The supreme interest of humanity lies in serving the cause of her evolutionary journey. We know that humanity as a race – Homo sapiens – is an evolving species and with the debut of Homo sapiens on our planet this evolutionary process has not come to an end. The supreme interest of humanity lies in publicly recognizing, helping and promoting this evolutionary process. This evolutionary process includes both biological and spiritual aspects of humanity’s evolution. While the biological aspect of this process is carried forward by Nature in ascending order through perpetuating life species (including humans) in ever better forms, its spiritual aspect is not confined to this biological aspect of life alone. It extends from biology to psychology – and beyond psychology to those dimensions of life’s consciousness of which we humans are not much aware at the present state of our science. As a prudent race, we must leave the scope for tomorrow for the unknown of today and, if we were to err in making a choice, we should err on the right side.
There must not be any doubt that this material world, all its resources and man-made social institutions are nothing but the “means” of this biological and psychological – or better, spiritual – evolutionary process of humanity. We may say that while this human biological evolutionary process is carried forward through the medium – the means – of the ‘natural material resources’, the human spiritual evolution is progressed further by the ‘man-made social, economic and political institutions’ crafted and improved by our civilization with the passage of time.
On the part of humanity, the wisdom lies in understanding and utilizing these two-fold media only from an evolutionary perspective. In comparison to this evolutionary context, all other human-considerations – be they deemed by us high – are nothing in significance but only selfish in our intention, subjective in our estimation and petty in their value.
To help and promote the ongoing human evolutionary march, we need again and again – throughout our history – to orient, re-orient and reform these evolutionary media in their utilization so that they may serve our supreme interests of progress and for our own benefit in ever better way. This is an evolutionary outlook. This outlook of the world puts the greatest value on the human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation. This outlook emphasizes the need on our part, on the one hand, to effect a change, again and again; a change in the light of our newly acquired knowledge; and in the light of our accomplished innovations; a change in the matter of distribution of wealth – natural and man-made both – among humans; and in the matter of the enjoyment of that wealth by them; and on the other hand, to effect an unceasing change in our social institutions for the spiritual betterment of humanity commensurate with those ever-better patterns of distribution of wealth.
The human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation have borne sweet fruits in the form of science and technology to humanity’s great advantage and convenience. While scientific knowledge and technological tools, on the one hand, present to humans in their daily life decisive advantages, convenience,  and a helping hand to their rapid biological evolution, on the other hand humans’ social, economic, political and cultural institutions exert tremendous impact on the forward movement of their spiritual evolution.
The course of human history teaches us that Nature intends to make these fruits of human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation reach to the entirety of humanity, and, thus, enable this humanity – as a group – to climb up one more step on the ladder of evolution.
However, in the context of our own times, we find today that while these sweet fruits of human endeavors are still awaiting to reach to a large part of humanity on the one hand, on the other hand the social, economic, political and cultural institutions of humanity have become obstruction to their further spiritual advancement. While the former deficiency requires on our part to re-form a better wealth distribution mechanism to make its availability more equitable so as to ensure that the sweet fruits of human labor easily reach to the ordinary citizens, the later deficiency requires on our part to re-form these these social institutions in a better way to ensure they become more congenial to humanity’s further spiritual advancement.
How can these twin objectives be achieved by us in modern times? Today we live in an enlightened age and we govern ourselves by the political institution of democracy, which ensures the rule of popular will with an inbuilt aspirations of ordinary citizens for their liberty and freedom. However, the bulk of ordinary citizens – that we call popular will or majority in democracy – have for various reasons no capability to assume the role of leadership of the humanity in the matter of her forward march. Because of the ways in which Nature works, it is only a small pack of humans among this mass of humanity that leads this forward march of our race. While this pack of an enlightened minority of humanity leads the evolutionary march, the average ones forming the majority of humanity lag behind in this march; but this legging-behind herd of humanity accomplishes the Nature’s much-required corrective function: this bulk of average humanity pulls back the leaders’ marching steps, checks their forward movement momentarily and corrects the missteps that the leading lights of humanity might have unwisely or unwittingly taken. This is Nature’s corrective function; this corrective mechanism ensures a steady but slow forward march of humanity.
For this reason, evolution of our race is a slow process barely perceptible in centuries, if not in thousands of years. First a few enlightened ones among the humanity take leading steps and then Nature checks their rapid onward rush to enable the rest average human herd to move forward and catch up with the leaders. In the olden days, the enlightened ones were personified in monarchs, their courtiers, craftsmen and generals commanding their armies. In modern times, these enlightened ones are constituted in persons running industries, governments, scientific institutions and commanding their instruments of force. This is the reason of the slow pace of evolution. And, it is the beauty of Nature and should be a welcome thing for us. The lagging behind position of the average humanity is reflected in the popular will of the majority, which in modern times is formalized in the political institution of democracy. But this social institution of democracy is manned by humans and has all the limitations that are associated with the human nature and with the times in which these humans live. Invention of the institution of democracy in its modern avatar was an innovation and it has worked so far well within these twin-fold limitations.

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