Kejariwal, Freebees and Future

Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Now when the dirt, din and bustle of Delhi elections have largely got subsided, it is necessary to have a close look as to what has happened during this period and how far it will auger well or ill for the people. There is no doubt that Mr Kejriwal’s party has got the astounding victory and has made the biggest party in the country, the BJP, to bite the dust. But this victory has not been obtained on any positive points, it has certainly vitiated the atmosphere.
The same Kejriwal, who was crying hoarse that the central government was creating all obstacles for him to work for the benefit of the people, suddenly six months before the elections started distributing the freebies to people. He announced free bus travels to women, free electricity up to 200 units across the board, free water supply and free pilgrimage to senior citizens. To top it all, he must have blown up more than a thousand crore rupees in advertisements.
It is also alleged that he has sold party tickets to rich and wealthy. Obviously, this is a big corruption although his politics started with the movement for rooting out the corruption. Free doles were poured on voters to obfuscate their capacity to make any decisions. This is certainly a matter of great concern and anxiety. During the previous regime of Shri Kejriwal, corruption was unabated, in fact, it went further deep down in the system of his government. He must be aware that the Distribution of doles cannot provide jobs or build infrastructure.
The much-trumpeted education systemin Delhi has reached its nadir, thousands of the posts of the teachers are lying vacant and no fresh appointment of the teachers have been made for many years. The condition of government schools has not improved a wee bit. Even the teachers in these schools do not have any faith in them as they do not send their own children to the schools of Delhi administration because there are no teachers to teach them. No MLA or important office bearers of his political party send their children to the government schools. On the other hand, the image and the education of Central Schools are by far better than most of the private schools. Even Mr Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia have not sent their children to any Delhi government school.
Therefore, it is expected that instead of indulging into tall talks the Kejriwal government will now concentrate on the better education of the children. In the last five years, no new schools or colleges have been opened in Delhi. So, all talks of the improvement in the education system in Delhi are nothing but empty rhetoric.
During this election, it will very difficult to miss the polarisation of Muslim votes. So much so, that in ShaheenBagh area an almost illiterate person Amanatullah Khan has been elected with the highest number of votes, while Mr Sisodia was panting for the even for the pyrrhic victory. So, to say that people have voted for a good education in Delhi is nothing but a downright lie. Anyway, Kejriwal is again saddled in power for five years, he must work for rooting out the corruption, improving the transport system, building the infrastructure, opening new schools, colleges and hospitals and starting for the welfare schemes instead of blaming for everything to a government which is ruling at the centre.

Kejariwal – Delhi Elections – whom to vote – and why?

By: Shreepal Singh

Objectively looking, in Delhi Assembly elections 2015, the real contest seems between Kejariwal as a political figure and BJP as a political party. The verdict of the people of Delhi has a great symbolic value. Delhi is the national capital and the verdict here sends a signal to the rest of India and also at the international level. Whom to vote in this election? What could be the factors for consideration of the wise and educated electorate here making their decision? This question assumes a great importance today for those who are politically alert and alive to the current national/international situations.

We wish to put forth some considerations, which may perhaps help the Delhi electorates in making an informed decision in this respect.

We would be putting some points here for consideration in the light of our nation’s interests. India is our home and this country’s interests are of the supreme importance for all of us. Seen from this perspective, we feel that Delhi electorates should not vote Kejariwal in this election.

The reason for why we say that Delhi people should not vote for the Kejariwal’s party is not because Kejariwal is not an honest person or we doubt his credentials in fighting corruption in high places. We give him the benefit of doubt and assume that he is a person of honest intentions. Far from it, our reasons are different ones.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Since her independence in 1947 until now, India has been very low in internationally acknowledged development standards, dubbed as a third-world country. Countries of the so-called first-world have been far ahead of us and we have not been able to keep pace even with many Asian countries (like China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc.). Though we have no sympathy with sentiments of jingoistic nationalism, we would like to stress that India needs to develop; and develop fast. It is necessary for India to so develop because in today’s integrated world the super-powers are capable of, and are busy, knitting the unfolding world-order in such a fashion so as to secure their economic and security interests. While these international powers are fabricating the world of their liking to serve their economic and security interests, our country is forced by the unfortunate existing circumstances to fit into their readymade world. In these constrained conditions, safeguarding the independence of our constitutional institutions from foreign covert and overt pressure should become our national priority. In the face of these existential challenges, all other concerns become only secondary in importance. A forceful move in international affairs is needed to cobble the world in a strategic order from an Indian angle. To secure these existential interests, as a sovereign nation, India can no longer afford to remain sluggish in developing its economy, scientific, security and educational infrastructures. By securing these interests, India would also be taking care of her concerns of preserving purity of her democratic, cultural and social institutions. Going by the public statements made, official meetings held (in India and abroad), programs declared by both Kejariwal and Modi, in our opinion, in this national endeavor Kejariwal stands nowhere in comparison of Modi. In Modi India has a leader who understands this need and who aspires to fulfill it. Modi is the best person available to India today in this respect. As the Prime Minister, Modi is required to take drastic steps to change India’s old habits of sluggish way of thinking and working in all the three organs of governance, viz., Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. He would be called upon by circumstances in coming times to enact new laws to deal with emerging situations, change Constitutional provisions to remove any obstacles that may be there and even impeach erring high Constitutional officials in Parliament to set things right. All such things are possible only when he enjoys FULL MAJORITY in RAJYA SABHA (upper house of Parliament), which is elected by State Legislature (including Delhi Assembly). People need to give him complete political power in both Houses of Parliament to enable him to carry out this historical task. Delhi Assembly sends three Rajya Sabha members. In view of these considerations, in our opinion, it is wise on our part to elect the party of Modi so that Delhi Assembly sends Upper House MPs who are counted on Modi’s side.
  1. We need to DISTINGUISH between Modi and the Political Party to which he belongs (BJP). If you keep the importance of the things stated above in your view, while taking a decision about Delhi election, you should consider voting Modi only in Delhi (and not for any particular candidate of his Party, who like all other political parties may not be up to the desired standards). Many of the candidates of his party may be found even corrupt, as corrupt as there may be in all other rival parties. But if you want to secure the future of India, you are left with no choice but to vote anyone in the name of Modi. Also in India we have gone so low in our public life that vital issues like corruption/criminality facing the country need to checked firmly at the top first (like, PM of India) and not from the bottom (like, MLAs, CMs, State authorities etc.). In this respect, Modi is better placed than Kejariwal to tackle these problems.
  1. In addition to the above considerations, there is one more aspect – a very important aspect – to be kept in view while deciding your choice for voting. This aspect is the need for India to play a significant balancing role in the global community. To be able to do so, India not only needs to develop fast to catch-up with the developed world, it also needs to rise as a significant global power with a vision of universal humanism. In this direction, the adoption of the International Day of Yoga by United Nations is great achievement of Modi. UN has recognized in its resolution that towards securing the goal of global health, through best practices aimed at building better individual lifestyles devoid of excesses of all kinds, yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being. But it is only partial recognition by UN. Yoga does not provide merely a holistic approach to health and well-being; it is something more. Yoga is the holistic discipline of human-life, which brings to the fore in their lives a sense of compassion, self-giving, love, peace, and, above all, a sublime purpose of life. All life is yoga. This yogic vision is so comprehensive in its sweeps that it is not limited to humans alone. As it is said, all evolving life is Nature’s unconscious yoga towards a sublime goal. Without ascribing to ourselves any nationalistic-ego on this issue, we may say that being the teacher of yoga, now it is India’s moral obligation to bring its full spectrum before the world community. Modi is ideally suited to carry this responsibility. Kejariwal comes nowhere near Modi in this respect and it is the duty of wise people of Delhi to strengthen Modi in Rajya Sabha by electing his party in Delhi.
  1. One may ask in the first place: why does India need to strengthen itself as one of the significant global players? And why, at all, does India need a universal humanist vision and a leader like Modi who seems determined to put it before the world community? India needs to strengthen itself as a nation for the collective welfare of the world community; it does not need this strengthening to dominate the world. Neither a hostile intention towards any section of humanity is in consonance with a universal humanistic vision nor is it possible to practice such hostility in a globally integrated world armed with mass-destructive technology. A universally acceptable humane world-vision is necessary because India, having 1.5 billion people, needs in her own interest peace and stability in the world. India in its own interest needs to contribute to the global efforts towards building a better world for all where security, peace and stability are guaranteed; sustainable economic development regime and employment are ensured; and individuals’ wellbeing and their cultures are safeguarded. If honest efforts are not made by the responsible world powers towards this end, our world would soon turn into a place plagued by unemployment and discontent; de-humanization and crime; shattered peace and indignity. We cannot be unmindful to the fact that our world is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. The follies of our selfish path littered with over-exploitation of Nature, national-rivalries and arrogance may result in a war fought with these weapons. The only check, the only brake, to this human insanity, if at all, is the human wisdom that is borne out of a realization of the dangers involved in following this path; and the human wisdom of adopting an approach that is humane in mutual dealings; scientific in reason; universal in application; and spiritual in content. India has a long history of people like Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi etc. who gave to this world a wisdom, when it was in need. Today also India (if she strengthen herself) can contribute to the welfare of humanity. Emergence of a powerful India with a sublime vision of wisdom and compassion for all will be welcomed by all and is indeed the need of the hour. Judging by his conduct in public dealings, his utterances indicating inclusivity of all in this national endeavor, his putting of high national targets showing such wisdom, Modi seems to be the only person capable to take on this onerous task. He needs to be strengthened in Parliament by first electing his party in Delhi and then sending three representatives to Rajya Sabha from Delhi.

With all these considerations in mind, where does Kejariwal stand? Some may say that his presence as Chief Minister in Delhi would check the corruption in high places, including corruption in the Modi’s government. Being fair and objective in the whole affairs, firstly, one may justifiably say that Kejariwal neither has a vision towards which he could charter his mission; nor has he the capability to carry out the onerous task demanded by such a vision. Secondly, looking to what he has been saying all along in his crusade against corruption, one does not find anything of substance to eradicate it. Corruption is indeed the serious malady in today’s India. But the truth is that it is only an outside symptom of something wrong which is deeper. Perhaps, as recognized by the United Nations resolution on “International Yoga Day”, a life-style full of excesses of all kinds is the true cause of this disease called corruption. A life-style devoid of excesses of all kinds (which is elaborately prescribed in yoga) is the time-tested approach to root-out all such ills like corruption plaguing India today. And, Kejariwal has no clue about it; he has never spoken about it anywhere in his public life. Thirdly, it is also important to remember that Kejariwal made his political debut in Delhi by exposing corruption of Congress leaders (remember coal, land, electricity agitations/Dharnas against Congress by him). From opposing Congress regime, Kejariwal has come to a point today where his acts are directly helping Congress.  Today, by opposing Modi and his efforts, Kejariwal would in effect be serving the cause of Congress only. Congress is almost on the death-bed because of Modi and is trying to revive itself somehow. In today’s political situation, the loss of Modi (caused by Kejariwal or anybody else) is the gain of Congress. Any loss of Modi in Delhi (occasioned by Kejariwal) would amount to helping Congress in its revival-efforts.  The net result of electing Kejariwal would be “less members” in Rajya Sabha to support Modi. It would only impede the work of Modi, and help Congress’ game plan to check Modi in order to come once again to power. Delhi Assembly elects three Rajya Sabha members to the upper house of Parliament that Modi needs from here (to get majority in the Upper House of Parliament). Today if India wants to march ahead on her chosen path, Delhi people should elect Modi’s men/women so that he could have majority in Rajya Sabha and go ahead in his task comfortably.

Why Kejriwal is obsessed to fight against Modi ?

By: Parmanand pandey, General Secretary IPC (in consultation with Shreepal singh)

    Arvind Kejriwal’s obsession of contesting the Lok Sabha election from the same constituency of Varanasi  where Narendra Modi has choosen to fight is inexplicable for lesser mortals like us.  We, nevertheless, feel that Kejriwal wants to shine in the reflected glory of a person, who has been able to build up a sort of wave in his favour by his deeds in the country. Kejriwal thinks that by positing himself against Modi and talking tall on all conceivable issues, he would be able to steal the limelight of the media. This is a psychological problem and it needs to be cured.

          He is going all over the country but instead of presenting any alternative, he becomes vociferous in criticizing Modi. Sometimes he says that Modi has become the agent of the corporate houses like those of Ambani and Adani. He conveniently forgets the fact that Ambanis and Adanis have not made their huge empires only in Gujrat and during Modi’s regime. They have flourished during Congress regime and that too all over the country.

Therefore, to single out Modi for the rise of these industrialists would amount to compromising the truth. Singling out of Modi by Kejariwal (in day in and day out from the moment he has chosen to fight Lok Sabha elections beyond Delhi – where he was the Chief Minister) as the real cause of the rise of Ambani or Adani business houses, is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal. It is not only the blatant lies on his part, it is a worse crime being played upon the people of this country by misleading them.

Firstly, Ambani, Adani and a whole horde of big business houses of their ilk are not limited to Gujrat; they have their empire spread out through out India. Is Modi responsible for the rise of their empire through out India (say, in haryana)? Obviously, Modi is not responsible for their such rise.

But, then who is responsible for their such rise? Answer is very plain: Primarily, the persons and political parties that ruled at the Centre (whereat the open policy of these leaders/parties is to promote the business of such industralists/capitalists); and secondarily, the responsibilities of executing these central policies lie with the State Governments. It is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal to blame Modi for their rise.

Secondly, Kejariwal by misleading the electorates is committing a worse crime upon the people of this country. He never ever says that it is the Congress Government at the Centre that is the cause of the rise of Ambani, Adani etc. etc. through out India.

Why does Kejariwal not say this truth? Is he not wise enough to understand this fact? He is IIT passed; he is IRS qualified. He is not fool not to understand this simple fact.

Then, what is the reason for Kejariwal to single out Modi for this blame and exclude Congress (at the Centre and say, in Haryana)? He is playing these tricks upon the people to fulfil his ambitions. Yesterday, Kejariwal was the worst enemy of Congress (and, he rose by positing himself an “Anti-Congress” fighter); today, he is the best friend of Congress.

By singling out Modi as his sole enemy, Kejariwal would accomplish by his conduct three things:

Firstly, he would help fulfil the plan of Congress to stop Modi becoming the Prime Minister.

Secondly, he would create conditions in India where there is a coalition government of rank-opportunist political elements and de-stabalise India to the advantage of Congress (which is hoping to stage a come-back in 2019 elections on the plank of Stability).

Thirdly, by his conduct, Kejariwal is helping the enemies of this country, who wish india to be unstable, weak, without strong leader like Modi.

Modi has gone to Varanasi to provide boost to his candidates in Uttar Pradesh, which returns the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha but Kejriwal has no such stakes. He is there only to oppose Modi. Opposition for the sake opposition has never been a good philosophy and any right-thinking person will condemn it.

    Kejriwal is nowdays being propped up by the Congress Party because he is doing everything at its bidding. Now let us see the real colour of Kejriwal. In Bangalore, he charged Ruppes twenty thousand from those who lunched and dined with him. Can any Aam Adami think of paying such a huge amount to have a meal with the common person’s leader who is so uncommon? The other day he took the facility of travelling in a very costly-chartered plane to attend a conclave of India Today. It may be mentioned here that in Delhi he made a news of travelling in the Metro train to attend his office. He often boasts of moving around in an old Santro car but has no compunction in availing the hospitality of a big media house. This is a duplicity of the top order and we deprecate it in strongest possible terms.

      To become a big you must think big and do the noble work. Austerity should not only be talked about but it must be observed in the life as well. Hiatus between words and deeds, precepts and conducts, preaching and practicing cause the trust deficit. Kejriwal ji, do not be the cause of such a big trust deficit as it will be harmful to the politics of the country which has already lost much of its sheen in the public.

Is Kejriwal playing into hands of forces inimical to India?

(This article is written in collaboration by Parmanand Pandey and Shreepal Singh)

The mask is finally down and the real face of Arvind Kejriwal has come to the fore. He has said in most brazen and audacious manner that he would put media persons behind bars for projecting Narendra Modi after taking money from him and the BJP. He has alleged that some corporate houses have purchased media persons to work in favour of Modi. This speaks volumes about that the dictatorial streaks in  Kejriwal.

Let me hasten to add that I am not suggesting that media houses or media persons are free from corruption. In fact, no organ of the society is Lilly white. All organs of the State are tainted with corruption. As far as media is concerned it has been indulging in corrupt practices right from the time of independence, which is clear from the report of the First Press Commission. The First Press Commission was set up by none other than Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952 under the Chairmanship of Justice GD Rajyadhyaksha and its eminent members were Dr Zakir Hussain and Acharya Narendra Dev among others. However the corruption in media is not the subject of this post.

Arvind Kejriwal is nobody to put anybody in jail without proper investigation and trial. This shows the whimsical mentality of a person having no understanding of rule of law. I have my serious doubts, and which is not unfounded that Kejriwal is playing into the hands of some anti-national forces which are bent upon de-stabilizing the country. After a great deal of efforts the country’s politics has veered around two parties or two coalitions partners one, led by the Congress and the other, led by the BJP. The country has been fed up with the rampant corruption which flourished during the Congress led coalition government. Everybody has been looking forward to replacing this government with that of Narendra Modi.

When it has been almost clear that Modi would form the government and lead the nation to stability, the forces inimical to the stability of the country became overactive. They do not want any strong and untainted leader like Modi to come to power. So they started projecting Kejriwal as a clean and corruption free leader and provided him all facilities to crisscross the country and spew venom against Narendra Modi. His main aim is not to provide the stable government; so necessary for the progress of the country but to queer the pitch for Narendra Modi. Obviously he is doing it all at the instance of somebody/some forces, who is/are against India.

Needless to say, Kejriwal had been running an NGO in his earlier avatar. This NGO has been heavily funded by the Ford Foundation and his NGO flourished during the Congress regime. He was even awarded with Magsaysay. Kejriwal formed the Government in Delhi with the help of the Congress Party.  Therefore we can safely say that he is a mere pawn in the hands of both the Congress Party and the Ford Foundation. This is the time when the people must see through the designs of the forces which are working behind the rise of Kejriwal. These forces have got the bigger designs to deprive the country from having the stability under strong leader like Narendra Modi. Let us collectively frustrate their nefarious games in the interests of the nation.

Examination of Kejrival on the anvil of morality

By: Parmanand Pandey (Advocate, Supreme Court & General Secretary of Indian People’s Congress)

It hardly needs to be underlined that Arvind Kejrival got into politics on the high grandstanding of morality. At one point of time, he was considered the epitome of morality. Thousands of people from all walks of life were drawn towards the Anna movement. They were all coming spontaneously on their own. Youngsters found the mirror image of  Mahatma Gandhi in Anna Hazare and  Kejrival was the ideal

Arvind Kejriwal was virtually guiding the movement with the consent of Anna Hazare. People were attracted towards Anna and Kejrival because they were fighting for the noble cause of ridding the corruption from the society and governance.

There is no doubt that the whole country is fed- up with stinking corruption in all occupations. Those having proximity with authorities are having the field day. Politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats are all on the money making spree. In this atmosphere of gloom and darkness, Anna Hazare and Kejrival came like a spark and ray of hope.

When Kejrival formed a party drifting from his mentor and Guru Anna Hazare, most of the supporters of the Anna movement were, however, disappointed. The reason being Kejrival’s announcement of floating the political party known as the ‘Aam Adami Party (AAP). This was like foreclosing the space and scope for civil movement.

Kejrival has been saying  from the housetops that he was not entering the politics for the sake of ruling the state or the country. His main aim was to purge the corruption and serve the people. He appears; nevertheless, to be completely oblivious of the fact that once you enter the politics you have also play as per the rules of games of the politics. That is what he has precisely done during the campaigning and governance of the state of Delhi.He gave the inducements of providing subsidy on water and electricity bills and was able to successfully sell the idea. Initially he appeared to be a lot different from other politicians but now he is like one of them with hardly any difference.

I take his opportunity to point out the duplicity of Arvind Kejrival on one point. He has said number of times that the candidates for contesting the elections would not be imposed from above. A referendum in the public will be the criterion to select a candidate. Now he must owe an explanation to the country that as to when any referendum was observed for the selection of 54 candidates whose names have been declared to contest the ensuing Lok Sabha elections? Until yesterday Mr. Ashutosh was the anchor of the Television channel but today he is an AAP candidate from Chandni Chowk of Delhi.  By the way, whose opinions were sought for Raj Mohan Gandhi, Kumar Vishwas or Savita Bhatti before announcing their candidature? This has nothing to comment on the merit and integrity of the candidates but this certainly speaks of the character and conduct of Kejrival. Don’t take people of the country for ride by pontificating because by not observing those sermons in personal life you can fool some people for sometime but not all people for all times.

Arvind Kejariwal’s book “Swaraj”: A Critique

(This article has been written by Shri Parmanand Pandey, the General Secretary of Indian People’s Congress, who is an Advocate of Supreme Court of India.)
I have today (15.02.2014) finished reading the book ‘Swaraj’ written by Arvind Kejriwal who resigned from the Chief Ministership of Delhi last evening. He remained the Chief Minster for just only 49 days. This book was given to me by my Advocate friend Shri Radhakrishna Kumar, who is very emotional person. Shri Kumar has been earlier an ardent supporter of Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev but these days he has become their bitter critic and a passionate supporter of Arvind Kejriwal. The cover price of the Book is although Rs. 150/- but Shri Kumar gave it to me in only Rs. 40/- He has given this book to many other persons at the same price. This thin book of 150 and odd page is in octavo size and printed in easy to read fonts.After reading this book I presented it to the Chief Editor of Chennai Metro , Thiru Vasigaran, who luckily dropped in my office.
Now let me come to the contents of the book. Frankly speaking, except the passion of the writer to eradicate the corruption from the society and the government root and branch, this book has left me completely unimpressed. I find that the ideas of the writer are tangled in confusion.
Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest votary of the Gram Swaraj. He wanted every village to be self-reliant. However, he was also not able to impress upon the people about the economics of the villages. By adopting the cottage industries you will certainly be able to provide employment to every villager, but you cannot make them viable and self reliant in all manners. Here in this book Mr. Kejrival wants to make Assemblies and Parliament redundant by empowering and strengthening the villages and Mohalla Sabhas.
Kejriwal appears to have disillusionment or false notions about the old form of Indian democracy. He says that the modern democracy has not been imported from the West but it existed in ancient India, which possibly a few person would agree. He gives the example of Vaishali Republic of Buddha era but anybody having the rudimentary knowledge of the history of ancient India would vouchsafe that it was absolutely different from the present from of democracy, which is very coherent and representative one rather than that of the chaotic democracy of Buddha era. Kejriwal wants to do away with every symbolism of the State like; the Rashtrapati Bhawan, which is spread over in 340 acre as if the Rashtrapati Bhawan is one of the major causes of the poverty in India.
Mr. Kejriwal has suggested that untied funds should be provided to all Gram Sabhas and Mohalla Sabhas and they must have the full freedom to spend the funds with the approval of 80% people of that particular Sabha. His harebrained idea is that local people are the better judge of the their own interests. They know how the funds could be better utilised like; for making the arrangements of water, schools or houses or hospitals. Nevertheless, he seems to be totally clueless as from where the money would come or who will release the money and how will it be generated by the Central or State governments? He does not have even any hazy idea of the most important aspect of the economics, although he has served as an officer of the Income Tax department.
Mr. Kejriwal’s ideas are utopian, completely divoced from the realities. He perhaps does not know that Indian villages are steeped and divided on the lines of castes and creeds. It is only those who belong to the dominant caste or religion have the final say. He advocates that the Gram Sabhas should have the blanket power and freedom to open schools, hospitals and other offices. So much so, the appointments should be made by the Gram Sabhas. Nobody knows, where from these Gram Sabhas will get the deserving candidates for the jobs. He wants that the judicial and police powers to be vested with the Gram Sabhas, which will be a sure recipe for chaos and disaster. But then, you cannot help a person who lives in the make believe world and considers that his ideas are the panacea of for all malaise that are prevailing in the country.
He says that everybody of the village will be told about the bad effects of the liquor ( as if people do not know about it) and thus with the permission of Gram Sabhas the liquor shops will be closed. He wants that equal powers should be given to women and no doubt it is a lofty idea but how will they be empowered, he has no solution to offer.
I have regards for the zeal of Shri Kejriwal to wipe out the corruption but I am sorry to say that his tiny book ‘Swaraj’, which is said to be the manifesto of ‘AAP’ does not provide any solution. His book is silent on issues like; foreign relations, scientific and technological development of the country, expansion of infra structures, industrialization, agricultural production, trade and commerce, military and economics. If he thinks that only by crying hoarse and from house tops the corruption can he eliminated, I can only wish him good luck but I do not agree with him even a whit that such wishful ideas could be of any help.


Vilagers are getting mired into many evils.

          There is definitely the huge craze for English language and in the process students have almost neglected their own language i.e. Hindi. I came across quite a large number young students who cannot take correctly the dictation of even two three lines. This has given mushroom rise to the private tuitions , which has become a flourishing business in the far and remote areas of villages.
             Another depressing  scene which one cannot escape is the flood drinkers and substance users. There is hardly any family left which has not fallen in this trap, so much so, even girls are taking to the bad habits of tobacco chewing. Liquor has become very common  among youngsters cutting across the caste, community or economic strata .
           Pomp and show on the occasions of marriage, birth day celebrations  is being shamelessly imitated by the people of rural areas. Villagers do not hesitate in  taking loans or from mortgaging their lands etc; for the sake of organising  the pompous marriage ceremonies of their sons and daughters. I saw that many families are groaning with burden of loans. Firstly they try to get loans from the banks but when the bank limits cross and further loans are denied they turn towards private parties, who charge exorbitant rates of interests. I found that many families are sinking in the mire of debts with every passing years. The only glimmer of hope is the higher education. It is only they who can stem this downslide because the curse of dowry and show off in the marriages and other functions can be restricted if the women take the lead in this direction.. I have been told that some young and educated have certainly made the courageous initiative. They all deserve the praise and encouragement from the society and the administration.
    The  lumpenisation and the tendency to make money through easy means have also increased by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. While the introduction of  Panchayati Raj system  has done some good thing ,it has also brought new evils in its bandwagon. Cheating and thuggery which used to be minimal some twenty years ago have now grown in staggering proportions. However, there is immense hope that new generation if given proper education and moral moorings will cleanse the society from the cobwebs of corruption and  dishonesty. Scientific developments and their appropriate application wil go a long way in improving the fate of the people. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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