Life and Alien Life

   What we have here on earth is abundantly present there in the universe surrounding us on all sides, except a single and unique thing that we call life. This all-inclusive totality of things that we know existing and their abundance of supply all around us – here on earth and beyond it in universe – are so complete and universal – without a single exception save life – that there seems a scientific law of abundance operating in Nature. Speaking positively, this law states that everything in universe is supplied by Nature in abundance and – negatively speaking – that there is nothing in universe which is unique because of its singular presence.

  The evidence in support of this law of abundance is overwhelmingly consistent in Nature. One may turn to any entity available in Nature to find its abundance; subatomic particles, atoms, elements, their chemical compounds all are available here on earth and beyond earth in universe in abundance.

  And, there is no exception save life to this universal phenomenon; there is no single breach save life of this seemingly scientific law of abundance. Yet, life as we know happily thriving here on earth is the single breach of this law.

  We have sufficiently advanced science and technology at our command today, which is able to detect life – in the form we know it – in its primitive evolutionary stage as well as the highly developed one that might be present at some faraway place in universe. With the advent of radio communication, we have been frantically searching Extraterrestrial life for the last half century with the fond hope that after all life on earth should be not so unique in its presence. But all has been in vain. We have put all suppositions against us in this goose chase; we have assumed life is a rare happening in universe because it needs extremely delicate balance of environment to create and support this phenomenon. Since we know life is there on earth, we assume that a similar life elsewhere on other places in universe would need a similar set of circumstances; so we are searching in the wide universe life’s so-called telltale signs – the right range of gravity (size of planets), temperature (distance from star), chemical compositions of atmosphere, presence of carbon, water etc. We have already assumed – much against the universal law of abundance – that in our search we are looking for a needle in a proverbial hey stack. Yet, we have not been able to find life anywhere else in this extremely vast universe, which we now comparatively know with sufficient details.

  It is very interesting to deduce logical conclusions – and which conclusions are quite depressing in their impact on life, which in effect practically means the life of humans – from the negative results of our scientific search for ET life. Today, we are sure that there is no life around us to the distance of at least a few thousands of light years. This much is definitely known to us. If we apply this distance of non-availability of life as a rough estimate to the entire universe that is known to us today, then the conclusion would be that life might be available, if at all, in extremely short supply, perhaps at a few score of places in the entire universe, known and unknown both. This means, we – and this term includes all our inferior cousins on the evolutionary ladder as well – are, if not alone, lonely in this otherwise abundantly rich universe. This is a depressing thought to the extreme. Our common sense rebels against such thoughts; it could not be so in our otherwise abundant universe.

  It all looks illogical. Is there something amiss in our approach to the problem of ET life and direction for its search? Law of abundance tells us that we should be terribly wrong somewhere in our approach. Our instinctive common sense – which does not always rely on reason – also prods us to think that in the face of such universal abundance of everything, it cannot be the case; that it is not possible that in this otherwise abundant universe life is without supply or in exceptionally short supply; that there is something seriously wrong in our approach to the problem and in the direction of our efforts. Could it be possible that the life – at least theoretically similar to the one we know on earth – is present all around us and in abundance? If it is so, could we develop scientific tools to communicate with this ET life in our midst?

  There is really need to think this way; there is need to change our approach; there is need to change the direction of our efforts in the search of ET life. We are in real need to adopt a new approach to the old problem of ET life and their supposed UFOs. Why should we confine our search to detect in far away places in universe (planets and satellites) things like Carbon element and its compounds, water, Oxygen, and all else that are definitely necessary to sustain life here on earth? This is wrong approach to the problem. These requisites – which are supporting life on earth and hence are considered tell-tale signs of life elsewhere – are not the fundamental requirements of a life that has spectrum broader than earth-life. Such a broader life would include earth-life as one of its many forms. This broad life would require four elements: firstly, a fundamental principle for its operation; secondly, its necessary components; thirdly, its various models or different possible combinations of these component parts; and, lastly, an isolated and self-contained body fluid or ‘an integrated medium’, which could ‘house’ these three elements.  Such a life would be material (and not spiritual) and have many kinds totally different from one another, though operating on the same fundamental principle.

  We know only one model of life, that is, earth-bound living beings families. Life is a system organization; it cannot be studied as an isolated event. In human body there are many systems and subsystems of life operating in tandem with one another. Living beings, their internal organs, cells and genes have their own life. Complete body as a single unit also has its own life. All these subsystems combined into a grand system have a particular model of life. This is not the only one model of life that is possible. There may be many more possible models of life. We may draw many more models parallels to our earthly life. Genes, in the form of DNAs, have a complete chemical code of life. This code is nothing but a particular ‘order of the two pairs of AT and GC’ in the DNA helix. The fundamental mechanism of storing the life program, or coding, is not the particular chemicals of DNAs but the ‘order’ of these pairs.  If you change the order of these pairs from one kind to another, you have a different code of life and then this new code would create a new form of our earthly life.

 Can this way, the chemical way, be the only one possible way of creating order or coding instructions for a life program? No, it can’t be so. What are crucial in this matter is the order and not the medium of this order. In computer software we code instructions of a program, which is not life program, by two electric quantities. There we have two entitles and we create a definite order of them, which carries instructions of a program. This program could even be (to begin with) of a (simple) life; if we make an open-ended computer software that performs certain dedicated tasks (like self-preservation, self-duplication, domination of its surroundings etc.), then learns from its mistakes committed in countering unforeseen odds present in the operating environment and thereafter self-corrects these mistakes by making amendments in the initial given software, what we would have will be a simple life program. We can draw a parallel of a new kind of life where the medium of creating this order is other than chemicals. We should look to find in our universe possibility of similar coding or ‘order’ with the aid of different kinds of media, which are available in universe in plenty.

 Such an approach to the problem would indicate that a life is essentially a program of which instructions are coded. Looking at the problem from this approach, it is apparent that all forms of life must have a similar program but the instructions to execute this program may be coded by utilizing altogether different materials. We cannot limit this coding by the use of only chemical compounds that are familiarly used by DNAs of earth-life. However, there cannot be many differing programs for different kinds included in such a broad form of life present in universe. And, the mode of instructions executing the program of life would depend on the kind of materials which is used in the code; therefore, there must exist very many modes for coding these instructions (this supposition in favor of multiple modes is in accord with the law of abundance because there are many kinds of materials in abundant supply in Nature). In essence, these instructions must remain the same in different kinds of life to a mathematical precision but still their modes should be so different that they may look a totally different things altogether, that is, beyond any recognition of similarity. In some cases, a mode of these instructions may even look a phenomenon of inert world and we may not be able to recognize any sign of life in its operation, which in reality it might be there. In one case, this code may be structured by using chemical compounds, as we said is the case with DNA of earth-life; in another case, it could equally be structured by using atoms, or even subatomic particles, as medium of code, which are in abundant supply like chemical compounds. And, it all could very well be ‘housed’ in a well contoured isolated and integrated energy field of a particular shape.  In still another case, this code could be structured by using assemblies of stars and planets in the like manner; the list of materials which could be used as medium of instructions in a code of life may turn out to be really long; and the only requirement there for materials to be used as medium is their abundant supply in universe.

   In this approach, a program would determine the behavior and the fate of the given kind of life. And, there we can definitely recognize the signature tune of life and define it in the broadest scope. This approach implies that any and every kind of life must be programmed in such a way that when its coded instructions are executed, its outcome should be an exhibition of common properties of life. What are these common properties of life?

 These could be enumerated thus: firstly, there must be a process of change that looks like birth, growth and death; secondly, there should occur an intake of energy from an outside source (this outside is only a relative term), which propels this process of change, that looks like food consuming; and, thirdly, there should happen a multiplication of the given system as additional and beneficial outcome of the change-process, which may look like the procreation of the living being. These are the only common properties of life that should define it. Then, there is another very important question of its evolution. Because life is a process that looks like a struggle against deterministic regime of inert world around it, in its fighting strategy change is brought in the working mechanism of these three common properties that is termed by us ‘evolution’. This evolution, this change over a period of time, would make these three common properties of life no more so simple as to recognize them instantly by applying our standards of earthly life; evolution would bring great innovations in them making them greatly complex, which could turn out beyond our comprehension in wildest dream.

  If we apply this defining feature of life to our surrounding universe, we find, surprisingly, all bodies – which are nothing but the systems of component parts – take birth, grow and finally die. Is there life in them? If yes, how evolved are these living systems? Can we communicate with them? They all are so near to us, almost in our midst. A cell in human body is a living structure; it is an independently living thing, though enabled by and thus connected to its surroundings network; it is as well a part of the whole system, which is human being. Can a cell communicate with nearby other cells? Can it communicate with its host, that is, the human being concerned who is highly evolved with the sense of a ‘self’ and whose simple component part it is? There are several kinds of pathogens, which are housed in our body (and now found that they pass on to our next generations through our own mutated DNAs); they are sometime component parts of our own life, our own DNAs. Can these pathogens communicate with the human being whose body houses them? No. Why can’t they do so?

 We know human cell and whole kinds of its activities but this cell does not know our evolved self. This is the problem that we face in this approach in our search of ET life that may very well exist in our midst, with all its capabilities beyond our comprehension (like having devices a la UFOs, maintain vigil over human activities, intervening in human affairs by bringing their occasional destructions, which may look like natural disasters, because humans have gone astray in their activities of the desired course); this kind of life and their community, if existing, must be able, at least theoretically, to contrive what we call UFOs, keep a watch over our thoughts and activities, while living in our midst and without ever being detected by us with our narrow outlook of life.

  Could it be that there is life all around us and in abundance? Are we simply one of many kinds of life existing in material form? And, are we and these other kinds of life merely parts of a mega life existing in material form all around us? If it is so, how can we detect them? How can we communicate with them? What kinds of scientific tools would be required to communicate with our neighborly life? Can we employ mathematical tools to decode their life code? In this Endeavour our knowledge of coding computer software and genetic coding may be a great help. We have to take their fundamental principles and apply them to our surrounding world. Even we may apply them to many systems that are present on earth; one of these systems could be earth’s environment, which includes systems of earth’s regional weather patterns.

  In this approach to search ET life around us we assume that in a given case a particular kind of life program coded with the aid of concerned media is being executed through instructions. These instructions would be mechanism of elements involved propelling the whole system. In the life we have on earth, there is an intake of energy that comes from food. This energy propels the whole system geared to bring the programmed outcome, namely the above mentioned three common properties of life.

  Today we know that all other systems of bodies around us in universe behave in a way that amounts to taking energy from outside surrounding sources and this energy keeps the system going on at the path of its programmed birth, growth and death. Are the component parts of these systems merely like cells of human body, which are simply executing a coded program? Definitely, all systems are nothing but programs in execution dependant on very many variants, which are akin to instructions. A system in action is akin to a cell in our body. But we take for granted that these systems of inert matter are not living beings like our cells. Why do we associate life with ‘exclusively’ our kind of life? We are narrow-minded but   why so? We have come a long way on our scientific path.

  We associate life with movement (trees do not move), with basic instincts (earth and its rivers try to repair damage done to them by humans), with procreation (there is constant cycle of birth, growth and death of stars, galaxies etc. going on in the universe and the time scale involved here is not material), with emotions like love, anger etc. and thoughts of humans. Are emotions like love and anger and thoughts possible of generating or expressing in the human way only? Human thoughts correspond to something else independently existing in Nature; thoughts are the human mind’s version of interrelations of material objects that already exist independently in Nature. Human way of thinking is not the only way of expressing these independently existing interrelations of things. There can be varying many ways to express them, though we would not be able to comprehend those ways because they would belong to a different kind of life. All working systems are equivalent to complex human thoughts. Or, rather, all systems are thoughts in concrete form, in material form, in visible form. Emotions like love and anger are, likewise, expressions in human way of something else that exist independently in Nature. There could be varying many ways to express them, which would be beyond our comprehension since they would be in the domain of a different kind of life.

  And, language is not the only way to communicate emotions and thoughts, not even symbols or gestures of mathematical significance. These belong to the domain of life that we have on earth; there could be many more ways, each of which would belong to a different kind of life. We have been sending but in vain our messages coded in radio signals to some ones who might be there in outer space with the fond hope that they would understand them and respond by saying ‘hello’. The case may not be so simple.

  But, then, how can one communicate across the barrier of these different kinds of life? One way may be to communicate with one’s behavior. Individual’s behavior in a network of many is detected immediately through this behavior’s impact on the alien connected to other end of the network, whether this network is horizontal or vertical (because of evolutionary gap). This behavior is detected and suitably translated at the other end. We can take the example of cells of human body. There, the behavior of cells – their demeanor represented by their wellbeing or distress – is detected and understood not only by the nearby organs of the body network but also by the evolved self of the individual concerned. This communication may be other way round also; a disturbed ‘evolved self’ of the person concerned sends signals that go down to the cells of the body, which translate this signal as ‘something is wrong’ somewhere. Here the signal emanating from one end of the network is communicated to the other end through a common medium – behavior or conduct – that is suitably interpreted and understood by the recipient.

  In this approach to search alien form of life we may employ a suitable medium that is capable of transmitting our behavior, which term includes our demeanour in the form of our proper or improper actions, loving or hateful emotions and open or secret thoughts, to the other end of the network of different kinds of life that might be there, near or far.

  Is it possible that cosmic systems around us in universe are communicating with one another through their behavior over the network of interconnecting natural forces? Are they talking around us and in our very midst? How are we to understand their ‘language’, their ‘meaning’ and their ‘intentions’? It is the problem that calls for our attention, if we are to search ET life, their world and their devices (and much curious UFOs may turn out to be one of them) from a new approach. The problem with us is that we associate thoughts with the way we think, love with the way we love, anger with the way we exhibit it and goodwill with the only way we know to express it. It is not the correct approach to the problem as these our ways may not be the ones that are universally understood. It is not the only way universe functions; it is very narrow-minded approach. Universe is much wide and it must as of necessity contain many more ways to express life and life’s wide domain. If it is so, then there is one more thing of which one can be certain. It is this: because we know love, hate, anger, thoughts etc. are associated with our kind of life, therefore they must also exist somehow in other kinds of life and exhibited in many more ways that are different from ours.

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