2019 Elections: Who was Wise and Who was Fool in UP ?

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Parliamentary election in 2019 has thrown many surprises. One of them is that the ‘Empress of Wealth’ and ‘Opportunism’ is the biggest beneficiary and the ‘Master of Betrayal’ and ‘Amateurism’ has proved to be the certified fool in Uttar Pradesh..

The biggest beneficiary in this Lok Sabha election has not been the BJP but the BSP of Mayawati. Modi had a lot many things to showcase to entire India, but this lady had nothing but her insatiable love for money and unquestionable leadership of a particular section of the Dalits.

BJP was already having 282 seats in the Lok Sabha, ten seats more than what is required to have the magic number of majority. This time it has further improved its tally to reach 303, which is landslides by any stretch of consideration. There is no denying that no leader of the world has done so much developmental work, which Modi has performed in the last five years of his rule. The loquacious and highly impractical Communists have been thrown to the Bay of Bengal on the side and in the Arabian sea on the other.

But look at the achievements of the empress Mayawati. In the last Lok Sabha election Mayawati, the one and only leader of her party, had drawn a blank. She was not able to send even one member to the Parliament but this time the queen of opportunism did not bat her eyelids in entering into an alliance with the prince of betrayal and amateurism Akhilesh Yadav to form a caste-based Gathbandhan.

Two months before Lok Sabha elections both of them were daggers drawn. Thanks to the conscientious people of Uttar Pradesh, the Gathbandhan has been resoundingly kicked and given a tight slap to both the visionless and shameless leaders. However, the goddess of wealth and the Queen of opportunism has certainly been able to get elected ten of her candidates to the Lok Sabha. She has been able to get three Muslims elected with the support of Dalits and Yadavas.

Similarly, the Samajwadi Party has also got elected three Muslims from its party. Thus, she has improved her tally from zero to ten but the Samajwadi Part has cut a very sorry figure, thanks only to the foolishness of an Australia educated leader. Last time the SP had five Member in Parliament and this time, too, it has got five MPs. The only difference is that in the previous Lok Sabha only the family members of Mulayam Singh Yadav were representing the Samajwadi Party but this time only the father and the son have got entry to the Lok Sabha. Other three members of the family have been defeated badly. Three Muslims have, albeit, been elected replacing the members of his family. Last time not even one Muslim MP was there but this time six Muslims have got in, including one Mafia Don and another a rank communalist, who has diabolical hatred against Bharat Mata, Cow and the holy Ganges.

The sum and substance are that while Akhilesh has proved to be a reckless amateur in the politics of Gathbandhan, Mayawati has emerged as a clear winner. There is hardly any doubt that if she had not made an alliance with the SP, she would not have been able to get even a single seat.

However, it now becomes almost clear that Narendra Modi has destroyed the politics of caste and religion; otherwise Lalu would have not been reduced to zero in Bihar. The country will, therefore, remain indebted to Modi for bringing about a new culture of casteless society for making the nation strong.

How to Defeat Narendra Modi in 2019, the Cambridge Analytica Style!

By: Shreepal Singh

There are very high stakes in the incoming India’s 2019 Parliamentary elections. There are powerful – very powerful – people, who have been dethroned from their seat of power but who still have a large support base of privilege sharers intact and an enormous amount of money at their disposal. It is not one kind of people who have been dethroned by Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India. There are a good number of rival gangs of such people. These do not agree together on anything but they all belong to only one class: the dethroned people. They share a common pain: ex-proprietors from their political estates and a bleak chance to regain their former status in future. So, they all are one in their common aim: Remove Modi!

But they all know that it is not possible for them to defeat Modi. But, as the proverb goes, nothing is impossible in the dictionary of the great warriors – as they consider of them ‘great warriors’ in their own rights after the fashion of the famous warrior Napoleon Bonaparte! In In India the ‘2019 elections’ are the Waterloo for, may be, either of the two sides. It is a matter of do or die for them; it is a matter of their political survival; it is a matter of the proverbial ‘meeting their Waterloo’ for the defeated one, whoever he or she happens to be that defeated one. Modi is crest riding today in India; and he is climbing new heights every day, and they make no mistake on this count. They know, a vast majority – crores in number – of Indian people love him, which is evident from the huge public  gatherings wherever he goes. And, the dethroned lot know this fact more than anybody else. Before them all the question is: How to remove Modi?

It is the age of science. When you have a difficult problem, you go to the people who know the science. Science studies everything, identifies the problems and provides the solutions. There are experts on everything, including tilting human minds this way or that way and winning elections. It is their business; for them, it is more of a science than an art to win losing elections.

One such handy friend available to anybody for money is the Cambridge Analytica. They call it a company – a company to do things that should not be done! It is their business; and, they take their business seriously. They have collected data of billions of people – data of what these billions of people like or do not like. It is a peeping into the minds of these billions of souls. What I like or do not like, is my personal matter but to this company it is a commodity or product available for sale. But what is the use of this data – liking or disliking of people? It is a raw material and it does not have much value to the customers of the Cambridge m Analytica. Therefore, the company is wise enough to turn this raw material – process this raw data – into finished and usable tangible goods. They can get one – the detested one – elected in democratic elections, notwithstanding the disliking of the vast majority of electorate! How do they do it? It is their trade secret. They sell it. It is available for money.

In such capability, the dethroned lot of political leaders – the ex-propriators of their political estates – in India saw a glimmer of hope in the Waterloo of 2019. They contacted the vending section of the Cambridge Analytica, paid the demanded price and got the delivery of the product- the product in the form of a well calculated scientific strategy to be put into practice in India by these depressed political clients and win elections in 2019. Guaranteed win, is the assurance! After all, without assurance, nothing sells!

What is this strategy? How is it to be put into practice?

In one sentence the strategy is: changing the minds of billions of Indian people! One would wonder: is it ever possible? Wow! Analytica has made it possible. Let us educate ourselves, how it is proposed to be done.

India has 1.3 billion of people; out of this number, some are Children below voting age, men, women, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, tribal, South Indians, North Indians, (alleged) Aryans, (alleged) Dravida etc. You and me or even the government of India may not know their individual details but this Cambridge Analytica know it all with accurate precision. It is their business to know this. Business has no concern whether one is Hindu or one is Muslim etc. but this business has concern with their liking or disliking. The British Analytica is astute business entity and so it does not take sides with this or that group of people. But when it becomes their business to take sides, they do take sides. Out of this 1.3 billion Indians, they take out children below voting age, Muslims and Christians and what is left is a huge population of Hindus. It is as simple as that. It is this base that is the strength of Narendra Modi and because of which numerical strength he in invincible. Analytica knows it more than you and me.

But this huge population of Hindus can be divided into three categories: First, those who are committed voters for Modi; second, those who are committed anti-Modi voters; and, three, those who are by and large for Modi (and had made it possible for Modi to win thumping majority in Indian Parliament) but who are not committed voters for Modi. This category three Hindus may vote – and also may not vote – for Modi, depending on their perception of Modi as and when elections are held. The British Analytica has their data – individual particulars. The strategy recommended by this company to its political customer(s) is to change the perception of these Hindus about Modi. How this perception can be changed?

These billion of Hindus are nationalists but liberal; they like and love Modi; they do not like Modi to go to the extreme in serving the alleged cause of Hindus – e.g. temple, cow, religious excesses, firebrand Hinduism etc. Because they are liberal, they do not like Modi to take the extreme stand on such issues. If Analytica knows this fact, so does Narendra Modi too know it. Modi is liberal, works for the liberal agenda like development of India and takes extra care to project his image as a liberal Hindu political leader.

How to burst this armor – accumulated love of liberal Hindus – protecting Modi? Analytica provides the solution, off the shelf:

  1. Provoke some Hindus to become – or seen as have become – rabid and extremist Hindus; If Modi is forced to take action against such rabid extremist Hindus, divide Hindus and paint Modi as anti-Hindu; if he does not take action against them, create a feeling of alienation of this large chunk of liberal Hindus against Modi. But how to provoke Hindus?
  2. Who is a Hindu? On the social media, anybody can create an identity of a Hindu (or Muslim etc.). An Aslam and a David may easily fake his identity as Ashok Kumar on social media. One who is a Hindu by name on the social media, is a Hindu for all the users of that media. The solution provided by the Analytica is very simple: Pay to those who are willing to pose on social media as Hindus, ready to post rabid Hindu extremist messages and abuse liberal Hindus as cowards or anti-national.
  3. The way is: spend the huge money (which is already accumulated by and in possession of those who ruled for long and have now been dethroned) to troll the social media – twitter, telegram, Facebook, websites, blogs etc. The social media concerning India must be swamped with such artificial rabid Hindu messages and exhortations.
  4. Utilize your money to hire services of mainstream electronic media, in addition to the social media, to attack Modi and his policies. Invite Hindus, who are willing for whatever reason to serve this anti-Modi agenda, to come on TV and make any debate there superficial, ludicrous and anti-Modi.
  5. A most dangerous plan – economic plan – to devastate the Indian economy: As the proverb goes, all is fair in love and war! If it is necessary to destroy the economy for coming to lost power, do it! No scruples! The guided roadmap suggested by this sinister – immoral – business entity is: Call all your strength of personnel to queue for withdrawing your own money from ATMs, in every city and town; and, on the strength of this seemingly genuine conduct, spread the word: ‘There is currency crunch in India’, The calculated prediction is: the next morning, the innocent ordinary citizens would be before the counters of their banks to withdraw their money, as thereafter nobody would be able to get any money from their banks! It is high treason, to say the least!
  6. This is the strategy and this is the work plan. But what is the way out? Any way out? Yes. Ask the cyber cell under the government of India to go behind every account on social media – the suspected account – to find out who is who.
  7. Make it a crime by passing an immediate ordinance to create a fake name or account and impose stiff penalty.
  8. Install CCTV cameras before banks; record who is spreading the rumor of currency crunch; declare such rumor a crime; identify and punish the criminal.
  9. Declare the British Analytica an illegal business entity; make any business contact with that company in India a crime; punish the criminal, including debarring from participating in democratic electoral process in India.
  10. Somebody has posted this message in Hindi, which fits into the scheme of Cambridge Analytica.
  11. हिंदुओं को लग रहा है कि आने वाले कुछ वर्षों में भारत मुस्लिम राष्ट्र बन जाएगा और भारत में औरंगजेब शासन आ जाएगा।
    मुस्लिमों को लग रहा है कि RSS कुछ ही दिनों में ISIS जैसा खूंखार संगठन बन जाएगा और आतंकवाद का रंग भगवा हो जाएगा ।

    दलितों को लग रहा कि जल्द ही नई संविधान सभा गठित होने वाली है जिसमें मनुस्मृति के नियमों को लागू किया जाना है और उनके विकास में रिवर्स गियर लग जाएगा जो उन्हें सीधे उत्तर वैदिक काल में ले जाएगा।

    सवर्ण को लग रहा है कि आरक्षण की वजह से उसकी युवा पीढ़ी बेरोजगार और बेचारी होती जा रही है।

    ये सभी कल्पनाएँ कहाँ से उपजीं ?
    क्या वास्तव में हमारे आसपास ऐसे हालात पनप रहें हैं या कुछ और ?

    अगर हम ईमानदारी से विश्लेषण करें तो पाएंगे कि असल में ये सारी अवधारणाएं वाट्सऐप और फेसबुक पर अंधाधुंध फैलाए जा रहे उन्मादी कापी पेस्ट का नतीजा हैं ।

    ये कापी पेस्ट लंबे लंबे मैसेज,भड़काऊ फोटो और तमाम वीडियो की शक्ल में बहुतायत से प्रचलित हैं ।

    अगर हम सोशल मीडिया की छद्म दुनिया से निकलकर अपने आसपास लोगों को देखें तो यकीनन एक सौहार्दपूर्ण भारत नज़र आएगा.. लेकिन अगर हम अभी भी नहीं चेते और इन्हीं वाहियात फारवर्डेड मैसेजों के आधार पर दूसरों के लिए अपनी अवधारणाएं बनाते रहे तो यह भी संभावना है कि पास में खड़ा आदमी अचानक हमला कर बैठे। यदि आप ऐसा कर रहे हैं, तो कैंब्रिजएनालिटिका के ट्रैप में फंस रहें है वो यही तो चाहते है ।
    कैम्ब्रिज अनालीटिका यानी एक विदेशी एजेंसी जिसने देश से खारिज हो चुके देश विभाजनकारी राजनीतिक दलो को जात पात और भारतीय एवं हिंदू समाज को तोड़ कर पुनः सत्ता दिलाने के लिए यह प्लान किया है उसकी ब्यूटी ये है कि वो किसी भी कनफ्लिक्ट के दोनों तरफ से खेलता है..2 अप्रैल को दलितों को आरक्षण के नाम पे सड़कों पे उतार दिया…..10 अप्रैल को अपने ही लोगों के नेतृत्व में आरक्षण के विरोध में लोगों को सड़कों पे उतरवा देंगे। आम आदमी ये सोच के कूद पड़ता है कि क्रांति आ गयी। भेड़ें सड़कों पे कटेंगी..आका लोग पवेलियन में बैठ के बिरयानी खाएंगे।
    जागो भारतवासियों जागो।अपने देश की फिक्र करो।
    निशाने पर न ब्राह्मण है, न राजपूत है, न दलित है, न पिछड़े है । जगह के हिसाब से जातियां बदलेगी, क्योंकि निशाने पर भारत है। यही फूट डाल कर के तो अंग्रेजो ने 200 सालों तक हम को गुलाम रखकर के शासन किया है और वह राजनीतिक पार्टियां जो जनता से खारिज हो चुकी हैं विदेशी एजेंसियों से मिलकर के पुनः अंग्रेजों की फूट डालो शासन करो की नीति अपना करके देश को तोड़ने का कुचक्र रच रही हैं।
    भीड़ का नेतृत्व विचारधारा करती है और जब विचारधारा देश तोड़ने वाली विदेशी एजेंसियों के हाथ में हो वह देश और समाज के लिए घातक है । इनमें उलझने से हमारी जानें जाएंगी, हमारे घर जलेंगे यहां तक कि पुलिस भी हमें ही धुनेगी….. सत्ता की पंजीरी वे लूटेंगे जिन्होंने मैसेजों की बमबारी के लिए आईटी कम्पनियां नियुक्त की हैं….

    इसलिए…. सावधान रहिये … नफरत फैलाने वाली कोई भी पोस्ट शेयर न करें। हम अभी भी अजनबियों को चाचा ताऊ भैया दद्दा कहने वाली संस्कृति के वाहक हैं। हममें से कोई नहीं है जो जाति पूछकर संबोधन करता हो। सोशल मीडिया से फैलती आग में जलने और समाज को जलाने से बचें और जातिगत व धार्मिक नफरत फैलाने वाले ग्रुपों को एक्जिट करें फिर देखिए हमारा परिवेश कितना सौहार्दपूर्ण होगा।

    सज॔य नगायच

  12. चार मित्र थे.. Fake ID में नाम हिन्दुओं के -1 सोहराब – सुनील यादव
    2 सरफराज – अमित मिश्रा
    3 हामिद कुरैशी – नागेंद्र कुमार पासवान
    4 अहमद – सुरेन्द्र सिंहअब सुनील यादव (सोहराब) पोस्ट डालता हैं कि – “धर्म के नाम पर ब्राह्मणों ने हमेशा हमारा शोषण किया है कोई देवी देवता नहीं होता हिन्दू धर्म सिर्फ ब्राह्मणों का बकवास है ये सब बीजेपी और आरएसएस वाला है।”

    अब शुरू होता है इस नाटक के बाकि तीनो किरदारों का तमाशा देखिए कमेंट बॉक्स में।


    सुरेंद्र सिंह उर्फ (अहमद)-

    “ऐ सुनील यादव खबरदार जो हिन्दू धर्म के बारे में कुछ बोला तुम यादव लोग हिन्दू नहीं हो सकते 2-4 गाली लिख देता है।”

    फिर बारी आती है दूसरे नौटंकी बाज की-

    नागेंद्र पासवान उर्फ (हामिद)

    नमो बुद्धाय जय भीम।
    “अरे भाई लोगों गाली गलौज क्यों कर रहे हो? सच्चाई तो कड़वी होती ही है। तुम लोग हम दलितों को मंदिर में घुसने नहीं देते हो ये धर्म नहीं पाखण्ड है इससे अच्छा तो इस्लाम है सभी बराबर खड़े हो कर नमाज पढ़ते हैं।”

    अब तीसरा नौटंकी बाज आता है कमेंट बॉक्स में-

    अमित मिश्रा उर्फ (सरफ़राज़)

    “हाँ.. हाँ.. तुम लोग अछूत हो तो क्यों घुसने दे मंदिर में? जाओ इस्लाम ही अपना लो तुम सब मूर्ख हो कौन मुंह लगाए तुझे।

    सिर्फ इन चार की इतनी सी नौटंकी जबकि चारो एक ही समुदाय के हैं। और यदि इनकी एक बडी फौज हो तो कैसा परिणाम होगा?

    मात्र इतनी नौटंकी के बाद कई हिन्दू यादव, राजपूत, ब्राह्मण और दलित सभी तुरंत इस कमेंट बॉक्स में अपनी-अपनी जाति के समर्थन में बिना सोचे-समझे बिना किसी fake id को जाने समझे आपस में एक दूसरे से लड़ने लगते हैं और हमारे जातिवाद का फायदा उठाने वाले वो चारो हमारी मूर्खता पर अट्टहास लगा कर हँसते हैं। देश के अंदर -बाहर से दुश्मन घात लगा कर बैठा है मौके की तलाश में, और इस प्रकार हिंदूओं में आपसी फूट डाल कर लड़ाते हैं।

    ऐसे लाखों सोहराब और सरफराज दिन रात सोशल मिडिया पर तुम सबको तोड़ने और लड़ाने के लिए काम कर रहे हैं। फिर भाडे पर भी इस काम के लिये आदमी मिल जाते हैं।

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