No to Capitalism. No to Socialism. Then, what? Four Mantras!

By: Shreepal Singh

Free society and free economy

A. Our society should provide to its citizens all conceivable forms of freedom and rights.

B. All rights of citizens should be coupled to their concomitant duties.

C. There should be encouragement of private initiative with guaranteed incentive in the form of profit.

D. All resources, natural and man-made, should be held as the property of people.

E. Resources should be handed over in private hands only in trust to them and only for their development in the interest of public and for the sole public good.

F. Work of resources-development done by private hands must be compensated by the right of these private hands to earn profit in the venture.

Empowerment of people through technology

A. There should be democratic form of governance of the people through their elected representatives.

B. People/electorate should elect their representatives for governance only/primarily through the internet connected mobile phones.

C. Election Commission should conduct daily online elections of people’s representatives in order to judge these representatives’ continuous enjoyment of trust of their constituents.

D. There should be legal duty imposed on every citizen to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ daily by his mobile phone/device and no such phone/device should be allowed to function unless that citizen first ‘casts a vote’ of yes or no.

E. Electoral law should allow a specified grace period or tolerance period for a few months or years to the trust-deficit elected representatives with a warning either to improve his performance and win trust or else quit.

F. After the expiry of the allowed grace period, people should be entitled by law to recall their representatives and elect new ones in their place.

Transparency in public life

A. All acts/affairs connected with public or effecting public in whatever way and of whatsoever nature should be put online to make them transparent.

B. All work of public functionaries to be put on-line to make the same transparent.

C. Such acts of public nature would include: all government decisions of handing over of public resources in private hands; conferring any benefits; all such discretion exercised; all acts of public functionaries that work as a bridge between citizens and government.

D. Every act of economic nature of every individual person should be put online to make it transparent.

E. Such acts of individuals of economic nature would include: precise amount of price of input resources; cost/price paid for every head of expenditure; each of the items used in the process of production and distribution; price at which products are being sold to consumers; the precise amount of investment made and the amount of profit earned.

Government an institution of auditors and coercion

A. All government ministries should work primarily/mainly as accountants and auditors to ensure that the above public work of the governance is duly carried out by all concerned, public and private persons.

B. Government should secure strict compliance of the above rules by maintaining a coercive machinery, including military, police, courts, jails, coercive equipment like arms and weapons.

C. No private person should be allowed to create or maintain coercive machinery like private security force; coercive equipment like weapons; armed public organizations; coercive technology.

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