Humans and Earth

   Nature is ceaselessly at its work of evolving life further and consciousness higher. This evolutionary process is extremely slow. It takes centuries, if not thousands of years, for this process to bring even a minor change that may be perceptible. The outer signs of this change are exhibited in the mutation that continuously takes place in the molecular formations of DNA and RNA. But the mutation is only an outer sign or evidence of the internal process going on in the living bodies. It is not the mutation of DNA etc. that is the cause of life’s evolution.

  On the contrary, it is the life’s evolution – or struggle against blind forces of Nature – that brings about the mutation in the molecular formation of these building blocks of life. Human beings have evolved and perfected to a certain degree the tool of reason that we call Mind. Organic structure of the seat of this process – physical brain – is merely the outer apparatus – like the hardware of a computer – enabling the internal – software – process to take place. Mind – that is, reason – is not the ultimate product of Nature. Mind is bound to be superseded by a better – higher – instrument of consciousness.

  But Nature will take thousands of years in its general course to achieve this next stage of evolutionary march. Is it possible to accelerate this evolutionary process by artificial (conscious Yogic) means? Is it possible to squeeze the time scale of thousands of years into a few centuries, or still more, into a few decades? It cannot be done by solely human efforts however heroic this effort may be. It can be done, if the Supreme Being wills it. But the Supreme Being does not will it unless at least a few individuals are ready to become vehicle of this Supreme Will and the mankind’s collective consciousness is willing and ready to cooperate and collaborate. Such an effort, even a thought of it, by a human being would be bizarre. It would be a kind of unparalleled heroic work in the entire span of mankind’s history.

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