Secret of secrets

 Let us teach our physical body to become quiet; no demands, no more clamors. But quieting of physical body is not enough. There are desires that too clamor to pay heed to their demands. There are thoughts that clamor to pay heed to them. They insist for exclusive indulgence at our part. All sorts of desires and thoughts are there; there is a free for all. One that is mightier gets attention and weaker is pushed to the background, and waits for opportune time for its hour. There is an endless army of them. They range from basic instincts to artificially inflated ones and simple ideas to complex thoughts and mental make-ups. The ones that were not there before have now been invited and cajoled to show their strength.

These desires and thoughts create a din, like an eastern fish market, wherein the human consciousness is made to engage itself to catering their demands. And, this din goes on for the whole life.

Let us go behind these desires. Let us go behind these thoughts. Let us quiet our desires. Let us quiet our thoughts.

It is not simple and easy. But this task has to be accomplished. How on earth one can quiet his desires? How can one control his desires? Is it ever possible? And, what is the purpose of this arduous exercise? It is not done to subdue for the sake of it. There is a purpose, a purpose of the greatest value that can be imagined by human beings, for this bizarre exercise.

The purpose of this exercise is to quiet our body-feelings, desires and thoughts, and to go behind them to see what lies there.

 How can one possibly accomplish this feat?

We can only say here that it is beyond our intended scope of the subject that we are dealing in these pages. We consider suffice to indicate here that all founders of religions have recommended specialized prescriptions aimed at teaching physical body through measures like celibacy, ethical living, frugal life-style etc. to quiet itself. They have laid down in these prescriptions very elaborate commandments that aim at this achievement.

If one is able by resorting to required means to quiet the cacophony of his body-needs, desire-demands and thought-torrents, his consciousness is disengaged and disentangled from the cobwebs of distracting elements.

Then, gradually there descends an inner tranquility and transparency of consciousness, where one can clearly identify the real nature of these distracting elements. These elements are then seen as foreign intruders, which once allowed an entry get complete control of consciousness.

As we quiet our body, desires and thoughts through persistent efforts, there descends an atmosphere that helps our consciousness to go beyond our physical body and its concomitant, and witness what lies there.

  In the reigning tranquility, then, it becomes possible for one to refuse these foreign elements the entry. Then, the consciousness is left to itself, without interference and obstruction. Then, the consciousness is rendered free and unburdened from this foreign yoke.

Then, and only then, one can go deep down, deep down within one’s heart.

 A word of caution is necessary here. This writing here is meant only for theoretical exposition of the subject. It requires the personal guidance and assistance of an accomplished teacher (Guru) for undertaking practical exercise to get mastery and control over one’s body-needs, desires and thoughts.

There are many subjects that deal with dangerous objects, like explosives, and they all need safety precautions. The subject dealt with here is more dangerous than ordinary explosives and needs extra caution for observing its safety rules.

  There are many paths and disciplines with their own peculiar inbuilt safety mechanisms, efficacy of which all have been well tested by age-old practice and result, and one may fruitfully resort to any of them depending on his individual psychology.

No one discipline may be suitable for all and one must choose the one that is natural for his psychology and suits his consciousness the most.

  There, deep down within one’s heart (of course, not his biological heart but a different dimension of his consciousness), what does one find there?

What follows next are words that do not and cannot convey the full spectrum of the consciousness they are intending to convey. Language, words, thoughts and symbols are not equipped with sufficient means to convey, even partially without distorting the original content, the reality that lies there deep within heart – beyond physical life, desires and mind’s thoughts.

It is a conscious presence there. It is not negative, the absence of everything. It is positive, the presence of everything.

  It is the universal constant of consciousness. It is the universal constant of space. It is the universal constant of time.

Once we reach there, and find ourselves completely identified with this presence – which is always the case -, we reckon our correct place in the three dimensional existence of consciousness, space and time.

Here, each one of all such frames of reference of the relativistic nature, converge and characterization of this presence is equally correct and still none of them describes its character correctly. It encompasses all that human beings can conceive and yet is beyond it. It is God, and yet it is not God. It is Nirvana, and yet it is not Nirvana. It is absolute Zero, and yet it is not Zero. And, at the same time, all these logical contradictions are reconciled here in the light that is higher than mind and beyond its pale.

  Here, a person who is identified with this conscious presence, knows his previous births and knows that he is immortal – that there was never a time when he was not there and that there will never be a time when he would not be there.

He, then, knows that it is this presence that percolates down and after much corruption and distortion appears to an ordinary man as his body-life, desires and thoughts.

He also becomes aware that hitherto he has been a meeting place of forces, benevolent and hostile.

Also, he knows the supreme secret of Nature: that the whole Nature – living and non-living – is marching through a slow moving process of cosmic evolution towards the identification with this supreme three dimensional universal constant.

  To a person who has not yet arrived at this supreme universal constant of consciousness, space and time and has not yet experienced his identification with this presence, there is no way – except with the instrument of mind – to understand it.

But mind and its thoughts cannot conceive anything like it. Mind is but its pale shadow. It is beyond thoughts, the stuff of mind. To such a person – an intelligent mental being -, it is only an idea, a mysterious idea – a God, a divine, a state of Enlightenment, or whatever one may name it.

But always it is an idea, a diet of mind and nothing more. And, then this idea becomes the source of all confusion and contradictions, which has been the notorious scourge of mankind for ages.

  This presence is a product of evolution spanning over millions of births.

The formation and evolutionary status of this presence in an individual differs from person to person. It is the sole agency of cosmic evolution – evolution from outwardly dead and blind matter to life, from microbes to animals and from animals to human beings.

Within the dead matter – atom and its constituent parts – it is there. It is this presence within matter that makes it possible for matter to exist. All matter – and living beings are included therein – can be transformed into a cosmic presence and this cosmic presence can be transformed into a universe of matter – and that again includes dead matter and living beings.

  Mankind has not yet discovered an equation like E=mc2 that is applicable here. Our science has no inkling of the universal constant of three dimensional consciousness, space and time.

  This presence is there in trees and make them living and procreating. In animals it is this presence that is the source of all love and affection in them towards their young ones, and sometimes even towards human beings. In human beings it is the source of all morality. It is the source of all good – good not only of Earth with all her accompaniments, living and non-living, but also of universe, known and unknown to human consciousness.

It knows its place in the scheme of cosmic existence: that it is a part of the whole. It is happiness Par Excellence. It is ultimate satisfaction and contentment. Negatively speaking, one is not left with any trace of an urge to quest beyond it and of the need to accomplish anything more.

   You, as a person individually or as a nation collectively, have to make a choice. This choice is deliberate.

You decide to serve the best interests of a life wherein what is important are the feelings, desires and thoughts that are woven around a central consciousness, a life that dies with the death of your body and its constituents are simply left to be reabsorbed and recycled in Nature once again.

Or, you choose a life in awareness of the central consciousness, though still woven around feelings, desires and thoughts, which are spread over numerous such lives, including the present one.

The choice made on your part is the only material thing and the secret key of the whole jumble of this world.

The rest in one’s life is secondary consequence of this choice.

If you choose the former, you are the master of, and therefore, responsible for your own created world.

If you chose the latter, it is the Supreme Being who provides the necessary means to ensure that your choice bears fruits, for it is not humanly possible for you to know and serve the supreme interests of a life that is spread over numerous lives.

  And yet, from a different perspective in both the cases the Supreme Being is in charge of the whole affair.

After all this,  a few words for the doubting Thomas also.

One may ask a legitimate question: Is it not a peculiar subjective state of consciousness,  which has no objective basis whatsoever?  Is it not an auto-suggestive state of mind? What is the guarantee that such so-called “higher level of consciousness” is a fact and not a feeling only?  Such a peculiar state of mind may even be “induced artificially” in laboratory with the scientific advance tomorrow?  Is it not so?  Any answer?

We say such peculiar state of consciousness is an objective reality and not a subjective mental feeling of the individual concerned.

The test to judge its truth or otherwise is the test that is daily applied in science to judge the truth of a statement. The test is making a prediction beforehand and then match the result with that prediction. The science does it everyday to verify its accuracy.

The persons who have acquired this peculiar higher state of consciousness,  can make and do make predictions beforehand of the coming events and the results duly match with their predictions.  But the irony is that science does not dare to countenance such “supernatural” feats and to declare their truth!  And,  that is it.

It is another thing that the performance by accomplished individuals of such “humanly impossible feats” is prohibited by the rules of this spiritual “science”!

And, if – as and when – science is able to “induce artificially” such state of consciousness in an individual in laboratory,  it would be the “Descent of Divinity” in our material world and by that time humans would have become mentally ready to accept the existence of a Supernatural Living Force operating in universe.

This document is systematically sequential. Read NEXT here.

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