Life and mind

     Is it possible to search the answer to these questions, by using a method other than ‘separation, analysis and integration’ that is used by human mind? Mind does not concede the possibility of the existence of such a method. But, mind also concedes its own inherent limitations. It knows life on earth was not endowed with this (mental) faculty from its very beginning. It knows life evolved to its present capability during millions of years of evolution. It knows it is still undergoing a constant change on the path of its further evolution. And, it knows it is not only possible but also probable that this evolution will endow man with capability more potent than our present mind.

  Is it possible that animal, which is evolutionarily lower than man, some time at opportune moment experiences a momentary glimpse of mind’s reasoning in solving their grave problems and inquiries? It is more probable than not, for we know they are on the evolutionary path towards evolving mind. Also it is more probable than not because we find the evidence of this reason’s glimpses among higher animals etc. in laboratory conditions.

  Likewise, is it possible that we, human beings, sometimes under the appropriate condition experience the glimpses of a light that is higher than reason? It is more probable than not, for the people claiming to experience this light find answer to problems and inquiries that are nearer truth than offered by mind and this light is, always, mysterious to mind. Also it is more probable than not because evidence, offered by events in the lives of persons like Lord Buddha, Christ et al, is available – which mind being unable to explain either purposely ignores or adamantly refuses to acknowledge – that proves the superiority of this light over the mind’s reason.

  All branches of knowledge are moving towards the convergence point. The only two things required of us are the patience and the commitment to truth.

  It seems to ordinary human mind that science has finally caught up with the spiritualism and negatives its very foundation, that is, the existence of a universal conscious Divine power. To them science seems to confirm the apparent absurdity of the concept of spirit and, without pausing for a moment to reflect on the matter, they accept on the face value what passes under the name of scientific temperament – the complete identity of consciousness with biological life. But the truth is otherwise.

  Space Exploration is one of the areas where the skeptical mind feels justified in his rejection of spirit and Divine. Logic of rationalist in refuting the divine existence goes like this: we have gone ourselves and seen by touch Moon and explored through machines Mars and other heavenly bodies. They are as real and material as our own Earth. There is nothing mysterious about them or even more distant celestial bodies. Primitive human mind, in its ignorance, was overawed by their presence and regarded them as angels, spirits and gods. There is no life on any of them since life supporting critical balance of environment is absent there. All this is very simple. Eventually life may be found existing on some suitable planets or their satellites and even we may be able, one day, to plant life on some such suitable ones. There is no scope or need for God for all this to happen, they argue.

  This reasoning is not logical. It may be that man explores the universe and still he does not find divine being anywhere in a form that seems real to him. Before exploring the universe, we may even take it granted that all celestial bodies would be found as real and material as our own Earth.

  Another area where the skeptics feel sure to find the evidence that there is nothing mysterious about life and consciousness, and therefore no need or scope for a God to explain the things, is Genetics. Genetics is re-arranging the attributes of life in the desired manner by manipulating the natural genetic program of life and is on the verge of artificially creating the life by duplicating DNA, the building blocks of life in laboratory.

  There is an international ethical storm by religious and political leaders against these scientific efforts on the ground that it is interference by man in the exclusive prerogative of God’s work, that is, the creation of life. There may be justification for this opposition on the ground of future happiness, health and well-being of the artificially created life but there is hardly any justification on the ground that has been taken.

  Man has been interfering in God’s work for millions of years, since Stone Age, by artificially changing the natural order of things. It has been found now, even small insects use intelligence to change to their advantage the natural order of things. The very appearance of life in innate matter itself is a breach in the natural order of things in the dark, determinate and will-less matter. The emergence of life in the matter is the victory of spirit and if this life, through man, artificially creates life in laboratory, it is God performing, through man, his own work. Man need not be apologetic to God for this venture.

  Scientific knowledge, and Genetics is also science, strengthens our conviction in the universal presence of Divine Supreme Consciousness in three ways:

  • First, by wondrous very presence of life in the blind dark matter and its (life’s) capacity to know and change things in willful way in the deterministic universe.

  • Secondly, (it) providing step by step mental enlightenment through scientific knowledge, which eventually leads to a conclusion indicating towards the existence of a real and natural force that is unified, universal and yet not known.

  • And thirdly, by our realization that more we know, the reality of things seems more complex than we had anticipated and still logical, simple and beautiful. By this process, the horizon of yet not known is pushed farther and farther leaving us still unsure but prompting us to make further efforts.

  To the scientific mind, Genetics, and the Science as a whole, does not appear in the least to negate Divine and the things spiritual.

  Information Technology, particularly its World Wide Web, has interconnected people and created an impression that the whole world is against the ignorant philosophy of things Divine. It is misconception. Most of the people, world-over, who are now interconnected by information technology are ordinary human beings whose Para psychological personality formed of kaleidoscopic elements of mind, desires and body rulings is governed by their lower self – the self that is always dominated by desires and animal instincts. Though the inter-connectivity has established a world dominated by the culture of lower self and created an impression of the rejection of the spiritual by the people world over, it is far from truth.

  A few people belonging to different religions and countries the world over are there, as ever, who live at a higher level of consciousness and are realized souls. They are the real hope and light for mankind in our Dark Age, and they are least affected by this latest avalanche of materialistic self-indulgent animal culture. One of the most difficult problems that mankind has been facing since the Dawn of Reason and crying for attention is the dilemma of determinism and will. What is the stand of science on this issue? Do we get any light from science in resolution of this dilemma?

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