A Peaceful Revolution!

      Human beings, as they are at their present evolutionary stage, are mostly governed in their personal life by lower impulses, that is, their personal interests formed in ignorance of a higher or better light. In making their crucial decisions humans are not governed even by Mind, that is, reason. They put their lower self – their impulses – at the driver’s seat in making decisions and Mind is employed as an application to accomplish those objectives determined by this lower self. By and large, the majority of human beings are not intellectually a sufficiently accomplished lot. People gifted with mental accomplishments are, as always, still in short supply, in minority. This can be seen from the data of people around the world who made scientific discoveries and inventions. This is the state of human beings’ intellectual caliber at the present juncture that we have to deal with in finding a solution to the problem of managing the elements of drastic social change, a revolutionary change.

  The way out of this problem is to strike a right balance between the pragmatic need of a command center which can take initiative, control and execute the drastic social change and the pragmatic need of a transparent democratic mechanism that is capable to supervise, control, dismantle and replace such command center.

  The only way is to create a right balance between these two pragmatic needs. There was not a way out, till recently, to get out of this unfortunate human situation except by adopting either of the two approaches with all their respective weaknesses; that is, the spiritual or religious way – a preaching that you be morally good – that had played its due role in history but which now in modern times has no efficacy of results; or, alternatively, the Communist way that is tainted with violence and terror.

  Today information technology has come on the scene to solve this problem. It is possible now to employ this technology to ascertain the will of people in the matter of their self-governance. It is but natural that there would be opposition to this techno-legal reformation of democracy. But the change cannot be stopped for ever. Change is the way of history. But the matter does not end here. Obviously, the “vested interests” have their life or death at stake if the “genuine” will of people is allowed to be reflected in the matter of governance. And, there is bound to be bitter struggle on this score. How will it happen? Technology will bring more and more automation; and, such automation will bring in more and more concomitant unemployment, notwithstanding the fire-fighting measures adopted by the keepers of this social order to tame the ill effects of this unemployment. The unemployed population will more and more resent the present social order, which people would identify with this social order. And, if this population is allowed to express their will through technology, it would bring a “World Revolution” through democratic way. Any opposition by the keepers of this social order to this “Democratic World Revolution” would cause an unprecedented global turmoil, bringing in the “profound human moral issues” on the global center stage to be resolved by mankind. Such an eventuality will bring in an unprecedented contest between the “force of violence” and “force of the people’s power”.

  We are sure that, sooner or later, the technologically empowered peoples’ will would win. There will be a change; there will be the change of social order; there will be a drastic change in the social order, which will be to the benefit of people, that is, mankind.

  The whole world, through a very powerful international media controlled by capital, seems to cry hoarse that there is no economic exploitation any more today and that we all are living in a heaven where nothing but freedom reigns – freedom to speak, freedom of choice and freedom to all. It is nothing but a farce, a make-believe freedom, freedom to choose to work and get exploited. Humans deserve a better deal in the matter of their freedom. Humans are enlightened today; they are empowered by science today; they are sovereign today.

  Then, what is the way out of this inhuman and immoral exploitation of human by human? The secret lies in the numerical strength of the ordinary people in the capitalist society. The secret lies in strengthening the democracy and purifying it from the influence of capital with the aid of modern information technology. The secret lies in launching people’s movements to demand the application of this technology for electing and recalling their representatives at their sweet will. The secret lies in denouncing capitalists’ hoax that such use of technology by people in constantly electing and recalling their representatives is still impracticable. It is but logical that technologically enabled democracy would truly empower the people and enable the majority to become the reigning class, with all its adverse economic consequences for the capitalist-minority, and would prove a death-nail to the capitalist-exploitative system. And, this all would be possible without shedding a drop of human blood! How can this goal of a democracy purified by technology be achieved by people? It requires three imperatives: firstly, educating the people so that they understand what is in their own interest, both economic and political; secondly, empowering them through the employment of technology in democracy; and, thirdly, advancing the cause of science by constant discoveries and ensuring technology’s ownership in the hands of people, as against its ownership in the private hands for being misused in exploitation of other human beings.

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