Profit, Exploitation, Nature

      Capitalism is bad because this socio-economic order intentionally inflates human beings’ desires in a calculated manner by resorting to advertisements etc. and ensures provision of means to satisfy them. This is nothing but gearing the society to the ideal of sensual enjoyment. Enjoying sensual pleasure is not the end-destination of life on its evolutionary path. In pursuit of its avowed objective of inflating desires and satisfying them, Capitalism resorts to the economic mechanism of earning profit – generating capital; buying human work – the priceless exertion of life on matter; selling product of that work at a premium and again earning profit – creating a vicious circle. To ensure the safe and smooth play of this mechanism, Capitalism evolves capitalist democracy and market culture. In turn, it gives birth to economic exploitation – dazzling wealth contrasted with an abject poverty; and, societal injustice and repression. There is no way to escape these inevitable and unfortunate social and economic byproducts in Capitalism. Capitalism brings about degeneration in human beings and their culture. It remains no more a cherish-able or ideal model of humans’ collective living and Mankind is bound to reject Capitalism sooner or later.

  Socialism, and its refined form – Communism –  is also a bad social system. This society in order to create abundance of material comforts for its citizens resorts to social engineering wherein chains are put on its citizens’ mind’s creativity. Socialism is comparatively better than Capitalism on the count that it ensures the provision of means to meet the essential needs and legitimate desires of its citizens. But the evil part of this system is that in order to ensure economic justice it creates the dictatorship of a few people – who are almost always merely ordinary human beings in all respects and controlled by their petty desires and animal instincts – over the vast number of common people. And, this dictatorship encompasses every sphere of human activity – the most agonizing part among them being the human mind and its creativity. In order to eliminate any chance of opposition that may eventually turn into challenge to the social system, this system as of necessity cannot and does not permit human mind’s free thinking lest it may have remote semblance of incongruity with the established norms. It is slavery of thoughts and mind.

  There is need of a social system better than Capitalism and Socialism that may allow the freedom of thought and mind to its citizens but at the same time impose on them the discipline of the light of higher consciousness, that is, enlightenment. The discipline of higher light cannot be imposed on the society by enacting laws. Such a discipline is possible only when there is a majority of those people who have accomplished the higher light in their consciousness. If there are no people in that society who have experienced higher light of consciousness and the discipline is sought to be imposed by laws and rules, then such society would be reduced to that of religious priests, fathers and mullahs. The society and the state of religious priests, fathers and mullahs are not better than Socialism; it is worse than even Capitalism.

  Machines and mechanized industries may prove boon for human beings as well as their scourge. If the culture of human beings is spoiled by inflating their demands to an unlimited proportion and in order to meet those inflated desires and demands, industries are set up, then this chain-process (of first inflating people’s desires and then meeting them) may lead mankind to self-annihilation by her inter-conflicts. This chain-process may lead to a situation where even our planet Earth is reduced to an inhabitable place for human beings. But if the culture of human beings is maintained healthy – that is, if the desires of human beings are restrained in the light of higher consciousness – then, machines and industries can very well meet the legitimate needs and desires of human beings. They, that is, machines and industries, can save their (humans’) labor and thereby afford them opportunities wherein they may retreat back to the soothing company of benign Nature to enjoy the pleasure of life’s secrets and make rapid stride to receive the light of higher consciousness on the evolutionary path. In this manner machines and industries may become useful tools to accelerate the slow natural process of human evolution.

  Our economics holds that for the production of goods what are basically required are: labor, capital and natural resources. It is correct to say that for the production of goods human labor and resources provided by Nature are required but it is wrong to hold that for the production capital also is required.

  The necessity of capital as an essential element required for the production of goods is there because of the degradation of human culture. Capital is money. And, money can purchase human labor and Nature’s raw materials. But the truth is that human being and his labor is not saleable commodity and collective living of human beings is not market where life’s fruits could be justifiably traded.

  And, neither can the natural raw materials be purchased from Nature by paying money. The natural materials are freely gifted to us by Nature and, unless human being is compelled directly or indirectly to do so, he and his labor is not available for sale. Capital as a necessary ingredient for the production of goods is needed only in that society and culture where human beings are compelled directly or indirectly (that is, for economic reasons emanating from socio-economic circumstances) to offer themselves for sale in labor market and where the natural wealth is owned and possessed by a few individuals.

  Such a culture is degraded one and such a society is ugly in essence. Such a society is founded on the exploitation of one human being by another. In such a society, the ultimate sinister aim is simply to earn profit, multiply it and ultimately utilize it to meet the demands of desires (the incidental byproduct of this venture is generation of employment for people, which is sought to be minimized with the help of utilizing machines to cut cost and make more profit). There the earned profit in the form of capital is used to purchase human being and his labor. The defiled culture of such an exploitative society alone swears piousness of sinister machinations of profits, capital, market and sale-purchase of human beings indirectly – that is, through money. It is not proper. It is human degradation and fall. It is retreat on his long evolutionary path. It is stepping backward on his forward movement.

  Human being and his labor is the wonder of Nature, which should not be a saleable commodity. Natural resources are the priceless gift of Nature, which should not be the private property of an individual, which could be purchased by paying money. There is no need of capital for the production of goods. Capital is a medium of exploitation. To hold the necessity of capital for the production of goods is the sign of a shameful society and its culture.

  The problem of unemployment is linked to science, technology and the desire of human beings to earn profit. Science offers knowledge to human beings. It (science) provides them the light of knowledge of the wonders of Nature in the form of scientific hypothesis and laws. Technology utilizes this knowledge to contrive machines. Machines save the labor of human beings. The greater the discovered scientific knowledge, the better would be the technology based on that knowledge. The better the machine, the more saving it would bring in the human labor.

  This saving of human labor can be utilized in two ways. Firstly, on the availability of better machine, the surplus laborers may be fired. In such a situation, the amount of work done (or, the production made) would remain the same but the profit earned by the owner of the machine would become more. However, in this position many human beings (who were fired) would become unemployed. The second way of utilizing machine is that on the availability of machine the surplus laborers are not fired but their working hours are reduced. In such a position, the amount of work done would remain the same and no laborer would be rendered unemployed. However, in this event the amount of profit earned by the owner of the machine would become less.

  The root of unemployment is not in machine but in the desire of earning profit. To earn profit is to earn money and the advantage of earning money is that with its power the owner of the machine is able to satisfy his limitless inflated desires. limitless inflated desires and the nitty-gritty of the provision of means to satisfy those desires is the root of the burning human problems – the problems of poverty, disease, ignorance, exploitation, violation of basic human rights, economic and social injustice, wars, discrimination between man and man, and nation and nation etc. With the advanced science and technology that we have at our disposal today, there is no reason for these burning problems afflicting mankind to exist, provided machine is used not to fire surplus workforce to yield more profit to the capitalist but to reduce the working hours of workers.

  To eliminate unemployment in our socio-economic life there is no need to reject machine – as some utopian idealists hold – but to replace the present system where desires are allowed to control and derive the economic engine with a system where the enlightened mind dictates and lays the norms of economic growth. The desire to earn profit as the sole driving force of the engine of economic growth can only be replaced by a better deriving force – life governed by an enlightened mind – only when the collective life of human beings – society, government, cultural values – is oriented to the task of helping human beings to evolve further and become better individuals.

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