India’s Tomorrow

   India has reached at the crossroads. There are two wide and open paths that lead in opposite directions. And, India has to choose one. One path leads to the world where catering to the human desires is the supreme goal and engineering a glittering edifice in their service is the means. It is the path that West has been following and on treading this path India has simply to copy what has already been achieved. West is developed and India is not. India needs to become developed and become developed fast to catch up with the deficiency in this regard.

  The cherished – the long tested formula – is: put the desires in the driving seat of the engine of development and let them choose the route and the destination. In nutshell it is the privatization.  This engine of development works in this way. A human being is encouraged to subordinate the calls of his spirit and mind to that of his desires. To quench those desires he is encouraged to earn profits and an economic environment geared to further profit earning is provided to him. To earn more and more profits, he is encouraged to invest in technology and resources. Newer technology makes it possible for the investor to curtail workforce, which generates more profits to him.

  This brings unemployment but providing employment is not the objective of the investor who is there to earn profits. Employment of the workforce is a necessary concomitant for the investor, which he should reduce to the minimum scale to earn more profits.

  The investor needs more money, that is, profits, and more resources, that is, land, water, electricity, air, forests, earth and what not. He needs them all so that he can compete with other competing investors and come out victorious in the competition.

  But there is not one investor alone; there are a horde of them with a similar scheme of things. There is a free for all to those who have plenty of money. The more money you have, you are likely to earn more profits. The one who has lesser money is rendered disadvantaged and may get eliminated if he does not come up and earn more money.

  For an investor profit is everything he cares for. For him the society is market and the human beings are consumers. For him land, water etc. are resources to exploit to earn more profits and workforce is human resource to be reduced to the bare minimum enough to operate automated production. With this money, he becomes arrogant and ruthless. He uses his money to adapt the socio-political cum cultural environment of his nation that furthers his agenda of earning more and more profits.

  At the local level this engine of development – this path – brings social disharmony and dehumanization. At the national level, it brings degeneration of a people. And at the international level, it brings wars and violence.

  Then, there is another path. This path is of the subordination of one’s desires to the demands of human spirit and mind. The reason of mind rebels against unreasonable demands of desires. There the desires are not alone in human beings to be looked after and cared for. And, above mind, there is spirit, the voice of inner Self, the subdued conscience, which calls upon man to rise further and become master of his unquenchable and shameless desires of lower self. India has to choose a path for her. The later path leads her to a destiny that is sublime in purpose of life and to a status of the spiritual Guru of the world.

  One who has occasional contact with Him or had even a glimpse of Him is able to become His messenger and guide to humanity and one who has regular communion with Him is God incarnate on Earth in human body and flesh. Such individuals know by their personal experience that Divine Supreme Being is omnipresent and omnipotent. They know He is beyond description in any human language.

  All founders of different religions, saints and yogis have described Him as indescribable. Knowing the limitation of human mind some, like Lord Buddha, even refused to talk about Him.The first sign visible to ordinary human beings of such realized persons is that they become free from all worldly desires except to be in constant communion with Divine Being. They may belong to any religion but are above all religions. They may, though, live but, generally, do not live in temples, mosques or churches but in huts, mountain caves and retreats away from people. They even become reluctant to mix with the worldly people except under compassion when entreated by them in their worldly agonies.

  Another sign of such individuals is that, generally, they are not famous in the world and at times, they are not even known in the vicinity where they live. They are reclusive by nature.

  Let Indians seek them out in their retreats and entreat them to have compassion on suffering people of India. Let us plead them to spare their priceless meditation time for showing the path and leading this country in its darkest hours. They are the only hope of our country and the world.

  India must awake and refresh her ancient learning of yoga. The whole world awaits her for this balm of life.

 With the recent political development in India, there are enough indications that this country has made an emphatic choice for the path of Eastern Wisdom. This choice of path has the potential to turn India into the Spiritual Guru of the world. Still, democracy has certain limitations and the future of this country – and the spiritual well-being of the world – would depend on the level of consciousness of common people of this country.

India must adopt yoga in her national life as her guide, model and aim. India’s national life, including seemingly all-embracing politics, must be geared to the cause of life and its science, that is, yoga. It is not going backward in the ancient alleys of religious obscurities; it is marching forward to the new horizon of life and its science.

  It would be a revolution, an unparalleled and unheard of revolution in human history. It is unique revolution that calls all our countrymen – belonging to all castes, creeds and religions of India – to come forward and prepare themselves in their own natural way to the touch of all-pervading Divine.

  It is unique revolution that seeks to turn present India into a society of human beings who know the purpose of life and make their presence in India a ray of hope to ailing mankind.

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