Europian MPs Visit to Shrinagar and Fake Indian Intellectuals

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Look at the audacity and the abominable duplicity of some journalists, intellectuals and politicians of our own country, who are opposing the visit of the MPs of the European Union to the Jammu and Kashmir. They are putting forward the most obnoxious, stupid and shameless logic saying that why the foreigners have been allowed by the government to go to the Valley when our own MPs were denied entry in Srinagar? Some of the Indian political leaders like Rahul Gandhi, D Raja ,Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sitaram Yechury and Majid Memon have been spewing venoms, day in and day out against the Indian government after the scrapping of the Articles 370 and 35A, and they were returned from the airport on 24th of August. The reason to deny them the right to visit J & K on that day is not difficult to fathom.

They were going to Srinagar only 20 days after the historic integration of J&K when there was blockade in the valley. It was undoubtedly a right decision on the part of the government to deny them the entry to the valley because their intention of going to Srinagar was known to entire India. They wanted to give grist to the propaganda mill of Pakistan. But here is a question, which they will have to answer and that is: can any Indian politician be so blind with hatred against Modi that he or she will have no hesitation in being treacherous to the country? When the views of these politicians, who are ready to play into the hands of Pakistan is known to everyone, how can they be allowed to go to J&K?

The visit of the EU MPs, therefore, to the J&K must be hailed by all Indians because what they say would have weight in the world and that would be a tight slap on the face of Pakistan and Pakistan-loving journalists and mercenary intellectuals of India. Government of India and our security forces deserve fulsome praise for most effectively handling the law and order situation in J&K in the wake of the abrogation of two articles, which were blots on the Indian constitution and instrument of the denial of fundamental rights to the citizens of India who happened to live J & K.

Shockingly, these politicians, sold-out journalists and foreign-funded greedy intellectuals have even failed to condemn the killings of five Bengali Muslim labourers in Kashmir today. Yes, they were Muslim labourers because they mistakenly thought that terrorists would not touch them as they belonged to their religion. This is the time all Muslims of India must show their solidarity with Modi by taking a vow that they will fight against the Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

The day is not far away when Pakistan itself will be eithet forced by the circumstances to completely transform itself from a religious terrorist state into a modern normal peace- loving state or wiped out from the map of the earth because of its own internal bickering. And the day this rogue state is either transformed or finished, the problem of terrorism in the entire world would be largely defeated. But before that our internal enemies must be exposed, named and shamed and punished.

India is Secular only Because Hindus are in Majority

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

    Nowhere in the world, any majority community is as tolerant as Hindus in India. Can anybody tell the name of any country where the majority religious community has asked for Anti-Conversion Act? Perhaps none except India. It is the only country in the world where the majority Hindu community is threatened with the conversion spree of the minority communities, particularly by Christians and Muslims. Inducement, fraud, cheating, thuggery, gimmicks and other sinister ruses are used and adopted by them to convert the people from majority Hindu community to their own religious fold. Their deception knows no bounds and limits.  Does it not look strange that only in India the minority community opposes the anti-conversion law? The reason is that minorities do not have to nurse any fear from the majority community, but it is the other way around.

      All over the world, it is the minority community which vociferously demands the Anti -Conversion Laws because they always have the fear of losing their religious identity due to the intolerance of the majority community. One can see it even nearer home when India and Pakistan were divided into two countries the population of Hindus in Pakistan was roughly 16 per cent but now it has been reduced to less than 1.6 per cent. The population of Muslims in India was around 6 per cent but now it has gone up to 15 per cent. The number of Christians was less than 1 per cent but now their number has crossed more than 3 per cent. Hindus in India comprised nearly 90 per cent but now their population has gone down to less than 79 per cent. Yet look at the bundle of lies that is being played out in the report of the Us State department that ‘tolerance’ for the minority community has gone down in India after the advent of the Modi government at the Centre.

    This report has been flashed only a few days before the visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to India. It appears that some forces in both countries are at work to cause harm to the relationship between India and the USA. This report is a blatant lie, which does not have an iota of truth in it.

     It also speaks of the double standards of the United States. If there has been any failure on the part of India to protect the religious rights of the minority communities, then how come more than 7 to 8 crores Bangladeshis,  have intruded into India and do not want to go back to their own country? And Rohingyas of Myanmar fight pitched battles with locals and security forces to have their permanent settlement in India. This is irrefutable evidence that even migrant minorities in India are safer than in their own homeland. They make all efforts to sneak into India and then make it their haven. Look at the height of the duplicity on the part of the so-called secular forces of this country who firstly; feed false and wrong information to other countries and then lap it up in India to discredit their own country, which has the sterling and envious record of protecting the minorities in India.

    Perhaps, India and Nepal are the two Hindu dominated countries where Christians hardly have to face any resistance for their insidious, pernicious and dangerous game of conversion. They impersonate and adopt the methodology of Hindus for prayers to convert them to their own religion. They never face any opposition from tolerant and vulnerable Hindus. On the contrary, in due course of time, they raise the bar of their demands and ask even for the curtailment of the freedoms of the Hindus. It is no trite to say that ‘Secularism survives in India because Hindus are in the majority’.

There is hardly any doubt that during the last dispensations of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav  thousands of mosques were built in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh with the help of  Petro-dollars, which was pumped in from the Gulf countries to grab the government land and nobody could raise voice against such large-scale day-light land grabbing by the notorious Muslims organisations, which are still being used as the nursery of obscurantism and in some cases even terrorist training camps with the active connivance of the administrations of Mayawati, Mulayam and Akhilesh.

 The Christians have been converting the Vanvasis and Adivasis in different parts of the country with gay abandon by offering them money and other facilities. Therefore, it is the dishonesty of the highest order on the part of the United States of America that in her country where every Muslim is suspected to be a terrorist is talking about the failure of the government of India in protecting the rights of Minorities. In fact, it is in America where the word ‘Islamophobia’ got currency after 9/11. It is in Europe and America, where the Muslims are minutely frisked because of their names and the needle of suspicion of their being terrorists, goes only against them. So much so, the loudmouthed Mohammad Azam Khan, now a Samajwadi M.P. from Uttar Pradesh, who was a minister in UP was not even allowed to come out of an American Airport, when he had gone to America along with Akhilesh Yadav. This shows their deep-rooted hatred for Muslims (which is genuine also to some extent) and yet they have the cheek to question about the protection of minorities in India.

In Pakistan even the minority Muslims like Shias, Ahmadiyya and others have been excommunicated and are not allowed to go to the Mosques of Sunnies. Hindus in Pakistan live in perpetual fear as their women are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted. Hindu males are belaboured, slaved and beaten blue and black even for any minor mistakes Their religious places, temples etc, have either been razed or left in the most neglected and dilapidated state, but colour-blind America’s State Department has failed to see the intolerance of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis just to pass the buck on India. This is yet another way of persecution of the majority Hindu community. So much so, in China Muslims are even not allowed to have the Mosques in the traditional style and yet America has not raised the red flag of intolerance in that country because China damn cares for the US reports.

The fact is that the Hindus are the most tolerant people in the world and they have been persecuted from centuries only because of the unconscionable weakness of their tolerance. The irony is that so-called secular intelligentsia, media and leaders in India lap up such reports and leave no stone unturned in bringing the bad name to India. How shameless it is?

The Government of India must register its strong protest against the Trump Administration and to the visiting Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo for making such false, absurd, silly, highly prejudiced, one-sided and biased report against India and the majority Hindu Community.

Fali Nariman Laments at the Supreme Court: Why?

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

The new book of Fali S. Nariman ‘God Save the Hon’ble Supreme Court’, is full of lively anecdotes and tit-bits that make it a good reading but those who expect to get any philosophy, jurisprudence and guidance – ‘what ought to be in the field of law’ – would be highly disappointed. F.S. Nariman has seven decades of standing in the legal profession and for more than five decades he has been practising only in the Supreme Court. He has been on the zenith of the profession for many decades and is held in high esteem by the bench and bar alike. Whatever he says inside or even outside the court is heard with rapt attention.

The title of the book suggests that he is not satisfied with the goings-on in the Supreme Court and therefore he prays to save the Hon’ble Supreme Court but one fails to understand why a person of Nariman’s stature has not taken any firm stand or cudgels to remove Augean stable, which has set in the Court of late? The first chapter deals with mainly the internal rivalry, squabbles and one one-upmanship of the Judges. He has very meekly expressed his displeasure over the public expression of dissatisfaction of the four senior Judges in January of 2018. He appears to be against the Public Interest Litigations, which bespeaks of the mental makeup of most of the established lawyers, who never want the hornet’s nest to be disturbed. He has mostly taken up cases of corporate houses. He has discussed some cases, in brief, which partly present one side of the Supreme Court. Those cases are: ‘Jindal Stainless Steel vs the State of Haryana’, ‘Aviram Singh vs C.D. Gomachand’, ‘Krishna Kumar Singh vs the State of Bihar’, ‘Shayara Bano vs Union of India’ also known as Triple Talaq Case, ‘Justice Puttaswami vs Union of India’, ‘National Insurance Company vs Pranay Sethi’, ‘Common Cause vs Union of India’, and ‘State of Jharkhand vs Hindustan Construction Company’. He says that these are the best cases which have been decided by the Supreme Court in recent times but many cases like that of Justice C.S. Karnan of the Calcutta High Court (his parent High Court was the Madras Hgh Court) has put a bad light on the state of affairs of Supreme Court.

Fali S. Nariman as an Advocate has never been very combative in the courtrooms, always very courteous and a stickler to the decorum and that is what he expects from the youngsters as the fascinating future of law belongs to them. He belongs to the old school of Bhadra Lok genre of Advocates, who hardly raised their voice even against those Judges who are rude and discourteous in the Courts. It will not be out of place to mention here that the Supreme Court before 1970 was a highly retrogressive forum of justice, no progressive judgements were delivered by it, be it the case of Privy Purses, Bank Nationalisation or Land Reforms , all of them were passed by the Parliament but they were set aside by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court instead of supporting the cause of the poor, downtrodden and deprived sections of the society, adopted the approach of elitism, to the disgust of the common people of India. Surprise of all surprises is the fulsome support that those judgements got from the towering Fali S. Nariman. There is a ‘Stephanion School of Lawyers’ in the Supreme Court, who never think big and innovative as they suffer from the subaltern mentality. They are the biggest stumbling blocks in changing the character of the judiciary, legislatures or the executive. Stephanion does not mean those who have come out from the Stephens’ College, but it is a metaphor which connotes and signifies the elitist culture. Such people never stand in favour of teeming and toiling masses but believe in the status quoism of comfort living persons.

He has discussed the role of the Judges, Lawyers and Parliamentarians and has waxed eloquent about the ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution as propounded in the Keshvanand Bharti case, way back in 1973. As a matter of fact, it is the considered opinion of this reviewer that the theory of ‘basic structure’ is a big hoax. In the name of the basic structure, the Supreme Court has substantially throttled the wishes and aspirations of the people. It has put shackles and fetters on the desires of the people, who are held by the democracy world over to be sovereign. Needless to say, that it is the Parliament which represents the desires and ambitions of the people and the ‘doctrine of basic structure’ amounts to the usurpation by the Supreme Court of the sovereign rights of the Indian people as spoken by them in Legislature.

The doctrine of ‘basic structure’ also rebels against the commonsense. It is universally accepted fact that in any society ‘the change is the way of life’ and to give effect to this truth the people in their wisdom in every democracy, while making their Constitution, have always incorporated therein a provision to amend that Constitution. In constitutional jurisprudence, a Constitution is held to be an organic instrument, which grows in tune with changing times. Any fetter on this growth – be it in the name of ‘basic structure’ – is against the commonsense because, firstly, it encroaches upon the people’s sovereignty of the ‘present generation’; secondly, this doctrine takes a decision on behalf of ‘future generations’ of sovereign people and binds them with that decision ‘forever’ – till eternity; and, thirdly, it leaves for those sovereign people no peaceful or legal means to accomplish their will but forces them to resort to an extra-constitutional – or violent – path to achieve that object.

He has devoted a chapter on the freedom of speech and expression, wherein he has certainly praised the role played by the media in certain spheres, but he has, at the same time, glossed over the corruption prevailing in the media itself. He has not written a word against the exploitative media houses. He has quoted three important cases which are four to five decades old namely; ‘E.P. Raiappa vs the State of Tamilnadu’, ‘Ajay Hasia’, ‘State of West Bengal vs Anwar Ali Sarkar’ and ‘Kathi Rani Rawat vs the State of Saurashtra’, which are of the vintage value but much has changed since then. It is very strange that in the name of ‘equality before the law’ as enshrined in article 14 of the Constitution, Fali S. Nariman stands behind such people who have made the Supreme Court the handmaiden of the corporate houses and the thugs of the country, who have cheated the people behind the veneer of subtle sophistication.

His compendious autobiography ‘Before Memory Fades-An Autobiography’, was certainly a delightful reading but the present book does not, in any manner whatsoever, throws any light on the changing scope of the law and the advocacy. There have been only a few judges who have certainly brought laurels to the Supreme Court and among them were Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, Justice Bhagwati (except, of course, his disgraceful judgement on the ADM Jabalpur case), Justice D.A. Desai. Justice A.N. Ray (Yes! the same Justice A.N. Ray, who superseded the senior-most judges of the Supreme Court and became the Chief Justice of India, his sterling role in Keshvanand Bharti case and Bank Nationalisation case speaks about the sparks of his progressive thinking to convert the judiciary into the vehicle of the transformation of the society). Alas! however, he was a much-maligned judge because of his opposition to the retrogressive judiciary.

There is also a chapter on Minorities at the Crossroads, in which he has unnecessarily shed tears on the rights of the minorities. Instead of prodding and encouraging them to be the part of the mainstream, he has praised for the protection of their cloistered virtue. The education and economic upliftment of the minorities are more important than anything else but strangely; he has not spoken anything against the Christian missionaries, who have been driving a wedge between the Christians and non-Christians by opening the schools and colleges only for themselves in defiance to the provisions of the equality before the law. It is highly shocking that the Kerala Education Bill, which was introduced by E M.S. Namboodiripad in 1958, which wanted to bring parity in the educational standards has been upbraided by F.S. Nariman in his book.

He has paid a very moving tribute to V.R. Krishna Iyer and an Advocate of Lucknow R.N. Trivedi, he deserves kudos for glowingly remembering the stalwarts. The book has been written in the fashion of storytelling in elegant English. Unfortunately, even after seventy years of the existence of the Supreme Court, those who speak crisp and highly accented English command high premium in the advocacy. Surprisingly, the legal luminary like Fali S. Nariman has not discussed the desirability of the NJAC (National Judicial Appointment Commission), because today what we find is the highly ‘incestuous system of appointment of judges’ in the Higher Judiciary.

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Population Control must Get the Top Priority

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

The rapidly growing population is a stupendous national problem. Therefore, the suggestion of Baba Ramdev, who is an apolitical person but an ardent patriot, to disenfranchise those having more than two children has not come a day too soon. One friend – a conscientious Advocate in the Supreme Court Shreepal Singh – has also been very concerned with what he calls a time-ticking ‘population bomb’. Baba has also suggested that such people should be deprived of other government facilities to send a strong message to others to effectively control the fast-growing population of India.

If no restrictions are imposed on this fast-growing population, then India will overtake China in less than five years’ time. At present, the population of India is nearly 134 crores while China is inhabited by nearly 140 crores. In another two-three years’ time, India will overtake China.

There is no denying that strict legislation is urgently required to control the population.  Unless and until the government of India goes for some effective measures to adopt a comprehensive population policy, all the progress will go phut because the country will not be able to bear the burden of the burgeoning population.

The population of the United States of America is 33 crores, but its landmass area is 9.834 million square Kilometres making the density of population 35 person per square kilometre. India’s landmass area is 3.287 million square kilometres and the density of population is 382 per square km. Let us see the density of population of some other countries like China (152 per square km.), Canada (4 persons) Russia (8.4 persons), England (259), Germany(227), France( 118), Italy (201) Even in Pakistan, the density of population is 251 per sq. km, which is much less than India. Except for Bangladesh (1120 per square km.). All other neighbouring countries have the less and the lighter burden of the population like in Sri Lanka it is 325, in Nepal, it is 201, in Myanmar it is almost one-fourth of India i.e. 95.

Our neighbour China has adopted a very harsh population policy of one child per couple but that is now being relaxed in view of the skewed gender ratio and growing geriatric population. In India, however, it was a very liberal policy of ‘hum do aur humare do’ (we two and ours two) adopted by Sanjay Gandhi during the Emergency. Its timing and implementation were wrong, but the policy was certainly commendable.

Regrettably, the successive governments have thrown the child away with the bath water. Australia is a continent which is more than two times bigger than India in size, its population is less than 2.50 crores. An example is given in jest, which is a fact also that the number of children born every year in India is equivalent to the population of Australia.

The population is an important factor and the young population is certainly the most important one. However, when the burden on the resources becomes unbearable then no country can think of making any progress.  With the increasing population more houses, more hospitals, more educational institutions, more roads, more parks and more space or offices, manufacturing units, factories and other establishments will be required. The construction of buildings etc will certainly need more lands, which will ultimately eat away the agricultural lands and forest lands. By encroachment of forest, covers will be denuded causing enough damage to flora and fauna, ecology and environment.

When you have more people to feed and less area of land, then howsoever, scientific method of agriculture and dairy farming is adopted, there will always be the crisis of food and milk. One cannot expect to provide enough food and milk etc. to the entire population. There will be more malnutrition resulting in diseases and of various types needing more hospitals and more expenses on the health sector. This will further deplete the resources and the country will not be able to afford the more burden of population growth. Even the advancement in science, technology and education will be badly hit.

The statement of Baba Ramdev is not directed towards any particular religion; however, it defies all logic as to why only the leaders of the Muslim community and Maulvis have come out to vehemently oppose his statement. They say it is totally unconstitutional. Nobody knows how these Muslim leaders define the Constitution because making a valid, convincing and good suggestions for the betterment of the country by bringing about some changes in the law cannot be said to be unconstitutional by any means.

It is the right of every citizen of the country to put forward some ideas. Why they appeared to be rattled by an appreciable suggestion from Baba Ramdev is not understandable. Their patriotism and nationalism are unquestionable but the way they are reacting to an innocuous and non-discriminatory suggestion casts a shadow of doubt on their conduct. Law, if it is made and in fact, must be made, will not be applicable to not only one community but for all sections of the society. These Muslim leaders must, therefore, welcome such an idea with open arms because, the less population will bring more progress to them and they would able to give education, clothes and food to their children. That will also help them in getting good health facilities and better opportunities for good employment will come to them.

It is really very surprising that a senior advocate in the Supreme Court has come out with a bizarre logic, which does not have any leg to stand upon. He has said that more than a hundred Members of Parliament have got more than three children, does it mean that they should be debarred from participating in the elections? There is no need to tell that any law is applicable with a prospective effect and it has been settled by the Supreme Court in Golak Nath case. So, there cannot be any fear to anybody on that count.

Moreover, this is a suggestion which should be discussed by Parliament in detail. How can it be enforced? It can be done either by increasing the awakening of the people with a sprinkling of some punitive measures or by coercive measures, which are bound to boomerang in a democracy like India.  They can be successful only in authoritarian regimes like China, not in India. But there is no doubt that drastic laws must be introduced by our Legislators to control the population in India. Therefore, the suggestion of Baba Ramdev has all the merits to be considered very seriously by the new government of India.

2019 Elections: Who was Wise and Who was Fool in UP ?

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Parliamentary election in 2019 has thrown many surprises. One of them is that the ‘Empress of Wealth’ and ‘Opportunism’ is the biggest beneficiary and the ‘Master of Betrayal’ and ‘Amateurism’ has proved to be the certified fool in Uttar Pradesh..

The biggest beneficiary in this Lok Sabha election has not been the BJP but the BSP of Mayawati. Modi had a lot many things to showcase to entire India, but this lady had nothing but her insatiable love for money and unquestionable leadership of a particular section of the Dalits.

BJP was already having 282 seats in the Lok Sabha, ten seats more than what is required to have the magic number of majority. This time it has further improved its tally to reach 303, which is landslides by any stretch of consideration. There is no denying that no leader of the world has done so much developmental work, which Modi has performed in the last five years of his rule. The loquacious and highly impractical Communists have been thrown to the Bay of Bengal on the side and in the Arabian sea on the other.

But look at the achievements of the empress Mayawati. In the last Lok Sabha election Mayawati, the one and only leader of her party, had drawn a blank. She was not able to send even one member to the Parliament but this time the queen of opportunism did not bat her eyelids in entering into an alliance with the prince of betrayal and amateurism Akhilesh Yadav to form a caste-based Gathbandhan.

Two months before Lok Sabha elections both of them were daggers drawn. Thanks to the conscientious people of Uttar Pradesh, the Gathbandhan has been resoundingly kicked and given a tight slap to both the visionless and shameless leaders. However, the goddess of wealth and the Queen of opportunism has certainly been able to get elected ten of her candidates to the Lok Sabha. She has been able to get three Muslims elected with the support of Dalits and Yadavas.

Similarly, the Samajwadi Party has also got elected three Muslims from its party. Thus, she has improved her tally from zero to ten but the Samajwadi Part has cut a very sorry figure, thanks only to the foolishness of an Australia educated leader. Last time the SP had five Member in Parliament and this time, too, it has got five MPs. The only difference is that in the previous Lok Sabha only the family members of Mulayam Singh Yadav were representing the Samajwadi Party but this time only the father and the son have got entry to the Lok Sabha. Other three members of the family have been defeated badly. Three Muslims have, albeit, been elected replacing the members of his family. Last time not even one Muslim MP was there but this time six Muslims have got in, including one Mafia Don and another a rank communalist, who has diabolical hatred against Bharat Mata, Cow and the holy Ganges.

The sum and substance are that while Akhilesh has proved to be a reckless amateur in the politics of Gathbandhan, Mayawati has emerged as a clear winner. There is hardly any doubt that if she had not made an alliance with the SP, she would not have been able to get even a single seat.

However, it now becomes almost clear that Narendra Modi has destroyed the politics of caste and religion; otherwise Lalu would have not been reduced to zero in Bihar. The country will, therefore, remain indebted to Modi for bringing about a new culture of casteless society for making the nation strong.

Results of Lok Sabha Polls will be Better for Modi than Exit Projections

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Look who is shouting that the EVM s have been swapped and hacked? It is those like Afzal Ansari, Atique Ahmad, Saiyed Shahabuddin and the parties of Mayawati, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav, who have been notorious for booths capturing. Now they have realised that the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls is staring in their face and they have no face-saving device except to blame the EVMs. Thanks to the alertness of the Election Commission, this time they have failed to capture any booths. Therefore, their wailing is like the quarrelling of the bad workman with his tools.

 It is not hidden from anybody that the amount of work that the Modi Government has done in the last five years is humungous, which will be remembered for the decades to come.  By demonetisation, he has almost wiped out the parallel economy of the black money, which had crippled the life of honest and average Indian. The GST has brought significant transparency in business dealings resulting in the massive income to the exchequer. More than 90 per cent shopkeepers and businesspeople have been compelled to pay the taxes because all the escape routes have been plugged by the government.

The generation of money through demonetisation and GST has been meaningfully utilised for raising the living standards of people regardless of their caste, creed or religion. As a matter of fact, the biggest beneficiaries of Modi’s Welfare Schemes have been Muslims, Dalits and Scheduled Tribes. During the five years of the Modi Government, not even one communal riot or terrorist incident have taken place in the country. Is it a small achievement? The tough administration of Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi has demonstrated to the whole world that how communal riots can be curbed and controlled even in the most sensitive state like Uttar Pradesh.

The welfare schemes of Modi speak volumes and much louder about his efficient and corruption-free administration. In the last five years, there has not been even a whisper of corruption against any Minister. The achievements of the government on the border have been recognised by the whole world and now Pakistan’s limbs and legs have been so badly broken that it cannot even think of raising its eyes towards India. China has also fallen in the line of Modi diplomacy.

 Despite the overdose of the intoxication of casteism and communalism injected by the casteist and communal leaders, people have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Modi, without considering and knowing about the candidates fielded by the BJP.

On the other hand, look at the behaviour and conduct of the opposition leaders who have been trying to throw mud of Rafael Deal, which has boomeranged on them. The alliance of Mayawati and Akhilesh in Uttar Pradesh are so opportunistic that the people are not ready to believe them. Mayawati is very unreliable and ungrateful that she was saved of her life and formed the government with the help of the BJP for three times and then shunned it without even a tinge of remorse. How ridiculous it is that instead of talking about the issues she talked about the caste and personal life of Modi? Not to be lagged behind Akhilesh Yadav firstly joined hands with Rahul Gandhi and then jettisoned him in this election to be with Mayawati against whom his fulminations are well known to recount.

The less said is better about the leaders of other states like Mamata Banerjee, whose simplicity and fighting spirit had won laurels for her but then she also fell into the deep mud of corruption. Surprisingly, she adopted the same policy of rowdyism of the CPM against which she had got support from all over India. The opportunism of Chandrababu Naidu and Corruption of Lalu Prasad Yadav have hardly any parallel in the contemporary history of India. In the crowd of such tainted leaders, Modi is shining like a Pole Star. There should not any doubt that the final results of the Lok Sabha Elections will be much better than what various exit polls have predicted.

Population Control: First Work for New Govt of Modi

By: Parmanad Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

  Now when it has become beyond any shadow of a doubt that Narendra Modi will again become the Prime Minister, he will have to take certain tough decisions for the sake of the country. First and foremost, the task should be to prepare a comprehensive population control policy. This can be achieved in democratic manner by  applying the policy of carrot and stick – provide penalties (like higher cost of necessities of life) for producing more than 2 children and offer incentive (like rebate and subsidies for items of daily life) for sticking to two or one child.

  When the country attained freedom, its population was nearly 36 crores but today the country is carrying the burden of 100 crores more people than what it was in 1947. As a result of it, all our progress has been offset due to the burgeoning population. If our population continue to grow with this speed, the day is not far away when we will surpass China, which has almost three times more area of land than India.

    Our entire administrative work should be the technology and artificial intelligence-driven to completely root out corruption from the administration and the judiciary, which is replete with Luddites and status-quo ists. Most of the judges, whether they are in the Supreme Court, often wax eloquent on the outdated jurisprudence and philosophy, which has no connection with today’s India. This demonstrates their intellectual pauperism.

     Agriculture must be modernized because there is no point in draining the money on the marginal and landless farmers. The subsidy and the bank loans, which are given to such farmers is hardly used for agricultural purposes but instead used for attending the social functions like marriage etc. The landless and marginal farmers do not have any income from the agricultural produce as a result of the money is drowned in the gutter, which neither helps the farmers nor the country. This money could better be used for other employment generating projects reducing the burden from the unproductive agriculture.

    The education system needs to be overhauled because of today our Institutes and Universities are churning out such lazy graduates, postgraduates, who are no better than illiterates. There are innumerable half-baked engineers, medicos and lawyers, who are good for nothing. Demonetization has certainly reduced the level of black money, but the use of cash money needs to be made minimal. Those, who say that everybody is not trained to use the cashless cards, they are insincere and disingenuous to the cause that resurgent India is going to espouse and must have their own axe to grind. The country has made giant strides in progress during the last five years of Modi and hopefully, it will be consolidated in his new regime.

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