been our general history. But now the time has changed. We are living in the critical times.

How can we avert the possibility of our annihilation at our own hands in an atomic war? How can we save life from terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats? How can we save humans from the risks of over-population, over-demands, over-industrialization and ecological imbalance on Earth? How can we live in peace as a family, make progress and realize our dreams? Let us hear a voice of wisdom in this Atomic Age from the people of an ancient land called India.

India is an ancient but modern nation.

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(Indians – Ancient; Contemplating; Simple; Loving; Well-wishers of All)

India is a land where bullock-carts crawl and space-ships zoom side by side. It is a land where Sanskrit (an ancient language with a computer’s precision) and English (a modern global language) both are spoken with equal fervor by ordinary folks.

We are aware that humanity, in pursuit of its unquenchable quest, has ever since its emergence out of caves is longing to explore and know this complex world – near and far in the universe. Apparently, this complex world is made-up of dead matter.

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(Mangalyan – Blasting off to Mars – What is there in the outer Universe?)

But this world is not made-up of dead-matter alone; there is life too, at least on Earth. And, life is not dead-matter, though this life may be – or may not be – dependent on dead matter. The quest of humanity is not limited to knowing this vast expanse of material universe alone.

Humanity has a gut-feeling that it is good to know this material world – material world far and near to us; that it is advantageous to know the material world, acquire the knowledge of its operating secret principles and thereby win over the material comforts around us that are most enjoying to us.

But the humanity is not satisfied with this enjoyment alone. This underlying dissatisfaction, curiosity to know more and a deeper urge within, all make humanity to go further in its quest and know the reality of everything. This sense of dissatisfaction and the curiosity to know more is further accentuated by our realization of the impermanence of our life, in an otherwise eternal this universal existence.

Humanity longs to know equally – if not more – complex phenomenon of this life, life which is endowed with consciousness. What is consciousness?

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(What is there on Mars? Images of Mars sent by Mangalyan)

Many enlightened individuals have realized and verified (the veracity of such realization by way of ‘producing material results in a predictable manner’) that just like ‘Time’ and ‘Space’, ‘Consciousness’ too is a dimension of the reality of Nature, whatever this reality may be.

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(Many More Planes of Consciousness, of which We Can Become Aware)

Such enlightened individuals have realized and verified that this ‘Consciousness’ is not only a dimension but also this dimension has many ‘Planes’ (of Consciousness); that there are many more ‘Planes of the Consciousness’ than we know as humans; that many of such planes are alien to us, beyond us and mystery for us; and, that while living in those plane(s) of consciousness, we find the ultimate essence of this universe is not the same as we perceive it (in our human consciousness).

Such enlightened individuals further realized and verified – and India has been the pioneer in this field by producing a succession of such individuals – that one can make those dimensions an integral part of one’s own personality by involving his / her whole being – the physical body and the psychological self, mind and emotions –  in the process of self transformation. The accomplishment of this transformation of the ‘human self’ is a science, no less a science in its intricate contents than the most modern physical science.

In India this science is called Yoga.

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(Sri Aurobindo – Who spoke of the science of Yoga in this materialist age with reason)

Humanity’s curiosity and persistent efforts to explore and know this life – endowed with consciousness – have knocked at the gate guarding a great secret: to wit, that a human’s self is not one homogeneous entity but composed of many qualitatively different layers of his/her conscious self.

India has been in the forefront since the dawn of civilization in knocking at this ‘Gate of Mysteries’ and had found long ago that there are multiple and complex planes of consciousness, of which humans are composed of in their life but of which they are generally not aware.

In comparison to the Yoga’s understanding of these planes, the later day discovery of the ‘unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious mind’ by Sigmund Freud is nothing but scratching the surface of the deep mystery within.

India is the land where this ancient science of Yoga and the modern science both are routine parts of its people. While modern science is concerned with exploring Nature and its working principles, the science of Yoga opens the gate of the secret of all secrets: to wit, how one can defeat the death in this timeless and infinite Nature by becoming aware of one’s own eternal existence (by discovering one’s own Psychic Being*).

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(Discover your immortal self – Deep within enveloped by many layers of consciousness)

Yoga’s objective is of the supreme importance to a human being in its significance, in so far as we humans can think of our own interest in this life.

Incidentally, enhancing the life’s span with the aid of modern science’s genetic engineering is nothing in its significance compared to the Yoga’s objective of making one eternally aware of oneself, in an otherwise timeless universe.

In this land of India ordinary people, being aware of the supreme value of discovering one’s own immortal self, live a simple and spiritually wakeful life even in this 21st century in the way they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land.

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(O Divine, I see Only You in Everything! Everywhere! I Sing Thy Name!)

Humanity’s dearest ideal is truth. We want to know the truth – the Truth of everything. India is the only country that has consistently devoted its major energy since ages to uncover this truth of everything. (Refer to prehistoric Rig-Veda’s mysterious Sutras of Hiranygarbha). 

India is the land of the discovery of the presence of such a universal eternal element in everything, which is the fundamental principle of harmony and unity in humans and all living beings, and everything else in this universe, in an otherwise world of stark diversity. This element is the fountainhead of a sense of fulfillment in one’s life, love in society and compassion to all living beings.

It is the land of Indian civilization.

Indian civilization is not a religion, though it has given birth to world’s many great religions like Hinduism (also called Santan Dharma), Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism. (Even spiritually awakened Jesus Christ is claimed by some to have lived in India for about 20 years and got trained by Buddhist masters in the spiritual discipline, which he later taught to his disciples in Jerusalem).

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(Buddha: What is the cause of Birth, Death, Universe, … ? – Exploring the inner Universe)

On becoming stagnant with the passage of time, the mighty current of Sanatan Dharma outflowing from this source (Indian Civilization) was purified from time to time by the founders of Jain, Buddhist, Sikh and many more sects and sub-sects of Indic faiths, who all were born Hindus or Sanatan Dharmi. All the Indic faiths are essentially one in their approach and solution to the problem of uncovering the secret of life and death.

It is an ancient and an incredible civilization!

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(Harrapa, Mohenjo Daro, Dholavira, Rakhigarhi – Indians living 5000 to 9000 years ago)

Indian civilization is an unbroken continuity of its past. It has amazingly preserved its wisdom over the ages to face challenges of the future.

Indian civilization is incredible because its foundation is laid on inquiry. Can we define the Indian civilization? Yes. It is an outlook from humans’ viewpoint, which regards everything in this world to be nothing but a cosmic evolution in eternal cycles of the supreme reality from its singular form to its infinite discrete forms, and back again to that singularity, which (outlook) puts the greatest value on human inquisitiveness, search, knowledge and innovation.

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(The first step of scientific inquiry is: Pose Questions )

It is because of this civilization’s foundation laid on inquiry that almost all ‘Non-Indic’ faiths or religions, which have come to this land from outside, have transformed themselves beyond recognition, occupied their respectful places and formed part of the unity in diversity of Indian civilization.

Also it is because of the humanity’s infatuation to know the truth by inquiry – and not by belief in dogmas – that such inquiry into the ultimate reality of things carried out whether in the form of scientific experiments in laboratories or in the form of spiritual exercises in one’s life is elevated by us to the prestigious status of science and the beliefs in religion(s) having dogmatic immutable prescriptions and occupied with converting non-believers to their fold are relegated to the status of an ignominious fanaticism.

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(If you are not allowed to question but commanded to believe – it is fanaticism)

The history of our race – homo sapiens – testifies to the fact that it is the reason working through inquiry that has given a tiny number of wise people victory, through science and technology, over the large number of ignorant mass and made the ignorant mass respect and follow the wise few. It is the reason working through inquiry that has given these wise few a victory, through their ever better weapons, over the savage force of this ignorant lot.

It is the reason working through inquiry that will deliver the ignorant but innocent mass of humanity from the tyranny of coercion, enticement, deceit and immorality of the organized dogmatic religions or faiths, and usher the humanity, by and large, into an age of universal inquiring spiritualism, sans fanatic religious dogmas and commands.

It is the reason working through inquiry that will reveal the truth and make it prevail over the ignorance. And, it is the reason working through inquiry that the voice of this incredible India will be heard by humanity in this Atomic Age – and heard with thanks!

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(India is spiritual guide of humanity)


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Footnote: *What is Psychic Being? Click HERE.


A Mantra in Upnishad# invokes Divine thus: “O Divine Supreme Being! I desire that all living beings may be happy; that all may be without any disease. I desire that I see all around me noble things; I desire that I may not be made to witness any kind of sorrow-causing calamity. O Divine! I beseech thee to ensure there is peace, peace, peace!” (Original in Sanskrit: “ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।  शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥” उपनिशद)

#Upnishad(s) are ancient Sanskrit books of spiritual knowledge.


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