India is at the crossroads of her destiny

   India has to make a choice. This right of choice should be exercised by ordinary, hungry, illiterate but spiritually highly developed Indians who live in villages, huts, caves, temples, mosques and churches. This choice should not be left to the dominant minority of Indians who are Indians by birth but not Indians by spirit. Can it be ever done? How can Indians do this?

  It can be done by empowering ordinary powerless Indians through the employment of modern information technology in the matter of their democratic self-governance. This would enable them to transform the current socio-political order into a new one in a manner that is non-violent and peaceful.

  Here it may be interesting to refer to a prophecy made by the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Great yogis, like her, completely identify their consciousness with that of the Divine and get vision of three dimensions of time, that is, past, present and future. They envision the kaleidoscopic possibilities of events depending upon the choice people make.

  The Mother saw the future of India. She told her this vision to her secretary Sri Udar Pinto, who is now no more. The date of this vision about the future of India is not known, as Sri Pinto did not indicate it. But we can guess and make some rough estimate of it. The Mother left her body in 1973 and Sri Pinto revealed the prophecy after her physical death. It could have been made some time before her death, say around 1970 or so.

  It is what Sri Udar Pinto says:  “I will try to give here what the Mother has said about this in Her own words, as far as I can… The Mother said that India would pass through a very difficult time. One Government after another would come but each would fail in solving the problems that would face the country in greater and greater intensity. One party after another would fail. There would be an attempt at a sort of dictatorship but this too, would fail and the people would become desperate. Then finally there would come the breaking point and at that time, if the people were not given the right lead they would take a wrong turn and India’s soul would suffer for centuries. So they must be correctly guided at that point. This is more or less in Mother’s own words and so we can see how what she said is happening and how important it is for us to be ready.”

  (Writing these lines in 2007) Have the people of India become desperate? Has the breaking point of which she spoke already reached? Are the people of India being given the right lead (by our political leaders)?

  (Writing these lines in 2007) Have the people of India already taken a wrong turn? If yes, whether it is still possible to retrace our steps back from the wrong turn and correct our path. It depends on the people of India, and particularly on the youth. Only the time would be able to answer these questions.

  Writing in 2017, we may justifiably say that it has been possible for India to retrace her steps back from the wrong turn and correct her path. The people of India – particularly her youth – have made it possible.

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