Secret of life’s cyclic evolution

 The history of true India is the history of its leading lights endeavoring, by bizarre ways and means, to control and get mastery over their body, desires and thoughts, and using them as mere instruments to realize eternal Self.

You will read about a person named Kalyana (kalanos) in the following pages that lived around 320 BC in India and had an encounter with Alexander, the great. He expressed his desire to Alexander (when Alexander was returning back from his expedition to India) to die out of his choice by self-immolation. Alexander was puzzled to hear such a request, for he could not fathom by any stretch of his imagination the reason that a person should ever desire to die. He was right because a person may kill others but would never opt to die voluntarily unless he is of disturbed mind. And Kalyana, under reluctant approval by Alexander, self-immolated and died. He courted death, and we will read without any disturbed mind but cheerfully, by choice, Alexander also died (of course, a few months later) but he did not like to die and wished and tried (by resorting to medicines and priestly cures) to escape death. Both died. But in the case of Alexander it seemed normal course and in the case of Kalyana it was bizarre. What is the basis of this classification?

  Take another example. In India you will find countless people who go naked, or, suffer extreme physical hardships of numerous sorts voluntarily. They stand on one leg not merely for months but some times for years together. Others take a very little food or, some even, not at all. Why should a sane person voluntarily suffer such hardships? It is bizarre to mind.

  Still, take another example of a very recent period and connected with a great person of India – the father of this nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He used to eat the chatanee (sauce), made of neem’s (margosa) leaves that tastes extremely bitter, as a part of his daily food. When asked of the reason for making such an improper choice, he said he wanted to control his desires and get mastery over himself.

  Why should a sane person control his desires? Does it not seem reasonable behavior that one should quench his desires rather than control them? Is there any reason that a person should control his desires rather than quench them?

  We deem it appropriate to sketch the para-psychological anatomy of man at the outset, for man, a mental-being, loves to see logic in everything and this anatomy provides the one needed. It makes a sense out of the seemingly bizarre behavior of India throughout her long history that is coursed in the following pages.

  By and large, human beings live in the world of physical body, desires and thoughts-consciousness. But these three planes of consciousness do not consume the entire spectrum of consciousness. There are many more planes of consciousness existing in Nature of which human beings, in general, have no inkling.

Human race is marching towards evolving a suitable instrument that would enable the race in gradual and individuals to collective manner to manifest a plane of consciousness that is higher than that of thoughts. Rapid development of science, and that means man’s mind, is going to make it happen. Though this conscious evolution of mind has become perceptibly fast in recent decades, it is likely to take its time that may run into not decades but centuries, if not more.

What would that instrument be like? How would it differ from mind and mind’s reason? We should leave these questions to the future to answer. But whatever this new instrument be like, one thing is certain of it. This instrument would be evolved directly under the influence and guidance of heart. It would canalize the light of heart in a manner that is better than mind. It would shine with this light of heart in a better way than mind is capable of. It would be more efficient than mind in manifesting this light of heart. It would distort this light in the process of downward percolation and manifestation less than mind does.

  What is this light of heart?

  As we said, it is not the consciousness of physical body, desires and thoughts alone that exist in universal existence. Beyond our physical body, desires and thoughts-consciousness, deep within heart – the sanctum sanctorum of our total existence – there is the existence of a light. This heart is not the biological heart within our body; it is a dimension of consciousness that seems to coincide with the biological heart; that is all and nothing more.

  What are the characteristics of this light of heart? What is the ‘scientific’ proof that this light does exist? Is this ‘light of heart’ not a mere subjective feeling of the individual concerned, which is brought about by flooding his mind with such unfounded thoughts? In other words, is it not a brain-washing? What is the guarantee that this ‘light of heart’ does exist as reality?

We have already dealt with the nature of ‘scientific’ verification of truth in the preceding pages and here it is suffice to say that human mind knows only one kind of ‘proof’ in support of a truth, i.e., ability of the ‘claimant truth’ to predict the deductive future event. And, this prediction must be uniform and universal in its nature. Scientific statements make such predictions and therefore they are regarded ‘true’.

There have always been certain individuals in the past in almost all countries of the world, and there are many still available today, who are able to predict events, which events take place as predicted (where are such individuals? You have to search and find them yourself. Suffice it to say, such persons don’t live in the world of glamor and limelight. They live in secluded nondescript places). Though the method adopted by such persons for ‘predicting events’ is different from the one adopted by science, still this is sufficient ‘proof’ of the truth of their statements.

And, such people assert the existence of the ‘light of heart’ and of many planes of consciousness beyond the ones that we humans know.

  Let us deal here with the characteristics of the light of heart.

We are not aware of the existence – the presence – of this light of heart as we are aware of the existence or presence of our thoughts, desires and body feelings. We human beings become aware of the existence of this light either through the outcome of life evolution in the general manner or by artificial means. It takes millions of earthly years for primary organisms – like microbes – to evolve to the level of human beings on the ladder of consciousness in order to become aware of the presence of this light. For human beings, it takes thousands of years to evolve further and then become in general way aware of the existence of this light. Generally, in the case of human beings this long span of time – of thousands of years –  is spread through many terms – cycles of births and deaths – of recycling of constituents of individual’s consciousness. However, by artificial means, this long span can be shortened to a few scores of lives, or to several decades in one single life, or even still shorter.

It all depends on the firm resolve and determination of the individual concerned and the design of the scheme of things that makes this resolve of the individual concerned possible. Also, by this machenism of interaction of ‘one’s firm resolve’ and ‘the universal scheme of things’ the riddle of the so-called destiny – or philosophically, the unresolved conflict between determinism and Will – is resolved in a way that seems logical to human mind.

  This light of heart is conscious and we are conscious of our thoughts only because this light percolates down to our mind. We are aware and conscious of the existence of our desires only because this light further percolates down to our lower existence. And, likewise, we are aware of the sensual feelings of our physical body only because this light percolates still further down to that gross level of physical body. This process of percolating down of the ‘light of heart’ may be seen from another angle also. We can equally say that a living physical body of an animal – and, all life forms from primary organisms to animals – is aware of the existence of its body feelings because this light has originated and manifested in that body. Further on the path of evolution, higher animals become aware of the presence of desires because they have evolved a bit higher – or, because this light has further percolated down in their physical existence, which is the same thing. It is an ascendence of life to a higher level of consciousness. Also, likewise, this light further ascends in the evolutionary course and we become aware of our thoughts. We become human being with mind.

At the dimension of consciousness, mind’s concepts of ascending and descending – up and down – have no application. Otherwise also, these concepts are of relative value in nature.

  Mind – with its accompaniments of thoughts and reason – is less opaque an instrument to this light of heart than desires. Still, this instrument distorts this percolating light considerably. It is possible for Nature to evolve and produce an instrument that may be less opaque to the descending (or, ascending) light than mind.

The evolutionary agenda of mankind at the present juncture is to help evolve such an instrument without manmade cultural obstruction. It is in the interest of marching mankind to help evolve such an instrument – an instrument that would be less opaque and less distorting to this light than mind – rapidly.

This conscious effort on the part of mankind may shorten the natural evolutionary period of thousands of years into few centuries, and even few decades running into a century or two.

  Further, the fountain of all our pleasure, happiness and contentment that we derive from the satisfaction of our sensual feelings, the fulfillment of our desires and the justification of our reason is this light of heart. And, it is not the consciousness alone that percolates down to these instruments of thoughts, desires and sensual feelings from this light; there is the bliss also percolating down along with the consciousness. However, down this percolating stream, the receiving instrument of thoughts – mind – distorts this bliss. There this pure bliss is tempered by reason in the receiving instrument and adulterated in content. Further down the stream, this adulterated bliss on being received by the instrument of desires is polluted. Still further on descending to the instrument of body feelings, this bliss – already polluted beyond recognition – is distorted and turned into a gross and ugly sensual pleasure. There at this lowest level we still find traces of bliss in our gross enjoyment. The bliss of heart is in human parlance happiness par excellence that human being can ever conceive of.

  And, this dimension of the light of heart – bliss – is the single source of all good feelings that we derive from love, kindness, truth, morality etc. We take the side of truth, reason, justice etc. only because there is this bliss of light in our heart, which is being received by our mind. We love others and are kind to them only because this light with bliss is present there in our heart and being received by the instrument of our desires. Likewise, also we observe morality voluntarily even to our detriment and against the reason of our mind only because this heart’s blissful Light is cascading down into our lower instrument of gross feelings.

  And, further this blissful Light is the only ‘reality’ in true sense. In human parlance, it is the ultimate reality present eternally in the dimension of time, existing in the dimension of space and living in the dimension of consciousness.

The existence of this bliss since eternity alone has made it possible for matter to exist in space, for time to flow and for consciousness to evolve – evolve into matter, life, animals, man and further.

This document is systematically sequential. Read NEXT here.

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