Are Humans immortal?

  The physical body of human being is immortal. Is this statement scientifically correct? What is the scientific proof that physical body of human being is immortal?

    We all are familiar with the scientific law of conservation of energy. It says that nothing can be created and anything that is already there cannot be destroyed. However, the process of transformation of things into different forms is constantly going on in Nature.

  Also, it is established scientific fact that the physical body of human beings, like anything else in Nature, is disintegrated into its constituent elements. These elements thereupon are further absorbed into newer things, like trees, microbes, atmospheric formations etc., and start a new lease of existence in different forms. It is immortality. Nothing of the physical body is destroyed   after death of human being. Further, the physical body under the operation of universal scheme of things tries to perpetuate by genetic duplication. The original life that once originated on Earth is still continuing in the forms of various life-forms. The original hominid that once lived somewhere in Africa, as Anthropology tells us on the basis of available evidence, is still being duplicated in the form of various races of human beings.

  In this way the gross physical body of human being is recycled by absorption, assimilation and transformation. It is immortal.

Desires are Immortal:

The gross physical body is connected to the desire body by a subtle bridge, and it is the subject that a new fledgling branch of knowledge, called parapsychology, deals with. Instincts, impulses, desires and all sorts of cravings are the motive-force of creation. These are full of life-energy. Without them there is no reason for life to manifest in varied forms. Though the universe as a whole is an ordered apparatus, without these forces there was no scope for this ordered apparatus to come into being. All beauty, love, passion and urge to go ahead in life emanate from desires, and also all ugliness, hate and dark impulses have their origin in desires.

  The raison d’être of the creation ranging from this universe to life in its highest form is desire. If there is no desire there is no reason for life to exist. In human beings, if all traces of desire are eradicated by persistent efforts, as various spiritual disciplines for gaining self-control and mastery over one-self prescribe, then man would not only die like a dry leaf comes off a branch of tree but he would not be born again.

  But we find there is this universal creation and, therefore, there is a wish, a desire that made this creation possible. We associate desire with human being but this force of creation, the force of an urge, is not dependent on any human agency. Though this universal force of creation is received and identified in human beings as desire. This whole universe in its present ordered state is a creation (it is not the creation out of nothing but merely a transformation from one state to another in a cyclic manifestation) and, therefore, it is driven by desires.

  The whole creation is a grand desire. Within this whole there are infinite numbers of self-sustaining and independent constituent parts of desires that are beautifully integrated into this whole. And, not only the grand desire but also these constituent desires that are integrated with this grand urge exist as a hard reality. These have their own world and own rules. These cravings are formed and transformed, and received and transmitted by living creatures, though the creatures themselves merely feel them a part of their own consciousness. Is it true to state that desires exist in universe independent of human beings who feel them? Also, as we have said earlier, is it true to state that thoughts exist in universe independent of human beings who are conscious of them?

  Let us give an analogy to understand the truth of the matter in this respect. We human beings perceive colors, beautiful and of varied hues. Do these colors exist in universe independent of human beings? Yes, they exist. But they do not exist in the form of ‘colors’ as we perceive them. The colors are the corresponding sensations in the brain of human beings of particular frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Colors exist in Nature, though not as colors but a corresponding reality. Our universe is an apparatus that is full of order and logic, if there is a human being to search and sense these harmonious structures. Even if there is no human being there to sense and ‘certify’ this orderliness of universe, it still exists there as a hard reality. Our universe is a beautiful creation that is still continuing to grow. Our desires are its reflection in our consciousness and even if we are not there to feel them, they exist there.

  The desire-body of human being is an independent formation and remains interwoven with the physical body during the life-time of human being. After his death, this body is released into the desire-world – a fully fledged world of things and beings made up of desires. After this release, the desire-body remains emotionally attached to the dear ones of the dead person and it does not wish to leave the company of these relatives. However, it is not always possible for this desire-body to get connected with the people living in the physical world. Under certain conditions, like receptivity and open willingness of the living dear ones, this body some times gets connected with them. Then, these persons are said to talk with the dead soul (but it is not soul, depending on the definition of soul). This body remains intact in its desire- world for a certain length of time, like we live for certain period in this physical world. Also, some time, this intact body is assimilated completely by a new born baby and then the child ‘remembers’ events of his past birth.

  It is rebirth of desire-body, that remained intact under suitable conditions, like strong desires, demands, revenge, love and innumerable other circumstances. The desire-bodies in the desire-world spend their appointed lives. Sometimes, they happen to come into contact with the physical world of human beings, under suitable conditions and they are perceived as ‘strange beings’ by human beings. These beings have real existence. Within ourselves, we all have our own such subtle beings. After death, our desire bodies are released into the world of these beings. On completion of its appointed period, the desire-body also gets disintegrated into its constituent elements. These disintegrated elements of desires are again absorbed by growing children in our physical world. Thus the cycle of transformation of desires goes on in Nature. In fact, we ‘receive’ desires, though we feel as if we ourselves are performing this act of desire. We human beings are the meeting place of various forces, desires, thoughts etc. We not only receive desires from other sources, but also we generate and transmit them to others. It is a subject of complexity much more than the problem of Grand Unification of Fundamental forces of physical Nature. So far as it is relevant for human beings to understand and utilize their conclusions in day-to-day life, this subject has been beautifully dealt with by Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ and many others in their prescriptions. Under certain conditions and in certain places, we sometimes get choked with certain kind of desire, say desire of hate, or love, as we are simply receiving them as receivers. Desires are immortal.

Thoughts are immortal:

 What is a ‘thought’? Does ‘thought’ exist? How do we know of the ‘apparent existence’ of, say, mind – that is, reason? What is reason? We human beings (like our inferior cousins, plants, microbes and animals) observe ‘objective’ world around us. We act, being propelled by the movers of life, like the so-called instincts and ‘go ahead’ by preserving ourselves, dealing with others, dominating our rivals, adapting to new circumstances and procreating our race. This is evolving ourselves in relation to the objective world around us. This is life. But this is not enough to ‘reason’. To be able to ‘reason’ we have to rise a bit higher on the ladder of life. To ‘reason’, we take a portion of the ‘objective’ world around us and isolate this portion from the ‘unified whole’ of this world. This is the separation of a part from the whole by using the faculty of our ‘reason’.

  We study the properties of this isolated part and then refit it into the whole again. It is like breaking the whole into pieces creating jigsaw puzzle and solving the same by putting them back in different relations. This is unification. The reasoning follows the process of movement from unity to separation to unity again. Or, it may be put this way: we take a set of material objects (with their associated properties) and isolate this set from the remainder of the whole universe. It is an incongruous heap or, say, a jumbled world. The incongruity in their interrelation is a ‘problem’ or, say, disorder. We re-position them again and again in their interrelation till congruity is established. Then, the incongruous heap turns into a congruous order of their interrelations. We call it a ‘thought’.

  The output of the process of reason is   a thought. And, this thought, when found to be in congruity with another neighboring ‘assembled’ thought, is elevated to the dignity of a principle or even a law. This congruity – this thought – is already existing in universe in the form of an ‘ordered state’ of Nature; we simply become conscious of this ordered state in our own way – by reasoning. The net output of this reasoning process is called by us a thought, which is nothing but a reflection in our mind of a reality that is existing outside us.

This universe is a grand thought. All thoughts that we become aware of in our own way are already existing in the form of the congruity of the material reality in Nature. Whether we receive (which we prefer to call perceive) or not receive, these ‘thoughts’ – the building blocks of this Grand Thought – are already existing out there in this universe. Thoughts are immortal.

  One may raise a question – a doubt – here: If there is ‘real existence’ of thoughts, desires and consciousness outside of human beings, then we must be able to fabricate devices that generate and receive these ‘realities’. Is it possible? Why can we not detect any of them today with our modern tools that are sensitive enough to detect the presence of a miniscule form and amount of energy? If there is this objective presence of thoughts etc. we must surely be able to get an indication of their existence through these fine instruments. But we do not get any such indication. Is not all this talk of an objective existence of thoughts, desires and consciousness a humbug and nonsense? It seems so today. But we should not be in hurry in pronouncing our judgment on the basis of our inability. Yes, we are unable but it should be all the more reasons on our part to be more humble in our judgments and verdicts on things that we still do not know. We know today all our ‘thoughts’ or ‘sensations’ of desires are the phenomena occurring in our mind only. We know there are transmissions of impulses of energy through various neurological circuits in our brain. We also know these processes occuring within biological brain are phenomena that are interpreted by our ‘mind’ as our ‘thoughts, desires’ etc.

 But human brain itself is a trans-receiver. It generates and receives thoughts and desires, though we are not able to detect them outside our ‘mind’. Why is it so?

 Brain is made up of matter and thoughts, desires etc. are not made up of matter. However, this matter is able to detect things that are not material (including electro-magnetic energy, which is material). Brain is a very sensitive material tool, which is simply devised by Nature’s evolution. It is conscious of itself. It is possible to fabricate a device that is able to generate and receive thoughts, desires etc. But it has to be likewise sensitive enough; it has to be conscious of itself. It is creating artificial life in laboratory. It is possible but creating artificial life is not enough to generate or receive thoughts etc. This artificially created life must also be ‘sensitive enough’ and – it means simply that – this life must be organized in the required fashion like brain. Brain has been organized – in a manner as it is – by life’s evolution process. It can be achieved in laboratory too but it would amount to achieving such evolutionary traits of mind by us artificially. Now we have the necessary tool – genes – to accomplish this task in laboratory. It is duplicating (and not only duplicating but refining too in a better way that is not available in Nature) evolution artificially. It is all possible.

  It all is creating ‘mind’ artificially. But today we are quite far from even properly understanding the biological structure and functions of human brain. An individual neuron in brain is not self-aware but when we put billions of them together in a particular manner there, the brain suddenly becomes self-conscious possessing an ego-awareness, which is the signature tune of mind. How biological brain is connected to non-biological mind? Or, is mind simply an operation that is going on in the background of biological brain? Even if this be the case, this operation of mind would be akin to a computer-like non-biological (mind’s) software running in the biological hardware (of brain). But then this software application also has some linking bridge with the biological brain. There is yet a long way for us to go. The coming age of bio-science would belong to the understanding of relation of human brain with mind. We have yet to understand not only the functioning of physical brain, but also the co-relation between brain and mind; and understanding mind means understanding mind’s conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts; and understanding those domains of mind that are beyond the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious parts, which are still unknown to us. The biological brain is like an electric motor – you supply the power and it moves on giving an output; or like a dynamo – you move it and it supplies the power giving an output. In neither case it is a ‘power’; it simply is an instrument that processes a ‘power’, which ‘power’ exists in some form independent of this ‘instrument’. All this can be done artificially. But by undertaking this task in laboratory, our understanding of mind would completely be changed. By this way we would establish humans’ relationship with Nature in a totally new way; this way humans would transform themselves.

The universe is an ordered whole, and therefore, the universe is a grand thought. Not only the universe as a whole is an ordered apparatus, every constituent part of it is an ordered formation, which human beings perceive in their mind as ‘reasoned thoughts’. Whether human beings are there or not to perceive these ‘ordered formations’ as thoughts, has no bearing on their existence. The formations that we know as thoughts have their own world and are governed by their own rules. Every thought that may ever be conceived by human beings and also the thoughts that can never be conceived by them already exist in universe.

Our ‘True Self’ is immortal:

  Behind one’s mind, desires and physical body, there is, so to say, a deep cavity, a secret chamber, within one’s heart. This inmost core of heart is not an empty space. There is a highly conscious presence there within this secret chamber, which is more conscious than the consciousness of our mind, desires or physical body. It is secret because, except in a few cases out of million people, one is not aware of this conscious presence. But this presence always remains there in every individual, though out of our attention; and, occasionally and at the opportune moments in life, this conscious presence comes to the fore of one’s personality and makes its presence felt by making decisive intervention in one’s affairs. Then, it casts its overwhelming influence on mind and desires, and, despite strong opposition to it presented by mind’s logic and desires’ selfish ends to such interference, it takes a crucial decision overruling all these objections, which decision unfailingly proves – on the hind sight – the correct one and the best under the available circumstances.

  This inmost conscious presence is one’s center of existence; it always remains present and aware of all that passes in secrecy and is his real light. This center is the sole source of morality. It knows what is wrong despite hundred of thousands justifications offered by mind’s logic to the contrary. It knows very well what really lies behind all pretensions of outer ego supported by instruments of thoughts and desires. This secret presence is an eternal element within heart (not in the physical sense) of human beings – and within all living beings, albeit less developed than humans; and in a frozen state (like in sleeping state) within every particle in universe. This element is conscious of self and always remains conscious during succession of countless transmigration from birth to birth and evolutionary journey. We feel conscious of ourselves at the planes of physical body, desires and thoughts only because there is this eternal element present and because this element is evolved enough in us to cast its light that percolates down to the lower planes of physical body, desires and thoughts.

  All founders of religions, great saints, yogis and followers of divine path aim at becoming conscious of this eternal element and all their religious prescriptions etc. are merely elaborate outer means to secure this end. Once a human being becomes aware of this eternal element, he becomes enlightened and knows the reality of all that exists in the universal scheme of things. No doubts are left for him to be resolved. No conflicts, doubt and confusion that abound in our world remain there for him. He becomes aware of the great secret of this universe and the presence of life there. He, then, knows that consciousness itself is Divine and it exists at different planes, the lowest form being the innate matter itself – where it may be regarded remaining present in a veiled form – and the highest  form being the Supreme Being – where it may be regarded as real essence of all  that exists. He not only knows that the highest plane of consciousness – Divine Being – possesses a state of the highest degree of truth, bliss and consciousness but also enjoys this truth, bliss and consciousness. Such a realized person also knows that this highest plane of consciousness is a point where-from the material universe seems merely an illusory flux in perpetual motion.

  To enjoy this bliss par excellence – or even to satisfy our mental curiosity – let us quiet our thoughts, desires and bodily demands and go behind them. How can we do so? What is there behind them? Sri Aurobindo, a Yogi of Pondicherry in India, has coined the name ‘Psychic Being’ for this ‘Secret Presence’ there; it is a technical term applied by him to a very specific entity and should not be confused with other words (like soul etc.), which are loosely used in various religions. We can feel the existence of this ‘Presence’; it can be known, like we know many other things, but it cannot be understood by mind, as we understand many things of our world. Sometimes, music takes us away from the din of our thoughts and desires – makes us go behind  them – to the zone of silence of this ‘Presence’ and then we get a reassuring touch – the flicker of a light – of this bliss.

  To get to this ‘Presence’ you are to collect yourself and drown to the depths of your heart. It is like plunging deep down. There are coiled countless layers – of thoughts, desires and subtle beings and their attractions – around you; you have to penetrate down through them to the depth, to the bottom of your existence; and, then suddenly you will find that your ‘Self’ of all selves, your center, true ‘you’ is there. There you will know, like a broad day light, that you have been in very many lives in existence; you heart will cry in joy on finding itself; it will pour out with gratitude to this unbound bliss and divine Presence. Then you will sing with joy and the universe will become a living part of your existence. Do grasp it firmly; do not allow it to be out of your sight even for a moment – else it may again be clouded with your thoughts and desires; it is ‘Psychic Being’, it is real you.

 But it is not as easy as it looks. Our physical body clamors to get attention, secure our indulgence and meet its needs. Our thoughts compel us to pay heed to them and accept them the best wisdom; our desires create a din like the voices in fish market calling attention. To reach to the destination, one needs a firm resolution of a life long mission and the persistence of a life time to get victory over these distractions. There are a large number of people who have reached the destination. Of course, one cannot reach this goal in a routine ordinary manner.

Golden Age ahead:

Nature is executing its design of creation and man’s pursuit of science is making his brain biologically more complex and developed. And, in the process human consciousness is being transformed evolutionally. One day, if mankind were able to keep patience and preserve herself against odds of her foolishness, arrogance and selfishness, it would transport mankind to a point of dazzling light of truth. That truth, which is beyond mind and its comprehension, would make mankind accept her limitations and force her to transform into a form of consciousness that is evolutionally better than mind. The steps of mankind are moving in this direction and our civilization is living at a critical juncture of life’s history on Earth.

This document is systematically sequential. Read NEXT here.

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