Strange Universe !

  The universe is really vast. It is vast  not only in the way that there are a very large number – almost countless number – of galaxies out there in outer space, each one of them comprising  their solar formations and with their planetary systems. It is vast in another manner also. The secret of this vastness lies in the great numbers of dimensions, which we do not know and cannot know. In fact we in our science are only dealing mostly with space dimension. Though in space there are three sub dimensions – length, height and width – but really it is only one dimension called space. We know there is another dimension, called time, which we little understand. Time also has three sub dimensions – past, present and future. Still time is one dimension only. What we have learnt about time about time is really very little. But there are more dimensions than merely space and time. Which or what are those additional ones? We have no clue. When we consider the possible existence of aliens –  among us or beyond us – we must be wise enough to include the implications of such dimensions on this question. We are apparently playing fools by looking for them only in space dimension – that is, searching them on other planets similar to our Earth.

  Let us consider what we know.  How much do we know about time’s dimension? And, how much do we know about space’s dimension? We know that things exist in space and that when they are placed in space they have the properties of length, width and height. These properties enable things to acquire the sine qua non essentials of mass and take the shape of (our well-known) elements, their combination into molecules and then countless other formations of varied things, including life’s building blocks DNAs etc.

  What about the time’s dimension? We know that things exist in time and that when they are so placed in this dimension they exhibit the property of floating in a flowing current that has a direction – from past to future. Things flow because they exist in past, present and future (which constantly turn into present). It is not the time that flows but the things that flow; because the things constantly change in time we have an illusion of time’s flow. You are seated in a running train and have an illusion of seeing things outside the train running backward. In fact, there is no illusion here because the phenomenon is governed by relativity; we can very well say that from the relative point of train the things outside train are running backward and conversely, from the point of things outside train the train is running forward. Likewise, from the point of the time things are flowing in a direction from future to past and conversely, from the point of the things the time is running in a direction from past to future. In space it is possible for us to sit in a running train and watch things outside train (to get the verification of our statement) and also to sit alongside the outside (stationary!) things and watch the running train on the track. While it is so possible for us in space, can we carry out this experiment in the time’s dimension? We are associated with the things (placed in time) and get the illusion (!) that the time is running backward; can we change our relative station to observe the contrary fact of the things running in relativistic manner in a direction from future to past? No. But, then, there must be such a station; it cannot be otherwise. It is our limitation. This is one limitation. There are other limitations also.

  Let us proceed by analogy. We are dealing here with things; but it is the wrong term to employ in this context. The correct term is reality; we are dealing with realities. Realities when placed in space are things; and when they are placed in time, they are events. Therefore, the term ‘things’ used here should be understood in the meaning of ‘realities’ of things when placed in space and events when placed in time. Let us proceed in the domain of time with the analogy of things in space; because we know many properties of things, that is, realities when placed in the domain of space.

  Does the time have only one property, that is, flowing in a direction – from past to future?  Could there be some other properties also? It is instinctively correct to state that the time is full-fledged dimension; there must be many other properties also. Which are those properties, we do not know; we have no means to know them. However, we can proceed a bit by applying the analogy of space. Space has three sub-dimensions and we may try to apply them in the time’s domain. When things are placed in time’s dimension, they acquire the property of flowing in a direction – from past to future, which in relativistic manner is conversely a flow if time from future to past. This direction of flow from past to future or from future to past may be taken as an equivalent to one sub-dimension of space (say, length); through this property of time, it would be possible to go to past or future of things.

  Then, let us apply this property of time to an equivalent of space’s 90 degree change; with this change the time would flow at an angle of 90 degree deviation from its straight direction of past to future or vice versa. What is the meaning of this 90 degree deviated flow of time? It means that the time would cover not merely one thing in the universe but all the things that are there in the universe. This is by an analogy of space. If we, likewise by analogy, make one more deviation of 90 degree in time’s these two flows, what would be its result on things? What would be the additional property of things placed in this third sub-dimension? One thing that is certain is that in this new sub-dimension things would have the properties that are not the part of the other two sub-dimensions, namely, things when placed in this third sub-direction of time would not have firstly the flow of time from past to future or future to past and secondly things would be out of cover of time. What does it mean? Precisely, it means that things placed in this third sub-direction would not undergo the change associated with the flow of time and therefore they would be without any beginning and without any end. Also, things would not be covered by time, that is, they would be in the eternal state.

  And, what about another property of things placed in time that may qualify the equivalent of mass of things when placed in space? We do not know. But when the things are placed in the time’s dimension, those properties (of time) must enable them to acquire various formations (like things placed in space acquire formations of elements, molecules, compounds etc.). How do you rate the probability of the idea of capability of things when placed in time to acquire with the aid of time’s peculiar properties formations equivalent to spatial elements, molecules, compounds, including living DNAs?  Certainly, it is not an idea born out of fancy. We need to have means to travel in the domain of time. Once we acquire this means, we would travel in the past and in the future. We would also travel in time to see all the things in the universe happening at a given moment. This world of time, like the world of space, would be a vast one; exploration of the time’s domain would be much more interesting that the exploration of space. Let us not think that travel to some distant planet in some far away galaxy, when accomplished by our science, would be the end of our search for the ultimate. Universe is vaster in its kinds than in its space.

  We hear, so to say, the sound of approaching things beyond these two dimensions in the concept of probability. We all live in space and know it quite well. We are going to Mars and other places in outer space. We are exploring in space dimension; and it is really vast. Here in this world of space dimension the concept of relativity gives us an understanding of the nature of things. Here we deal with a little bit with the time dimension also. But the world of probability is totally different. It is only a speculative attempt on our part to say that the matter behave in a probable manner in assuming one of the two contradictory states – wave or particle – because our observation of this matter with the aid of our material scientific instruments affects it. It is not so. Things can really exist in two contradictory states at a single given moment.

  The concept of probability is the first chink in the amour of our traditional view of things. The concept of probability is far more revolutionary than that of the relativity in depicting the real nature of things. There is a dimension (of existence) where things are capable of exhibiting properties that look contradictory while they are studied from the standpoint of space. What is that dimension, we do not know. But it is as real as our well-known dimension of space. However, the fundamental law is that all things, whatever and where ever they are, have their exhibition in all the dimensions, whatever their number might be. This law is the secret of all mysteries, which humans are trying to unravel out. Our universe is packed with a large number of dimensions. How many of them are there, we (humans) can never know; it is so because to know them all is to know the secret of creation, which is not destined for a lower life, like we are. This destiny is not in some mystic spiritual sense, but because this life is really lower and incapable of comprehending everything that are there in this universe really vast in kinds.

  This universe is fully packed with dimensions and we humans, like all other forms of living and nonliving things, exist in those dimensions as we exist in space (and time). Of course, all the things – it is absurd to distinguish them between living and nonliving – that exist in those dimensions also exist in some way in space and time dimensions as well. We are surrounded on all sides, by things we do not know. It is not a fiction; it is scientific reality; we are saying so by deduction; and science has already got its inkling but will take its own time to declare so. We are very much limited in our imagination and approach, despite the frontiers of our established science rubbing shoulders with the outlying domains of those dimensions. We have life that is peculiar to space; all earth life – DNA et al – is contrivance of things in space. Similar contrivance could be possible in the time’s dimension; unfortunately we do not know much of any significance about this dimension, which we call time.

  Things exist in time as they exist in space and it is possible that things can be arranged in a peculiar manner in time using its elements as they are arranged in space in the form of spatial DNA etc. How can we insist that things exist in space only and that they can be arranged in the peculiar form of DNA etc. in space only? It is absolutely absurd on our part to so insist. It is possible to so arrange things in time’s dimension also. If we suppose it possible to so arrange things in peculiar fashion in the time’s dimension, what kind of properties or capabilities that life (!) would exhibit? We have no means to speculate on them; certainly, they would be miles and miles beyond our wildest imagination. Perhaps, things possessing that life (!) would be able to walk up and down in time (that certainly is past, present and future, as we humans understand them) as we humans possessing life in space are able to walk up and down earth’s continents and outer space’s planets and galaxies (of course, the last not yet). We are talking here of the time’s dimension. But time’s is not the only other dimension there in the universe; the universe is fully packed with many of them. Can we talk about them? Talking figuratively, we are not more than little poor insect crawling tentatively in a dark corner of a vast forest, at a little corner of the vast earth, orbiting a poor star in the vast galaxy etc. and trying to figure out the binary function of humans computer; and, if we really understand the truth involved here, we are literally, and not figuratively, more than a crawling insect.

  Of course, still we are arrogant on account of our vast knowledge. Any way, we can proceed a bit by way of deduction since we have sufficient knowledge of the things and the manner they behave in the dimension of space. The first and the foremost occlusion is that things (we always say things because living and nonliving both are nothing but a single entity where certain properties – and life as we know it is one of them – are present in potential form, in one case, and in manifested or acting form, in another case) in each of those dimensions must be capable of arranging themselves in peculiar fashion by using the elements of the properties of those dimensions, as do things in space. The second conclusion is that a life (!) created in this manner must be the life in form and content other than the one we know that is solely created by using the elements of space dimension. It cannot be the life in the way we know it; yet it may exhibit basic properties of (our) life in a totally different way; life in those dimensions may exhibit preservation instinct, domination, love, hate, pity, anger etc. The third conclusion is that there must be very many kinds of such existence commensurate with the number of dimensions existing in universe. And, lastly the fourth conclusion is that each of the things exists, at every moment, in all the dimensions that may be there. What does it mean? It means that somehow each of these things is overlapping in all these dimensions, though a thing may not be aware of its existence in several other dimensions. Also, it shows that there is a strong possibility that a thing (that is, life in our parlance), which is aware of its existence only in one or two dimensions (e.g. space and time), may somehow and sometimes become aware of its simultaneous (simultaneity does not exist as we assume it to exist even in space-time twin dimensions; we know it is only relative) existence in one or more additional dimensions.  Why only somehow and sometimes? Because here we are talking of awareness (and thus of life as we understand it), therefore we say ‘somehow and sometimes’; for, a nonliving piece of stone is taken by us as incapable of becoming aware of anything and therefore may exist in all the available dimensions without becoming aware of these dimensions (or of anything else).  Therefore, let us say ‘some human beings somehow and sometimes’ become aware of the existence of some extra dimensions in addition to the usual space-time dimensions; and, then they become aware not only of the existence of these extra dimensions but also of things existing, creatures living and events happening there. It is ‘somehow’ because the conditions required for one to become so aware are extremely rigorous in nature and it is ‘sometimes’ because these conditions are not always complied by humans, who are very imperfect in their natural constitution. When such individuals become so aware, they see bizarre things there in those dimensions (e.g. a heavenly father talking to them, giving certain instructions to be obeyed, opening-up of the whole secret of this very existence of creation etc.) and speak words commensurate with the reality what they saw there in those extra dimensions for us who are aware only of the dual dimensions of space-time. What they have seen in those dimensions is not their subjective imagination born out of their minds, as is generally assumed by the so-called scientific minds. They have seen in those extra dimensions real things, creatures and events, as real in their domains as they are in our space-time. They forecast events for space-time domain and their forecasts come true; they perform acts in our dual domain, which cannot be explained by the law of this domain; we term them miracles and refuse to acknowledge their authenticity. An ordinary phenomenon of the memory of previous birth is one such act, happening on earth fairly regularly and on wide scale, which is simply dismissed by silence of these so-called scientific minds. In fact, the scientific mind has yet to discover Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and countless other such individuals.

  In the floodlight of our advanced science, this discovery is imminent today, albeit this time not in old fashion but in an altogether different manner. Our universe is really vast and there is really much to know yet. It is very vast not only in distance, which is but one of its many more such properties, but also in kinds, which are many and beyond our imagination. Thus seen, we may say our journey to Mars, though arrogant pride-evoking, is very insignificant a step forward, much like the proverbial insect. Still it is a step forward and in correct direction.

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