Hostile World

      On the question whether spiritual and plain India could survive, Sri Aurobindo says thus:  “Whether such plain living is possible for an isolated nation, however large geographically and numerically in the face of a world, armed to the teeth, and in the midst of pomp and circumstance, is a question open to the doubt of a skeptic. …The answer is straight and simple. If plain life is worth living, then the attempt is worth making, even though only an individual or a group makes the effort.

  “India’s destiny lies not along the bloody way of the West, of which she shows signs of tiredness, but along the bloodless way of peace that comes from a simple and godly life….India is in danger of losing her soul. She cannot lose it and live. She must not therefore lazily and helplessly say, “I cannot escape the onrush from the West… She must be strong enough to resist it for her own sake and that of the world.”

  Sri Aurobindo says:  “Our aim will therefore be to help in building up India for the sake of humanity… this is the spirit of nationalism that we profess and follow. We say to humanity: the time has come when you must take the great step and rise out of a material existence into the higher, deeper and wider life towards which humanity moves.  The problems which have troubled mankind can only be solved by conquering the kingdom within, not by harnessing the forces of Nature to the service of comfort and luxury, but by mastering the forces of the intellect and the spirit, by vindicating the freedom of man within as well as without and by conquering from within external Nature.

  “For that work the resurgence of Asia is necessary, therefore Asia rises.

For that work the unity and greatness of India are essential… Our first object shall be to declare this ideal: insist on the spiritual change as the first necessity and group together all who accept it and are ready to strive sincerely to fulfill it… Our second object shall be to build up not only an individual but a communal life on this principle. … An outer activity as well as inner change is needed and it must be at once a spiritual, cultural, educational, social and economical action. Its scope, too, will be at once individual and communal, regional and national and eventually a work not only for the nation but for the whole human people.”

  He further says: “The spiritual age will be ready to set in when the common mind begins to be alive to these truths of spirituality and to be moved or desire to be moved by the triple or triune spirit. … Therefore, the coming of a spiritual age must be preceded by the appearance of an increasing number of individuals who are no longer satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital and physical existence of man but perceive that a greater evolution is the real goal of humanity and attempt to effect it in themselves, to lead others to it and to make it the recognized goal of the race. In proportion as they succeed and to the degree to which they represent will become an actual possibility of the future.”

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