“Shaheen Bagh Protest” Lessons: Gujjanwala Story Can Happen Again – This Time in India

By: Dr Vashi Sharma (studied at IIT Bengalore and taught at IIT Kharagpur on Energy Science, Defence, Religions and Pakistan)

This is a true story. This happened in Gujjranwala, a place that was once the part of India and is now in Pakistan. This happened in 1947. This story may happen again – and this time in the remaining part of India, where we live today. Many of us Indians may not believe that this can happen in India but, likewise, many of those who lived in Gujjaranwala then did not believe that it could happen. They were proved wrong. It happened before their own eyes. This can happen again. And, this can happen again and again till we all are destroyed and finished – unless we learn lessons from the past and take adequate measures to put an end to even the possibility of preparing the ground for such genocide on fanatic religious basis. There have been in the past – and there are in the present – people who have a mentality on religious grounds to commit such crimes.

Today, people of such mentality are protesting at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi against a law – CAA – enacted by Indian Parliament that is elected by people of this country. What they are trying to do is to prepare the religious grounds for repeating the story that happened in Gujjaranwala – and this time in the remaing part of whatever is left for India.

The mentality of those who are protesting at the Shaheen Bagh for about a month now against CAA and are prone to commit such crime of genocide against people not belonging to their religionon as was done in Gujjaranwala in 1947, is well reflected in what one Faizul Hassan has publically said recently (in January 2020). This Faizul Hassan is though a non-entity but his voice represents the mind of a large number of people – people who were his audiance, heard him say objectionable things and did not protest – or even did not object – to what he said. Faizul Hassan is an ex-President of the students Union of Aligarh Muslim University. It is not relevant that the complaint has been made against him to the U.P. police or that the police will take legal action against him. What is relevant is that in India such people are still living in  good number who think in this way and this country has not been able in 73 years to eradicate their roots. What this Faizul Hassan has said is this:

“दुनिया मे कहीं   सब्र देखना है, तो हिन्दुस्तान के मुसलमानो का देखिये। 1947  से 2020 तक मुसलमान सब्र कर रहा है कि हिन्दुस्तान टूटने न पाये। हम उस कौम से हैं, अगर बरबाद करने पर आ जायें तो छोडेगे नही, किसी भी देश को खत्म कर देंगे। (Translation: If one wants to see the patience anywhere in the world, see this patience in the Muslims of India. The Muslims are having patience from 1947 to 2020 so that India is not broken into pieces. We people come from a race that if we come to the decision to destroy, we will not spare anything, we can destroy any nation.)

I wrote this stoey on the insistence of my close friend, a scientist in US. This is his story. He poured out his painful heart to me. I penned it in simple way but the reality was way too disturbing to write.

Here is the story of what happened in 1947 in Gujjaranwala. Please keep this story in mind when you read any article on why CAA-NRC is must for India and for its survival. Read it carefully but be warned it disturbing to weak mind and heart.

During semester end at IIT, I picked fight with a senior. He was a Malang (didn’t care about world). I said – “money is everything”. He replied – “Didn’t you have it in Gujranwala? Why did you run away from there? And what’s the guaranty that you won’t run away from Amritsar 40 years later?” I was furious. I had no idea what he was saying.

Next week, I had a train to Amritsar in night. I was going home in semester break. The Malang came to see me off to station. “You got everything in life. But.. Ask your grandfather. Could money save his family?”

Train arrived. Malang returned. But I was stunned. What did he know about my grandfather that I didn’t? The train started moving.

I was home next day. Big beautiful house. Loving parents, but always under stress of business. I am going to meet Nanaji tomorrow, I told Mom. “What happened? Stay with us for some days. Will go together to meet Nanaji. He is ill”, she told.

I was in Jalandhar next day.

I : Nanaji, what happened in 1947?

Grandfather : Nothing, Puttar (son). What happened?

I : Where are your siblings currently?

G: I don’t have any. I was lone child of my parents.

I : How come? In your times, parents used to have 10-12 kids on an average. Why didn’t your parents have more?

G : Haha! They were great planners! Take rest now.

Next day, I was playing video game in my room. Nanaji came, sat besides me.

Grandfather : Playing Contra?

I : Yes.

G: Have you seen 7 colours of sun-rays ever?

I : No.

G : Let me show you, come to terrace.

We both went up. Beautiful sunshine. Sun was about to set.

G : Do you see the saffron?

I : Yes, whole sky is saffron!

G : There are 7 colours in this saffron. But they will be gone soon. There will be darkness all over.

I : That’s natural. It happens every evening.

G : Hmm. It happens once in centuries too. Do you know I have named 7 rays of sun as – Lajjo, Rajjo, Bhaggo, Paro, Gayo, Isho, and Urmi?

I : Why?

G : There was a Balwant Khatri in Gujranwala, a rich landlord. Big Haveli was among largest in Gujranwala. He had 7 daughters and a son from wife Prabhavati Devi.

Baldev (son) – 20
Lajwanti – 19
Rajwati – 17
Bhagvati – 16
Parvati – 15
Gayatri – 13
Ishvari – 11
Urmila – 9

Theirs was a beautiful family. A rich Punjabi Hindu Khatri family. They were looking for suitable grooms for Lajjo and Rajjo. However, something was not right in Punjab.

Barrister Jinnah had declared Direct Action Day for Pakistan. Hindu-Sikhs knew that Gandhi Ji’s ideals can’t be defeated by some miscreants. After all Hindu-Sikhs sang Avval Allah Noor upaayaa. Hindu-Sikhs used to sing Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid’s poetry and visit Sufi Mazars. After all Gujranwala was full of Jatt, Gujjar and Rajput Muslims. How could they – the blood brothers – harm their own blood?

Soon, the news of massacre of hundreds of Hindu-Sikhs started coming from nearby places. Mobs chanting Allahu Akbar and Pakistan ka matlab kya La ilaah illillah were heard shouting – “no woman of Kafir will go to India, we will take them”.

It was morning of 18th Sep, 1947. A Sikh postman almost barged into the Haveli shouting – “Lala Ji, leave the place. They are coming for your daughters. Lajjo will be Salim’s. Sheikh Muhammad will take Rajwati. Bhagwati will go to…” Lala Balwant slapped him hard. What rubbish? Salim is Mukhtar Bhai’s son. Mukhtar Bhai is like our family.

“Mukhtar Bhai only is leading the mob, Lala Ji. All Hindu-Sikhs are fleeing to India. Will go in lots of 300-400 people in an hour. Get family to city Gurudwara fast”, the Sikh shouted and fled.

Lala Ji rushed to Prabhavati who was 7 months pregnant. She was in tears already. She overheard everything.

Prabhavati : We need to go, Lala Ji.

Balwant : We are going nowhere. Sardar is lying. Mukhtar Bhai can’t do that. Ideas of Gandhi Ji can’t be defeated.

Prabhavati : It’s not time to discuss ideas. We must go. I have asked daughters to pack jewellery and papers.

Balwant : But Mukhtar Bhai… I have to talk to him.

Prabhavati : He came last month when you were not home. He told Salim likes Lajjo and wanted to do Nikah with her. Lajjo told that Salim eve-teases her with his friends. She has stopped going out because of him.

Balwant : Why didn’t you tell this earlier? I could have talked to Mukhtar Bhai.

Prabhavati : You are too naive. He himself wanted to take Lajjo for Salim. Now he is coming to take her by force. Let’s leave.

City Gurudwara was full of Hindu-Sikhs. Men with swords and spears were guarding Gurudwara boundaries. Gujranwala, known for wrestlers, had Akhadas in many temples and Gurudwaras. Well built Hindu-Sikh men were deployed at the main entrance. Many were guarding the terrace. Many were sharpening swords on the stone near the well. Women, girls, and children were terrified. Mothers had pulled Infants/kids close to them.

Suddenly, a huge cry broke the silence. It came from the Badi Masjid from across the road. A mob of thousands was shouting slogans-

Pakistan ka matlab kya la ilah illillah (Pakistan means there is no god but Allah)

Hass ke litta vai Pakistan, khoon naal lavaange Hindustan (we took Pakistan with smile, will take India with blood)

Kaafron, kattna asi dikhaavange (Kafirs, see how we butcher you)

Kise mandir vich ghanti nahi vajjugi hun (no temple will remain, no bell will ring in temples)

Hindu di janaani bistar vich, te aadmi shamshaan vich (Hindu women belong to our bed, men to crematorium)

Prabhavati was sitting near window surrounded by 7 daughters. Her only son was guarding the main gate outside. Suddenly the mob from the mosque across had turned silent for some reason. In a minute, the screams of La ilah illillah started again. And this time, the volume kept going louder.

The mob with swords, daggers, spears and chains was approaching the Gurudwara. Prabhavati was first to witness from the window. She shouted – “They are coming” and held all her kids tightly in fear.

Gates of Gurudwara were locked from inside. All men took positions inside near walls and gates. All Hindu-Sikh men were asked to listen the announcement. Sukhdev Sharma, a wrestler and priest, stood up and said –

“They are coming for our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Their swords are for our necks. They will ask us to convert to their faith and surrender. I have decided. I won’t surrender. I won’t convert. Neither shall I allow them to touch our women.”

There was a pin drop silence for 3 seconds. And the Hindu-Sikhs roared

“Jo bole so nihaal sat Shri Akaal! Wahe Guru Ji da Khalsa waahe Guru Ji di fateh! No one will leave Dharma of our ancestors. Let them taste our swords”.

Mob had entered the Gurudwara. The first lot of 50-60 attackers was slaughtered in no time. People inside Gurudwara were prepared and in better position for small mob. There was hardly any casualty on this side. Hall of women & children was locked from inside.

The mob of hundreds chanting religious slogans stood at 50 meters distance from the Gurudwara for 30 minutes. They were waiting for something. Soon the reinforcement came. This time, they were in thousands. Hindu-Sikhs inside Gurudwara were hardly 400. Men were 50-60. Rest were old, women and children.

This had to be the final battle. The mob had displayed a Sikh woman they abducted from her home being dragged in front of everyone. Her clothes had been torn. She was being paraded naked while the men were cheering assaulting her sensitive organs. She fell unconscious. But many vultures from mob kept playing with her body. Finally, someone cut off her breasts and threw them towards Gurudwara.

Hindu-Sikhs of Gujranwala had heard about this barbarism in news. They were seeing it for first time. Suddenly, everyone started thinking about their women. What if our women fall in their hands after we die? This was the moment when even death was looking easy. Something else was scarier.

Mob had started breaking the gates.

Lajjo : Tusi katto bapuji, Main Musalmaanani nahi banugi (go ahead father, I won’t go to a Muslim)

Balwant : (crying, not able to speak)

Lajjo : Karo bapuji, te bhajjo jaldi etho (do it father, and run)

Balwant : (crying more, it was gut-wrenching) I can’t, my daughter. How can I?

Lajjo : If you don’t, they will cut my breas…(thak, the sword struck Lajjo’s neck)

Lajjo’s head rolled down the well. Balwant’s strike of sword was accurate. Her headless body was pushed down the well too. Now the mob could not touch her clothes. Nobody could cut her…. She was liberated.

It was Rajjo’s turn next.

Then Bhaggo’s.

Then Paro’s.

Then Gayo’s.

Then Isho’s.

and finally, Urmi’s.

The father would kiss forehead of each and take the head next.

Balwant liberated his seven daughters on 18th Sep 1947. The mobs chanting religious slogans were so close to the 7 sisters. But their father could manage to save them. What if the cost he paid was their lives? At least their breasts were intact. Their honour was intact. Their freedom was intact.

Even the remaining bodies were fed to the well because even the dead bodies of girls were not safe.

Gates of the Gurudwara had been broken. Swords of Hindu-Sikhs were chopping rioters left, right, and centre. Heavily outnumbered, the Hindu-Sikhs killed many times more. A great resistance was put up. The natives of Gujranwala showed for the last time that this land still belonged to Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa and Ram.

Balwant : Prabhavati, Lala Jagjeevan’s Tangas are waiting at the back gate of Gurudwara. He has just messaged me to escort as many women and children as we could. Take all women and children there. Baldev! You will go with mother.

Baldev : (silently nodded his head)

Prabhavati : But you? I wont go without you (was crying)

Balwant : You have to live. For the unborn. Baldev and you must reach India. I will come too.

Prabhavati : Why won’t you come with us?

Balwant : You are going with Baldev and the unborn. I will come in next lot. Lalaji and few men are taking you to station.

Balwant kissed her forehead, hugged Baldev and gently caressed the unborn. “Hurry up”.

Tanga of Prabhavati and Baldev had left for station.

Balwant had lost sanity. He was perhaps the only father to have killed seven of own children in order to protect them from something more gruesome. With trembling legs, he went to the well and shouted – “Two kids have their mother with them. 7 kids here must have their father. Jai Shri Krishna..”

Balwant had stabbed himself and jumped into the well. This man gave 7 Padminis to the society.

Nanaji’s tears couldn’t stop. Neither could mine.

I : How do you know all this?

Grandfather : Baldev was my friend in college.

I : Where is he now? I want to meet him.

Grandfather : He died.

I cried a lot that night. But suddenly, I recalled my senior’s words – “ask your grandfather, could money save his family?”.

I went straight to Nanaji’s personal room where his documents and belongings were kept. I slowly and quietly unlocked the locker.

There was a photograph of his teenage. With his parents sitting in middle while he stood at their backside. And there were seven smiling sisters. Like the seven rays of sun.

We lost 28 family members in creation of Pakistan. My great grandfather, his brothers, sisters and their families were killed. All hailed from Gujranwala, Pakistan. All in the name of La ilah illillah – there is no god but Allah.

Protesters of Shaheen Bag, Delhi are no victims. I am the victim. There are millions more trapped in fanatic lands of Af-Pak-Ban who have been subjected to worst religious persecution, who are the victims and who need to be rescued.

We have moved on. But Pak-lovers in India haven’t. And now I believe unilateral moving on from history is dangerous. It can make culprits victims and vice versa. So no moving on from now on until all don’t move on.

What is “Sanatan Dharma” – in few words?

Shreepal Singh

It is most reasonable to suppose the omnipresent order that rules Nature is not ignorant of why this universe is here. This omnipresent order of Nature is the bedrock on which our positive science is founded. When you embark on the detailed study of this aspect of the matter, you would be dealing with the philosophy of science; history of science; and, cultivating scientific temperament of mind.

Life in man – man who is product of this order – is busy in trying to understand why this universe is the way it is. Achievements of modern science are the proof and measure of the success of man in his efforts to understand this riddle of universe. When you embark on the detailed study of this aspect of the matter, you would be dealing with all the known branches of positive science, viz, Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics; Biology; and, now, an integrated study of universe where all such branches of science converge into one.

Logically such efforts and these efforts’ success prove that this omnipresent order has descended to the low level of life and this low level is now trying to know why this universe is the way it is. It is discovering of this order of itself. In this universe only two things exist: Nature and Nature’s order. When you embark on the detailed study of this aspect of the matter, you would be dealing with normative and semi-normative branches of science, dubbed Social Sciences (!!!), viz, History; Political Science; Philosophy; and, now Psychology to Parapsychology.

This effort to understand is nothing but an ascent of life – life in man. An ascent from its low level to the level of the omnipresent order that rules Nature. It is descending and ascending. It is evolution. When you embark on the detailed study of this aspect of the matter, you would be dealing with all varieties of religion, i.e. a discipline of knowledge that puts humans into their relationship with God. No religion is an exception to the process of this humans’ ascent to that omnipresent order – Divine. (Even Islam and Christianity, when stripped of their spurious element of forcing conversion of others to their fold, are nothing but the process of such ascent of humans to Divine. This is the Sanatan Dharma’s understanding of Islam and Christianity; Islam and Christianity may say whatever they like to say about them. It is an absorption of Islam and Christianity by Sanatan Dharma into its body and it is true enunciation of Sanatan Dharma. But it does not mean that Sanatan Dharma would not defend against the spurious elements of Islam and Christianity.)

It is a cyclic evolution. This is understandable because it is so reasonable. Perhaps it would be difficult to find any sane – reasonable – person who would not agree to this fact. It is stating of a fact that is apparent and does not contradict physics.

It may be a new concept – concept of evolution – discovered by science recently. But it is what ancient Rishis of Sanatan Dharma have been teaching for thousands of years: to wit, Divine is everywhere; Divine has descended into life – life in man; and this life in man is working to merge again in Divine.

It is called by those Rishis self-realization. Self-realization is beautiful word and full of substance: It is first descending of the omnipresent order to the low level of life; and then ascending again to its original status. It is “Mukti” of Hindus, “Enlightenment” of Buddhists, “Kaivakya” of Jains, “Jyoti Jot” of Sikhs and “Baikunth Lok” of Hindu sub-sects.

The only thing that is not apparent, that is not accepted by science, is that the life – life in man – is working ceaselessly in cyclic manner, from birth to death to birth again, just to merge in Divine. Even on this count, science’s ignorance is factually exposed by the cases of rebirths. When you embark on the detailed study of this aspect of the matter, you would be dealing with Parapsychology; Near Death Experience; Conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious planes of mind; and, Spiritualism.

Siddha Yogi Neem Karoli Baba, Mark Zukerberg and Narendra Modi

By: Yvette C. Rosser, PhD. (ईवेत्  सी.  रासर रामरानी)

In late September 2015, when Mark Zuckerberg met Narendra Modi in Silicon Valley, he informed Modi that years earlier when he was developing the idea of Facebook, Steve Jobs told him to go to Kainchi Dham for inspiration. The next day, on October first, the Hindustani paparazzi descended on Kumoan! Reporters repeatedly asked the same question, “Why were these high tech honchos, as the Indian media called Jobs and Zuckerberg, interested in Neem Karoli Baba?”

The reporters were swarming in the valley for days, and someone told a film crew that there was a woman who had actually met Maharajji living up the hill, and sent a TV crew up to the retreat where I lived. They asked lots of questions, and I tried to answer in Hindi for the Hindi medium program. The reporters begged us to sing the Hanuman Chaliisa since Maharajji loved to hear it, so like well trained videshi Monkeys, we sang! Thank goodness my friends can both carry a tune!


Journalists were coming and going for several days, and repeatedly asked me the same question: “Why would high tech honchos, as the Indian media referred to Jobs and Zuckerberg, be attracted to Neem Shri Neem Karoli Baba?” I was also asked by a Delhi magazine, for which I sometimes write, to contribute an article that addressed the same question, why were these high profile techie guys attracted to Maharajji?

I had two days before their publication deadline. I needed Baba to answer that query! So I sat down in front of my puja table and asked Baba to please answer this persistent question. ‘Why were these high tech guys attracted to You, Baba?’ An idea came to me through the silence, and I answered the media thusly:

“Perhaps the lure of IT people like Jobs and Zuckerberg are Maharajji’s abilities to seemingly overcome the laws of nature, such as gravity and time and space. Just like the virtual realities these techie masters created, where anything is possible, so too Maharajji is a virtual Baba in what we know as the ‘real world’. He obtained his siddhis (powers) through practicing mental and physical austerities and meditating for long periods of time. He is an example of a human being who through employing, then transcending His human abilities, overcame the limitations of being human, and reached the divine. Neem Karoli Maharajji is a virtual Baba operating in the human world as we know it!” When my friend Gauri heard me answer a reporter with that Virtual Baba statement, she was amazed and thought that was a pretty smart reply. I told her Maharajji had helped me come up with the snazzy answer.

Here is the article I wrote for the Delhi magazine, ‘The Organiser’ with the same explanation about Virtual Maharajji:

Siddha Yogi: Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, told Narendra Modi that Steve Jobs had advised him to visit the Himalayan temple of the north Indian siddha, Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji. Jobs had gone to meet the saint, but sadly arrived in Kainchi Dham shortly after His Maha Samadhi in 1973. Even though Neem Karoli Baba never traveled in His human body to the West, His influence has brought the Dharma into the lives of countless Americans.

One of the first Americans to meet Neem Karoli Baba was the Harvard professor Richard Alpert, who traveled to India in 1968. Neem Karoli Baba instantly read Alpert’s mind and wrenched open his heart.  Alpert was renamed Ramdass; he found himself being reworked into a spiritual being from the inside out. Ramdass wrote about his experiences in a best-selling and hugely influential book called “Be Here Now”. In this way in the last years of His terrestrial life, Neem Karoli Baba, became one of the most famous and defining gurus on earth.

Neem Karoli Baba has a magical ability to touch the hearts of His devotees, often before they even know who He is. Someone may see a photograph and just can’t stop thinking about that man in the plaid blanket, so they seek out books or satsang. Indeed, some of His most devoted followers never met Him in His human body. He, like Hanuman, is present on earth at all times and comes to His chelas in visions and inspirations. He gives guidance and succour to those who remember Him.

In “Mystic of Northern India” Swami Chidananda, a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh, wrote:

“Sri Baba Neem Karoli—is … the most unique phenomena among the religious fraternity of Saints [and] Sages …. It would not be a wonder to me, if, as I am sitting and dictating this article … at this moment Babaji is perfectly aware of this … and knows exactly … what words I am dictating… in spite of the fact that … He has left His body… Though this … may seem rather extraordinary … it is nevertheless true that … Babaji’s … devotees had personal experience …that [he was] aware of whatever they had been saying and doing in distant places, far away from him…. This has convinced most of His closest followers that Sri Baba Neem Karoli was a ‘Siddha Purusha’ (perfected being) and knower of the past, present [and] future—Trikala Jnani. …. Close devotees of Baba Neem Karoli have seem Him simultaneously at two different places,  at one and the same time…..”


In 1973, I spent the spring and monsoon in Kainchi Dham with Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji. I would sit near him, entranced, mesmerized. He was animated with some people and with others very tender, and sometimes quite stern.  Maharaj-ji was ever changing. Once when He was walking, He took my hand, an enviable experience, because everybody wanted Him to take his or her hand. He seemed like a frail little old man, shorter and rounder than me. He slowly shuffled up the stairs to the takhat. Not long after, He again took my hand, I gladly walked beside Him. This time, He appeared taller than me, strong and agile. He took the three steps up to the takhat in stride. People have often said that Maharaj-ji is a manifestation or incarnation of Hanuman. He certainly could change shapes and sizes!

One quiet day, I was sitting on the mat against the wall, beside Maharaj-ji’s takhat when an Indian family came for Baba’s blessing.  They bowed and stood attentively as Baba spoke to them. There was a college-aged son, and a twenty-something year old daughter who was wearing blue jeans. In 1973, very few women or girls in India wore blue jeans, whereas now they are quite common.

While Maharaj-j was conversing with them in Hindi, the daughter in blue jeans began weeping profusely, falling against her mother, who was wearing a purple sari. The father and the son looked at Maharaj-ji without blinking, hands in supplication. The mother was comforting her daughter. Maharaj-ji told me to take them to the dining hall so they could have prasad.

The young woman wept all the way to the back of the ashram. I asked them what Maharaj-ji had said that had made her so upset. Baba said “not to wear blue jeans but wear saris, that she should embrace her culture.” He told her, “Your husband was a chor (a crook) and a badmash. You are much better off without him. Let him go! And know that your life is saved because he divorced you. But hold on to your Hindu culture, don’t adopt Western ways just because your husband left you:  Embrace your Dharma.” Baba told her several times that her life will be better without that badmash husband. As we ate Prasad, the girl calmed down and the family kept asking, “How did He know?”  I could only answer, based on my own experience, “Maharaj-ji seems to know everything!”

In Kainchi Dham in July 1973, Maharajji gave me a command that has helped to guide me through for the past few decades. He told me, “When you go back to America, study about in India and help make Hinduism better understood and respected.”

On September 12, 1973, the day after the passing of Neem Karoi Baba’s corporal body, I got a telegram. It was delivered to me by two postal workers as I was walking down a steep hill. I couldn’t read it. It was gobbledygook, incomprehensible marks on paper, as if I was totally dyslexic. My friend, Dayaramdas read it out word for word, “Maharaj-ji left His body STOP. Bhandara in Vridaban tomorrow STOP.”

We immediately turned to go. As I was walking up the steep hill, the whole world turned plaid, the river, the mountains, the clouds, all the leaves on all the trees, all plaid. Baba was everywhere! (Though it seemed like He could be everywhere even when in His body.)  Since then, through the decades, I am grateful that Maharajji still graces me with occasional darshans and advice.

On April 22, 1984, when I was giving birth to my second child, Maharajji came in through the wall as a ray of light. Then standing before me like a well-formed hologram, barefoot, wearing a white dhoti, with a red and blue plaid blanket over His shoulders, He extended the fore-finger of His right and said in English with an Indian accent, “Call the boy Jai Hanuman”. He then turned and walked out the door, bare-footed. My first impulse was to chase Him down the hall, but because of my pregnancy I couldn’t move very quickly and immediately realized that He had come in through a ray of light in the wall, He wasn’t going to be walking by the nurses’ station! (Btw, my son, Jai Hanuman loves his name!)

Perhaps the lure of IT people like Jobs and Zuckerberg is due to Maharaj-ji’s abilities to seemingly overcome the laws of nature, such as gravity and time and space. Just like the virtual realities these techie masters created, where anything is possible, so too Maharajji is a virtual Baba in what we know as the ‘real world’. He obtained his siddhis (powers) through practicing mental and physical austerities and meditating for long periods of time. He is an example of a human being who through employing then transcending His human abilities, overcame the limitations of being human, and reached the divine.

Here ends the article.

In the late 1960’s Narendra Modi lived in Almora at the Swami Vivekananda ashram. There is only one road from the plains to Almora.  It passes right by Kainchi Dham. At that time, all the UP Roadways buses stopped for darshan. I have written Mr. Modi and asked him if he met Maharaj-ji. As of yet, he has not replied. But a Hindu-centric young man living in Kumoan at that time, would have in all likelihood met Neem Karoli Baba. Narendra Modi seems like he has Maharajji’s Grace! Clean Bharat was his election campaign – Svachchha Bharat, building a toilet in every home. When Maharajji was building the ashram in Kainchi Dham, He had well over a dozen toilets built, with several septic pits… some people jokingly called Him “Latrine Baba”.

Please note with due reverence that on December 22, 2019, Maharajji’s beloved chela, Baba Ramdass (Dr. Richard Alpert) left his corporal body:


Ramdass’ first book “Be Here Now” was largely responsible for helping to bring the Dharma to the West.

Also a very heavy heart I have to inform of the recent sad demise of one of Maharajji’s most beloved devotees: KK Sah in Nainital:


Another devotee of Neem Karoli Babba, Dr. Larry Brilliant, with Maharajji’s urging and insistence was personally responsible for eradicating small pox in India. See:


In September 2015, when Zuckerberg informed Narendra Modi he had gone to Kainchi Dham, as mentioned, on the next day the paparazzi descended on Kumoan! Camera crews were all over the place!! Here they interviewed Vinod Joshi, the manager of the Kainchi Dham ashram and also a western devotee:


More of Maharaj-ji in the media:



The recent passing of the body of Baba Ramdass was very traumatic for millions of Americans whom he had led to the Dharma during the past six decades.

A recent Chanel 24 TV interview (in my non-fluent Hindi) explains how Maharajji commanded me to help make Hinduism better understood and respected:


I’ve always told my children and other people, that when humans die they all become Hindus again and are then reborn as Hindus (Sanata Dharma) and only get converted and indoctrinated into the religion of their new birth family, be it Christian or Muslim, etc. Then when they die again …. they are again reborn as Hindus and depending on the faith of their birth families.

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Shaheen Bagh Tamasha: Oxygen Supply from Fissiparous Elements!

Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Protest against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is totally phoney and baseless and this is the reason that it has fizzled out. It is being kept alive in certain places by those people, who have their own axes to grind. The protest was bound to die because of its own inherent weaknesses. From day one, it was as clear as daylight to everybody that the protest had no legs to stand upon. It has been managed, sponsored by the people, who have been playing to the tunes of the anti-national forces.

The most shocking thing, however, was to find such a vast number of people in our country, who can go to any extent to harm the interests of the country and every stick is good enough for them to beat the patriotic forces. They join and play all conspiratorial games to weaken the fabric of the country. They usually speak the language that is music to the ears of the Pakistani establishment.

Is it not intriguing that those who have been most intolerant tell them to be more tolerant? Those who have never given any space to anybody, they preach to be more accommodative. Recently, when there were attacks and ransacking of Nankana Saheb Gurudwara, the birthplace of Guru Nanak and presently situated in Pakistan, then there was no protest march by these Jonnies. Some of the champions of the secularism in India, albeit, quoted Mohammad Prophet who, they say, ordained his followers not to disturb those persons in Mecca, who do not believe in Islam. Prophet gave them full freedom to follow their religious paths and beliefs.

The words and deeds of Prophet Mohammad are considered to be most sacrosanct in Islam and therefore, non-Muslims should have flourished in Mecca. But for the last nearly 1500 years no trace of any non-Muslim is found in Mecca. This clearly shows that Islam essentially has no spirit of tolerance and when it comes to persecuting and converting the non-Islamists, this religion is simply unbeatable. This is the reason that mid-east countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria etc. were converted to Islam in less than three decades of attacks of Islam. This amply proves the point that when it comes to the religion Islam has little space for tolerance.

Now coming to the CAA, it has been proved beyond doubt, that it has unjustifiably been linked to a particular religion. The most disgusting spectacle of it is that some of the leaders of the Congress Party are busy spearheading this protest. In Shaheen Bagh of New Delhi, near Jamia University, some women are forced to sit on dharna and demonstration, who have no idea of what the CAA is. Obviously, it is being done at the instance of Sonia Gandhi, who is now feeling the heat of the tightening noose of the Modi administration. These leaders are stoking communalism by attaching the CAA with anti-Islam.

Since gullible easily fall prey to such appeals, Muslims have been turned against the CAA. Most of the Muslims, who are even highly educated have developed diabolical hatred for the Narendra Modi Government and hence they are doing everything to paint CAA as the anti-Muslim. They think that if the protest against the CAA is stopped, then the Modi Government will be emboldened to bring about the Uniform Civil Code and introduce the Two-Child Policy. They think that Two-Child norms and Uniform Civil Code are against the basic ingredients of Islam. Therefore, they trust the Constitution of India only to the extent it does not interfere into their personal laws but when it comes to taking the benefits under the same constitution, they swear by it. Otherwise, there is no reason, why should they raise the slogans in Muslim dominated areas like that ‘Hindustan ka aien, hamen manjoor mahin, manjoor nahi’ (We do not have any trust in the Constitution of India)? This double-speak of the Muslim leaders depict their mentality of deception and cheating.

The Modi government deserves unqualified support and admiration from all patriotic people because it has taken steps for the uniform development for all sections of the society; be it universal electrification, construction of roads, extension of bank facilities or expansion of other basic amenities, like providing LPG cylinders or providing toilets to all households without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. Those who do not want the country to march on the path of the progress, it is they who are creating these problems.

President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam – an Ideal Indian

Mr. P. M. Nair, a retired IAS officer, was the Secretary to Dr. Abdul Kalam, the President of India. As such he had the ocassions to observe the personal life of the President at close quarters. Mr. Nair has written a book “Kalam Effect”. His interview was telecast by DD Podhigai. He spoke with a choked voice about the personal life of Dr. Kalam as the President. Here is the summary of what he narrated about him:

Dr Kalam used to receive costly gifts whenever he went abroad, as it is customary for many nations to give gifts to the visiting Heads of State.

Refusing the gift would become an insult to the nation concerned and an embarrassment for India. So, he received them and on his return, Dr Kalam asked the gifts to be photographed and then catalogued, and handed over to the archives. Afterwards, he would never even look at them. He did not take even a pencil from the gifts received when he left Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

In 2002, the year Dr Kalam took over as the President, the Ramadan month came in July-August. It was a regular practice for the President to host an iftar party. Dr Kalam asked Mr Nair why he should host a party to people who are already well fed and asked him to find out how much would be the cost for the feasting.

Mr Nair told it would cost around Rs. 22 lakhs. Dr Kalam asked him to donate that amount to a few selected orphanages in the form of food, dresses and blankets. The selection of orphanages was left to a team in Rashtrapathi Bhavan and Dr Kalam had no role in it.

After the selection was made, Dr Kalam asked Mr Nair to come inside his room and gave him a cheque for Rs 1 lakh. He said that he was giving some amount from his personal savings and this should not be informed to anyone.

Mr Nair was so shocked that he said “Sir, I will go outside and tell everyone. People should know that here is a man who not only donated what he should have spent but he is giving even his own money also”.

Dr Kalam, though a devout Muslim, did not have Iftar parties in the years in which he was the President.

Dr Kalam did not like “Yes Sir” type of people. Once when the Chief Justice of India had come and on some point Dr Kalam expressed his view and asked Mr Nair,
“Do you agree?” Mr Nair said “No Sir, I do not agree with you”.

The Chief Justice was shocked and could not believe his ears. It was impossible for a civil servant to disagree with the President and that too so openly.

Mr Nair told him (Chief Justice of India) that the President would question him afterwards why he disagreed and if the reason was logical, 99% he would change his mind.

Once Dr Kalam invited 50 of his relatives to come to Delhi and they all stayed in Rashtrapathi Bhavan. He organised a bus for them to go around the city which was paid for by him. No official car was used. All their stay and food was calculated as per the instructions of Dr Kalam and the bill came to Rs 2 lakhs which he paid. In the history of this country no President has done it.

Now, wait for the climax; Dr Kalam’s elder brother stayed with him in his room for the entire one week as Dr Kalam wanted his brother to stay with him. When they left, Dr Kalam wanted to pay rent for that room also. Imagine the President of a country paying rent for the room in which he is staying.

This was any way not agreed to by the staff who thought the honesty was getting too far and too much to handle!!!.

When Kalam was to leave Rashtrapathi Bhavan at the end of his tenure, every staff member went and met him and paid their respects. Mr Nair went to him alone as his wife had fractured her leg and was confined to bed.

Dr Kalam asked why his wife did not come. He replied that she was in bed due to an accident.

Next day, Mr.Nair saw lot of policemen around his house and asked what had happened. They said that the President of India was coming to visit him in his house. He came and met his wife and chatted for some time.

Mr Nair says that no President of any country would visit a civil servant’s house and that too on such a simple pretext. These details are being given here because many of us may not have seen the telecast and so it may be useful to inform them.

The younger brother of APJ Abdul Kalam runs an umbrella repairing shop. When Mr. Nair met him during Kalam’s funeral, he touched his feet, in token of respect for both Mr. Nair and his departed brother.

Such things are not shown by the mainstream media.

The property left behind by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was estimated as under.
He owned:
6 pants (2 DRDO uniforms)
4 shirts (2 DRDO uniforms)
3 suits (1 western, 2 Indian)
2500 books
1 flat (which he has donated)
1 Padmashri
1 Padmabhushan
1 Bharat Ratna
16 doctorates
1 website
1 twitter account
1 email id

He didn’t have any TV, AC, car, jewellery, shares, land or bank balance.

He had even donated the last 8 years’ pension towards the development of his village. He was a real patriot and true Indian. India shall ever be grateful to him.

अनोखी परीक्षा – एक कहानी

राजन सिंह परिहार

“बेटा, थोड़ा खाना खाकर जा। दो दिन से तुने कुछ खाया नहीं है।” लाचार माता के ये शब्द थे अपने बेटे को समझाने के लिये।

“देख मम्मी! मैंने मेरी बारहवीं बोर्ड की परीक्षा के बाद वेकेशन में सेकेंड हैंड बाइक मांगी थी, और पापा ने प्रोमिस किया था। आज मेरे आखिरी पेपर के बाद दीदी को कह देना कि जैसे ही मैं परीक्षा खंड से बाहर आऊंगा तब पैसा लेकर बाहर खडी रहे। अपने दोस्त की पुरानी बाइक आज ही मुझे लेनी है। और हाँ, यदि दीदी वहाँ पैसे लेकर नहीं आयी तो मैं घर वापस नहीं आऊंगा।”

एक गरीब घर में बेटे मोहन की जिद्द और माता की लाचारी आमने सामने टकरा रही थी।

“बेटा! तेरे पापा तुझे बाइक लेकर देने ही वाले थे, लेकिन पिछले महीने हुए एक्सिडेंट ..

मम्मी कुछ बोले उसके पहले मोहन बोला, “मैं कुछ नहीं जानता .. मुझे तो बाइक चाहिये ही चाहिये !!”

ऐसा बोलकर मोहन अपनी मम्मी को गरीबी एवं लाचारी की मझधार में छोड़ कर घर से बाहर निकल गया।

12वीं बोर्ड की परीक्षा के बाद भागवत ‘सर’ एक अनोखी परीक्षा का आयोजन करते थे। हालांकि भागवत सर का विषय गणित था, किन्तु विद्यार्थियों को जीवन का भी गणित भी समझाते थे और उनके सभी विद्यार्थी विविधता से भरी यह परीक्षा अवस्य देने जाते थे। इस साल परीक्षा का विषय था “मेरी पारिवारिक भूमिका”!

मोहन परीक्षा खंड में आकर बैठ गया। उसने मन में गांठ बांध ली थी कि यदि मुझे बाइक लेकर नहीं देंगे तो मैं घर नहीं जाऊंगा।

भागवत सर की क्लास में सभी को पेपर वितरित हो गया। पेपर में 10 प्रश्न थे। उत्तर देने के लिये एक घंटे का समय दिया गया था। मोहन ने पहला प्रश्न पढा और जवाब लिखने की शुरुआत की।

प्रश्न नंबर १ :- आपके घर में आपके पिताजी, माताजी, बहन, भाई और आप कितने घंटे काम करते हो? सविस्तर बताइये?

मोहन ने तुरन्त जवाब लिखना शुरू कर दिया।

पापा सुबह छह बजे टिफिन के साथ अपनी ओटोरिक्षा लेकर निकल जाते हैं और रात को नौ बजे वापस आते हैं। कभी कभार वर्धी में जाना पड़ता है। ऐसे में लगभग पंद्रह घंटे।

मम्मी सुबह चार बजे उठकर पापा का टिफिन तैयार कर, बाद में घर का सारा काम करती हैं। दोपहर को सिलाई का काम करती है। और सभी लोगों के सो जाने के बाद वह सोती हैं। लगभग रोज के सोलह घंटे।

दीदी सुबह कालेज जाती हैं, शाम को 4 से 8 बजे तक पार्ट टाइम जोब करती हैं और रात्रि को मम्मी को काम में मदद करती हैं। लगभग बारह से तेरह घंटे।

मैं सुबह छह बजे उठता हूँ और दोपहर स्कूल से आकर खाना खाकर सो जाता हूँ। शाम को अपने दोस्तों के साथ टहलता हूँ। रात्रि को ग्यारह बजे तक पढता हूँ। लगभग दस घंटे।

इससे मोहन को मन ही मन लगा कि उसका कामकाज में औसत सबसे कम है। पहले सवाल के जवाब के बाद मोहन ने दूसरा प्रश्न पढा:

प्रश्न नंबर २ :- आपके घर की मासिक कुल आमदनी कितनी है?

पापा की आमदनी लगभग दस हजार हैं। मम्मी एवं दीदी मिलकर पांंच हजार जोडते हैं। कुल आमदनी पंद्रह हजार।

प्रश्न नंबर ३ :- मोबाइल रिचार्ज प्लान, आपकी मनपसंद टीवी पर आ रही तीन सीरियलो के नाम, शहर के एक सिनेमा होल का पता और अभी वहां चल रही मूवी का नाम बताइये?

उसने उन सभी प्रश्नों के जवाब आसान होने से फटाफट दो मिनट में लिख दिये।

प्रश्न नंबर ४ :- एक किलो आलू और भिन्डी के अभी हाल की कीमत क्या है? एक किलो गेहूं, चावल और तेल की कीमत बताइये? और जहाँ पर घर का गेहूं पिसाने जाते हो उस चक्की का पता दीजिये।

मोहनभाई को इस सवाल का जवाब नहीं आया। उसे समझ में आया कि उसकी दैनिक आवश्यक जरुरतों की चीजों के बारे में तो उसे लेशमात्र भी ज्ञान नहीं है। मम्मी जब भी कोई काम बताती थी तो मना कर देता था। आज उसे ज्ञान हुआ कि अनावश्यक चीजें मोबाइल रिचार्ज, मूवी का ज्ञान इतना उपयोगी नहीं है। उसे लगा कि अपने घर के काम की जवाबदेही लेने और हाथ बटोर कर साथ देने से वह कतराता रहा है।

प्रश्न नंबर ५ :- आप अपने घर में भोजन को लेकर कभी तकरार या गुस्सा करते हो?

जवाबः हां, मुझे आलू के सिवा कोई भी सब्जी पसंद नहीं है। यदि मम्मी और कोई सब्जी बनायें तो मेरे घर में झगड़ा होता है। कभी मैं बगैर खाना खायें उठ खडा हो जाता हूँ।

इतना लिखते ही मोहन को याद आया कि आलू की सब्जी से मम्मी को गैस की तकलीफ होती हैं। पेट में दर्द होता है, अपनी सब्जी में एक बडी चम्मच वो अजवाइन डालकर खाती हैं। एक दिन गलती से मैंने मम्मी की सब्जी खा ली, और फिर मैंने थूंक दिया था और फिर पूछा था कि मम्मी तुम ऐसा क्यों खाती हो? तब दीदी ने बताया था कि हमारे घर की स्थिति ऐसी अच्छी नहीं है कि हम दो सब्जी बनाकर खायें। तुम्हारी जीद्द के कारण मम्मी बेचारी क्या करें?

मोहन ने अपनी यादों से बाहर आकर अगले प्रश्न को पढा:

प्रश्न नंबर ६ :- आपने अपने घर में की हुई आखरी जीद्द के बारे में लिखिये।

मोहन ने जवाब लिखना शुरू किया। मेरी बोर्ड की परीक्षा पूर्ण होने के बाद दूसरे ही दिन बाइक के लिये जीद्द की थी। पापा ने कोई जवाब नहीं दिया था। मम्मी ने समझाया कि घर में पैसे नहीं है। लेकिन मैं नहीं माना। मैंने दो दिन से घर में खाना खाना भी छोड़ दिया है। जब तक बाइक नहीं लेकर दोगे मैं खाना नहीं खाऊंगा और आज तो मैं वापस घर भी नहीं जाऊंगा, कहके निकला हूँ।

अपनी जीद्द का प्रामाणिकता से मोहन ने जवाब लिखा।

प्रश्न नंबर ७ :- आपको अपने घर से मिल रही पोकेट मनी का आप क्या करते हो? आपके भाई-बहन कैसे खर्च करते हैं?

जवाब: हर महीने पापा मुझे सौ रुपये देते हैं। उसमें से मैं मनपसंद पर्फ्यूम, गोगल्स लेता हूं, या अपने दोस्तों की छोटी मोटी पार्टियों में खर्च करता हूँ। मेरी दीदी को भी पापा सौ रुपये देते हैं। वो खुद कमाती हैं और पगार के पैसे से मम्मी को आर्थिक मदद करती हैं। हां, उसको दिये गये पोकेट मनी को वो गल्ले में डालकर बचत करती हैं। उसे कोई मौज का शौक नहीं है, क्योंकि वो कंजूस भी हैं।

प्रश्न नंबर ८ :- क्या आप अपनी खुद की पारिवारिक भूमिका को समझते हो?

प्रश्न अटपटा था। जटिल होने के बाद भी मोहन ने जवाब लिखा।

परिवार के साथ जुड़े रहना, एकदूसरे के प्रति समझदारी से व्यवहार करना एवं मददरूप होना चाहिये। और ऐसे अपनी जवाब देही निभानी चाहिये।

लेकिन यह लिखते लिखते ही अंतरात्मा से आवाज आयी कि अरे मोहन! क्या तुम खुद अपनी पारिवारिक भूमिका को योग्य रूप से निभा रहे हो? और अंतरात्मा से जवाब आया कि नही, बिल्कुल नहीं !!

प्रश्न नंबर ९ :- आपके परिणाम से आपके माता-पिता खुश हैं? क्या वह अच्छे परिणाम के लिये आपसे जीद्द करते हैं? आपको डांटते रहते हैं?

इस प्रश्न का जवाब लिखने से पहले हुए मोहन की आंखें भर आयी। अब वह परिवार के प्रति अपनी भूमिका बराबर समझ चुका था। उसने लिखने की शुरुआत की:

वैसे तो मैं कभी भी मेरे माता-पिता को आज तक संतोष जनक परिणाम नहीं दे पाया हूँ। लेकिन इसके लिये उन्होंने कभी भी जीद्द नहीं की है। मैंने बहुत बार अच्छे रिजल्ट के प्रोमिस तोडे हैं। फिर भी हल्की सी डांट के बाद वही प्रेम और वात्सल्य बना रहता था।

प्रश्न नंबर १० :- पारिवारिक जीवन में असरदार भूमिका निभाने के लिये इस वेकेशन में आप कैसे परिवार के लिये मददगार होंगें?

जवाब में मोहन की कलम चले इससे पहले उनकी आंखों से आंसू बहने लगे और जवाब लिखने से पहले ही कलम रुक गई। बेंच के नीचे मुंह रखकर रोने लगा। फिर से कलम उठायी लेकिन तब भी वह कुछ न लिख पाया। अनुत्तर दसवां प्रश्न छोड़कर पेपर सबमिट कर दिया।

स्कूल के दरवाजे पर दीदी को देखकर उसकी ओर दौड़ पडा।

“भैया! ये ले आठ हजार रुपये, मम्मी ने कहा है कि बाइक लेकर ही घर आना।”

दीदी ने मोहन के सामने पैसे रख दिये।

“कहाँ से लायी हो ये पैसे?” मोहन ने पूछा।

दीदी ने बताया: “मैंने अपने औफिस से एक महीने की सेलेरी एडवांस मांग ली। मम्मी भी जहां काम करती हैं वहीं से उधार ले लिया और अपनी पोकेटमनी की बचत से निकाल लिये। ऐसा करके तुम्हारी बाइक के पैसे की व्यवस्था हो गई हैं।”

मोहन की दृष्टि पैसे पर स्थिर हो गई।

दीदी फिर बोली ” भाई, तुम मम्मी को बोलकर निकले थे कि पैसे नहीं दोगे तो मैं घर पर नहीं आऊंगा! अब तुम्हें समझना चाहिये कि तुम्हारी भी घर के प्रति जिम्मेदारी है। मुझे भी बहुत से शौक हैं, लेकिन अपने शौक से कहीं अधिक मैं अपने परिवार को महत्व देती हूं। तुम हमारे परिवार के सबसे लाडले हो, पापा को पैर की तकलीफ हैं फिर भी तेरी बाइक के लिये पैसे कमाने और तुम्हें दिये प्रोमिस को पूरा करने अपने फ्रेक्चर वाले पैर होने के बावजूद काम किये जा रहे हैं, तेरी बाइक के लिये। यदि तुम समझ सको तो अच्छा है, कल रात को अपने प्रोमिस को पूरा नहीं कर सकने के कारण बहुत दुःखी थे। और इसके पीछे उनकी मजबूरी है। बाकी तुमने तो अनेकों बार अपने प्रोमिस तोडे ही है न?”

मेरे हाथ में पैसे थमाकर दीदी घर की ओर चल निकली।

उसी समय उसका दोस्त वहां अपनी बाइक लेकर आ गया। उसे वह अच्छे से चमका कर लाया था।

“ले, मोहन आज से यह बाइक तुम्हारी, सब बारह हजार दे रहे हैं, मगर यह तुम्हारे लिये आठ हजार में ।”

मोहन बाइक की ओर टकर टकर देख रहा था और थोड़ी देर के बाद बोला:

“दोस्त तुम अपनी बाइक उस बारह हजार वाले को ही दे देना! मेरे पास पैसे की व्यवस्था नहीं हो पायी है और होने की हाल मे संभावना भी नहीं है।”

और वह सीधा भागवत सर की केबिन में जा पहूंचा।

“अरे मोहन! कैसा लिखा है पेपर में?” भागवत सर ने मोहन की ओर देख कर पूछा।

“सर ! यह कोई पेपर नहीं था, ये तो मेरे जीवन के लिये दिशानिर्देश था। मैंने एक प्रश्न का जवाब छोड़ दिया है। किन्तु यह जवाब मै लिखकर नहीं, अपने जीवन की जवाब देही निभाकर दूंगा।”

और वह भागवत सर को चरणस्पर्श कर अपने घर की ओर निकल पडा। घर पहुंचते ही, मम्मी पापा दीदी सब उसकी राह देखते हुए खडे थे।

“बेटा! बाइक कहाँ हैं?” मम्मी ने पूछा।

मोहन ने दीदी के हाथों में पैसे थमा दिये और कहा कि सोरी! मुझे बाइक नहीं चाहिये। और पापा मुझे ओटो की
चाभी दो, आज से मैं पूरे वेकेशन तक ओटो चलाऊंगा और आप थोड़े दिन आराम करेंगे, और मम्मी आज मैं अपनी पहली कमाई शुरू करूंगा। इसलिये तुम अपनी पसंद की मैथी की भाजी और बैगन ले आना, रात को हम सब साथ मिलकर के खाना खायेंगे।

मोहन के स्वभाव में आये इस परिवर्तन को देखकर मम्मी ने उसको गले लगा लिया और कहा कि “बेटा! सुबह जो कहकर तुम गये थे वह बात मैंने तुम्हारे पापा को बतायी थी और इसलिये वो दुःखी हो गये, काम छोड़ कर वापस घर आ गये। भले ही मुझे पेट में दर्द होता हो लेकिन आज तो मैं तेरी पसंद की ही सब्जी बनाऊंगी।”

मोहन ने कहा, “नहीं मम्मी! अब मेरी समझ गया हूँ कि मेरे घर परिवार में मेरी भूमिका क्या है? मैं रात को बैंगन मैथी की सब्जी ही खाऊंगा, परीक्षा में मैंने आखरी जवाब नहीं लिखा हैं, वह प्रेक्टिकल करके ही दिखाना है। और हाँ मम्मी हम गेहूं को पिसाने कहां जाते हैं, उस चक्की का नाम और पता भी मुझे दे दो”

और उसी समय भागवत सर ने घर में प्रवेश किया और बोले “वाह! मोहन, जो जवाब तुमनें लिखकर नहीं दिये वे प्रेक्टिकल जीवन जीकर कर दोगे !!

“सर! आप और यहाँ?” मोहन भागवत सर को देख कर आश्चर्य चकित हो गया।

“मुझसे मिलकर तुम चले गये, उसके बाद मैंने तुम्हारा पेपर पढा इसलिये तुम्हारे घर की ओर निकल पडा। मैं बहुत देर से तुम्हारे अंदर आये परिवर्तन को सुन रहा था। मेरी अनोखी परीक्षा पूर्णत: सफल रही है ! और इस परीक्षा में तुमने पहला नंबर पाया है।”

ऐसा बोलकर भागवत सर ने मोहन के सर पर हाथ रख दिया। मोहन ने तुरंत ही भागवत सर के पैर छुएँ और ओटोरिक्षा चलाने के लिये निकल पडा।

CAA: Why Question Saving of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Dalits?

Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)
   Those who are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and shedding crocodile tears for the Dalits appear to be unaware of the horrible facts that the worst sufferers of the partition of India have been Dalits. Those who were left back in west Pakistan or in present Bangladesh were mostly Dalits. The sufferings which they had undergone and are still undergoing shudders and shocks to the core of human conscience. One has to read the letter of Shri Joginder Nath Mandal, who was the first Law Minister of Pakistan, which he wrote to Liaquat Ali Khan (the frist Prime Minister of Pakistan), to have some idea of the persecution of Dalits. In one of his letters, he has said Pakistani Army stationed in east Pakistan was using the women of his community as a source of recreation. They were raped, molested day in and day out with gay abandon and were converted to Islam. If any resistance were made, then the male members were mercilessly beaten or beheaded without any compunction or remorse.
    Dr B.R. Ambedkar was very clear about the misbehaviour of Muslims towards Dalits and this was the reason that he outrightly refused to convert to Islam despite the offer of Nizam Hyderabad to give him Rs. two hundred crores to become a Muslim. Perhaps this was one of the reasons that in his book ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’, he had advocated for population exchange in case of the vivisection of India. He had said that Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan should come to India and Muslims from India must go to Pakistan. He further said that ‘the transfer of minorities is the only lasting remedy for communal peace is beyond doubt. The only way to make Hindustan homogeneous is to arrange for exchange of population. Until that is done, it must be admitted that even with the creation of Pakistan, the problem of majority versus minority will remain in Hindustan as before and will continue to produce disharmony in the body politic of Hindustan.’
    Dr Ambedkar was very critical of the hypocrisy of Mahatma Gandhi and he had observed that ‘Mr. Gandhi never protested the murders of Hindus in Pakistan. He never called up the leading Muslims to condemn the killings of Hindus by the Muslims wherever they are in the majority. As a matter of fact, Gandhi ji was more anxious to preserve Hindu-Muslim unity and so he did not mind the murders of a few Hindus if it could be achieved by sacrificing their lives. This attitude to excuse the Muslims any wrong, lest it should injure the cause of unity is well illustrated by what Mr Gandhi had to say in the matter of Mopla riots. The blood-curdling atrocities committed by the Moplas in Malabar against the Hindus were indescribable. What was more horrifying was that Mr Gandhi had joined the rabidly communal Khilafat Movement, whose leaders were so misguided as to pass a resolution of congratulations to the Moplas on the brave fight they were conducting for the sake of their religion’.
   Dr Ambedkar further said that ‘any person could have said that this was too heavy a price for Hindu Muslim unity. But not Mr Gandhi, who was so much obsessed with the necessity of establishing Hindu Muslim unity that he was prepared to make light of the doings of the Moplas and the Khilafats, who were congratulating them’. The shock of the shocks was that Mahatma spoke of the Moplas ‘as the brave and God-fearing, who were fighting for what they consider as religion and in a manner which they consider as religious.’
    It will be insanity to ask Muslims to go out of India, but they can certainly be asked, convinced and if the need arises, be coerced to fall in line with the Constitution of India. They must raise their voice for the Uniform Civil Code and also for the introduction of the policy for the population control, which should be applicable to all, regardless of caste, creed and religion. They must try to amalgamate with the rest of the population because there cannot be any space for insulation and separate treatment for them.
    The Muslims, therefore, must welcome and congratulate Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for bringing about the Citizenship Amendment Act, which will facilitate the conferring of citizenship to persecuted minorities of the Islamic states of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those, who want the infiltrators to be given all facilities in India at the cost of its citizens cannot be the friends of the country. And here comes the responsibility of the administration to identify such persons and give them the stern punishment for damaging the interests of the country.
    One can only laugh at the falsity and deception of the persons like Owaisi and Azam Khan, who say that their forefathers stayed back in India by choice because they had a love for this country. The fact is that Rajakars, who were the forefathers of the ilk of Owaisi, had fought pitched battle against the Indian Army and they wanted to be the part of Pakistan; and forefathers of persons like Azam Khan had fought for Pakistan because they were not sure of their future in India. This is an irony that Mohd. Azam Khan has constructed a University in Rampur in the name of a person, who was so rabidly communal that he did not even like to be buried in India because he was one of those who had conceived for Pakistan.
Therefore, the Government of India should not be apologetic about the National Register of Citizens so as to give full protection to its citizens by driving out the infiltrators from the country. As far as Hindus are concerned, they have never been united and this was the reason that they have been subjugated at will by any determined force, howsoever, the small their numbers might have been.  It will not be far from the truth that Hindus are the biggest enemies of Hindus because they are always prepared to give any absurd logic to appease the Muslims.

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