What is a machine? From the earth-moving extreme machines to the tiny digital gate circuits of computers all are machines. What is the definition of machine? Machine is a liver, in the center of which the fulcrum is some law of Nature discovered by humans, one arm is a technology fabricated to exploit that law and the other arm is the obstruction of Nature that is removed by that technology. Thus, machine is a force multiplier in the hands of humans; it is the product of their evolution; and it is used by them in their fight against the odds of Nature and to conquer the same.

Nature keeps hidden in its bosom many unknown secrets, which humans have to uncover in order to carry on the struggle for their survival and then to win a victory over, and ultimately to subdue, Nature.

  A new and better civilization cannot be founded on the misuse of machine. Science and its deductive use in technology are the fruits of labor of the collective mankind, and therefore, these must be used to serve their collective interests. What are these interests of collective mankind?

  In essence, the development of mankind as reflected in her civilization is the story of her struggle against the odds of Nature. Basic requirements of human existence – food, clothes and shelter – have to be won by human beings by persistent and bitter struggle against Nature. Nature does not yield easily; it does not give out its secrets to an assaulting race – human race – in an easy way. The story of uncovering of Nature’s secrets – the history of the development of science – is the story of human beings’ struggle, development and evolution.

  This precious labor of mankind rendered over millennia bears a fruit in the form of machine. Machine functions as the lever in mankind’s struggle against Nature and makes miraculous things happen possible, which would otherwise be impossible. It makes the struggle less arduous and perilous for her.

  Machine should be allowed by the offing new civilization to play its full potential as a lever to lessen the mankind’s hardships in all conceivable dimensions. What is this full potential use of machine? It is to use machine solely for the purpose of reducing the period of time of work for human beings collectively in the process of production of goods and not to allow it (machine) to yoke to the service of profits earning by a few among the race.

  A new civilization of mankind is all about the application of our current knowledge – that is, science – to the process of our self governance. It is about the application of our scientific knowledge to the economics and the politics of our self governance, and to the management of our collective resources. New civilization would be enabled and sustained by our current scientific knowledge only. Without this enabling help from science – and its derivative, the technology – it is not possible even to dream of a new – impending – civilization.

  To enable a new and better civilization to happen, there are two pre-requisites. Firstly, the secrets of Nature uncovered by science must be made known through education to the overwhelming majority of mankind. And, secondly, the educated overwhelming majority of mankind must be enabled through information technology to govern themselves more efficiently.

  Human beings are making rapid strides in science today and their consciousness is steadily rising. With this rapid march, in coming time it would no longer be possible for a minority of mankind to ensnare the majority in the harmful current politico-economic distortions of our civilization. Machine – with all its enchanting potentials – has to be used by our race solely to reduce the working periods of billions of our production workers – and reducing not into hours any more but into bare few minutes. It is possible. It can be done and it should be done.

  It is a problem not related to an ideology and politics getting inspiration from the same. It is not socialism. It is not communism. It is putting mind in the driver’s seat in the place of desires in the matter of management of human affairs. It is by-passing socialism and communism in the process of transformation of capitalism into a new civilization. It is a problem related to the science of management. This feat can be accomplished by institutionalizing the planning by mind in a democratic set up where the use of machine by any individual or a group of individuals for making profits should be outlawed by the constitution. In the new set up, it need not and would not be a central planning of the exclusive use of machine for the advancement and economic welfare of the people conceived by mind by a dictatorial leadership. There is no need of dictatorship to achieve this miracle of machine. It needs simply a true democracy wherein the majority of people really rules. With the help of management technology available to mankind today it is possible to manage machine to the good of overwhelming majority and to wean it off from its current misuse by a minority of our race. It is possible today for human beings to consciously fabricate the required political and economic institutions of self governance geared to that end of collective good. A futuristic new civilization, its economics, its politics, our science and technological capabilities go hand in hand.

  A better civilization, as we said, is all about efficient self governance of our race. Its politics is the politics of efficient self governance, that is, democracy enabled and sustained by our current scientific technology. What we, the democratic people, practice today is the obsolete form of democracy. The impending new civilization cannot and should not be constructed on our current – the outmoded – forms of democratic functioning. Our current democratic functioning is outmoded because although our technological capability today makes it possible for us to constantly build, express and utilize the people’s democratic will in electing or recalling our representatives in the democratic self governance but still we chose to cling to the old fashioned current democracy wherein our elected representatives are simply allowed to continue despite ostensibly losing their electorate’s mandate.

  It is possible today with the aid of information technology to make our democratic self governance more near to the reality. The new civilization must invent a live democracy where constant monitoring of representatives’ performance would allow their electorates to replace them at will with their instant and better choice. It would be more democratic in form and efficient in self governance. Only when we use science and technology for this more democratic and efficient self governance, we would be able to stop the current misuse of machine in the way of yoking it to task of profit-earning by a minority against the collective interests of the majority.

  This misuse of machine by a few against the interests of more of our race gets life-sustaining support from the institutions of our outmoded democracy. These few have developed vested interest in perpetuating this outmoded democracy. It is so because democracy is all about the rule of majority over minority and if the majority were allowed to rule themselves in the form of this new live and efficient democracy, they would, without doubt, not allow a minority to misuse machine to serve their own private ends in the darkness of collective ignorance. They can do so only by un-yoking machine from the task of profit-earning. They would rather use this lever to lessen their toil in the collective manner by curtailing their productive work-period from hours to a few minutes! And, then, the overwhelming majority of mankind may enjoy the balance twenty-three hours in tune with their private fancy!!

  It is all possible today. Let a new civilization work towards this glorious task.

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