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   Now science has provided the technological capability to make democracy more true to its basic principle. Democracy as it obtains today cannot obstruct for long the far-reaching impact of information technology that is now common place. Democracy is theoretically the ideal mechanism of self governance invented by human beings. It is but natural that in the collective living of a group, all individuals may not always agree while taking decisions.

  Human beings in their evolutionary history have co-existed for long and devised many forms of dispute-redressing mechanism to ensure their continued comparatively peaceful co-existence. And, now we have a dispute-redressing socio-political engineering that we call democracy. Democracy is a form of human self governance. Its basic principle is the rule of the majority over the minority. In the collective living of human beings there are always recurring moments when they are required to take collective decisions, and often, momentous decisions. While taking decisions, the unanimity of decision makers is ideal but almost always elusive. And, therefore, the next best thing possible is to take decisions by majority of the decision makers. Taking decisions by majority that bind majority and minority both is democracy.

  It is natural that the minority, which did not agree to the majority view but found a much disliked-decision imposed on it by the operation of majority rule, would search for some loopholes to thwart and diminish the impact of the unpleasant majority decision. We are not talking here of the mundane routine scandalous politics that intermittently occur in democratic countries. We are up for serious things here.

  The crux is that on crucial economic issues that vitally affect human beings in their collective living, the majority must find benefit in the decision that is taken by the majority notwithstanding the opposition of the minority. However, we find that in economic matters the minority is rich to the detriment of the majority who are poor. This is impeccable proof that here democracy, the rule of the majority, has been thwarted by whoever got illegitimate benefits from this distortion and by whatever means.

  We must purify democracy by the application of science. We are not against anybody. We hold that human beings are mere instruments of forces that guide the course of events, at micro and macro scale in this grand universe.

  We stand for the truly majority rule and surely the majority would benefit by its own rule in economic matters in contradistinction to the benefit accruing to minority. The minority has usurped machine, that saves human labor, from the hands of majority and yoked it in their own selfish service by rendering millions jobless. The minority monopolizes machine so that it may earn private profit by the work of machine with the less human labor needed.  The minority has become rich and the majority has been reduced to poverty, though this majority is still flaunted as the rulers. In the rule of majority, the majority cannot be poor and the minority rich. It is distorted democracy. The science has come, as ever, to play its redeeming role to change the things in a forward movement.

  How the science can be applied to democracy? We elect our representatives for a fixed term. They represent us for this term. We need the application of available technology on this issue in two ways. Firstly, the initial electoral process is presently much influenced by artificial means. The objective image of prospective representative is allowed to be bolstered by lobbying forces. This bolstering needs money that is not sufficiently available with the majority of population and their true aspiring representative is rendered disadvantaged. This could not be helped yesterday; today it can be remedied. The voting must be done only through the suitable device of information technology and without any role for the intervening economic forces in any manner.

  It is possible. And, it must be done to redeem democracy from the hands of minority and accumulated money. Secondly, we must employ the information technology once again to constantly approve or disapprove our initially elected representatives. Of course, we need stability of the term of representation. Also, our representatives need insulation from momentary passions of the electorates who may disapprove leader’s unpopular decisions under the heat of the moment but may later on approve them on their cool calculations.

  These are some of the problems that the technology enabled true democracy would have to resolve. There may be fixed a critical approval index below which a representative must quit. However, the technology should be used to constantly elect our representatives. Our leaders should be our representatives and they should be so at every moment. There cannot be anything like fixed secured term in true democracy. The fixed or secured term must be provided only to offset the undesirable impact on the cool decisions of our representatives. In fact, the real remedy of this problem lies in educating and enlightening our people and not allowing our representatives to continue despite electorate’s disapproval. Theoretically, the electorates know their interest best and the elected representatives cannot continue in the face of disapproval by their electorates.

  For the democracy to become true today, the application of technology is necessary. For a democracy to become vibrant and healthy, it is necessary that its citizens should be educated, informed, empowered and enlightened.

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