What is to be done?

What is to be done?  What can you – as an individual – do?  What can we  – collectively – do?

Answers to these questions depend on you – your personality,  your individuality. Find out where you fit in:

Category III

  1. Read the material here.  Try to lead the country – in the light of what has been stated here – in a direction that would make it a Spiritual Guide of humanity.
  2. Participate in the democratic politics of India by contesting elections to the representative bodies.
  3. Instead of competitive politics,  do a co-operative politics.  Support,  endorse and co-operate with good persons,  irrespective of their political affiliation,  in elections.
  4. Go to the people – political constituencies – to connect with them,  to read their hearts and to guide them in the right direction.
  5. Organize study circles, form local units of IPC in your area,  link-up with other similar units at District,  State and National levels. Take independent initiative,  use information technology to connect with like-minded persons and act in decentralized free manner.
  6. Make political alliances with correct political parties and correct political leaders to serve the supreme interests of India.
  7. Help spread the message of unity,  goodwill and fraternity among different sections of people and humanity.

Category II

  1. Read the material here.  Knowledge will empower you.
  2. Create a circle of your friends and discuss the material among friends. It will effect the society in a positive way.
  3. Bring a positive change in your life in the light of your knowledge.  This will bring,  to start with one unit,  a change in the society.
  4. Try to impose the least burden on the resources of our planet by living a simple life. Lead a contented life by avoiding indulgence in excessive consumption. Try to inflict least injuries to other forms of life – particularly to the forms of life that are evolved enough to compete with human life in sharing Earth’s resources – by becoming, if possible, vegetarian. No violence but love towards all. All such steps will better our way of life and our society.
  5. Try to keep in mind, life is short and there is something else that never perishes with life,  and is of more value to you than your life.  It will serve your own personal interests.
  6. Take decisions concerning your society,  like voting and governance activities,  in the light of your knowledge.
  7. Connect through technology with other like-minded people to spread among them your way of life.

Category I

  1. Read the material here and acquire knowledge.  It will serve your best interests.
  2. Be inquisitive,  inquiring,  rational in thinking,  in know of scientific discoveries and with an attitude that always there is ever more to know and learn in this world.
  3. Make your personal life a light – an example – for others to follow.  It will be the best you can do for others.
  4. If possible,  try to know you – who you are. Get the guidance in this respect here: ( The secret of secrets ). It is the best you can do to serve your own personal interests.
  5. While we love our life the most and all that which serve our own personal interests,  we have a voice coming from our deepest self – our conscience – that tells us that we owe a duty towards our progeny – future generations – to hand them over before we depart from the scene a better world than the one we have inherited.
  6. In view of this,  it becomes our duty to ensure – to contribute our mites – that this world and its dismal conditions are improved.
  7. This brings us back to the category III people and their work.  Therefore, we need to do whatever we can do, in the light of our knowledge, to improve the conditions of the world we live in.

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  1. Dr.Shashi Tiwari ,New Delhi
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 17:01:17

    Good and informative website. How to submit an article ? Do you give author’s name.?



  2. Swapankumar Mazumder
    Dec 24, 2014 @ 22:08:32

    Dear sir – I am interested in IPC [24/12/2014,Wed/Xmas EVEhour/PM]



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