Nature’s language

     We have one dimensional mathematics. We have figures that correspond to definite properties of the material existence of things in Nature. These figures because of these properties have certain quantum of strength. Now, we conceive of different powers of a certain quantum of this strength and use this concept in our mathematics in the form of decimal placement of figures. Here, we assign a figure not only a certain quantum of strength that it represents but additionally also assign a place value, in ten-fold strength with each next placement towards left.

  This is one dimensional placement. We have three dimensions in space and can use them for the placement of our figures there. It can be done in two ways. Firstly, we can take the entire sum in one dimension as a figure and its power may be raised by putting a figure in the second dimension (say, x dimension). Further, the total thus fixed, may be raised to another power by putting a figure in the third dimension (say, y dimension). The left over third dimension we are already using in our decimal placement. Secondly, and alternatively, we can take a single figure – that is, along with its place value – of our one dimensional mathematics and raise its power by putting a figure in the second dimension. The total quantity of the sum thus calculated may further be raised to a power by putting a figure in the third dimension. It is accomplished by utilizing the space available at 90 degree angle to our one dimensional conventional asthmatic where figures are given place value on the scale of ten.

  This space when used in placing figure with its decimal place value would raise the power of our conventional figure (that has its own decimal place value) to the extent of the figure placed in this second dimension. These figures along with their place value may be conceptually put on x, y and z axis and calculated accordingly. This is one use of the extra two dimensions. There may be many more uses of these available dimensions. There are several properties that may be associated with figures or numbers and these properties may be assigned these extra dimensions for their representation. Today, we may use our computer to do this work and take the advantage of the availability of two more dimensions.

  In language we use letters to correspond sounds artificially produced by vocal organs of human beings. We make combinations of these letters to make words that correspond with certain concepts, which in turn correspond with certain things and processes existing in Nature. While letters of a language, or symbols, are pure inventions made by human race, words have been historically evolved by them. There are several things that are beyond the consciousness of an ordinary person but still existing in Nature. There are several complex processes that exist in Nature but difficult to grasp by an ordinary person. We coin new words to represent them and assign a meaning to them. In Nature we find there are concrete and material symbols already existing. We can regard the elements (as found and enumerated by modern science) as symbols, or letters and assign to each of them a sound of particular frequency. In Nature, if an element is a letter having a particular sound or pitch, then the combination of two or more elements into a single compound is a word and things made up of these compounds is the literature of Nature. In this Nature, life is a poem being sung on Earth. Who is listening this Nature’s poem? In the backdrop of all this, there is the unified ocean of fundamental energy who (!) is listening to this poem of life being sung on Earth.

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