Climate Change and a Cry to Save Humanity

By: Shreepal Singh

“How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and childhood with your empty words. We will not let you get away with this. Right now is where we draw the line”, cried a 16 year old climate activist in New York outside the “Climate Summit” venue where the world leaders had gathered to deliberate the danger of climate change.  This child gave the voice, the words, to the anguish of humanity at large. The leaders of our civilization have sold us dreams – the dreams of prosperity, happiness in our life and paradise on earth. Instead what they gave us are our lost childhood and gloom in life. What we have today on our hands are not only violence all around us and our disturbed mental peace but also a hanging sword on the very existence of our life on earth. Earth is inching towards an unbearable scorching heat. During the period from 1850  to 2018, the global mean temprature  on earth has risen to 1.01 degree celcious. This trend and what we already have on our hands is deadful.

At the climate summit many leaders spoke many things. Some showed the need to act urgently to avert the coming catastrophe and some looked to the whole issue of climate change almost a non-existant one, a hoax.

The world leaders fell in a spectrum ranging from those who held “climate change” a hoax to those who undelined the need to act urgently to avert the oncoming climate change catastrophe. While the US President Donald Trump chose not to be part of this global effort, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the world that now the time was not to talk but to act.

Suprisingly, even those who spoke of the need to act fast did not go beyond suggesting the need to cut global carbon emission by simply substituting the traditional sources of energy (carbon emmitting fosil fuel) with the renewable sources of energy (like solar energy and bio-fuel). Not even one of those who were present there dared to raise his accusing fingar at the root cause of the problem: The un-quenchable human appetite for consumption of goodies and limitless exploitation of natural resources and unbriddled production of those goodies.

What was missing from the deliberations of this gathering of humanity in New York was the absence of any suggestion of conctete and viable roadmap to address the real culprit of this problem: Our endorsement of the culture of excessive consumption.

In the face of this dreadful reality, our unwillingness to address the root cause of the problem and to persist with continuing a greedy economics is nothing but selling the empty dreams. Our wisdom lays in fabricating an alternative world civilization. We have invited the existantial threat of climate change ourselves. What we do today is this.

Remaining oblivious to our commonality of ideal, goal and fate, we pursue our petty selfish interests and mutually inimical agendas; we act in unjustified ways. We go ahead in these perilous pursuits doggedly and pretend otherwise hypocritically. Because of our unreasonable conduct we bring on Earth uncomfortable conditions and perilous circumstances for life. Because of these antagonistic stands, we have disputes – serious disputes – among us that can destroy us. With all this knowledge, how come we do not mend our ways? It is because of our greed for more wealth. Our education, our mission of life, our whole civilization is geared to amass more and more wealth. We have been taught wealth gives us happiness and more wealth gives us more hapiness. We have been fooled into believing that the limitless wealth gives us the limitless happiness. It is factually wrong. We have been sold this dream to become wealthy in whatever way possible – merciless competition, unethical violence and what not – and become happy. The pursuit of this dream has brought this dreadful climate change. If we do not check our way of life soon – notwithstanding solar energy or other inexhaustable sources of energy – we will be putting an end to our existence as happy life thriving on earth. What is the way out of this predicament for us? It is to become wise. It is to turn to reality. It is to turn ourselves towards an internal peace of mind and heart. There is an ancient discipline of this knowledge, which is called Yoga. Yoga is not to be confused with the physical exercise that people take to keep them fit in their body. Yoga is deeper and involves the voluntary transformation of one’s body, emotitions, mind and beyond them into subtle dimensions of human consciousnessness. And, it is not religion.

Yoga in its impact on human mind is so powerful that its education in our academic institutions can bring a fundamental shift in human behavior and in economic institutions of our civilization. Economics is founded on the demand (of consumers) and the supply (of commodities). The knowledge of Yoga has the power to change the priorities of our life. As economic activities of production, distribution and consumption of commodities are dependent on normal human behavior, a change in this behavior is sure to bring a tectonic change in the economic model that we follow today.

The academic education of Yoga is sure to create a new perception of life and awareness to cater to the needs of that perception. And, in turn, such spiritual awareness will kick-start a chain reaction: Change in normal human behavior would result in lesser demands; lesser industrial activities; lesser production; lesser global warming; lesser crimes (born out of the decreasing resources and increasing competition to possess them); and lesser social immorality.

We already know that economic prosperity and wealth, beyond a certain limit, do not necessarily bring more happiness in our life. This wisdom coupled with the education of Yoga can usher us into a new age of a simpler and enlightened life. History teaches us that knowledge, education and awareness have great impact on our way of life, personal and social both.

Man-made calamity in Kerala – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.

By: Shreepal Singh

Nature has created man and man has not created Nature. But man is arrogant. And, ignorant too. He would not admit Nature is alive – it retaliate to its man-handling and abuse, just like living beings do.

Just watch these videos of flood fury in Kerala, India. Kerala is a part of this planet Earth.

What happens to Kerala, shall happen to you – wherever you may be living on Earth. It shall surely happen, if not in the Kerala-way in some another way – not less dangerous.

Why did it happen to people – innocent people – living in Kerala? Why will it happen to you, to us, to all of us?

Because we have invited this; we are inviting it on us.

We are arrogant and ignorant, and we would not admit it. But it is true.

A chain reaction! What we do, comes back to us. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Just look at the dam: it was flooded in with waters more than it could hold and its all gates or shutters had to be opened to release water to lower its pressure; but it proved no solution to the problem of relentless torrential rains.

We 》 Our unlimited demands 》 Assault on Nature 》 Equilibrium of Nature is disturbed 》 Climate change accelerates 》 Floods, draughts, Protective Ozone layer deplition, more Carbon in atmosphere, rising temperature on Earth, fighting for depleting resources, struggle against each other for survival   ….. too many after-effects to count 》 Deaths of life and mayhem on Earth

Watch these videos. And, after watching them – if possible for you – minimize your needs and demands. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Chennai downpour, Climate Change and Paris-talks

By : Shreepal Singh

There is a deluge in Chennai in the last 24 hours. It is unprecedented in the history of this city. Today it is happening in India; tomorrow it may happen at some another place. And the probability is that it will certainly happen. The only question is how early it can happen on a place or places on Earth.

Paris is debating the “possibility or probability of Climate Change,  its ill effects and how to contain them”.

Yes,  there is a connection between the Chennai Deluge and Climate Change. But there is also a connection between the Climate Change and the way we live.

When Paris talks about the Climate Change should it not talk about our way of life?  This way of life is connected to the rich and the rich would not like to talk about it.

But let us talk about it.

Earth is heading towards a population explosion with increased demand for and pressure on natural resources, which are limited in quantity.

With a competition for these scarce resources and increased demand for food, water, land, commodities and services etc., a new explosive ground is being prepared today for crimes related to economic matters, violence, national and international migration of population fraught with the prospects of increased ethnic/racial tensions and nationalist clashes.

The concentration of wealth in a few hands made possible by the prevalent private market economy at the global level is sure to cause the elimination of the weak in the economy and creation of the monopolies of a few strong ones.

It would cause not only a widening gap between the rich and the poor but also the costly life, rampant unemployment and helplessness of the poor to do anything to avert his condition would cause a general heart-burning and explosive social condition at the global scale.

Today there is an all-pervading mental restlessness not only among human beings but even in animals, birds and other creatures.

In the face of rampant depression, suicidal tendencies and frustration at the global level, the preservation of mental health has become a great challenge to our society today.

It is caused by the ill-effect on human brain/mind of the omnipresent and ever increasing electromaganetic radiation generated by our devices on which our civilization is dependent.

The  rapid advance in bio-science is already making our race a disoriented horde.

It is a critical situation. We are living at critical times.

And this situation has come so early in our society only because of our way of life.


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