Science still infant!

    We are setting out here certain thoughts (and let us make it plain that they are nothing more than mere mental products) respecting matter, space, time, unified field and dimensionless ‘primary’ reality. What we are describing here is a conceptual model. It is based on reason, and being a product of mind, it cannot go beyond mind in describing the ‘primary’ reality (we term it as reality and not matter because we consider matter being only one of its many manifestations). This mental, or conceptual, model attempts to describe some of the attributes of this primary reality but it is additionally based on the premises that some of the attributes or properties of this primary reality are beyond the capacity of mind to comprehend.

  Let us suppose our universe (by universe we mean here universal space) is like an ocean on our Earth. On a calm day, in our earthly ocean waves are constantly being formed, deformed and reformed. This wave-formation is being powered by air and air is being powered by temperature (thermal energy); and temperature is being powered by sun, and so on, perhaps up to ad infinitum. Waves are rising up towards the sky. Though waves are being formed and reformed, the total quantity of ocean-water remains unchanged (leaving evaporation and other factors apart) because waves are the water’s extensions into sky. Let us further suppose that on our calm day, we are able to note down this ocean’s water-surface. With every wave rising into sky, there would be corresponding lowering of this water-surface. A wave has three elements that are integrated with it. The first is the amount of water it contains; the second is its height from the surface of ocean. The third is its shape determined by water density and other factors. All these three elements are interrelated and interdependent.

  There are various limitations with this model, like water moves through molecules that takes time and in the process, in the intervening period, there is interference by earth’s gravity, making the whole thing complex mechanical problem.

  But the universal space, which we are dealing here, has no such problems. Is it possible to visualize in our model that with every wave rising into sky there is corresponding lessening of water in ocean in a formation that is reversed structure of rising wave? Let us modify our model. Our universe is an ocean of fundamental energy (physicists may term it unified field of energy) and waves are rising therein. But these waves do not rise into sky (because there is no sky); they rise into this ocean back. A wave in this ocean would be a sort of pressure-wave doing the job of mere energy-transfer.

  Let us further suppose that the whole universe is filled with this fundamental energy and it is a closed structure. In this ocean, elementary particles are ‘structures’ of waves, and antiparticles are ‘corresponding reverse structures’. Here, whenever a particle ‘comes into existence’ a corresponding antiparticle also ‘takes birth’ along with it. In fact, whenever a portion of fundamental energy is ‘utilized’ in formation of an elementary particle, its correspondingly deficient portion with reversed properties is ‘left behind’ in the form of antiparticle. In such a closed system, waves would be ‘particles’ if they were not interfered with (at their wave length level by instruments of corresponding wave length) and obey relativity principles. If waves were so interfered, they would behave as waves and obey quantum mechanics principles.

  In this modified version of our model, the amount of water alluded to in earlier version that a wave contains, is here the amount of energy. Wave’s height here is the displacement of energy from the unified field’s state of absolute equilibrium to that of kinetic and this height represents the wave’s mass. And, the wave’s shape here is kind of particle that is formed. Here, as in the previous model, amount of energy, quantity of mass and properties of a particle are interrelated and interdependent.

  We do not know who or what causes the disturbance in the equilibrium state of ocean that is needed to form wave-particle dual energy packets. But whoever he is or whatever it is, it requires on his or its part to have force to initiate, if not to sustain, this ceaseless particle-wave phenomena, which is the core of creation. This force employs two distinct agencies to transfer its energy in the infinite but closed ocean of unified field of fundamental energy: firstly, duality of particle-wave, and secondly, mass contained in this dual formation. These two agencies ultimately resolve into single one, that is, energy-carrying shock-waves that not only create particle-wave duality and a reversed anti particle-wave duality but also an extended space-time curvature in the surroundings of the origin of particle-wave duality in this ocean.

  This picture of Nature prompts us to think beyond. There is an infinite yet closed, or finite yet edgeless, universe and beyond this we do not know what else exists. Our universe is a great, greater than we can imagine, ocean and this ocean is packed with pure and fundamental energy. There are waves inside it, which look and behave as particles under certain conditions.

  It is not a fantasy, it is a reality and we study them with the help of Einstein’s Relativity and make use of them in our everyday life.

  Under different conditions, these particles seem and behave as waves. We study them with the help of the principles of Quantum Mechanics and exploit this knowledge for our everyday use. Corresponding to every elementary particle in universe there is an antiparticle. Then, there may be anti-atoms and anti-molecules, that is, anti-matter, somewhere in universe. With every single ‘birth’ taking place in universe, three things are simultaneously ‘created’, that is, particle, its antiparticle and it’s mass. As particle and its antiparticle are opposite and cancel out each other, in fact, with their ‘births’ nothing new is created in Nature. They balance each other, as if One, the single, has divided itself into Two, just to become manifold by holding on to each other. There is a world of particles and associated mass producing gravity. With the equivalent and opposite world of antiparticles, there must be anti-mass associated with antiparticles and that anti-mass must produce anti-gravity. However, this anti-mass created by anti-particles and producing anti-gravity may not be detectable by us, who are made up of particles, though it may very much exist amid our world of ‘matter’ and its ‘mass’.

  Nature is executing its design of creation and man’s pursuit of science is making his brain biologically more complex and developed. And, in the process human consciousness is being transformed evolutionally. One day, if mankind were able to keep patience and preserve herself against odds of her foolishness, arrogance and selfishness, it would transport mankind to a point of dazzling light of truth. That truth, which is beyond mind and its comprehension, would make mankind accept her limitations and force her to transform into a form of consciousness that is evolutionally better than mind.

  Then, let us have a look at the knowledge that the frontiers of science are opening up for mind today and proceed further. Nature has three fundamental properties, viz., the conservation of energy, opposite and dual nature of matter or energy and the singularity of universal force and they originate from a single universal reality. This universal reality may be visualized as a partial projection of itself into dimensions of space and time that look like mirror images and produce the effect of non-destruction of energy, counterbalancing symmetry in nature and singularity of prime force.

  Dimension is a ‘projection’. It is the projection of ‘reality’ (and, not necessarily of matter). This projection of reality is not necessarily into space (and time). This projection may be conceived of as a process whereby a portion of reality is raised (by consuming energy) above its neutral state of existence and as a result thereof an amount of additional energy is stored as potential energy in the new elevated (or projected) state. This process may be given a suitable name. It may be called a projection. It may also be called ‘acquiring of a color’ since color is dependent on frequency (of electromagnetic radiation) and the amount of energy stored therein is directly proportional to the number of frequency. In its essence dimension is an instrument of storing reality. Properties (of reality) are associated with dimension as its integral part.

  Reality can exist without being projected into dimensions and then it has no property. The moment reality is projected into dimensions it acquires specific properties depending upon the dimensions it is projected into. One well-known example of this process is the projection of reality into spatial dimensions whereupon reality gets the properties of mass, charge, spin and parity. Another example of the same is the projection of reality into time’s dimension whereupon it gets the property of flow from past to future. Reality without its projection into spatial dimensions has no property of mass etc. And likewise, reality without its projection into time’s dimension has no property of past, present and future (and this state may be conceived as eternal reality existing without mass and time).

  Do dimensions exist without primary reality projected into them? Do dimensions co-exist with primary reality and therefore are equivalent primary reality themselves? No. Dimensions are specific states or measures of the projection of primary reality and in that sense they exist independent of any projection into them of primary reality. However, these states are beyond detection by any means without primary reality being projected into them.

  Does time exist? Can we measure it? We choose a succession of events as the reference standard and then taking a part out of this succession label it as time. But the rate (of succession of events) can neither be measured in absolute terms with reference to a stationary frame (due to the wave-particle’s dual nature of matter of which events are made) nor is it always the same with reference to a moving frame (due to the relativistic principle). In measuring time by this process the extent of our ability to do the same is not limited by this problem only. By this method we only count events and do not deal with the time at all. By counting events we tag them as time and by going backward or forward in the succession we refer it as past or future.

  There is no way to directly deal with the time. And, yet the time does exist as a certain measure of projection of primary reality to a certain height that stores specific amount of potential energy (of primary reality) creating the dimension known as time.

  And, what is space? Can we measure it? We measure matter, and treating this measure as a reference, compare with it the spread of space. Again, the amount of matter (that is, its spatial properties) can neither be measured with reference to a stationary frame (on account of its wave-particle dual nature in accordance with quantum mechanics’ principle) nor it is a singular amount with reference to a moving frame (in accordance with relativistic principle). Here, again, we are dealing with the matter and not the space. By any means, we cannot directly deal with the space.

  However, the space does exist as a measure of projection of prime reality to a certain potential height that takes the shape of spatial dimensions. Spatial dimension has a cubic form; that is, it has three sides projection of reality into length, width and height. Time’s dimension also has the cubic form. The single dimensional time would simply exist but would not move forward or backward, that is, into the future or the past. With two dimensions, it would move in either of the directions but still it would not cover events (of matter that has not two but three projections). With two projections, a man would be able (if it were technologically possible) to go in the past or the future but still would not see events associated with that past or future. To make it possible, one more dimension, the third one, is needed. It is like the depth of time. If one moves along this dimension, he would not move into past or future but would see all the events of universe at a single given moment.

  Our inability to directly deal with time and space is not associated with the inherent properties of these dimensions. This inability demarcates the limits of human mind in understanding, rather knowing, the truth lying behind the appearance.

  Does consciousness (of the kinds of mind, desires and bodily senses) exist? How do we know of the ‘apparent existence’ of, say, mind (that is, reason)? What is reason? We human beings (like our inferior cousins, plants, microbes and animals) observe ‘objective’ world around us. We act, being propelled by life (so-called instincts) and ‘go ahead’ by preserving, dealing to dominating, adapting and procreating. This is evolving ourselves in relation to the objective world around us. This is life. But this is not enough to ‘reason’. To be able to ‘reason’ we have to rise a bit higher in the ladder of life. To ‘reason’, we take a portion of the ‘objective’ world around us and isolate this portion from the ‘unified whole’ (of this world). This is separation.

  We study the properties of this isolated part and then refit it into the whole again. It is like breaking the whole into pieces creating jigsaw puzzle and solving the same by putting them back in different relations. This is unification. The reasoning follows the process of movement from unity to separation to unity again. Or, it may be put this way; we take a set of material objects (with their associated properties that may be likened to floating points of computer technology) and isolate this set from the remainder of the whole universe. It is an incongruous heap or, say, a jumbled world. The incongruity in their interrelation is a ‘problem’ or, say, disorder. We reposition them again and again in their interrelation till congruity is established. Then, the incongruous heap turns into a congruous order of their interrelations. We call it a reason.

  The reason is thought. And, this thought, when found to be in congruity with another neighboring ‘assembled’ thought, is elevated to the dignity of a principle or even a law.

  Here, we do not deal directly with material objects. It is not possible by any means. We deal with ‘concepts’ of material objects. Again, here also, neither these concepts contain in them all the (known and unknown) properties of material objects they represent nor they can be isolated from the remainder of the whole universe in their interrelation. Also, as in measuring time we count events and in measuring space we measure the spread of matter, in establishing congruity among material objects of Nature we establish congruity within our mind. And, yet this congruity among objects of Nature has an existence independent of our mind. This congruity, a thought, is a measure of projection of prime reality into a dimension we call consciousness of mind.

  But, even the thought is not a co-existing equivalent of prime reality. It is merely a projection of prime reality and, therefore, is secondary. Consciousness also has the cubic form of its dimension. Life, desires and mind form these three-pronged projections of reality. All the three remain dormant, like in a frozen state, in the matter, and emerge and manifest under appropriate evolutionary conditions. Being different (specific) measures of projection (of prime reality), time, space and consciousness are qualitatively different dimensions from each other.

  Reality existing without its projection into any dimensions whatsoever is ‘primary’ reality. The ‘primary’ reality is the ‘only’ reality that exists and it may be conceptualized as a great ocean of unified field of energy and this ocean must include all that we know as existing as well as all that we do not know yet but (must) exist. The primary reality observes the law of conservation of energy, that is, it can neither be created (and so, is eternal) nor destroyed (that is, imperishable). To meet the requirements of a unified field’s mathematical equation, it is assumed that this ocean of primary reality, that is, unified field energy in modern scientific terminology, possesses the capacity of ‘self-excitation’. The projection of unified field energy into dimensions is the work of manifestation and it requires ‘self-excitation’, that is, an amount of force or ‘work’. A certain quantified volume of (given) dimensions contain in them a certain quantified amount of unified field energy.

  There are many planes of projected reality in the universe and an individual plane’s specific dimensions determine its structure. All these planes are independently existing but interconnected with each other by a bridge-like formation that connects two sharply different planes with gradually receding-shades. In a plane, the very existence of projected, that is, dimensional reality makes the plane a deformed structure and in this structure all movements of projected reality follow a path along the edges of the plane’s dimensions. This strangely moving presence of projected reality makes the universe a string-like structure at every plane.

  Original dimensionless position occupied by the primary reality and dimensional position occupied by the projected reality may be viewed as a ‘distance’ and this distance, or ‘creation’ needs a force that would make this creation not only possible but would also sustain this creation. And, this force would have to act and be present constantly.

  According to the theory known as ‘quantum chromo dynamics’, atomic nuclear particle protons and neutrons are made up of quarks and these quarks are bound by the ‘strong force’. This ‘strong force’ functions a bit like an elastic band that is tauter when it is pulled. This theory states that the attraction between quarks is strong when they are far apart and weak when they are close together.

  Since we endow the primary reality with the attribute of consciousness, we may conceive the force that creates and sustains the creation as its ‘will’ and the creation as ‘purposeful design of this will of primary reality, or of ‘Supreme Being.’ Also we may conceive the creation as displacement of a part of this primary reality from its original groove, or as a distance of a part of this reality from its original station. This distance (or potential force stored in stretched distance) not only needs a constant will to sustain it but also forms an elastic band between the primary reality and created things that is ‘tauter when it is pulled’.

  This potential force stored in stretched distance, or energy stored in the work of creation, has the tendency to compel created things to return back to their original position.

  The Quantum Relativity concept is an efficient mental tool that enables mind (that is, human being) to understand (to the extent it is possible for mind to understand) the interrelations of different frames of reference moving in various planes of projected reality. Projection of reality into space-time dimensions forms the material world. Projection of reality into dimensions of consciousness forms the worlds of mind, of desire-impulses and of physical (body) senses. There are many more dimensions into which reality is projected (bringing into existence their associated properties) that are not known to human being (being possessing mind). Moreover, human being with the aid of his best instrument – mind – cannot know reality existing in its neutral state without its projection into dimensions.

  The primary reality, that is, the unified field energy, must be supposed to possess the following attributes, namely,

  1. It is the only real one that alone exists.

  2. All else is its projection into known (space-time) dimensions and into many unknown ones that human mind is incapable to conceptualize.

  3. Therefore, all else that is projected one is secondary or created one taking place under suitable conditions. The primary reality, existing in the neutral state without dimensions, is without a form but capable of manifesting itself by self-excitation in forms that are known to mind and in forms that are not known to mind.

  4. Its complete attributes are beyond mental comprehension as mind is only a partial projection of this singular reality.

  5. It not merely exists as the only reality, but it is also conscious and blissful both in its neutral state and in the state of projected endeavors. The consciousness in the forms of body-senses, desires and mind, and happiness, that we find on earth in various forms of life are in fact projection of the prime reality into consciousness dimensions. Eventual artificial fabrication of life in laboratory by man would, still, be a projection of the prime reality, under suitable (laboratory) conditions, into consciousness’ dimensions. In accordance with the conservation of energy principle, no portion of reality projected into dimensions can be created or destroyed by any means. Of course, transmutation of this portion from one dimension to another under suitable conditions (provided by Nature or laboratory) is always possible and the same should not be identified with artificial creation. Consciousness is no exception to this principle.

  6. Thus seen, the whole creation turns out to be purpose-oriented one, with a systemic precision and by the sweet will of the primary reality. The primary reality must also be supposed not only to be the primary reality but also the conscious and blissful one. This primary reality, that may be conceived by modern scientific mind as unified field energy, has been named by the ancient Indian yogis “Sachchidananda” (Sat + Chit + Anand, that is, primary reality + conscious existence + blissful state).

  7. Also, thus seen, human being, with the aid of his body, desires and mind, is by embarking on the path of science is in hot- pursuit of this primary reality. And also, human being – even with the aid of his most potent tool, that is, mind, – is still incapable of comprehending the attributes of this reality.

  8. Also, thus seen, given the chance (by keeping the self-annihilating atomic war etc. at bay), the time (by evolutionary span) and the sweet will (of the real, conscious and blissful primary reality), human being is destined to know this primary reality, Supreme Truth.

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