Shaikh Hasan: Sufi saint

    The translator of ‘Waqiate-Mustaqui’ says, “(Later) Mustaqui sat at the feet of Shaikh Buddhan who belonged to the Shattari silsilah (Sufi order), and learnt spiritual exercises from him. Since Shaikh Buddhan emphasized the need for intense love of Allah (Ishq-I-lIahl) for rapid spiritual development, Mustaqui soon became a devout Sufi. He assumed the three-fold obligation of poverty, charity and resignation to the will of Allah and spent his nights in constant vigil.”

  The author of Waquiat-e-Mustaqui says: “The purpose of writing this work is that I may describe certain events that occurred during the reign of Sultan Sikander (Lodi who reigned from 1489 to 1517 AD) along with the account of certain attainment of some Mashai’kh (saints) and nobles who were his contemporaries. In those days, when the Prince was called Mian Nizam, he was known for his excellent temperament.

  “One day Mian Nizam was sitting in his private chamber that suddenly Saikh Hasan entered it. The Prince asked why he had come in without permission. Sheikh Hasan answered: ‘Do you not know why I have come in?’ The Prince said: ‘You consider yourself fond of me?’ The Saikh replied: ‘I have got no control in this matter.’ The Prince ordered him to move forward; The Saikh came forward. There was a light stove before Mian Nizam; he placed his hand on Saikh Hasan’s neck, passed it towards the sparkling fire and then pressed it hard. The Saikh himself placed his head on the fire and did not make the slightest movement. In the meantime Mubarak Khan Nuhani entered (the chamber). When he saw (them), he asked who that person was. The Prince replied that it was Saikh Hasan. Mubarak Khan said: ‘0 man who fears not God, what are you doing? Neither fire burns people of this class, nor does water harm to them. You have done harm to yourself. What can you do against them?’

  “The Prince said: ‘He calls himself my lover.’ The Kan said: ‘You ought to be thankful that you have become the beloved of a saint. If you desire to obtain felicity in this world and the next, you should serve him.’ Then he held the hand of Mian Nizam and raised up the head of the Saikh from the fire. They found that the hairs of the Saikh had not caught fire at all. After it the Prince ordered the Saikh to be placed in chain with neck, hands and feet (tied) and had him cast into a room that was locked up. Sometimes afterwards people came from the bazaar and informed the Prince that Saikh Hasan was dancing there (in the bazaar). The Prince ordered him to be arrested and brought (before him). When he was brought to him, he said to him: ‘You call yourself my lover, why did you escape from my prison’? The Saikh answered: ‘I did not go out of my own accord; my grandfather, Saikh Abu Lala led me forth by the hand.’

  “Actually, the room had remained bolted and locked when the Saikh was dancing in the bazaar. Thenceforth, the Prince did not treat Saikh Hasan with disrespect.”

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