All Humans are Equal. But They are Different

By: Shreepal Singh

All humans are same but their thoughts make them different. Thoughts do not remain thoughts, they translate into actions. The leading thinkers of the western world, since the Classical Times (days of Plato, Arestotal etc.) to Renaissance and even now in 21st century, have been fascinated with the idea of equality of all humans. The institution of democracy invented by the west is founded on the corner stone of this idea.

In the physical anatomy all humans are similar but it is not this anatomy that they are made-up of. The life goes below and above this anatomy, of which now our scienrce is well aware. The domain of physical anatomy of life goes to its very bottom, that is, the life of animals having only one cell, and founded on its DNA..

All life in its biological foundation shares some basic and similar working principles but still this life interacts with the outside world of its environment in different ways. In its action in the outside world, life is not similar. It is not equal, it is different.

Life rising above its anatomy too is not similar. In humans, there are thoughts, which are an extention of life. This extention of life above anatomy does not end at thoughts; there are dimensions of life which are much beyond thoughts and our science – psychology and para-psychology – is making stride into this new branch of knowledge.

Humans have thoughts and that makes them different from one another. It is not necessary that a thought would find a place in the head of one person only. A thought – an idea – may grip the minds of a large group of people.

Thoughts or ideas may be dangerous – sometimes most dangerous. If they are translated into action, they may destroy a large number of human beings; in this atomic age they may destroy even the entire humanity – and along with humanity all life on earth. Such is the power of thoughts.

The most disquietening thing today in this advanced scientific age is the fact that our world is mostly dominated – and is run – by thoughts and ideas. There are innocent ideas; there are dangerous ideas; there are complex ideas – and simple ideas, the ideas that are political, economic, religious, emotional in nàture. There are all sorts of ideas and they compete with each other to dominate and subdue the rival ones. It is voletile situation.

Suppose, a dangerous religious idea gripping a large number of people gets dominance – say, Islamic idea of killing all those who refuse to convert to its fold! And, suppose they come to hold atomic weapons to fulfil their – this – idea into action! It is not far fatched supposition; it is a reality already existing. Anyone with sane mind can visualize the catastrophe that it would bring to entire humanity.

How to get out of the realm of ideas – all ideas? How to become sane in our actions? Is there any way?

Yes, an ancient knowledge that India has preserved since ages has a solution.

There is a science of “controlling – and even stopping” thoughts, thoughts of all kinds. Wow!

It is known as “Yoga” and the very opening sentence of “Yoga Sutra” (of ancient sage Patanjli) describes this science dealing with “Chitta Vritti Nirodh” – that is, controlling or taming the propensity – habit – of our mind.

One cannot – and should not try to – control one’s thoughts, which look to us as our own thoughts but are not so in their origin. It is an intricate science, which has its own safety rules. The first thing in this science is to prepare yourself – physically and mentally – ready, willing and capable to control your thoughts. It is the most appropriate point at this stage to inform the reader that the purpose of “controlling thoughts” etc. is not to control them for the sake of control. The purpose is something else, and very sublime in nature, and it is out of context to dwel on the same here.

To prepare oneself, one has to commence with the change in one’s way of life and thinking. How? The first thing is to practice “Yam”. What is Yam? 1. Ahimsa – that is, commiting no violence against any life. 2. Satya – that is, always speaking truth. 3. Asteya, that is, not to covet, not to steal, not to take what does not belong to you. 4. Brahmcharya, that is, abstaining from sex. 5. Aparigrah, that is, not to hoard or keep with you more than what is ethically required. These are the rules of Yam. Then, there are next steps with their associated rules: Niyam; Aasan; Pranayam; Dharna; Dhyan; Samadhi. All these have elaborate rules, which need to be observed for your own safety. It is obvious that all these rules are not the matter of mental thinking but a matter of practicing them in life. They are the rules of conduct. If practiced in conduct, they bring a radical change in one’s thoughts. Still, observing these rules of conduct is just the first step towards “controlling” one’s thoughts (Chitta Vritti Nirodh) – there are yet many more and subtle measures, like Niyam, Aasan, Prztyahar, Dharna, Dhyan, Samadhi etc. All these measures when mastered by one, make him / her the master of one’s complete self, including quieting one’s all thoughts. In Samadhi you have no thoughts whatsoever but a peaceful consciousness of your existance. Humanity needs to know this science in this age of atomic bombs.

Let the humanity learn this science – for the sake of its own good and welfare in the face of dangerous ideas equipped with atomic weapons.

ब्रह्मोस मिसाइल, भारत की गद्दार ताकतें और चीन

वाजपेयी जी की सरकार के विशेष अनुरोध पर भारतीय वैज्ञानिकों ने ब्रम्होस मिसाइल तैयार की थी। ब्रम्होस की काट आज तक दुनियां का कोई भी देश तैयार नहीं कर पाया है। विश्व के किसीं भी देश के पास अब तक ऐसी कोई टेक्नोलॉजी विकसित नही हुई है जो ब्रम्होस को अपने निशाने पर पहुंचने से पहले रडार पर ले सके।

अपने आप मे अद्भुत क्षमताओं को लिये ब्रम्होस ऐसी परमाणु मिसाइल हैं जो ८,००० किलोमीटर के लक्ष्य को मात्र १४० सेकेंड में भेद सकती है। और चीन के लिये ब्रम्होस की यह लक्ष्य भेदन क्षमता ही सिरदर्द बनी हुई है। न चीन आज तक ब्रम्होस की काट बना सका है, न ऐसा रडार सिस्टम ही जो ब्रम्होस को पकड़ सके।

अटलजी की सरकार गिरने के बाद, सोनियां के कहने पर, कांग्रेस सरकार ने ब्रम्होस को तहखाने में रखवाकर आगे का प्रोजेक्ट बन्द करवा दिया। जिसमें ब्रम्होस को लेकर उड़ने वाले फाइटर जेट विमान तैयार करने की योजना थी वह भी अधूरी रह गयी।

ब्रहमोस का विकास रोकने के लिए चीन ने ना जाने कितने करोड़ रुपये-पैसे सोनिया को दिए होंगे, इसका सिर्फ अनुमान ही लगाया जा सकता है।

दस वर्षों बाद, जब मोदी सरकार आई, तब तहखाने में धूल गर्द में पड़ी ब्रम्होस को संभाला गया! वह भी तब, जब मोदी खुद भारतीय सेना से सीधा मिले, तो सेना ने तब व्यथा बताई !

अब है अति महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी। वर्तमान में ब्रम्होस को लेकर उड़ सके ऐसा सिर्फ एक ही विमान हैं और वह हैं राफेल । दुनियाभर में सिर्फ राफेल ही वो खूबियां लिये हुए है, जो ब्रम्होस को सफलता पूर्वक निशाने के लिये छोड़कर वापस लेंड करके मात्र ४ मिनट में फिर अगली ब्रह्मोस को लेकर दूसरे ब्लास्ट को तैयार हो जाता है।

मोदी ने फ्रांस से डील करके, राफेल को भारतीय सेना तक पहुंचाने का काम कर दिया और यहीं से असली मरोड़ चीन और उसके पिट्ठू वामपंथीयों को हुई। इसमें देशद्रोही पीछे कैसे रहते! जो विदेशी टुकड़ो पर पलने वाले गद्दार अपने आका चीन के नमक का हक अदा करने मैदान में उतर आये ! उन्होने मांग की कि राफेल के कल-पुर्जे और उसमे क्या कुछ नई चीजे हैं, जनता को – यानि उन्हें – बताई जाये।

शायद भारतीय सेना और मोदी दोनों ही इस तरह की  भेद खोलने की आशंका को भांप गये होंगे। इसलिये राफेल के भारत पहुंचते ही उसका ब्लेकबॉक्स सहित पूरा सिस्टम निकाला गया। राफेल के कोड चेंज कर के उस में भारतीय कम्प्यूटर सिस्टम डाला गया, जो राफेल को पूरी तरह बदलने के साथ उसकी गोपनीयता को बनाये रखने में सक्षम था।

लेकिन बात यहीं नहीं रुकी। राफेल को सेना के सुपुर्द करने के बाद सरकार ने सेना को उसे अपने हिसाब से कम्प्यूटर ब्लेकबॉक्स और जो तकनीक सेना की हैं उसे अपने हिसाब से चेंज करने की छूट दे दी। जिससे सेना ने छूट मिलते ही मात्र ४८ घण्टो में राफेल को बदलकर रख दिया। इस वजह से चीन, जो राफेल के कोड और सिस्टम को हैक करने की फिराक में था, वह हाथ मलते रह गया!

फिर चीन ने अपने पाले वामपंथी कुत्तों को राफेल की जानकारी लीक करके उस तक पहुंचाने काम सौंपा। भारत भर की मीडिया में भरे वामपंथी दलालों ने राफेल सौदे को घोटाले की शक्ल देने की नाकाम कोशिश की, ताकि सरकार या सेना, विवश होकर, सफाई देने के चक्कर मे इस डील को सार्वजनिक करें। जिससे चीन अपने मतलब की जानकारी जुटा सके। पर सरकार और सेना की सजगता के चलते दलाल मीडिया का मुंह काला होकर रह गया!

तब फिर अपने राहुल गांधी मैदान में उतरे! चीनी दूतावास में गुपचूप राहुल गांधी ने मीटिंग की। उसके बाद राहुल गांधी ने चीन की यात्रा की और आते ही राफेल सौदे पर सवाल उठाकर राफेल की जानकारी सार्वजनिक करने की मांग जोरशोर से उठाई। पूरा मीडिया और सारी कोंग्रेस की दिलचस्पी सिर्फ, और सिर्फ, राफेल की जानकारी सार्वजनिक कराने में  गी रही ताकि चीन ब्रम्होस का तोड़ बना सके। पर ये अबतक सम्भव नही हो पाया है जिसका श्रेय सिर्फ कर्तव्यनिष्ठ भारतीय सेना और मोदीजी को जाता हैं।

चीन ब्रम्होस की जानकारी जुटाने के चक्कर मे, सीमा पर तनाव पैदा करके युद्ध के हालात बनाकर देख चुका हैं! पर भारतीय सेना की चीन सीमा पर ब्रम्होस की तैनाती देखकर अपने पांव वापस खिंचने को मजबूर हुआ। डोकलाम विवाद चीन ने इसीलिये पैदा किया था कि वह ब्रम्होस और राफेल की तैयारी को देख सके।

इधर कुछ भटके हुए लोग राहुल गांधी को प्रधान मंत्री पद के योग्य समझ रहें हैं, जो खुद भारत की गोपनीयता और सुरक्षा को शत्रु देश के हाथों उचित कीमत पर बेचने को तैयार बैठा हैं ! नेहरू ने भी लाखों वर्ग किलोमीटर जमीन चीन को मुफ्त मे दे दी और जनता समझती रही कि भारत युद्ध हार गया!

आज ये राफेल और ब्रम्होस ही भारत के पास वो अस्त्र हैं जिसके आगे चीन बेबस हैं !

Tempering Truth is Blasphemy of Nature

By: Shreepal Singh

Out of all that we humans possess, there is nothing more precious to us than truth. Truth stands out against falsehood and wins. Truth wins against falsehood because we are constantly at the lookout for this truth, else truth is where it always has been.

We have the sense to judge what is truth and what is not truth. The story of transformation of animals into humans and progress of her civilization is the story of search of truth.

Truth is the most precious; it is sacred. Tampering the truth is blasphemy of Nature, which produced us and put at the pesdtal where we are today.

The problem is not with the truth, whatever it is; the truth of a thing is whatever it is, whether we know it or not. It may be said a thing is “as it is”. In fact, the real essence of a “thing” is the deepest mystery of Nature. Science is belaboring since the dawn of humanity to know this essence of a “thing” and we have come to know – so far – its “essence” is atoms, electrons, multitude of fundamental forces of Nature, manifestation of space and time ….. (an unending search). There is yet to know much about a “thing” – in fact, much more to know than we have known so far.

The problem arises when we make a claim of the truth of a thing. Such claims of truth become much more problematic when the claimant insists that what he claims to be true is the only “truth”. This disease is most rampant in those fields of human knowledge where the claimants of alleged truth not only claim that “their truth” is the only truth, that other rival claims of truth are false and that one who bear faith in those false truths is liable to be cursed (in eternal hellfire) and / or killed for such blasphemy; this branch of human knowledge is called “religion”.

Hindus and India: Symphony of Hindu India

By Shreepal Singh

India is quite a big country in terms of its geographical area but in terms of the persons living here it is one of the biggest countries of the world – every sixth person in this world is an Indian. In this country people belonging to almost all religions of the world – Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Parsees, Jews and many tribal faiths of Andaman and Nicobar islands – live here.

It is an asset of India. It is an amazing resource of composite culture of unique diversity. India in terms of the number of cultures thriving here is the mini-world. It is its beauty.

Out of all these persons belonging to different religions, Hindus account the most. Their population is somewhere near 80% in this country. India is a Hindu country.

But what is this Hinduism? In fact, Hinduism is like a big banyan tree with one root having many branches going to the ground; this Hinduism includes all Indic-faiths – Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shaivism and, even remotely connecting to Zoroastrianism in antiquity.

If we look around us in this world, the stark reality is that it is only in this Hindu India alone in the entire world that despite this great religious diversity all religions are thriving and their adherents are multiplying in India without any hindrance. The credit for this religious freedom goes to Hindus and their religion.

This reality becomes obvious when one compares this happy situation of all religions here with the sordid situation of other religions in those countries where majority belongs to other religions; particularly it is so in the case of Muslim countries. The truth cannot be hidden any longer that Hinduism is the most tolerant religion of the world.

In a world full of religious diversity it is in the best interest of this world that Hinduism not only should survive but also thrive. Hindu India is not a threat to any country of a different religion.

Hinduism is the well wisher of all, the entire humanity – and without any religious discrimination. This Hinduism has its guide in its Sanskrit sacred scriptural Sutras like “Vasudhiva kutumbkam…” and “Sarve pashyanti sukhine …”, which express its goodwill to all – not only humans but even other living beings.

This Hindu India has a message of peace and love for all. The rise of Hindu India is the rise of humanity. The rise of Hindu India is a good omen for this world.

The world should welcome this rising Hindu India – and should condemn all those who are ringing an alarm bell at this rise.

Hindu India is a boon for our world, which is afflicted with warring groups – mostly rooted in warring religious identities – armed to the teeth, and even some armed with the atomic weapons. How can this world help the Hindu India – the Hindu medicine for a major part of humanity’s fatricidal tendency – to rise? What are the obstacles in the way of this India?

The foremost obstacle is that Hindus – mostly intellectual Hindus – are themselves ignorant of the depth of its well meaning vision. These intellectuals – teachers, historians, politicians, bureaucrats, artists et al – do not understand this depth; and their negative views are echoed by the mainstream media. They lampoon Hinduism for its negative side, without realizing that everything degenerates with the passage of time and needs periodic cleansing. The first need is to educate Hindus of what Hinduism is.

Hinduism is all about humanism and a balanced way of life. It is not about cow and temple. It is about the profound human inquisitiveness and inquiry about the secrets of human life and this universe, where cow and temple – and many other assisting devices like them – serve a purpose. Let educated Indians – particularly educated Hindus – not trivilize Hinduism. Hinduism is profound answer to humans’ inquisitiveness and inquiry. It is presented to humanity in the form of a scientific vision called Yoga. It is about love and goodwill towards all living beings based on this vision and, much more, in the form of new openings for belief-diversified humanity to the mystic secrets of this universe.

An educated Hindu is the best citizen of the world and an asset for its prosperity and happiness. Education in this Hinduism is the perfect antidote to our mental restlessness reflected in our unreasonable conduct and our world afflicted with its dangerous state, and this Hinduism should be so taught here in India and elsewhere.

Democracy is an imperfect political tool – though still a better alternative – not because it is inherently deficient but because the people who work with this are ignorant – an uneducated lot. It is particularly so in India, where the large number of people because of historical reasons are not only ignorant but poor too.

It is the work of new generation to learn and learn fast. After all, how can a single political leader like Narendra Modi – a person with an understanding of this Hinduism – educate our ignorant Indian mass to successfully utilize this political tool called democracy, unless the young generation gets educated quickly?

We know in string musical instrument , like Sitar, we have many strings or wires. We know if one wire is struck to make a musical sound, then other wires – if they are rightly tightened or stretched – automatically make a synchronic musical sound without even touching them.

It is called resonance.

Resonance is used to amplifying the music to create symphony. In the democratic politics too resonance is needed to create a symphony of Hindu India. Modi has touched – struck – one wire and made a musical sound. Now it is for this Hindu India to resonate with that sound to create a symphony – a symphony of Hindu India.

Digging into Our Past – Today We Live in Golden Age!

By: Shreepal Singh

When we learn things and look around us into our present and into our past, images of different hues pass before our eyes about what we have seen over the last 9000 years and what we are seeing today in 21st centuries. It all re-enforces our belief that notwithstanding our difficulties and dangers we are living in a golden age. We are lucky in many ways. Archeologists have dug out an inhabitation of the people living 9000 years ago in a place, which is now called Bhirrana in Hisar district of Haryana State in India. At the lowest level, the most ancient one determined by carbon dating, the people lived there not in built houses like we live in today but in holes dug out in ground. Just imagine their lives in torrential rains and scorching sun, and wild animals and crawling predatores lurking around in day and night! They must have had to devote their entire energy – entire attention – just to be able to survive. We imagine their whole life must had been preoccupied with three concerns: collecting food; warding off attacks by the preying wild animals; and, procreating new life, children for next generations. How an aweful life – life not of somebody else but our very own ancestors!

One more imagery, before we come to the present – our life and concerns in 21st century. Around 3000 years ago – say, 1000 BC – Scythian tribes originated in Central Asian Steppes (or before that in Iran or, according to some opinion in Carparthia : where?) – and then for hundreds of years ravaged the Roman empire, spread through the power of their arms into modern day Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, established kingdom in Taxila (in modern Pakistan) and swayed the interiors of what is known today as India. Scythians were a moving hoards, assembled a vast number of their numerous tribes and fought riding on horse. They had invented a lethal weapon: arrow made of reed, fitted with a bronze trilobe head equipped on sides with barbed plates and socked in the poison of deadly snake: viper. It was a A. K. 47 rifle of that age. There was nobody who could stand to them, not even the Romans with their famed wrestler-swordsmen. The peaceful lives – whatever peaceful that life might have been – of peoples of Asia and Europe were shattered by them. Imagine yourself being there in that age and in that turmoil. Life has never been safe for us.

Lessons in Hawala and money laundring – Destroying Indian Economy

How ‘Hawala’ is conducted? How illicit money is laundred? How many powerful and influential Indians had been destroying the Indian economy for decades before Modi came on the national political scene? Who are these powerful people? Many of them have been caught by law for indulging in these illegal activities for several decades and now cooling their heels in police custody and jails – as the first step of law to reckon with their deeds. Can you compile the list of persons who thrived on Hawala and money laundring?

Pakistani Flags Waving on the College Campus of Communist Ruled Kerala

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Waving of Pakistani flags on the campus of Silver College Perembra in Kozhikode District of Kerala on the last Thursday (as reported in the Dawn newspaper of Pakistan on 2nd September 2019) during the election campaigning of the students’ union is not only deplorable but highly disturbing. The students are reported to be the members of the Muslim Student Front (MSF), who cocked the snook to the authorities by fluttering the Pakistani flags. It demonstrates the audacity of anti-nationals, who have got no fear for the law of the land. This also bespeaks of their infidelity towards the country they live in and loyalty towards the enemy country.

This is like a déjà vu as it is a familiar scene in Kerala and some Muslim dominated parts of Bihar. During the campaigning of Rahul Gandhi, the Pakistani flags were flashed at many places in his Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency. Perhaps this was the reason that when Rahul Gandhi along with some other rootless opposition leaders tried to go to Kashmir to, allegedly, assess the situation in the valley after the revocation of Article 370, the Union Minister Prakash Javadekar termed his visit as the ‘Wayanad effect’. Wayanad has now come to be symbolised as the ‘anti-India and pro- Pakistan’ place.

The appeasement policy of the Congress and Communist Party (Marxist) towards the Muslim minorities has mainly been responsible for encouraging the anti-nationals to raise their heads. Successive governments in Kerala have failed to crush and defang such elements. Rahul Gandhi’s love for media freedom is totally phoney. The Kashmir valley is plagued with the so-called civil curfew imposed by the terrorists for the last more than thirty-five years and the media freedom used to be sent to gallows by them even at the drop of the hat. And then in those days, nobody from the Congress or other parties were seen anywhere in the valley to protest such curb on media by the terrorists, a la civil curfew.

This is for the first time that after three weeks of the communication lockdown of the valley, not even a single person has been killed by the security forces. Therefore, the security forces deserve all kudos from people of the country. The gheraos and beatings of the security personnel by the stone pelters and the anti-social elements on the streets of Srinagar remind us of a very pathetic sight, which was a routine thing before the de-fanging of Article 370. The hands of the Indian security forces were kept tight and all sorts of humiliations and indignities were being heaped on them, but they were ordered not to retaliate even in their self-defence. It was a miserable situation for the security forces, which were armed to the teeth but were ordered not to take the required action against the sympathizers of terrorists even if they were mobbed and assaulted by these criminals.

It was nothing but a joke with the security forces. It reached the peak and the crescendo at a time when the anti-nationals made an uproar over the tying of a stone pelter by an army Major Gogoi to the bonnet of his Jeep and thus saving the lives of many innocent persons.

Hopefully, Pinarayi Vijayan’s government will take stringent action against such persons – who are Pakistanis in heart and Indians only in name – and who masquerade as the students in different Universities and Colleges in Kerala.

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