Notes on India

   Man is an instrument of forces, divine and hostile, playing behind the apparent reality. His collective institutions also likewise remain mere channel of these forces. As we have seen, personality of an individual, his self or his ‘I’, is a constant flux of the combination of his feelings, desires and thoughts. If an individual chooses to serve divine and surrenders himself – that is, all his desires and thoughts etc.- to the divine will, the divine will make him His instrument for furthering the cause of this material world. Such an individual is transformed from a mere ordinary person to a saint; his leadership elevates the collective consciousness of a whole nation and the world around him experience’s peace, love and heavenly joy.

   However, such individuals are always in short supply and world finds them taking birth occasionally. This is the divine scheme of human progress towards his destiny. However, the period in between the births of these great saints, is not always a forward movement of the race.

  There may be retreat of the divine, backward steps from the already covered ground and a temporary downfall. Did India witness one such downfall after saintly Gandhi’s departure?

  Today we are a free democratic nation. We are the largest democracy of the world. Ours is a secular country with mufti-religious society. Despite the great religious and caste diversities of our people, we have been able to preserve the integrity of our country. We have also overcome to considerable extent illiteracy, diseases and poverty.

  We are a significant world power in the field of science and technology and are heading to become an information technology super-power. Now we occupy the proud (!) place of being a member of world’s nuclear club. And, of course, we are slowly but steadily heading to become an economic world power of the twenty-first century. These are some of our great achievements that we have been able to make in a democratic manner and in a country that is populous, poor, illiterate and full of diversities of caste and creed. These are no doubt, gains of great material significance.

  However, in the balance sheet of free India, there are significant losses that our country has incurred. During the past half-century of our national existence, we have witnessed an unabated, or rather on the increasing scale, Hindu-Muslim communal divide. Religious fanaticism of both Hindus and Muslims has assumed monstrous proportion that seems to threaten the unity and integrity of our country.

  Once a united nation, India and Pakistan have been waging unending wars for the last 50 years without any permanent solution to the problem in sight. And now, the spectre of nuclear holocaust looms large over both of them. Corruption, in vital institutions of national governance and in public and private life, has become permanent in nature and acceptable by social norms. In our eagerness to imitate western culture, we have opened our national life to competition and arrogance that comes with private economy, to violence and animal instincts that come with market culture and corruption and to crime that come with democracy of money. These are material losses suffered by India.

  The worth of these gains (and losses) is hardly of any value when compared to the loss of spiritual virtue that India has suffered during the last 50 years. How the anti-Divine forces that possessed our national leaders and governed our national life during this period did enact political plots in the democratic drama of free India?

  The unfolding and evolution of consciousness on Earth is moving towards its divine destiny. Mankind while pursuing its goal took many curious zigzag steps that looked like going back but in summing up all its movements, it has gone forward. In the divine scheme of things each nation has got a special place to fulfill her assigned role and India has got her own that she is relentlessly pursuing since time immemorial.

  India has been the bearer of a vision of the mystic truth. Spiritual India, and not the political and geographical India, is the trust of mankind. She has given light in darkness, love amidst hate and violence, and hope in the face of death and riddle; and this vision, this trust, is India’s secret of her sacred place among nations of the world. It is in the interest of India and the world that she comes true to her in this trust.

  What is the essence of this vision, the vision that India is relentlessly pursuing for thousands of years?

  It is this: you calm your feelings, your desires and your thoughts; go beyond them all and you will find there the supreme reality, supreme truth that is beyond human description, mystic (to mind), and the secret of all creation and the purpose of life. You pursue this path and at the end of your search you get the truth. You become Buddha. Gautam searched this way and found the answer. He became enlightened, the Buddha. Nagasena, Milarepa (of Tibet) and thousand others followed this path and became enlightened.

  It is this: you subordinate your feelings and thoughts to your desire and dedicate this desire exclusively to the supreme reality, that is, you love and cherish only the supreme Master. You are led to the object of your love and you get the secret. Jesus Christ, Auliya Nizamuddin, Auliya Salim Chisti, Guru Nanak, Mirabai, Ramakrishna, Sri Saibaba of Shirdi and many others followed this path, and found the secret of all creation and the purpose of life.

  It is this: You subordinate your feelings and desires to your thoughts and dedicate your thoughts exclusively to the supreme reality. Your reason becomes untainted and pure and you are led to that secret that is beyond reason. Adi Shankara Acharya and many others followed this path and reached the supreme truth.

  It is this: You allow your feelings, desires and thoughts as instruments to pursue their objects and dedicate the result of this pursuit to the supreme Master. You follow this path and you are led to the supreme reality. Mahatma Gandhi and many others followed this path.

  It is this: You dedicate your feelings, your desires and your thoughts to the supreme Master. You completely surrender yourself to the supreme Master and you are led to the supreme truth. Sri Aurobindo and many others followed this path and were led to the supreme reality.

  And there are many more ways to realize this vision of supreme truth. Gandhi had many dedicated and close followers, and they were expected to carry forward his mission of truth and non-violence in their private and public life. More so it was expected in their private life. They were expected to set an example of renunciation (of desires) through their conduct and deeds. However, they all failed Gandhi and the nation. Some failed owing to the absence in their life of any spiritual vision, others for lack of opportunity to lead the nation, and still others for surrendering themselves to worldly benefits of power. In the early years of free India, there was some doubt about which category one fell, and the benefit of this doubt may be given in full measure to early leaders of independent India. But in subsequent years that followed, there was no doubt left about the selfish motives of the national leaders. They were out to grab the political power and consolidate their hold on the same by whatever means possible. Political history of free India is the history of dynastic rule cemented by dirty tricks of divide and rule. Desires ruled our national leaders and these leaders ruled our nation. It is distasteful to examine the history of free India ruled by desires and we leave this task to some other time.

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