IPC: Human Evolutionary Vanguard

Indian People’s Congress, as the name sounds, is a political party. For people who care for their conscience, politics is not the right stuff. For them, as it is said, politics is the last refuge of scoundrel. They know, as politician they will have to hide truth in this vocation. Still worse, they know they will have to tell lies incessantly as a profession.
In democratic countries, a politician needs to make the solemn affirmation that (s)he would not divulge the truth when it becomes necessary for him / her to do so in his business of running the government. (S)he knows (s)he would need to tell lies and (s)he still chose to remain at such a place. A willing choice to remain at such a place injures one’s conscience. It kills morality. Morality is the most precious element of one’s conscience. Wounding morality is the greatest crime against one’s conscience.
The ways of a politician degrades one to the life’s rock bottom. It puts an impediment to one’s spiritual growth. Even to an atheist, an immoral behavior is wrong on the touchstone of his / her ethical consideration.

However all these vices of politics are out balanced by the necessity of this world. The hard reality is that we are humans – and not animals – yet deep within we are still animals. We need restraints put on us – either put by us willingly on ourselves or be imposed on us by force against our wish. It is this need that we cannot wish away the avocation of politics – and its product in the form of state power – till we are what we are.
We cannot wish away the institution of state – and state’s foundation laid on politics – and what we need is to tame these ferocious twosome to create necessary material and psychological conditions in human society that are required for our transformation into something better  – better and beyond humans; our transformation into the race of beings who would be spiritually evolved beyond humans; who would be embedded with higher morality; and, would be willing to put restraints on themselves. Only then there would be no need of politics and state. When we are evolved above what we are today, only then there would be no need for a social instrument like state to impose restrictions on us. It is an evolutionary agenda of life on Earth, towards which humanity is heading. It calls for a complete transformation of humans, as we know them today.

We need to utilize the institutions of state and politics, in a planned manner, in the service of our common evolutionary interests. It means we need to steer the state institution away from its misuse by a few for their petty vested interests and towards the good of all. It means state needs to be weaned away from serving the selfish interests of individuals and needs to be assiduously crafted as an instrument, and deploy to serve the  common interests of human evolutionary goal.

To serve this goal, it is required that we employ the institution of state and exploit its gigantic social powers only for the common good of humanity at large.
Indian People’s Congress is an attempt directed at this aim. Beyond serving this common cause, Indian People’s Congress has no interest in politics. This is the raison d’être of Indian People’s Congress.

But it is not easy for everyone to lay hands on this ferocious institution and utilize it for a chosen purpose.  In democracy, coming to the helms of affairs of a state is extremely difficult. Still more difficult is to steer it to serve such a laudable goal of humanity.
Even to gain an entry into this arena called politics is extremely difficult. To gain a meaningful entry into this field, in democracy, one needs to establish a sustained public dialog. And, this much is not enough, if one wishes to become the master controller of this institution; in addition one also needs to cultivate a positive public image in the society. However, the key to achieve these two objectives is always missing for the ordinary common people. The key lies in possessing a huge money – a colossal amount of money.

Such a colossal amount of money is not within the reach of everybody. To secure this much money, one needs to  resort to all means – fair and foul. In democracy this gives birth to all sorts of scams, crimes and financial corruption in public life. There corruption and scams become a routine necessity for anyone who wants to enter and compete in public life.
In democracy, money holding persons make it their life-long business to ‘represent others’, that is, represent people. They enter a lifelong ‘vocation’ of representing “people”. This becomes a business. This business is anathema to democracy; it is the distortion of democracy.
It is so in almost all democratic countries. In addition to this vice of democracy, many persons who have low morality and character find in this unfortunate condition an opportune moment and unabashedly enter politics to amass wealth and enjoy privileges of state.

A grim situation prevails in all democratic countries, which leaves no space for those who want to enter public life with an intention to serve a noble cause but have no money. This is particularly true in India, where people are not much educated, are poor and divided along caste and communal lines. This has been the story of democratic self-governance so far. Is there any remedy to this situation?

Hitherto, it was not possible to cure this malady of democracy. Fortunately, now it is possible to overcome this difficulty. Today it is possible for one to reach public at large without money, thanks to information technology. This technology has come as a boon in the hands of ordinary people – people without money – to challenge this money-power.
With an avalanche like progress currently being made in information technology, it has become possible for ordinary people to communicate with public on an unprecedented scale. One has become able today to address the whole humanity, without having any money. It is the miracle of technology. It is the empowerment of people. It is the defeat of money at the hands of technology. Indian People’s Congress seeks to tap this power of technology in serving its mission. In its avowed work, it exclusively depends on this power of information technology.
However, attracting the public attention solely relying on the power of this technology and turning that attention into a dominant opinion capable to form a government and thus defeat the money power is a slow process. It is slow because firstly, the major part of humanity is still illiterate of this technology; and secondly, the money driven traditional mass media – newspapers and audio-visual outlets – is still able to pump their views and opinions and pollute  the public awareness. Money has vested interest and money power still has the capacity to sabotage this fledgling technology. But this money power is on its death-bed. With the growth of public literacy of this technology the money power is counting its days.
It is but natural that with the passage of time the number of techno-savvy people would increase and along with that the reach of voice of ordinary people without money would also increase. Our civilization is living at the meeting point between the old traditions and the new epoch making openings.

There is no substitute of this slow but democratic process for bringing a fundamental change in society. It is slow nevertheless it is a steady in gaining its power with the passage of time. In political systems other than democracy, like dictatorship, there may be other ways to effect such a drastic change in short time but all such efforts become conspiratorial in nature and soon degenerate into oppressive regimes. Individuals at the helms of affairs there become selfish, working against the interests of ordinary people. Such deterioration is ingrained in human nature.


Slow and steady process is better than a quick one coupled with dangerous pitfalls. Humans and their society by their very nature move with their own pace and under their own laws. This world is not in a hurry because it has an eternity at its disposal.

With the help of information technology, it is hoped that Indian people’s Congress and its benign vision will reach to the attention of humanity. It is the compassionate voice of spiritual India and it would knock at the very heart of humanity.
This benign voice is reflected in the vision of Indian People’s Congress. It is an ancient voice, which is spoken in modern words and modern times.

It is not possible to turn this voice into material reality for humanity in one generation only; it needs consistent work on our part and several generations. It is for them who read these lines to come forward, to decide for them what is to be done and take the necessary initiative. Indian People’s Congress is only a public platform, which provides a vision, program and an organization. It is highly decentralized in organization and those who wish to work for its program may form and run study circles to educate people.

In sum and substance, what does Indian People’s Congress stand for? We may say in few words that the vision of Indian People’s Congress is evolutionary in outlook and revolutionary in program.


What is this vision? It is this: Humanity is divided today along the lines of nations, religions, ethnicity, and ideologies. Still, the supreme interest – the core interest – of humanity at large is essentially one, despite all such superficial divisions.  What is this supreme interest of humanity?
The supreme interest of humanity lies in serving, consciously and in a planned manner, this cause of her evolutionary journey. Humanity as a race – Homo sapiens – is an evolving species. With the debut of Homo sapiens on our planet this evolutionary process has not come to an end. This evolutionary cause demands that humanity openly recognize, help and promote this evolutionary process.
This evolutionary process includes both biological and spiritual aspects of humanity’s evolution. While the biological aspect of this process is carried forward by Nature in ascending order through perpetuating life species (including humans) in ever better forms, its spiritual aspect is not confined to this biological aspect of life alone.

It extends from biology to psychology – and beyond psychology to those dimensions of consciousness of which we humans at the present state of our evolution are not much aware. As a prudent race, we must leave the scope for tomorrow for the unknown of today and, if we were to err in making a choice, we should err on the right side.

This world and all its resources – whether available as natural gift or man-made or as social institutions – are nothing but the “means” of our biological and spiritual evolutionary process. While the biological evolution is effected with the aid of material resources, the spiritual evolution is carried forward through the social, economic and political institutions, which are crafted and improved by us with the passage of time. This progress is reflected in our civilization.

On our part wisdom lies in utilizing these two-fold media from an evolutionary perspective. Compared to this evolutionary context, all other considerations – whatever they be – are nothing but selfish in significance. They are subjective and petty in their value to us.

In the ongoing evolutionary journey, we need to orient, re-orient and reform these twin media again and again throughout our history so that they serve us in still better way in our evolutionary journey. It is an evolutionary outlook of our world that puts the greatest value on the human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation.

This outlook, firstly, calls for the need on our part to effect a change, again and again – a change in the light of our newly acquired knowledge and accomplished innovations – in the matter of distribution and enjoyment of wealth among humans. This outlook, secondly, calls for the need to effect an unceasing change in our social institutions for our spiritual betterment commensurate with those ever-better patterns of distribution and enjoyment of wealth.
The human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation have borne scientific and technological sweet fruits. They provide great advantage and convenience to humanity, which help us in our rapid biological evolution. On the other hand, our social, economic, political and cultural institutions propel us forward in our spiritual evolution.

The course of human history teaches us that Nature in its movement intends to make these fruits of human inquisitiveness, knowledge and innovation reach to the entirety of humanity. By such scheme Nature enables humanity as a race to climb up one more step on the ladder of evolution.
However we find in our times today that these sweet fruits of human endeavors are still awaiting to reach to a large part of humanity. Equally, our social, economic, political and cultural institutions have also become obstruction to our further spiritual advancement.

While the former deficiency requires on our part to re-form a better wealth distribution mechanism to make its availability more equitable so as to ensure that the sweet fruits of human labor easily reach to the ordinary citizens, the later deficiency requires on our part to re-form these these social institutions in a better way to ensure they become more congenial to humanity’s further spiritual advancement. How can these twin objectives be achieved by us in modern times?

We live in an enlightened age today. We govern ourselves by the political institution of democracy, which boasts of the  rule of popular will. The popular will has  an inbuilt aspirations for their liberty and freedom. But this genuine popular will is yet to assume its leadership and carry  forward their unobstructed spiritual evolutionary journey.
The ways of Nature’s working are indeed strange. It is not the popular, the bulk, mass of humanity, which leads our evolutionary march. It is only the small pack of a few enlightened humans out of the crowd of common people who lead our race’s forward march.

While these few individuals lead the evolutionary march, the mass of common people lag behind. This crowd behaves as an inertia to the moving feet. But this legging-behind herd of humanity too accomplishes the Nature’s much-required corrective function: Their inertia pulls back the leaders’ marching steps; checks their forward movement momentarily; and corrects the missteps that the leading lights of humanity might have unwisely or unwittingly taken.
This is Nature’s corrective function. This corrective mechanism ensures a safe and steady but slow paces in that forward movement.
These lagging behind herd of humans are left by the scheme of Nature to work hard as if to compensate for their want and lack of privilaged possession by few of advantageous elements of mind and material circumstances. All varities of philosophies advocating since ages (from Plato to Marx) their better claim over the fruits of their hard work and denigrating those few privileged lot for the usuruption of those fruits of their hard work are founded on the human sense of piety, empathy and morality – notwithstanding the contrary claim of logic and reason flung by those philosophies.

For this reason, evolution of our race is a slow process. It is barely perceptible in centuries, if not in thousands of years. First a few enlightened ones take probing and charting steps. And, then Nature working through the ignorant masses checks those path-breaking steps. This momentary check obstructs a rapid onward rush and thus enables the rest of the common herd to move on and catch up with the leaders.
The slow pace of evolution is the beauty of Nature. Nature has eternity at its disposal to execute its design. In lighter vein, we may say Nature is weary of an eternal time piled before it and amuses itself in the slow motion. Slow evolutionary pace should be a welcome thing for us.

This lagging behind position of common people is reflected in the popular will of majority. This majority will is formalized in modern times in the political institution of democracy. As this institution is manned by humans, democracy has all the limitations that are part of human nature.
The invention of democracy was an innovation, which has worked so far well within its limitations. These limitations are not inherent in its institutional imperfection but are imposed on it by imperfection of human nature. However, the evolutionary forward movement never stops at any point.

The recent advances in the information technology have turned the prevalent form of democracy into a stale and obsolete political institution. Today in the digital age this democracy is performing much below its potential and does not reflect the popular will with fidelity.

We at Indian People’s Congress hold that today’s obsolete democracy requires to be digitized and transformed into the technologically empowered people’s dynamic democracy. Only the digitized democracy would be able to truly reflect the popular will in real time. The digitized dynamic democracy will alone be ‘the government of the people, by the people and for the people’.
A digitized dynamic democracy is the demand of our times. It cannot be postponed for long. It cannot be postponed for long despite the stiff resistance being put today by the minority, which has vested interests in continuing with the obsolete one. As and when the digitized dynamic democracy is adopted, it would bring a quantum jump in the way we live. It would give a new impetus to evolutionary process.

This evolutionary perspective presents before humanity an agenda for 21st century: ‘We should change the way we think and change the way we behave’. Socially it is a revolutionary concept.

To move towards this goal, we need, firstly, to accept the necessity of such a change; and, secondly, to create conditions conducive to our material and spiritual advancement. It calls us to craft our present civilization with an evolutionary perspective.

Unfortunately, a civilization crafted with an evolutionary perspective would be incompatible with  the ideals of our present civilization, which treats humans as consumers and their society as market. Indian People’s Congress upholds the banner of a new civilization crafted with an evolutionary perspective. Such a new civilization can be crafted around an awareness of universal evolution and on the foundation of these five basic principles appropriate for our times and problems.

All political ideals – like democracy, freedom, equality etc. – are transient and petty unless they are anchored to an aim and in such vain politics Indian People’s Congress has no interest. In the service of this aim, Indian People’s Congress is not much concerned with the business of representing others, that is, people. More than this, it is concerned with educating people to change their opinion and to open their hearts towards such an objective. Indian People’s Congress endeavors to make this change reflected in politics too.
Though as a national organization, Indian People’s Congress is concerned with India, still, its evolutionary perspective presents to the humanity a universal spiritual vision with the sense of humility and compassion. This Vision Document available at this website offers a glimpse of this wisdom.
Let us all – without any distinction of nation, religion or race – march to a better age – an age of enlightened human life on Earth!

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