Article 1: Name

  1. The name of the party shall be ‘Indian People’s Congress’ (herein after referred to ‘the Party’).

  2. The Party shall be innovative in its structure and way of functioning to meet the demands and exigencies of our times. It shall make efforts to search, discover and invent newer ways and methods of making the Party cohesive and discipled force of organized Indians around the Party’s vision and program.

  3. In order to offset to some extent the unfair advantage of money-power of the established other Indian political parties, the Party shall only maintain a ‘virtual office’ on internet to utilize its unprecedented power of information and reach to people.

  4. The Party shall adopt a flag, symbol and an anthem in consonance with its vision of a new India.

Article 2: Aims

  1. Indian People’s Congress in pursuit of its aims shall follow the policy of ‘collaboration’ with all good human beings and not of ‘competition’ with any person or organization. The Party has short term and long term aims.

  2. The short term aim of Indian People’s Congress is:

  • Bringing public awareness of the need to empower people in democratic decision-making;

  • Creating public pressure to bring transparency and accountability in all organs of Government administration;

  • Creating public pressure on the Government to adopt information technology in the matters of electing people’s representatives, monitoring their performance and recalling them back.

  1. The long term aim: Indian People’s Congress is the voice of humanity’s conscience. It is evolutionary in its vision and revolutionary in agenda.  It aims at providing humanity with better economic, social and cultural ambience for her rapid evolutionary march forward. To make available to people this better ambience, it aims at building a new age social order through technologically empowered people’s democracy. It has the agenda to build this new age social order where humanity’s  technological capacity for making automated production of commodities is used solely to provide them leisure-hours so that they could make fast progress and not used to render them jobless so that the enablers of this production process could earn more private profit.

  2. The Party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

Article 3: Organization

  1. The Party in its organization is guided by the principle: ‘extra-ordinary problem calls for extra-ordinary solution’.

  2. The Party has no leader in particular except its guiding vision of India. Practice and promotion of personality-cult and dynastic rule are prohibited in the Party.

  3. Indian People’s Congress is only a public platform created for Indian people to bring a meaningful change in an effective manner in the country.

  4. Indian People’s Congress does not belong to any person or group of persons in particular. It belongs to all Indians who may share its vision of an India that is modern in its outlook, a world power in science and technology and a model of enlightened people for global community.

  5. The Party does not maintain Roll of Members. It only maintains ‘Assets’. These Assets are in-house and outsourced ones.

  6. The Party’s Assets are its Sympathizers; Consultants; Think Tanks; Managers; Coordinators; Activists; Advisors; People’s Movements; NGOs.

  7. The Party is led by the community of networked Indian people. This networked community of people is unified by the single factor of their common sharing of this vision of India.

  8. The networked community is voluntarily created by individuals by utilizing the internet facilities offered by this web site of the Party or the facilities provided by facebook, twitter, you-tube or any other similar means and by expressing their views on the burning national issues. Any person who may happen to read these lines has the right to express his or her views on the subject, to co-ordinate with the like-minded persons and become a Coordinator in Central Committee of the Party.

  9. The networked community is organized by ‘independent democratic initiatives’ taken by individuals of this community. Individuals may take initiative by talking or writing in this website’s message box or by coordinating with other like-minded persons on this website. No person should expect anybody else to tell him / her what to do.

  10. The networked community may organize into ‘Central Committee of Coordinators’. Such Committee may devise suitable ways and means to achieve the objectives set out on this website.

  11. The Party shall convene regular meetings and conferences of people at local and national levels through audio, video and other networked means, in addition to the ordinary means of their physical presence at such meetings.

  12. The Party shall develop traditions, rules and regulations that would make it a transparent public institution, accountable in its conduct to the Party and governed democratically.

  13. The Party shall appoint an Administrator, who may be a volunteer or paid employee, to run and maintain this website. The Administrator shall not take part in the Party’s activities. All the passwords or keys of this website shall be handed over to and maintained by the Administrator.

  14. The accounts of all the money received by the Party, whether by donation or otherwise, shall be put and periodically updated by the Administrator for public viewing on this website. The current policy of the Party is not to seek or accept donations from any person or body of persons.

Article 4: Amendment

  1. The constitution of Indian People’s Congress shall be organically evolved over a period of time. It may be amended by a general consensus of the Party’s Central Committee Coordinators either by way of additions or deletions through experience gained with the passage of time.

  2. All amendment considered necessary by the Central Committee Coordinators shall be made part of this Constitution in the ensuing national conference of the Party.


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