Video of Indian celebration of International Yoga Day

By: Ranjith Vadiyala
Here is the link of the Yoga Day video posted on “Sri Narendra Modi’s official Youtube channel”
One can note a few points about Yoga in this video:
1. Introduction starts in Hindi (a common language of overwhelming majority of Indians) and the first point is made about the unity consciousness
2. Yoga is 1000s of years old and its passed on from Shiva, adi yogi to Saptashi
3. Showed archaeological site and a artefact (Asana) from Indus civilization
4. Patanjali is the father of Modern Yoga, who compiled Yoga sutras in a systematic way, which were already there
5. Mentions different kinds of Yog viz Jnan Yog (Picture of Adi Shankara), Bhakthi Yog (May be Meera Bhai), Karma Yog (Sree Krishna and Arjuna), Matra Yog along with others
6. Mentions the asta ang of yog
7. Introduction finishes with Surya Namaskar Logo of Yoga Day.
8. At Rajpath – The introduction mentions Mantra and Unity Consciousness. Uses terms like ‘Beyond Time” and Infinity
9. MoS announces that Yog is given by the Indian Rishis to the world
10. NaMo – Yog is there for several thousands of years and asan is only a minute part of it
11. Yog Session – Starts with 3 times OM and a Rigved Manta/Sandhya Mantra

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